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Jared Odrick update and the game breakdown

The Dolphins will be in Appleton, Wis. by late this afternoon. It will be interesting to see if defensive end Jared Odrick makes the trip or not.

Odrick is clearly not 100 percent yet. So my source that told me he would be back within two weeks was wrong and I was wrong for going with it. The source that told the NFL Network Odrick would be ready to go in six weeks wasn't right, either. Odrick can play, four weeks after he fractured his fibula.

The issue now is whether coach Tony Sparano decides playing Odrick with only two weeks of limited practice is worth risking the possibility of Odrick re-injuring the leg. My guess is Sparano will be conservative and not use Odrick. It is just a guess. We'll know more later today when we find out if Odrick traveled with the team or not. If he traveled, he's likely playing.

Odrick almost definitely will play next week, barring a strange setback.

Tomorrow, The Herald will publish my breakdown of the Dolphins versus the Packers. Because you read this blog, you get the breakdown today:

When the Dolphins run the ball: The Packers have been getting better against the run in recent games, improving four spots from their No. 19 overall ranking against the run to No. 15 today. But that still isn’t as good as what the Packers did last year when they led the NFL in rush defense. The truth is opposing quarterbacks have gashed the Green Bay defense while running the ball. Opposing running backs have averaged only 3.6 yards a carry against the Packers. So unless Chad Henne suddenly becomes a great threat running the football, it will be a challenge for Ronnie Brown to stay on his current 4.7-yard per carry average for the season. Brown is coming off his toughest outing of the season in that he gained only 27 yards on 11 carries against the Patriots. The Dolphins need to use Brown more. He’s not gotten more than 13 carries in any game this season with only 11 carries per game the last two losses. ADVANTAGE: Green Bay.

When the Dolphins pass the ball: The Dolphins have had good production from Brandon Marshall and Davone Bess but need Brian Hartline to make more of an impact down the field. It might be difficult to give Henne time to scan down the field if linebacker and NFL leading sack man Clay Matthews is healthy enough to play. Matthews is nursing a hamstring injury, which begs sympathy only if one does not realize Dolphins left tackle Jake Long has been playing with a bad right knee since the start of the season. The Packers have had a dozen players snare at least one interception since 2009, with 36 total interceptions in that time leading the NFL. Anytime Henne is passing, he is risking a turnover. Having said all that, the Packers have yielded 681 passing yards the past two weeks. ADVANTAGE: Green Bay.

When the Packers run the ball: Brandon Jackson has taken over for Ryan Grant, who is out for the season with an ankle injury. Jackson has been steady and even spectacular on one 71-yard run this year. Last week, Jackson rushed for 115 yards on 10 carries which marked the first time he seemed to be living up to the second-round pick the Packers used on him in 2007. The Dolphins have been unable to shut down another team’s running game since the first week of the season at Buffalo. The Dolphins have yielded at least 119 rushing yards in each of the last three games. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Packers pass the ball: The Packers have the highest-ranked passing attack the Dolphins have faced all season at No. 10 in the NFL. But the truth is that statistic is of no effect if quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who has been nursing a concussion, is not in the lineup. He has been practicing and is listed as probable so you should expect him to play. But if the unexpected happens and he sits, the Packers will resort to Matt Flynn as their starter. And the names of Dolphins players seriously worried Flynn might be more effective than Rodgers follows in parenthesis: (  ). Not a long list. Although Greg Jennings and Donald Driver are good receivers, the Dolphins feel good about the match ups with Vontae Davis and Jason Allen. Where the Dolphins are catching a huge break is that tight end Jermichael Finley, among the league’s best tight ends, is not playing because he injured. The Dolphins have struggled with fine tight ends for about three years now. ADVANTAGE:  Packers if Rodgers plays.

Special teams: Welcome back from the bye week, Miami special teams. How are things? Last time we saw you, you were yielding or accounting for 21 points on returns or blocks against New England. Are the problems solved? Is that gaping hole through which the Patriots and the Jets blocked a punt now plugged? The Dolphins enter this game as the league’s worst kickoff coverage team. Brandon Fields is 31st in the NFL in net punt average and 29th in gross average. Darren Rizzi takes over for John Bonamego as the special teams coach because Bonamego was fired last week. On the bright side,  anything that happens today will probably be an improvement. ADVANTAGE: Anyone but Miami.

Coaching: Mike McCarthy seems to have the talent to work with, but it somehow hasn’t translated on the field this season. Expected to be a Super Bowl contender, the Packers have been unspectacular on offense and unable to produce turnovers on defense. Injuries plays a factor in that, but overcoming injuries is something great coaches can often do. Tony Sparano, 20-17 in his third year, has spoken of his team’s much better record when it runs more than it passes. Look for the pragmatic coach to try and follow that formula. ADVANTAGE: Even.


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I read comments about how "This new Dolphins regime has made huge blunders" and ask myself this question every time, "So what"...

It seems clear to me that several of you have lost touch with just HOW BAD the Dolphins had become. In 2005 Miami was 4-6.

They bounced back to a 9-7 after an "other worldly" end-of-season 6 game winning streak that would have placed any other team in history in the playoffs, had they not [LOST] 7 of 10 of the previous games!

Nick Satan finished his unremarkable Dolphins career in great fashion...LOSING 6 of their first 7 games before the Bye... ending it all mercifully after winning only 5 more games for a psaltery 6-10 finish...

Then came 2007...... :^(

Do we REALLY want to talk about 07?

Since then.... 11-5 in '08 and a playoff appearance.
'09 saw a 7-9 injury ridden, loss of our starting QB, franchise RB, Veteran CB, and several other key contributors, a year that saw us sweep the Jests, win one of two from the Patsies and contend in nearly every loss or win Miami was involved in. 1 play from beating Indy, had N.O on the ropes... a team with fight and future...

Now here we are...2 & 2 and some of you knuckleheads are already talking about next years draft.... while teams that are 1 game worse than us are still talking about pulling it together and masking a run of it.

In case some of you have NOT noticed.... This is a VERY strange year in the NFL... There will be very few...IF ANY 12-4 Domination bound teams. Maybe 1 or 2 at 11-5 or 10-6.
That means 9-7 can in all likelihood get you in the rodeo.

NO ONE... is trying to say there are not..."ISSUES". But I will take where this team is today over where it was 3 years ago!... And for those who STILL DON'T GET IT!.... we could be the Lions, Raiders, 49ers... or Rams, teams that sucked BEFORE we did and have no end of SUCKING in sight.

3 QB's who can run the offense, a top 5 WR, a Top 10 MLB, SEVERAL solid #2,& #3 receivers. A CB that some are saying will be a perennial pro-Bowl player in Davis. A Top 3 Left Tackle in Long. A YOUNG and talented Defensive line/secondary wich needs time and experience... EXACTLY what they are getting this season, by the way.

I know, I know.... Some.......SOME, of you....
Had this little wish, little thought... that Miami was READY & ABLE to go Superbowl bound... Didn't-Cha...?

Well, that may not happen.(40-1 in might)

So what now ?????? You gonna CRY about it?
You gonna whyne piss and moan because your little dreams of 2010 NFL got smashed on the rocks of reality? If so...... PLEASEEEEEEEE do it else where.....

Matt Roth plays for a 1-4 team... he ain't here no more...let it go.
Jayson Taylor has 16 tackles aside from his 3 sacks. What does that say about stopping the run and production at the DE? He has MAYBE 1 more year...Misi has as many as 14 or 15 and DOES work on running plays...do the math.

Here is a challenge to those of you (You know who you are... same guys, same stupid posts, same negative bullshiznit)... TRY...JUST TRY ONE TIME to Give your best at looking at THE GOOD things we have on this team. AND where those good things can lead.

If you cannot see any good, if you only see failure and a bad team... I'm sorry, but you are neither a Dolphins fan.... nor a football fan. I would suggest you read the sports sections of teams like Detroit and St.Louis. I did, they are higher on THEIR teams then Armando is on ours. If that does not work I suggest "High School Cup Stacking"... it may be good for those of you who do nothing but piss and moan about Miami Dolphins Football... its over fast and no one who matters cares what happens...

Okay... Rant over... carry on!

Parcells has not one a playoff game in over a decade

Henning wants the Miami Dolphins to wear leather helmets on Sunday

"Leather helmets worked fine 50 years ago and they can still work fine today, now run along Sonny"

.. Dan Henning replied while shaking his fist, drinking prune juice in plaid pants, large wing tipped lapels and elbow patched sweater

*not won

Parcells has still not won a playoff game in over a decade

and still Parcells has not won a playoff game in over a decade

Sparano played Jake Long in a scrubfest preseason game 4 where no starters played for Dallas

Jake Long made the Pro Bowl his 1st 2 years

Jake Long should have never entered one foot in this preseason scrubfest game

Jake Long received permanent knee damage in this game

The Miami Dolphins have been covering up this permanent knee damage as best as they can

This decision will come back to haunt Sparano


3rd down

Not to worry

3rd and ... Simply The Bess

How & Why Is the NFL
Covering up Clay Mathews extreme steroid use?

CLAY isn't using steroids home.

Nice work Derek, good post!
Although I'm still holding you accountable for this mini losing streak. Please take predictions to reverse this curse!!!

DEREK......... for president .good post ;

GO fins .

Mondays headlines:

Dolphins 3-2

Dolphin Defense Dominates with Crowder & Capt. Karlos

Sean Smith Shining @ Nickel

Dolphins Running Again

Clay Mathews suspended 4 games for illegal substance abuse


Simply The Bess
Surely Did Impress

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Home do you know C.M. took roids? Or are you assuming that because his sidekick from USC Cushing is a steroid bull, that Mathews took them too?

When all was said and done
and coach Nolan benched sean for Jason Allen

Thanks coach Nolan!

Jason Allen leads all Miami Dolphins CBs in tackles (only 5 behind Capt. Karlos Dansby)and Ints in 2010

does the cuban menace takes roids ?

Proper drug testing using todays technology will prove that Clay Mathews was/is on growth hormone and/or steroids

Home cannot disclose anymore Info at his time as there are 3 black SUVs with tinted windows parked in front of Homes house at the moment

U heard It Here 1st, on the Herald

Clay Mathews to be suspended 4 games for illegal substance abuse

Initiating tin foiled hat & military gas mask
Back to the safe room

I very much enjoyed doing that... However, in light of the brow beating I received from the less cordial... I'm disinclined to acquiesce to that request.....

There is no time at this point, "Obviously" to assure an accurate account of everyone's spread.


Should Miami take another beating in Green Bay the polls will go up Monday Morning 8am sharp.... Let's hope it goes better next time...

Clay Mathew`s results & rage r not from brown rice & grilled chicken

The FBI ...
would call that a clue



America`s mom, June Cleaver passed away today at 94 years old

God Bless her, wonderful & caring woman ...Barbara B

Derek, you did a good job setting the predictions up, it was fun. I think we have a great shot to win this week. Green Bay is a good matchup for us, and I think we can be physical and push them around a little. Hopefully we don't have to turn to superstitions to conjure a win!

Simply The Bess
21 receptions this year, 13 for first downs

Armando seems to have given the edge to GB. While other analysts I've read have given the game to Miami. This is a good matchup and I think we have the advantage from being fresh, healthy (at least more than GB) and angry.

P.S> Thanks for the inspiring post, Derek.

Only in sofla would there still be fans defending Sparano's idiotic decision to play Long at the end of a dallas blowout meaningless preseason game.

And did anyone kick the tires on Odrick and consider his pre-existing condition?

This Tuna regime is crumbling before our eyes.....I cannot believe we're gonna have to go thru yet another regime change & QB search.

Brace yourselves for more frustration & heartbreak this season.

2009 & 2010 season
Miami Dolphins r now 9-11

Since Sparano achieved 9-11

1st time In Fourty Years ...
Miami Dolphins can no longer hold claim to the title of “Winningest Team since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger”
Miami Dolphins are 374-244-2 (.603 percent) since 1970, and now trail the Steelers, 375-243-2 (.605%)

Congrats to Bill Parcells for leaving his footprint on the Miami Dolphins organization (sarcasm)

Now Bill Parcells, Get Your Shine Box!

hoping for a fins win tomorrow maybe tony will have them ready to play with 2 weeks to get ready

parcells is expired











Derek4Dolphins - Nice post, and quite true.

Emo, Sporano said he played Long longer then he wanted to in that game because he wanted to keep Henne in and was not confident in the other backups at the time.

I am not defending him, but you can see logic in his decision. You don't coach scared.

eye thinc we is gonna winn sun day buy running the foutbal. GO FENS


First off, let me say I agree with almost everything you wrote. Although you cited my "blunders" line I understand what you're saying: as a franchise we've been through a lot of transition and rebuilding isn't easy.

However, I'm just pointing out that we can't be satisfied with mediocracy. I'm not "ok" with thinking the Dolphins are a great team in comparative terms. I want them to be great in reality.

There will always be players who don't come through as expected, or injuries that completely change the dynamic of a team. However, deliberately releasing players, trading players, or not resigning players who could have made this team better are mistakes that need to be scrutinized.

I wasn't saying Misi isn't going to be as good, or better, than Roth. I was merely pointing out that Roth clearly has something left in the tank and we just let him go. I wasn't behind the scenes...maybe that was the right move.


JT could have helped this team. PERIOD.

Tedd Ginn could have helped the special teams. PERIOD

Pat White WAS a terrible 2nd round pick. PERIOD And we can't afford to make mistakes on 2nd round QB picks who account for 24 yards and a concussion in 2 years.

Patrick Turner was a terrible 3rd round pick. PERIOD. And we can't afford to make mistakes on 3rd round WR picks who account for 0 yards in 2 years.

We have spent more money on free agents in the past 3 seasons than ANY other NFL team. Grove, Smiley, Wilford, Green, ETC.

We have made more roster moves supposedly churning the roster and "finding acorns" than any other NFL team this year. Who has really produced? All this churning has accomplished is disrupted continuity within special teams.

I'm not ok with looking at this team and thinking, "well, at least we're not the Lions with no hope in sight." Patriots fans wouldn't settle, God knows Jets fans DON'T settle....why should we?

(I didn't mention Bills fans because they're gonna be settling for a while)

ron, either way 3-4 4-3 we let them go for absolutely nothing....great job!


by keeping Henne in a preseason matchup against scrubs he was coaching scared. Scrubs are the worst to play cuz they play fearless trying to break a leg

Actually, I expect GB to put Woodson on Bess and double up on B. Marshall. They know that Woodson's age won't let him hang with Marshall one-on-one, but his experience will serve him better in not biting on the shiftier moves of Bess. They've seen the tapes. So, it's time for our other players to step up ( Fasano, etc.) And make an impact for a change! We need to use the run to set up the pass. Ronnie and Ricky to pound it! Defence better with Crowder! Special Teams actually shows up and plays this game. Miami makes a statement! Rodgers starts but gets pulled from the game. Possible re-occurring concussion. GB 17 Mia 28.

any one suggest that players of 1-15 are better than today's players needs a surgery in his brain . if Jason Taylor stayed the sense of a team won't be here but only me,me,me first .

today if we get good production from tha offense & tha special team shows up we win ! if not we are 2-3 ! maybe we could suit up tha cheerleaders & use them for our coverage team ! couldnt hurt !

Who ever posted the comment about Ronnie Brown and the "Dancing Bear" or whatever, stop judging Ronnie! He is one of the best when healthy, and its not his fault that he cant get much carries right now. Henning is working on passing the ball right now, not running as much, so you can see why Ronnie isn't producing much. Remember the vikings game? Against the STINGIEST DEFENSE in the NFL, Ronnie produced a 51 yard run against them.So get your facts and your head straight before you go critisizing Ronnie Brown!

LAST YEAR we had ;

C.Clemons ....on special teams and by removing them to ba starters it did hurt that unit . TODAY we should see them back on special team duty in extra assignment other wise the season going down the drain .

the dolphins ARE last in the league allowing 35 yards per kickoff return .

STARTERS MUST play special teams ,the only answer and R.Brown stop dancing and run .

well time to wake up, last shot. lose this game season ends already. if they cant beat a packer team that is banged up so badly........ look forward to a whole new coaching staff next season.

A request from Mr. Mando, you have the virtual blue editors pencil in hand, it would make this blog a much more enjoyable place if you would swoop in on the chicken fights, and delete them, then we could get down to discussing the Dolphins instead of watching shortest member contests.

Charles Woodson is not old
Woodson is rated the best CB in the league and was NFL defensive player of the year in 2009

Expect Charles Woodson to be covering B-Marsh

Good chance we see the reemergence of Brian Hartline today

Simply The Bess
Will Surely Impress

Dolphins need to pound the rock "4 bout a buck fity"

That`s 150 yards rushing for all you Caucasians with no street cred

and yo

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

bill_cnnrs, if there is a whole new coaching staff next season then half-ass fans such as yourself can have this team cause I won't renew anymore. Getting rid of another staff after 3 years is just plain assinine. I would rather fly up to Denver, my second favorite team, 8 Sundays per year then listen to people who know nothing like you every week.

today no doubt will be the jets second loss vs denver .
baltimore win vs pats and we win .

dreams come true .

If Home says the Dolphins will Win in Wisconsin

I`m just gonna go with that

31 Miami
24 Green Bay


Why do you think Parcells is leaving?

todays outcome will depend on how we choose to play. either 1. scared and cautious afraid of mistakes or 2. use all our weapons,use the passing game and play action to set up our run game;all-out effort for 60 minutes.

I always find it interesting when some comes on this site in an attempt to stop two people from insuting each other and in doing so they insult one or both of the posters in question.

Whats up with that?

sunny 60 degrees and ready for some football in Wisconsin


in these kind of situation ,the norm is to have honorable exit ,first you hand every thing to ireland then exit . in days not weeks or month BP will be leaving for sure .

p.s ,,,,, yo remember he told the NY media 10 days ago he can't himself laying down in bed but doing something .why ?

bp...will be out in days getting the 6 million whom he deserves to bring an ugly team to a real one .

Yeah, so anyways Captain Morgans, Budweiser and a Bon Fire, It was awesome.

I had the bangers in the windowss, 3 young hotties were dancing on my picnic table, the whole place was "Up in Smoke".

Balls to the walls man, my head started spinning about midnight so we broke out the Guitars.............

What? Football? Oh......................

Thought I was at SlamDancers.com, My Bad(that means I'm sorry for you Cracker a s s Crackers with no street creed)!

Kill Rodgers!!!!


Our 1st round draft pick
Jared O`drick Will NOT play again today

twice broken leg

U heard It here 1st on the Herald

O`drick OUT against GB


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