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Is Jason Allen the truth or a fraud? We find out soon

Even as there has been much celebration about Jason Allen's rise from the ashes to starter status this year, you might have noticed that my reaction to his rise has been muted.

I have not joined in the celebration or been prone to grand applause because, well, I'm still not a believer. (By the way, I also didn't rip him for giving up a TD and getting called for a pass interference against the Jets last week.)

I guess I have a hard time thinking that four years of bust do not get erased by four months of boom. And so I have decided to say nothing rather than say I don't trust him as a Dolphins starting cornerback because he's a good man and why rain on his parade?

But it gets serious now. This Dolphins schedule becomes seriously challenging now so I cannot be silent any more.

The next three games, starting with tonight's against the New England Patriots, will tell me if Allen is the resurrected talent everyone thinks he's become ... or something of a blind squirrel who stumbled upon a nut the first few weeks of this season.

The next three games Allen will face receivers such as Randy Moss and Wes Welker and Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. He will look across the field and see Hines Ward and Mike Wallace with the Steelers. And before too long, Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and Anquan Boldin will be challenging him.

This is a far cry from the first two games of the season when Allen played wonderfully, but did so, in part, because of favorable matchups and the fact his opponents were diminished.

Allen was excellent against the Bills and Minnesota. But the truth is against the Bills he constantly got help over the top from safety Chris Clemons and that forced quarterback Trent Edwards to not throw even one pass in the first half to Lee Evans, whom Allen was covering.

Eventually Evans caught a couple of passes but Allen got the better of that matchup. No doubt about it. But remember the quarterback that was trying to complete passes against him that day was out of the starting lineup and eventually off the team within a matter of weeks.

Allen had the best game of his career against Minnesota. He had two interceptions and it was excellent work. But please remember he was working against a Minnesota team that doesn't have its best wide receiver because Sidney Rice is on PUP.

So now comes Tom Brady and the New England passing show. Then comes Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay passing show. Then comes Ben Roethlisberger and the fine receivers the Steelers bring to the field.

There are no excuses now. If Allen plays as well against that trio of teams and those difficult matchups, I will say I am finally convinced he has arrived. I hope he has.

We shall see starting tonight.

[BLOG NOTE: Of course, there will a be a live blog during tonight's Monday night game between the Dolphins and Patriots! Get back here in the hour or so prior to kickoff for all the latest and the chat.]


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It's time for Jason Allen to sink or swim once and for all. Come on Jason, we're rooting for you. Prove all the naysayers wrong. Start tonight with the Patriots and show us you can do it.

You are right mando. The Dolphins won't be able to hide him in the upcoming few games. he has to be at least as good as the opposition's 2nd receiver. Can he play as well as Wes Welker, Robert Tate, Donald Driver, Derrick Mason, etc.

That's a tough ask.

Good points. I think teams/QBs have had a chance now to dissect JA's tendencies and weaknesses after the first 3 games. Brady probably attacks those tonight. It would be great for JA to stand tall b/c as you mentioned - he's had such a rough 4 years. Hoping this boom cycle isn't like the Dotcom bubble.


Marky Mark,

How do you hide a cornerback?

MANDO, like you, I don't believe Jason Allen. It is not hard to read between the lines in this column. However, you are certainly right these three games will define him. However I would like to see improvements coming from Sean Smith, who I believe, has been the key reason why Jason Allen has even seen the field. Regardless, if I'm the Patriots I'm throwing his direction early and often.

CarltheChamp says,

This is exactly what I have been saying, that coming out party Allen had vs MIN didnt sell anything to me, as I have said before my grandmother could probably pick Bret Farve off, so I need to see him not make the mental mistakes and do the job of a cornerback, which obviously doesnt always mean getting the pick, but staying in front of his man, behind his man, whatever the case may be, and knocking the ball down on big 3rd downs and getting us the ball back

Well, The Goat, first off, are you my friend Tony who we refer to as the goat all the time?

Second, when a team lacks a mediocre 2nd WR, you can hide him by matching him up against that said WR or as Miami did in Week 1, have him get help over the top against the other teams #1 WR. When the other team has multiple weapons outside, double coverage is not going to always be there and even if you match him agains the other teams 2nd wr, it will still be a good player.

CarltheChamp says,

Allen will cover Julian Edleman or Ben Tate tonight so they can throw in his direction all they want I have faith he can stop those guys, he just need not be covering the #1 guy like he was last week vs the Jets, those mistakes he made cost us the game, bottom line.

Vontae should have been on Edwards the moment he stepped on the field, Vontae could have handled the assignment and definately not made that mistake on that HUGE 3rd down last week after we took the lead

Marky Mark, no Tony is a little lamb and I am The Goat.

Still don't see how that's hiding a cornerback. Can you hide a center?

CarltheChamp says,

I meant to say Brandon Tate

A Center or a Centre?

Goat, yes you can. Watch tonight how Paul Soliai pushes the NE Center(re) right back into the pocket. You won't be able to see him from your vantage point.

So do we just concede Randy Moss two TDs tonight, or what? All jokes aside......Since Moss has been a Pat (six games?), how many TDs has he scored on us? I've gotta say at least seven.

I still can't figure out why Vontae Davis was not matched up with Braylon Edwards and why Dansby was not on Keller either.

I'm equally(if not more) worried.

Worrying is for women.

The Patriots are soft. Miami will ram the ball down their throats and when the NE def is staggering and tired, Miami will unleash the passing game on them and make them sorry they ever came to South Florida!

I too wonder why Vontae was not matched up against Braylon especially considering how poor the Jets' 2nd receiver is.

It should be automatic that Vontae gets the opponents best WR every week.

CarltheChamp says,

Randy Moss does have several touchdowns vs us but there is one important fact you might be forgetting.

Vontae has more interceptions over Moss than any other player he has covered, I believe that number is at 3, he is getting better vs Moss every time

Moss might get 1 but thats it, and we will assuredly put up some points vs this weak Pats D

Mando, one of the reasons I read you everyday is because you have a perspective other reporters do not. The others and I won't mention their names (Darlington, OmarKelly) think that if a player has one good game, that makes him a star. They also seem to believe one bad game makes a guy a bust.

I appreciate your discipline. I knnow when you rip a guy, he's strongly sucking or on his way out -- like you did with Pat White. And I know when you praise a guy -- like you did with Nate Garner last year -- it's because coaches are telling you he's worthy.

Thanks, man.

The infield has been covered. No dirt tonite but expect players to be "slipping and sliding" again.

Apparently Ethan Skolnick asked why Vontae was not on Edwards and Nolan's answer was that he was going to double Edwards so he didn't want to use his best corner there. Why not lock up Vontae one on one with Edwards? OK moving on lol.

Funny how Sean Smith is no longer even part of the equation. And sad, too.

The Ryan Clarke debacle also gains significance with each passing week.

I hope we've worked on covering a tight end this week. The Patriots have 2 promising rookies in Gronkowski and Hernandez. I was hoping we'd take a shot at Hernandez this past draft. Go Phins!!!

CarltheChamp says,

phinsfaninne I really appreciate that inside info, I am glad you told me because I was wondering what could have been going through his head

Unfortunately I dont buy it one bit, I think Nolan just likes to have Vontae on the right side and is not willing to alter anything with those cornerbacks, he is just blowing smoke with that response, come on Mike, you can think of something better than that, that double team is worthless when neither guy is 100% sure what he is supposed to do, that was such an easy assignment for Allen and he screwed it up, you had to see in practice that he didnt understand that type of play

I can't really question the Dolphins 1st 3 picks. However not taking Aaron Hernandez instead of AJ Edds? Not so sure.

Wouldn't Edds had been around in the 5th???

Oh well, too bad so sad, like someone said, moving on ...

I hope you are right, faraway Mark.

Wes Welker WILL catch passes. Randy Moss WILL catch passes. I'm not looking for Allen (or Vontae or any of the CBs for that matter) to blank the player they're covering. I'm expecting them NOT to give up the big play (a la B. Edwards). All I ask is MAKE THE DAMNED TACKLE! It's not that hard (if you've been playing football since you were in diapers). Tackle, tackle, tackle. And don't double-team Moss (or the other WR). DOUBLE-TEAM WELKER! Just like Dustin Keller, he's the one who bails Brady out, he's the one who makes the offense run in rhythm. So stop Welker, and you've pretty much ended the Patriots night.

By the way, you people should be THRILLED to know I don't work in the government. Because from the lack of work I've put in today, I would be promoted to a Cabinet official or Under-Secretary.

My prediction at work..........miami 35 new england 7..........not really sure how that will work out but being in new england wanted to talk some smack to coworkers. I took half the night off to watch the game. I go in at midnight. Could be a very fun night for me if Miami puts it on em.

He is a fraud. one good game against the biggest idiot QB ever (favre). Thats not saing much. Pray to god that he is not on moss all night. if so we will lose big.

Mando, mark my words. This will be a shoot-out, (if we can score) They have two tight ends that can rip us every way to sunday. Not to mention those bums moss and welker.

Very poignant DC. You can't stop these guys when they pass the ball. They are that good. You have to limit them though. Dolphins will have to score at least 25 points to stand a chance. And if the defense makes the Pats kick field goals instead of touchdowns, they did their job.

I still have good vibes I guess from the game Allen had against Minnesota. I hope he can be a very good #2 corner. We're gonna need someone opposite Vontae with the schedule we have lined up!

I don't think we have to score 25 if we establish and remain committed to running the football tonight. I also don't think Brady's jersey will be nearly as clean as Sanchez' was last week.

you guys giving a lot of credit to pats since we lost to the jets at home .

A REMINDer new england's defense not even 1/2 of the jets defense.

go HENNE ........(( 600,000 )).

CarltheChamp says,

I'm not sure where the thinking that we HAVE to score alot of points comes from, that is downplaying a defense that has only really slipped up one time, I mean look at what we did vs Buffalo (except the Roscoe Parrish TD) and against MIN when we made all the other teams fear us with what we did, except of course the stupid Jest who are too arrogant and stupid to be scared....

and I like this


Aloco, game to game, he played she played means nothing. Impossible to make comparisons. How long have you been a fan or have a working knowledge of the AFC East?

The idea that we need to score a lot of points comes from 38, 14, 38. No, this is not my locker combination but the scores NE has put up in weeks 1-3.

So Miami, should have to score between 14-38 points. Our defense is better than Buffalo or Cincy and close to par with the NYJ. Tough to say exactly but I wouldn't feel comfortable unless we came out ready to score a TD in 3 out of 4 quarters.

That F chart is very bullish. I would take any near term pullback as a buying opportunity.

Shaggy, i know football like no one else ,i eat and breath football .my views are gold.my take on teams is silver .

fraud just like the fraudfins

2-2 incoming

called it last week

this team needs a new head coach and OC if they want to go anywhere

huge ass game tonight, season basically rides on it. come on fins, pressure that mullet man

test, your mom needs a new man .your dad so far 1-4 this season .

there was someone yesterday using my moniker to post, i said nothing 'cause the posts were what i would have said, although, i would have said it more elegantly. the hated and dreaded jets destroyed buffalo yesterday, which is what we should have done. tonight's game is critical, it doesn't have to be a blowout

Where is the cuban menace social parasite piece of filth??? You stalking me again???

LOL at Robert....Thias can only be the Plumber from jersey..

The Wildcat is BACKDOOR football. It makes all of us look like h0m0s.

this is a stupid argument!!! why every time j. allen have one bad game people are so quick to get down on him!!! give the guy a break!!! at least let him have 2 bad game before all these ridiculous questions start popping up!!! WHO SHOULD BE PLAYING CB IF NOT HIM??

I am really worried about Jason also tonight. Not just Moss, But they have really good TE's, hey, don't look into that comment! The match up vs our D is not good. HOWEVER! If Wake gets in Brady's head and our O dominates, we win...

Where is the cuban menace social parasite piece of filth ?

Test, you called 0-4 to start the season, you lost all credibility. Getting 1 out of 3 right does not allow you to gloat. A broken clock is right 2 times a day.

The Way to beat the patriots is to pound the rock Keep Brady off the field. Whe he is on the file do NOT let Brady get comfortable. We either need pressure up the middle via the blitz or play seven in coverage if the front four can get some pressure. If we give him all day back there, we are in for a long evening.

Jason Allen will be fine. The stupid rules overly favor the offense. You need sound safety play over the top on the break away receivers and you must wrap up on the short routes to limit (YAC). The key is the PASS RUSH in todays NFL. There are maybe a couple of CBs in the league that can really be considered "shut down" and take away one side of the field.

This is also a reason to take shots down the field on offense, that yellow flag can yield a lot of yards on a pass interference.

Go Phins!

Anyone Know How Many Downs A Game S Smith Is Averaging This Year?

Tonight will be the Wildcat getting skinned again...let's just pound it at them! Would like to see Polite get a few more carries>

Hopefully, Henne and Marshall will keep up the big play momentum from last week...

Our D Line has got to pressure Brady> if we have to blitz it's going to be a long night. Moss is due...

We'll know what kind of team the Dolphins are after tonight...Let's Go Fins!!!! > 3-1 into the bye week would be a great start to showing we're in the mix!

I still think there are BIG questions about Jason Allen. If I'm an opposing OC I'm going after him until he can show he can consistently do the job. Jason Allen was a big reason why we lost last weeks game. He wasn't the only reason but he was a big reason. We can beat the Pats tonight if we can get some pressure on Brady and if we can run on the Pats and pick their defence apart. The game is definitely there for the taking.

I won't be on the blog tonight. Some of you guys pretty much ruined last weeks game for me, so I'm not going to listen to the negativity about our team again this week. So go ahead guys.....rip all you want, I won't be partaking or listening. I'll be too busy cheering our guys on.


Just a quick take on Henne...

He is at the Top tier of QBs not named Rivers, P.Manning, Brees or Brady.
All the rest are sporadic at best and inconsistent or past there prime. Including Faver, Cutler, Romo, Mc Nabb and edging up but not there yet A. Rodgers, Schaub, Palmer, P. Manning, Rothlisburger.

A lot of what has affected him is Parcell's disdain for a gun-slinger, pass attack offense. He has purposely been held down by the staff. They want a friggen Phil Simms kinda guy, a Pennington ball control game manager.

With the team playing two night games the past few weeks it has given me a chance to look at other teams QBs and Henne takes a back seat to no one other than that top tier. You must also understand that many teams have much more of a West Coast or pass attacking offense and personnel by design.

Go Henne!

Go Phins!


I agree with you assessment on Allen but I don't like how you used the fact that he got help by Clemons when he went against Lee Evans. Even Revis gets help from the safeties on a lot of receivers he goes against but he is still is labeled the best corner in the game. All in all you have to give him credit for playing two games very well and one horrible game although he did have the opportunity to get two INTs in the jets game. But in the end would have and could have dose not count. I think we will know what kind of CB he is after tonight.

I'm listening to WOLFMOTHER,
DURAN DURAN (Hungry like a Wolf)
HOWLIN WOLF all at the same time!

Why not us!

Go Phins!


Some good points on Henne. I think the comparison has been used that he's the equal or has the potential to be better than Ryan or Flacco. Well Flacco hasn't looked great to this point in the season before yesterday's game and the pass that Ryan threw at the end of the game that was picked off was about as ugly as it comes. The point is, there are very few QBs in the league that don't make those kind of mistakes and while Henne isn't perfect, he is better than most and the fans need to get off his back.

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