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Jared Odrick update and the game breakdown

The Dolphins will be in Appleton, Wis. by late this afternoon. It will be interesting to see if defensive end Jared Odrick makes the trip or not.

Odrick is clearly not 100 percent yet. So my source that told me he would be back within two weeks was wrong and I was wrong for going with it. The source that told the NFL Network Odrick would be ready to go in six weeks wasn't right, either. Odrick can play, four weeks after he fractured his fibula.

The issue now is whether coach Tony Sparano decides playing Odrick with only two weeks of limited practice is worth risking the possibility of Odrick re-injuring the leg. My guess is Sparano will be conservative and not use Odrick. It is just a guess. We'll know more later today when we find out if Odrick traveled with the team or not. If he traveled, he's likely playing.

Odrick almost definitely will play next week, barring a strange setback.

Tomorrow, The Herald will publish my breakdown of the Dolphins versus the Packers. Because you read this blog, you get the breakdown today:

When the Dolphins run the ball: The Packers have been getting better against the run in recent games, improving four spots from their No. 19 overall ranking against the run to No. 15 today. But that still isn’t as good as what the Packers did last year when they led the NFL in rush defense. The truth is opposing quarterbacks have gashed the Green Bay defense while running the ball. Opposing running backs have averaged only 3.6 yards a carry against the Packers. So unless Chad Henne suddenly becomes a great threat running the football, it will be a challenge for Ronnie Brown to stay on his current 4.7-yard per carry average for the season. Brown is coming off his toughest outing of the season in that he gained only 27 yards on 11 carries against the Patriots. The Dolphins need to use Brown more. He’s not gotten more than 13 carries in any game this season with only 11 carries per game the last two losses. ADVANTAGE: Green Bay.

When the Dolphins pass the ball: The Dolphins have had good production from Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess but need Brian Hartline to make more of an impact down the field. It might be difficult to give Henne time to scan down the field if linebacker and NFL leading sack man Clay Matthews is healthy enough to play. Matthews is nursing a hamstring injury, which begs sympathy only if one does not realize Dolphins left tackle Jake Long has been playing with a bad right knee since the start of the season. The Packers have had a dozen players snare at least one interception since 2009, with 36 total interceptions in that time leading the NFL. Anytime Henne is passing, he is risking a turnover. Having said all that, the Packers have yielded 681 passing yards the past two weeks. ADVANTAGE: Green Bay.

When the Packers run the ball: Brandon Jackson has taken over for Ryan Grant, who is out for the season with an ankle injury. Jackson has been steady and even spectacular on one 71-yard run this year. Last week, Jackson rushed for 115 yards on 10 carries which marked the first time he seemed to be living up to the second-round pick the Packers used on him in 2007. The Dolphins have been unable to shut down another team’s running game since the first week of the season at Buffalo. The Dolphins have yielded at least 119 rushing yards in each of the last three games. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Packers pass the ball: The Packers have the highest-ranked passing attack the Dolphins have faced all season at No. 10 in the NFL. But the truth is that statistic is of no effect if quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has been nursing a concussion, is not in the lineup. He has been practicing and is listed as probable so you should expect him to play. But if the unexpected happens and he sits, the Packers will resort to Matt Flynn as their starter. And the names of Dolphins players seriously worried Flynn might be more effective than Rodgers follows in parenthesis: (  ). Not a long list. Although Greg Jennings and Donald Driver are good receivers, the Dolphins feel good about the match ups with Vontae Davis and Jason Allen. Where the Dolphins are catching a huge break is that tight end Jermichael Finley, among the league’s best tight ends, is not playing because he injured. The Dolphins have struggled with fine tight ends for about three years now. ADVANTAGE:  Packers if Rodgers plays.

Special teams: Welcome back from the bye week, Miami special teams. How are things? Last time we saw you, you were yielding or accounting for 21 points on returns or blocks against New England. Are the problems solved? Is that gaping hole through which the Patriots and the Jets blocked a punt now plugged? The Dolphins enter this game as the league’s worst kickoff coverage team. Brandon Fields is 31st in the NFL in net punt average and 29th in gross average. Darren Rizzi takes over for John Bonamego as the special teams coach because Bonamego was fired last week. On the bright side,  anything that happens today will probably be an improvement. ADVANTAGE: Anyone but Miami.

Coaching: Mike McCarthy seems to have the talent to work with, but it somehow hasn’t translated on the field this season. Expected to be a Super Bowl contender, the Packers have been unspectacular on offense and unable to produce turnovers on defense. Injuries plays a factor in that, but overcoming injuries is something great coaches can often do. Tony Sparano, 20-17 in his third year, has spoken of his team’s much better record when it runs more than it passes. Look for the pragmatic coach to try and follow that formula. ADVANTAGE: Even.


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Darryl, we absolutely HAVE to run the ball on GB to win. If neither Ronnie or Ricky rush for over 100 yards, I think we lose a shootout. The loss of Jermichael Finley is huge for us though. He woulda been their biggest threat with Vontae blanketing Jennings.

U guys are too much on here. Arguing like little school girls. All im gonna say is, the fins need to win 9 of our remaining game. I dont see it happening. I hope we do, but highly unlikely. I've enjoyed watching vontae shut down everybody. Cam wake is a missle of the edge. I'd like to see sean smith get more action, he had a strong rookie year, it seems we have given up on him a little bit.You cant improve if you dont play. Until next season.....run ricky run !!! thats my dude. Go MIA

Ron Burgandy. By the way, I loved you in Anchorman!

I completly agree. I didn't finish my point about a shootout, so it didn't make much sense. If we are running the ball, we are controlling the game. Every team is going to give us the opportunity to pass because they are banking that Henne will make a costly mistake. My point was. Henne will have to prove that he can manage a shootout type of game without making the big gaffe, before coordinators back off. I agree, if this game turns into a shootout, we are in trouble.


although i do want to have HOME's baby!

Darryl, unfortunately for this season, you are right about coordinators backing off. Henne is going to make more mistakes before he gets better. This is good for him in the long run to get the experience playing in shootouts, but very bad for us this year. We are not a playoff team until he learns how to carry an offense on his shoulders and I don't see that happening this year. But he WILL become that player eventually so a QB change would actually hurt us in the future...This next game will be interesting for sure..

Ron Burgandy,

Are you telling us you're a school teacher making "short bus" jokes? You should be ashamed!

What? You weren't joking?

Oh, well I guess it's OK then. Carry on............................

government came and took my baby!

Odin. Are you going to G.B. tommorow? I got your boys as a the second part of a parlay to beat Iowa(or at least cover -4) Go Big Blue

Huge, huge very winnable game tomorrow. Hopefully off the bye we show up

Offensive and defensive rankings are pretty meaningless at this point in the season. They have just as much to do with who a team has played as they do how well units have performed.

If a team theoretically played Buffalo, Cleveland, St. Louis, and Carolina, their defense would be ranked near the top regardless of how they played because those offenses are so bad.

Hmm, good analysis, I guess Armando is saying that GB 24 Fins 13. (If Rodgers plays).


No road trip. I had my Honey over trying to locate some tickets. Then it just degenerated into a UFC style Love Fest.

I think Denard will rebound big time against Iowa.

At Green Bay I don't think we have to roll up 200 yards of rushing offense. I just think we need to run effectively and at the appropriate times. If Hennings calls one more run play on a third and 10, I'll go straight up berserk.

The other thing we HAVE to do is pressure on Rodgers. In my opinion, there's no if and's or buts about it. If Rodgers gets to stand back there and get a comfortable rythim going, it's going to be a long day.

Someone, in ADDITION to Wake has to step up and get pressure.

We do these two things and I think we can win no problem.

PS: With our ST's playing like their special eds, Henning will have to be spot on in his play calling. We're in 4 down territory from here on out!

mrmmrjohnson. How right you are. Last year the NYFB Giants, had the #1 defense and were undefeated through week 5. They played 1 team with a winning record, went to NO and got stomped. After that game I believe they went 10 games in a row where they gave up more then 24 points, and over 30 ppgame the last 5

i really hope we go out and give our offense a chance to click. we got alot of weapons which we should use. this includes marlon moore and roberto wallace as receivers. we should throw on early downs rather than present henne with 3rd and 6. the throws will actually open up our running game. should use some playaction and mix it up. i just HOPE sparano doesnt run on 1st and 2nd downs leaving henne in a box. we cant play scared. we gotta go after it for 60 minutes.

playcalling is embarrasing, but the pack has a little bit of the same problem. The running game has to show up

I'm looking for our special teams to have a phenominal day tomorrow. If they don't, then we'll know Bonamego wasn't the problem. If your player who specializes in special teams and you see your coach get fired and that doesn't light a fire under your arse and make you play lights out, then you have no business being in the NFL..

if we're going to stick with henne,we gotta take the added pressure off of this kid. he's got the tools but is body language is not good. he really needs to go out and have some fun playing football,mistakes or not. we must give him some leeway to make some plays. thats the only way he will improve. he's been paralyzed by "over-coaching". have some fun;use your weapons;go get em. we make alot of mistakes trying not to make em.

Greg Z, I agree that we need to throw effectively in early downs to set up the run. The Pack is looking a little weak in the middle of their D, with Barnett now on the IR, so Ronnie AND Ricky should both have big days. I can also see Bess having an even better game than the last. Who on their D can cover him ?

Odin, I replied to your shortbus joke post with a clever comment but it didn't show up for some reason. And I've been puffin on some sour diesel for the past 30 minutes so I can't even remember what I said...Oh well, your post was HILARIOUS lol

ron, i really believe the fins need to use all their weapons and not get into a conservative run game. our run game is easy to defend if they key on brown/ricky on the early downs. effective passing can open up these runs later in the game. we need some good play action which we can throw off of.

Just saw on nfl.com that Clay Matthews is doubtful for tomorrows game. This is HUGE folks. If Henne has time to throw against this GB D, he should have a solid bounce back game. I'm looking for 225 yrds, 2 TDs, and maybe a meaningless INT. However, if he has to throw more than 30-35 times tomorrow, I think we'll be in trouble.

Greg z, that's what I was trying to get at. If we pass effectively early on in the game, we should be able to run the ball even more effectively later on in the game. So, what I'm saying is, in order for Ronnie and Ricky to have a big day, we first have to do some damage through the air and put some points up to take a comfortable lead. And on a Packers D sans Matthews and Barnet, I see no reason why we can't accomplish that.

Also, I would LOVE to see Ronnie used more in the passing game. Remember the 2007 season, which would have been his breakout had he not gotten hurt, and how effective he was catching passes out of the backfield ? This is unconventional, but why don't we put Ronnie and Ricky in at the same time (not in WC) and keep the D guessing who its going to ? I think this would really help our passing game...

"although i do want to have HOME's baby!"

What another retard ?? No thanks ! besides home can't evem get hard after all the chemtrails he's inhaled !

The facts are that this regime has made some incredible blunders. Hindsight's always 20/20 but when you pay the money ownership has paid (Parcells) for the names and resumes that command that money, the expectation is clearly that the number of bad decisions is dramatically reduced.

We still aren't sure if we have a franchise QB. I'm not saying Henne isn't, or won't be, but I think most reasonable fans would admit the jury is still out.

We let go the BEST special teams player, who we had given up a top ten pick for 3 years prior, for a 5th. Say what you want about Ginn as a receiver (he dropped balls and ran out of bounds like a sissy) he was SO MUCH BETTER than ANYONE we had / have to return punts and kick offs that letting him go was a HUGE mistake. And even as a receiver, the defense has to respect his speed and opposite Brandon Marshall there would have definitely been more match up problems for defenses than we currently pose with Hartline.

Letting Taylor go was inexcusable. Period. He could have helped this team and that's all that matters. The fact that he was forced out proves that Parcells holds his own EGO to a higher regard than doing what's best for the team.

Pat White and Patrick Turner were 2 high round wasted draft picks that we got NOTHING from. They were simply thrown away. Now I'm not saying mistakes aren't made on draft day, but I'm saying when you hire Parcells you're supposed to be reducing those mistakes exponentially.

Matt Roth is another case. If he was playing the role of malingerer in an attempt to strong arm management into getting a contract extension then he should have been dealt. But to get NOTHING for him? I mean, NOTHING?

Another move I have a problem with is the Camarillo trade. What has Benny Sapp done? We seriously traded the most sure-handed receiver we had for a nickel corner who's been burned every game?

Mike Masters, I hear ya man, but Sapp's not been burned every game. And what has Camarillo done in Minny with a HOF QB ? I loved Camarillo too, and when he got traded I was bittersweet about it, but the fact is, he would not have made an impact on this offense this year and we badly needed secondary depth. It was a solid trade where neither team really got the worse or better end of. As for Matt Roth, there's no way of me knowing for sure obviously, but I would bet that they TRIED to get something for him and nobody wanted to give anything up for him. Thats the only thing that makes sense, otherwise that would be management's biggest blunder.

coaching even?


still want those dolphin interviews

morono and henning are 100% useless

but you want interviews so you love them

test,go get me some wine .

Mike, excellent post

You're right Mr. Burgundy, Camarillo has done just as much in Minnesota and it wasn't a blockbuster trade by any stretch of the imagination. If Bess happens to go down though, it would have been nice to have another pair of sure hands. But your point is valid.

Should be interesting to see how the mighty air-breathers come out of the gates, A loose here would be extremely bad news......

Agree with U on having Jason Taylor, Math Roth and Mike Iupati would we have had a much tougher and bone crunching football team

Thanks for cutting 2 good players and not drafting 6.5 335 lb offensive lineman playing next to Jake Long, Mike Iupati, (Home`s draft pick) Mr. Parcells.

Now we have to listen to some Jack@ss named Ron the wimp Will Ferell Burgundy try to talk bout football

Give me back Roth & JT
Real football players

Not some gimpy DE
Nothing like starting out the season with a broken (twice) leg

If Home kept tripping over his own (ego) penis
and making terrible decisions

Home would not talk to the media either

Excuse Home while He pats himself on the back

I didn't see one thing thay was advantage MIA. wassup wit dat? sup guys, is everyone doing well today?

Roth, JT, Iupati r Bigger,Better football players

and for the record Home aslo wanted late in the round TE Anthony McCoy

Thats Right
Posted It Plenty

Anthony Hard to Tackle Mcoy
Great Run Blocking,Great Hands, Ferocious Stiff Arm

Instead in round 6 Parcells got another worthless LB

Home for Dolphins Drafting

6.5 260 lb TE Anthony "raw" McCoy
to get bigger & better

get him now from Seattle
McCoy has not played yet

What a mean mountain of a TE

and God do the Dolphins need a TE

Home for Dolphins Drafting

Home, Give us a grade for the coaching thus far in the season...........

Mike Iupati 6.5 335 lb tackle or guard
College: Idaho/ drafted by 49ers

Run blocking: Is physically dominant because of uncommon size, strength and athleticism. On in-line run blocks, flashes good aggressiveness firing off the snap to deliver violent blows to defensive tackles and then use strength to drive his man out of the play. Is equally effective leading on perimeter runs. When keeping knees bent and maintaining contact with the linebacker, can easily ride him out of the play. Shows good quickness and athleticism to make short pulls and lead block.

Pass blocking: Has the talent to be an elite pass blocker when using good technique and aggressiveness. When focused on technique, bends knees and pass blocks with good leverage. When using aggressive hand punch, can jolt defensive linemen upright. Occasionally gets lazy with hands and allows pass rusher to get into his chest and drive him backward. Shows the quickness to slide and adjust to line stunts and blitzes. Has a bad habit of staying flat-footed and reaching for defenders and thus falling off blocks.

Initial quickness: Gets out of stance and into position quickly. Gets off the snap and through the line of scrimmage with surprising quickness, getting ideal position to block the linebacker. Gets set quickly in pass protection.

Strength: Shows natural strength to dominate when aggressive and using good technique. On in-line run blocks, can torque defensive linemen of their feet and onto the ground. He shows excellent strength on side blocks, often collapsing the entire side of the line to create a massive hole. Consistently holds his ground vs. bull rushers when keeping knees bent.

Missed the boat for the Dolphins O-line to really be something special as Iupati is tearing it up on the 49ers knocking back defensive line man holding blocks & then shedding to take out LBs

Home for Dolphins Drafting

Happy B-Day to Me...

Now Win one for me tomorrow!

Mike nice post. I agree with you 100% about Teddy not being on ST. Im gonna play the other side here for minute. Wasnt it gonna be a money problem for the phins to keep Teddy after the BM signing. If i remember right I think thats the pile of dung we were all fed. If that is truely the case. Im much happier with BM on the team than Teddy. It still doesnt fix or return man problem though!

Cuban when U say coaching that is a broad statement
Do U mean HC, OC, DC, ST, O-Line Coach, WR coach, etc

Head coach Sparano should shed Parcells & Henning
Tell em He Is Running this Football team now

Parcells & Henning r DONE

Sparano should fire Henning & tell them Parcells is a Monday Morning Consultant

In the words of Alexander Haig after Ronald Reagan was shot by John Hinkley Jr.
I`m In Charge Now"


***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Happy B- Day NHDolphan

How`s the Nor Easter?
Was It fast moving?

nice to see
now official

the media is now using Home`s nickname for thelast 2 years on #15

"Simply The Bess"

How many "Fist pump" FGs will tony go for tommarrow????FGs wont win this game......

Great game going on arkansas vs Auburn, 43 to 37 with most of the 4th qrt to be played...

Fist pumping has been scarce this season.... But we might see some when someone makes a good ST play

Home quit plagiarising our website

-The War Room-


If the opening kickoff doesn't go out of bounds I'll be fist pumping all over my living room.

red sox owners bought liverpool the famous soccer team .


Draft a te please

Draft a nt please

it's funny b/c now they own the red sox in the worst sport ever ,baseball that is and they own liverpool one of the best team in the best sport ever,soccer that is .

Lebron, it's early for the draft ,don't rush it .it could another BUST .

I find it amazing that some people spend so much time on these blogs bashing their favorite team. It would seem to me that the weather was nice enough today that they could have found something else to do. Oh, that would mean they'd need a life. I get it now.

By the way,

Fins 21
Green Bay 17

Wake 2 sacks. Crowder 1 Fumble recovery. Vonte Davis 1 Int. R&R 132yds.

ALERT....... tuna will be out very shortly , 2 weeks max as for ireland he will be here until 2011 ,








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