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Is Jason Allen the truth or a fraud? We find out soon

Even as there has been much celebration about Jason Allen's rise from the ashes to starter status this year, you might have noticed that my reaction to his rise has been muted.

I have not joined in the celebration or been prone to grand applause because, well, I'm still not a believer. (By the way, I also didn't rip him for giving up a TD and getting called for a pass interference against the Jets last week.)

I guess I have a hard time thinking that four years of bust do not get erased by four months of boom. And so I have decided to say nothing rather than say I don't trust him as a Dolphins starting cornerback because he's a good man and why rain on his parade?

But it gets serious now. This Dolphins schedule becomes seriously challenging now so I cannot be silent any more.

The next three games, starting with tonight's against the New England Patriots, will tell me if Allen is the resurrected talent everyone thinks he's become ... or something of a blind squirrel who stumbled upon a nut the first few weeks of this season.

The next three games Allen will face receivers such as Randy Moss and Wes Welker and Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. He will look across the field and see Hines Ward and Mike Wallace with the Steelers. And before too long, Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and Anquan Boldin will be challenging him.

This is a far cry from the first two games of the season when Allen played wonderfully, but did so, in part, because of favorable matchups and the fact his opponents were diminished.

Allen was excellent against the Bills and Minnesota. But the truth is against the Bills he constantly got help over the top from safety Chris Clemons and that forced quarterback Trent Edwards to not throw even one pass in the first half to Lee Evans, whom Allen was covering.

Eventually Evans caught a couple of passes but Allen got the better of that matchup. No doubt about it. But remember the quarterback that was trying to complete passes against him that day was out of the starting lineup and eventually off the team within a matter of weeks.

Allen had the best game of his career against Minnesota. He had two interceptions and it was excellent work. But please remember he was working against a Minnesota team that doesn't have its best wide receiver because Sidney Rice is on PUP.

So now comes Tom Brady and the New England passing show. Then comes Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay passing show. Then comes Ben Roethlisberger and the fine receivers the Steelers bring to the field.

There are no excuses now. If Allen plays as well against that trio of teams and those difficult matchups, I will say I am finally convinced he has arrived. I hope he has.

We shall see starting tonight.

[BLOG NOTE: Of course, there will a be a live blog during tonight's Monday night game between the Dolphins and Patriots! Get back here in the hour or so prior to kickoff for all the latest and the chat.]


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HENNE IS MAKING 600,000 A YEAR .lowest in the nfl .so much for tuna and co .they gave all the money to CROWDER AND CO .


After watching most teams this year I believe there is no overwhelmingly unbeatable team for the Phins. Everyone has a weakness including the Steelers, Colts, Saints, Packers etc.

The thing about the Phins is that they have excelled at all phases at different times and in different games. The time is now after 3 years of Sparano and Company is to finally put all phases together on a consistant basis. The peices are there in my opinion. Are there some glaring weakness? Sure, but this team is ready to take the next step.

Go Phins!

Leave Vontae on Randy Moss. Jason Allen has previously struggled mightily against him and expecting him to be different tonight can have disastrous results.

It's time for the whole dolphins team to step it up, no more excuses for any of them these next few games will determine if they are champs or just chumps!


I saw a breakdown by I think Armando in the last couple of days and some of his numbers are very impressive.

The bottom line is we have never really seen what he can do because of the game-plan in my opinion. I don't want them to have him throw 40 times a game but 3 to 4 passes per quarter? A more balanced attack and a little more creativity in the passing game by the coaching staff?

Go Phins!

Jason Allen, dude if you read this I thought you have been great for the first 3 games.

Tonight don't get excited, remember your plays and play your game. You are good. We have all seen it. Just be calm and you win.

I'm stuck in New England for work, but out loud and proud with my Henne jersey on. Phins Up!!!


Am I the only one who thinks it's time to work Ronnie into more screens or designed passes out of the backfield with blocking (not checkdowns)? Ala' Faulk, Watters, Craig?

Go Phins!

Cheers to CY.

Speaking of screens, the Patriots are real good at it.

martin, henne has to prove himself as a top tier QB, he has not done it yet!


You are a waste of genetic material and protoplasm.

arpa$$.....fu, fu, fu!

rob E Lee, henne can name his price when he wins something!




I know you were going to be arp"ASS" 6789 but you couldn't count that high.

Your weak ass team has gotten more friggen Pub for nothing. They haven't mattered since Namath. You lucked out getting to the championship game last year and got punked.

The media wants so bad for your team to win, you Favre and the Cowgirls. Phins won 2 out of the last 3 games and soon it will be 3 out of 4. Phins have had their troubles but have a history of being relevant. The Jets are a friggen fraud!

Go Phins!

I Think Allen Is A Fraud, I Love The Fins But His Footwork Isnt Good Enough

Exactly but he hasn't really hasn't been the focus of the offense. Hasn't had much of a receiving corp. I'm frustrated by finding out if he will rise up like the everyone else. But I don't get all the bashing about him so far. I just think it's to early to bury the guy. Phin fans are funny. Last year everyone was all appreciative and sentimental about Ricky especially after the Carolina game. Now everyone says he is done and lost a step. He has always had a fumbling problem. Same with Allen, love fest on these boards first 2 games then cut him after last Sunday.

Go Phins!

I think we need to plug in a bunch of Nickle packages and force the Patriots to beat us with the run.

huge game, seasons on the line fellas


fraud all the way

Fraud, Slipped Again And Save By A Holding Penalty.

It Was The First Thing You Learn In Peewee...keep Your Feet Moving, Small Steps

the Dolphins need to fire their Special Teams coaches immediately.

Anyone realize we had i believe 3 timeouts left?? First of all one of them should hae been put on the line to try to challenge that touchdown where clearly he was down before the ball was across the goalline..a donkey on the sideline would have challeged that call!

JASON ALLEN keep the faith, trust God Almighty.and thank Jesus for your haters. they are stepping stones. use them to step to your highest level and may you have many more INTS. In Jesus name.SEE U

JESUS IS THE TRUTH THE WAY AND THE LIFE. However Jason Allen Is a king child. and Jesus does play football with him. WAIT and see the salvation of the LORD.SEE U

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