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Live blog an opportunity to understand Dolphins offense

CINCINNATI -- I love game days. They answer questions. They speak strongly and authoritatively over the speculation.

There has been much speculation about the Miami Dolphins offense this week. As I point out in my weekly Dolphins Sunday column the Dolphins have scored the fewest points in the AFC and that simply does not compute when you consider the tons of resources, draft picks and money the club has invested in the unit.

Check it out, because the inventory of resources Miami has used for this offense makes the result puzzling.

But here's the thing: All those resources succeeding or failing will come down to one player, and his name is Chad Henne. If Henne becomes a great player, the rest of the unit will be great. If Henne fails, the compilation of great talent around him isn't going to hide the fact the most important player on the field isn't good enough.

And the biggest problem with that?

The Dolphins are neither allowing Henne to succeed or fail. There seems to be such a collar around him that it is hard to believe Henne is free to either fail or succeed. The Dolphins are only asking Henne to manage games.

And, amazingly, the only time they ask him not to manage games is when they find themselves in a crisis. The only time the Dolphins put the game in Henne's hands is when they're behind. And if they're behind in the fourth quarter, then they really ask him to do things they don't otherwise ever ask him to do.

How does that make sense?

You don't trust the guy in the good times. But when things are going poorly, then you put the game in his hands.

Consequently, we don't know what Chad Henne is yet. He's got good stats, but he's terrible in the fourth quarter. He is fine on third down, but he isn't a quarterback that has proven his mettle with a handful of fourth-quarter comeback victories.

Henne is in limbo. We don't know what he is yet. And that's not his fault. That's where the Dolphins have placed him.

Join me for the live blog today starting in the comments section below. I'll update you with the inactives when they are released.

[UPDATE: Davone Bess will replace Brian Hartline as Miami's No. 2 WR today.]

[UPDATE 2: The inactives are Marlon Moore, Reshad Jones, Nolan Carroll, Clifton Geathers, Patrick Brown, Lydon Murtha and Mickey Shuler with Tyler Thigpen as the third QB.]

[UPDATE 3: Johnathan Joseph will not start at CB for the Bengals today. He is inactive. He is replaced by Morgan Trent. Also starting SS Roy Williams is also out. Reggie Nelson will start at SS for the Bengals.]


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Dear Mr. Salguero

Good morning

Soiled :)

agreed.. the problem is the play calling from Henning.. he messes the flow of the game up and not just talking about the early use of the wildcat.

they don't trust Henne, its as simple as that.

Good morning all, hopefully today is a victory day for our team...
Mando, have you heard if there is any heat placed on Henning lately? Any inside info on that?

Henne stinks.

Dear Soiled,

Are you so dirty that good morning is a dirty epthinet?

What do you think about the dolphins chances against a bunch of tigers?

I think it would depend on whether the tigers were willing to swim with the fish, no?

And, finally, do you prefer charmin or angel soft?

I'm looking forward to watching the Heat game instead of the Dolphins. Football in South Florida just doesn't deliver for the fans. Always ends in heartbreak.

Henning wont care if theres heat on him or not.. he thinks what hes doing is good.. i mean take the comment he made to Fasano after the game a few weeks back..


Nice write up about Henne and "the situation".

Clear, concise and cuts right to the point.

You think you could translate this into Sporano Speak and explain it to the coaches?

Joe... those thoughts (and the name you use) remind my of the last thing I flushed down the toilet... But thanks for playing....

This would be a VERY good game for Miami's defense to put Carson on his Butt a few times. If they allow him to stand in, or move cleanly out of the pocket... he will have plenty of targets who WILL manage their way open... Misi, Wake & Dansby need to be on point, the D-line needs a good one also..

Dear Mr. Salguero

Here's how the Dolphins work

Henning strangles Henne, Sparano strangles Henning, Ireland strangles hookers.

Hope that helps

Soiled :)

I'm looking forward to watching the Heat game instead of the Dolphins. Football in South Florida just doesn't deliver for the fans. Always ends in heartbreak.

Posted by: Disgruntled fan | October 31, 2010 at 11:37 AM

Way to support your team. Don't buy any tickets or merchandise either.

Do you lock your kids out of the house when they bring home a C on their report cards?

If Ireland is strangling Hookers, who chokes the monkey?

When your philisophy is "keep it close until the end," then a game like last week's is actuslly, philosophicslly, a "win!" We need to clesn coaching and management out, and get some people in who want to win, and don't think they're playing horseshoes or handgrenades. Close doesn't count in the NFL.


Yeah...Disgruntled fan... Your just another "Front runner Miami Fan"... probably have not watched a Heat game all the way through in 4 years (since last championship) and now you mush-mouthing on Dolphins Blogs like we OR THE DOLPHINS care who, what, where, when, or why... you think, believe or say........ABOUT ANYTHING... got lost loser....

I WAS predicting 3 field goals and a TD.

Derek, Darryl and DyingBreed got me believing again.

My revised prediction has us scoring 2 TD's and two field goals.

C'mon DEFENSE!!!!

Armando got it right. They need to let Henne loose, until they do we are gonna be a make no mistake, win or lose by a couple pts team.

Ya gotta believe Odin...Hell, whaterya gonna do?...Stop watching or somethin?....Yeah Right...Keep the faith and bandage the wounds brotha...
Go Miami!

were is that dumb ass tortured i hate thst guy

Odinseye, I've been supporting this team for 13 years. I don't have kids. You sound like a fascist.

Dan Henning mistakenly takes Vi agra and Ci alis

Dolphins 37 Bengals 17

And it's hard to say
Who you are these days
But you run on anyway
Don't you baby?

You keep running for another place
To find that saving grace

Don't you baby?

You keep running for another place
to find that saving grace

Don't you baby?

Miami Dolphins Pound The Rock, today.
Saving Grace
***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Hi Derek, I suggest you try Hooked On Phonics. That may be able to help you with your absolute inability to write. Clearly, I know more about the Heat than you know about the English language.

You keep running for another place
to find that saving grace

Dolphins Pound The Rock
Brutal Mam

Dolphins Win Today

and score 4 TDS!

Dull as dishwater, chicken scratch, take a knee football.

Please Dear Lord, let this change today! No Mas WannyBall Revisited

Yeahp...Bang..There ya go...There it is guys...Disgruntled Fan has just made my Mission complete...He have given "THE BLUEPRINT" of true trollizm...(my word)
He pop's in...makes some sorry comments about the Dolphins and how he is going to watch the Heat instead... he has a perfect chance to "GO AWAY"... and what does he do...?


Pure..100% Grade A TROLL.... YOU are a sad sad man... and a Great! example of a living parasite...

You...Disgruntled... have been "FOUND OUT" pal... either you are here...or not... Not Meely Mouthing You douchbag Jerk....

But you run on anyway
Don't you baby?

Oh Yeah, we run on anyway

Ricky & Ronnie Pound The Rock, today!

hey coach!!!
don't you know this is your third year with the phins. wake up!!!your coaching like you have a lifetime appointment.
ed the fan

And it's hard to say
Who The Dolphins are these days
But you run on anyway
Don't you baby?

You keep running for another place
To find that saving grace

Don't you baby?

Dolphins Pound the Rock Today

Oh yeah Marshall Rips the Bengals ... a new @SS

lol@ derek4dolphins...thats called getting it handed to you. WOW...nicely done sir

You guys are on fire today!

I've laughed out loud at your comments at least four times already. People sitting around me in the press box think I'm strange.

Screw them!

im with u Mando, hilarious stuff today

Dear Derek,

You're making a circular argument. I baited, you bit, and now you bit AGAIN. Obviously, I'm a troll.

Anyway, it's spelled "douche." Maybe if you drink some you'll calm down. It's mighty early on a Sunday to get so angry already. I think you should channel that energy into a little homoerotic wrestling match with your first cousin before the game. Or just go back to playing Madden alone in your basement.

I have an hour before tip-off. Plenty of time before I get to see Miami's best sports franchise on the hardwood.


Miami 34 Cincinnati 27

quite possibly one if your best articles all season. I use to think it was all a matter of trust but I think Henning would call the same type of game if it was Montana and Rice out there.

good play calls here and there but henning fails to make the right calls in key situations most of the time. Playing and calling scared only results in hesitant execution.

Mando...WAY TO GO on the Sunday morning Article this morning.....(Miami Dolphins' woes on offense are puzzling).

That article was a 100% true picture of whats going on.

Keep it up!

God Bless Armando

Gonna be a DOLPHIN DAY!

Mando really zeroed in with this article, and the one examining the offensive woes. Glad there's a voice for us out there

Dan Henning mistakenly takes Vi agra and Ci alis

Dolphins 37 Bengals 17

Posted by: SoiledBottom | October 31, 2010 at 11:59 AM


Not good news

That can only lead to many feild goals

He'll need the fist pumps

Why is Nolan Carroll inactive?

Did he get hurt?

Its time to play some football....48 min and counting. I am looking forward to a game with minimal fist pumps and many touchdowns scored by us.

Clearly the voice of the fans have been heard.....Henning its on you.


anyway you spell douche ur still an ass.

Go watch ur heat game and to ur heat blog not all Dolphins fans are in Miami or even care about the Heat. you sound more like a Jets fan than Miami.



Nolan Carroll had an ankle injury last week and missed practice much of the week.


If I'm making a circular Argument...YOU disgruntled..ARE THE PIVOT MAN...... Squeak, Squeak.....

any of you guys have any websites that have good links to the game?

Living here in Indiana I rarely get to watch them on tv

I think Wake is going to have a big day!


That what I get for watching the game in a bar where you cant hear what's going on I guess.

Is the new Saftey we signed any good?

buck, i usually find one, ill post when i do...check atdhe.net or justin.tv

Nolan rolled an ankle in the game last week, that's why you saw Cobbs back there.

I like Cobbs, but he is just tooooo slowwww for a kick returner...

Odinseye, I've been supporting this team for 13 years. I don't have kids. You sound like a fascist.

Posted by: Disgruntled fan | October 31, 2010 at 11:58 AM

I'm not sure how insinuating you're a fair weather fan translates into me being a fascist?

Sounds to me like your suffering a little mild retardation there Gruntled.

How does 13 years of allegedley being a fan justify your fair weather "attitude"?

If your poor little heart can't take it, do us all a favor and take you sorry a s s to a heat blog. We real fans don't want to read your shleprock crap anyways.

Thanks(NOT), for stopping by!!!!

Roman, Clemons is very promising. Good hitter, solid in coverage over the top

No crying during the game today f a g g o t s. This is footbal. Not futbol.

It is a drag we lost Nolan to that ankle...I thought he did okay. He at least was getting returns up around the 30 or so... Cobbs has a habit of running directly into the teeth or the coverage...

Whats the point of trading down to then put one guy on IR after game 1? We got stuck with a 27th round pick instead of a 12th.

Wait... got stuck with a 27th round pick and T Dobbins.

Mabye we should have gone with Dez.

Mando what did the voting work out to on the displaying Oldest 1st and vice versa?

Contrary to what Sean Smith said on Armando and the Amigo earlier this week, he is NOT starting today.

What part of "Are you starting?" didn't he get?

heres a thought.. yes run the ball but the bengals secondary is hurt as well... look for a big day for Marshall as well.. Im sure hes giving it to Henne away from the cameras..

What part of "I'm back" did you misconstrue?

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