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Some numbers about the Dolphins offense

If you know me, you know I'm not a numbers guy. If you read this blog, you know I run away from statistics and paint the picture with words. If you listen to my radio show, Armando and the Amigo every morning on 640-Sports in South Florida, you are aware I hate math.

But sometimes the numbers tell the tale.

So let me share some numbers with you about Miami's increasingly underwhelming offense:

How about the number 0? Zero is the number of times the Dolphins have succeeded on fourth-down attempts this year. They are 0-for-4. Zero.

How about the number 1? That's the number of rushing touchdowns the Dolphins have through six games. One. The Dolphins have Ronnie Brown in the backfield. They have Ricky Williams in the backfield. Both are in contract years so they're trying to impress. They have one rushing touchdown between them and that is that as far as the rest of the team is concerned.


How about the number 2? That's how many TDs former Dolphins OLB David Bowens scored against the defending Super Bowl champion Saints on Sunday. He picked two passes out of the air and ran for two scores. You know how many TD passes Brandon Marshall has picked out of the air this year?

One. Marshall has one TD grab this year. Cleveland OLB David Bowens has two. Washington cornerback DeAngelo Hall last week scored more touchdowns in one game than Marshall has in six games for the Dolphins.

That isn't necessarily an indictment of Marshall, although he bares some responsibility. But it does raise eyebrows of why the struggling Miami offense hasn't targetted him more in the red zone. It also raises questions why Chad Henne hasn't gotten the ball to Marshall more in the end zone.

Speaking of Henne ...

How about the number 8? Eight is the number of passes over 21 yards he has attempted this year. That is slightly more than one per game (1.3) and less than half of what he attempted last year (2.8). That is also the lowest in the league of any QB who has started every game.

Reader Chad Hagans sent along this list of QBs and the number of their attempts of 21-yards or more this season:

Matt Ryan: 12

Joe Flacco: 28

Carson Palmer: 13

Tony Romo: 21

Kyle Orton: 27

Aaron Rodgers: 26

Matt Schaub: 14

Peyton Manning: 30

Matt Cassel: 9

Brett Favre: 22

Tom Brady: 14

Drew Brees: 21

Eli Manning: 25

Mark Sanchez: 21

Philip Rivers: 28

Alex Smith: 18

Matt Hasselbeck: 13

Sam Bradford: 11

Josh Freeman: 24

Vince Young: 19

Donovan McNabb: 31.

Henne, with eight attempts, is either not going downfield enough or is being prevented from going downfield enough by the play-calling. Either way ... Not enough.

Either way ... not good enough.

If you have any other relevant numbers about the Miami offense you dig up, please share them with me and your fellow bloggers. List them in the comments section. I'm interested to see what you can come up with because, while numbers are not my forte, their meaning is sometimes interesting.


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The weather ALWAYS changes.

Home, seriously bro, go get help.
Your a good Dolphin fan but your out of your mind.
No such thing as HAARP or Chemtrails or NWO
It's all an Internet conspiracy that isn't real.
HAARP is a harmless facility operated by the US Air Force and an University of Alaska to study. You can visit it in the summer, they have open hours.
ChemTrails is total BS, no such thing, even the You Tube vids are fake
NWO, no such thing. No one is shooting for a One World Government.
Please, seriously, see a doctor before you lose your mind,
No one else but a couple whackjobs believe any of this fantasy you talk about
GET PROFESSIONAL HELP before they really do take you away
11 13 Are just meaningless numbers

ITS THE Running game guys....its collapsed and the coaches havnt adjusted yet.....thats all

Need a completely different approach now

They havnt figured it out yet...

Therefore the playcalling LOOKS woeful....easy

I dont think Joe Berger and the rest of the line are creating enough holes for the run...Grove could do that and Smiley....although Grove always gave up EXPENSIVE penalties at crucial times....the running group has REGRESSED badly this season...and therefore because Henne is not the finished article and they wont let him FLING it long, they cant score at all.....Im surprised we are 3-3....really

I just want one complete game to be played by Miami. 2008 was a fluke. 2009 began the real Trifecta. 2010 no excuses.

The last 22 games I've yet to see a complete game where almost zero mistakes have been made. I understand a few mistakes. But this team makes mistake after mistake after mistake. Week after week after week.

Can anyone say Porter and JT?

Oh and another dumb move was trading TG....very good punt returner...why let him go.???....

Next year we release quite a few...

We need

1 4 running backs....LH not good enough, bye to Cobbs.
2 2 new Tightends
3 1 more rushing Linebacker
4 1 more SSafety
5 1 more CB
6 1 proper NT

Thas for a start.....

Anyone watch the AFL Grandfinal....Magpies DEF Saints in Australia..????

Go PIES....!!!!!!!

And why do we always defer the ball in the coin toss? Like we do something productive when starting the second half; we almost always are three and out; there goes momentum and points for a possible lead or to at least stay in the game. That really irritates me...

Porter and JT?


Don't we have younger guys here putting up better numbers?

Porter, JT, Ginn.....all garbage

Odin get off the computer and get in here.


Just tearing it up in SF

Showing the NFL speed kills

Opening up the field for Crabtree

Crabtree 28 rec 332 yds

Bess 32 rec 348 yds

Bess, getting it done without the Ginn family to sssttttttrrreetttccccccchhhhh the field.

I'll take Wake, Misi and even Alama Francis over the JT's and P's any day of the week.

PS: Valkie? Ha ha. LAZY!!!!

Tell your little buddies the play dates over.

Time to go beddy bye.

Oh MAN-LOL!!!!

ginn is garbage, cant catch, runs for the sideline every chance he gets, he plays scared, terrible route runner, stone hands, and hes a huge snatch...you know the ole verticle smile.

111, points for dolphins, lowest in afc

its so funny how i can watch so many different games all day sunday and 99% of the coaches in the nfl either look a little dissapointed or not happy at all when they settle for field goals but when we get a field goal we got the bozo that jumps around and fistpumps like a 9 year old at christmas time opening a present. thats why we cant win the big games

Agree, Tony must have done the fist-pump as a kid opening presents at christmas time. Thanks mom and dad (fistpump) for my new whistle (fistpump) and aqua bedsheet (fistpump) that i use as a jacket..mom and dad (fistpump) you're the best! (fistpump) (fistpump) (fistpump)

Miami vs. Cincinnati:

Sunday will be the 18th regular-season meeting.
Dolphins lead series, 12-5.
The Bengals won the last two, including 2007 in Miami, but the Dolphins had won nine straight before that.
The Dolphins won the only playoff meeting, 34-16, in the divisional round of their perfect season of 1972.

that game can go either way, but cincy plays some damn good d at home so we could be in for another rough day as far as scoring not that any sundays have been explosive for this offense. Its a toss up.I guess all we have going right now is were better off playing on the road since we have no home field advantage to speak of this year.

I would say we will win this one...not for the road win streak, just a gut feeling. And we would destroy them if henning would quit lulling our offence to sleep. Open the playbook Dan! You can actually throw deep some time and either it will be either a catch, a pass interference that gives us superior field position, or possibly an incompletion/INT...but with Marshall amd Bess, I like our chances. Wake up Dan!

Against Cincy, the coach will have to give safety help to either Sean or Jason, otherwise it will be one long completion/td after another,blitz got tobe well timed and get to Palmer and get him on ground or he will throw for 300+yards. Let Henne go deep on 1st down or 2nd and short, Marshall, Hartline deep and Bess or Fasano over middle, should get big yardage and at least 3 passing tds. What's wrong with Ronnie this year??? Is this his last as a Dolphin? Go Fins pound the bungles!

As I have said from the beginning, Parcels has destroyed his legacy by taking the Italian "thing" over the top! First, Tony Sparano will never get Miami to the Superbowl! Secondly, I don't believe that either Sparano or Henne still will be in the NFL! Henning probably will be the first out, but not the last! Watch!

Miami has to score touchdowns, their the only team in the nfl that hasnt scored a 30 point game! If they continue this keeping the game close conservative mentallity, they will be in the L column again, they need more downfield plays to marshall, bess hartline fasano!! Let the offense play offense, not this keeping it close nonsense!!

You know that over the last 15 years, the Fin's squad with the most bravado was probabaly when Jim Bates took over. And that is because he most likely knew he had nothing to lose.

Your Wanny's and Sparano's and Cam Cam's are way to conservative to be legit NFL coaches. We keep seeing guys that talk a good game about the offense, but their actions on draft day all point to defense (Saban & J.J.). Just once I want the Fins franchise to have some kind of exciting play calling. Some moxy. Some cajones!

We don't need a gun slinger, but we do need a QB that can make the average NFL throws on a regular basis. I don't think that I see that in Henne. He is not very accurate at all.

Here are some numbers for you. When you score and are two points behind you go for two. Don't kick a meaningless extra point and lose the game by one point, bad call or not.

It will be very hard for R&R to run this year until the o-line starts making holes .

yahoo!!! thanks Mando, we all want our fins to win, my blogs hardly fall on the right ears, maybe you can tell someone that can fix this problem so we can see our fins win. and while you have sporano's ear, maybe you can remind him that ross has spent alot of money to aquire an elite recieving talent in the likes of moss who will get deep and catch in traffic, so far we have only used him in the camarillo role. if you don't have a good plan, copy someone else's, hence the pats, hence bess=welker(all the underneath stuff), and marshall=moss(nothing but bombs). didn't the pats just miss a 16 game perfect season using this formula? also it is impairative that someone tells henne not to go IMMEDIATELY to the safety-valve check-down when being flushed from the pocket, i picked up on this, and if i can see it... you know everyone else did. sometimes henne has happy feet when all he has to do is step up in the pocket. seems he is slow with his reads, throwing late, hesitating, instead of pulling the trigger. henne has the tools, the time, a stud reciever, so... what gives????

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