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Live blog an opportunity to understand Dolphins offense

CINCINNATI -- I love game days. They answer questions. They speak strongly and authoritatively over the speculation.

There has been much speculation about the Miami Dolphins offense this week. As I point out in my weekly Dolphins Sunday column the Dolphins have scored the fewest points in the AFC and that simply does not compute when you consider the tons of resources, draft picks and money the club has invested in the unit.

Check it out, because the inventory of resources Miami has used for this offense makes the result puzzling.

But here's the thing: All those resources succeeding or failing will come down to one player, and his name is Chad Henne. If Henne becomes a great player, the rest of the unit will be great. If Henne fails, the compilation of great talent around him isn't going to hide the fact the most important player on the field isn't good enough.

And the biggest problem with that?

The Dolphins are neither allowing Henne to succeed or fail. There seems to be such a collar around him that it is hard to believe Henne is free to either fail or succeed. The Dolphins are only asking Henne to manage games.

And, amazingly, the only time they ask him not to manage games is when they find themselves in a crisis. The only time the Dolphins put the game in Henne's hands is when they're behind. And if they're behind in the fourth quarter, then they really ask him to do things they don't otherwise ever ask him to do.

How does that make sense?

You don't trust the guy in the good times. But when things are going poorly, then you put the game in his hands.

Consequently, we don't know what Chad Henne is yet. He's got good stats, but he's terrible in the fourth quarter. He is fine on third down, but he isn't a quarterback that has proven his mettle with a handful of fourth-quarter comeback victories.

Henne is in limbo. We don't know what he is yet. And that's not his fault. That's where the Dolphins have placed him.

Join me for the live blog today starting in the comments section below. I'll update you with the inactives when they are released.

[UPDATE: Davone Bess will replace Brian Hartline as Miami's No. 2 WR today.]

[UPDATE 2: The inactives are Marlon Moore, Reshad Jones, Nolan Carroll, Clifton Geathers, Patrick Brown, Lydon Murtha and Mickey Shuler with Tyler Thigpen as the third QB.]

[UPDATE 3: Johnathan Joseph will not start at CB for the Bengals today. He is inactive. He is replaced by Morgan Trent. Also starting SS Roy Williams is also out. Reggie Nelson will start at SS for the Bengals.]


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He didnt get he is no good and not worth a second round pick...

Even though hes not starting, will he still come in for nickel and what not packages?

John Jerry will start at RG today. Good for him.

Mando, any inside scoop on if Ricky will get more chances today to get the 40 yds he needs to move up in Dolphins record?

And how's the weather up there? A bit nippy?

Mando why won't they give Marlon Moore a chance?

Mando, how are the accomidations the Herald hooks you up with?

good column Armando

What, Smith isn't starting? Wow, maybe the coaches took it back, huh? That could lead to a disgruntled player Mando!

Before the game starts, ill go ahead and say it, Fire Henning Now!!!!

Dear Mr. Salguero

Just invite Sean Smith back on the show

Have him call in about 6:15 am put him on hold till 9:45 am then tell him he got bumped.

Soiled :)

Im out to the bar to catch the game.

Happy Halloween everyone.


Also, hopefuly we can get our running game back on track!


henning will be gone .

Roman... The point of "Trading down" was to re-coup one of the 2 second round picks we gave to Denver for Marshall... That trade got us Misi... who so far has been a very nice OLB addition to this team. I'm sure neither Miami nor Odrick wanted this result... and I'm sure had they know it would be this. By the By... Dez is ALSO playing hurt. He could JUST AS EASY have been knocked out for the season as Odrick... Don't believe it?...Look up, Yatil Green 1997/98

What's the deal with Sean Smith AND Jason Allen?

Does they need an equipment manager to teach them what cleats to wear?

If I see one more defensive back slip and fall down I think I'll.............

I think I better put my dog outside on the chain!!!!

Lock and Load people, screen protectors up!

Good Point Derek.


Come back Roman....I need to know what EXTENT means....I can't help you EXTENT them unless I know how to EXTENT!


Halloween for the wal-mart crowd ,what happy halloween ?

lmao odin

Extinct Mabye

Means all the animals of a breed die off.

I hope they do not lose... but if they do...? I hope you are correct.

Also, Roman... in my last post... I left off a sentence,
It was to have read... If Miami knew it was going to turn out like this (with Odrick) I am certain they would have done all they could to avoid it...But that's impossible..Right?

nick, Roberto Wallace is ahead of Marlon Moore as a special teams contributor but more importantly as a WR. So Moore remains inactive.

Thanks Mando

I'm hoping Dan Henning decided to be an NFL Offensive Coordinator for Halloween. I know it's a stretch, hopefully he has a good costume!

DC, everyone, It is beautiful here. Temps in the high 50s, sunny.

Extinct.....got it....lets extinct them!


Just playing.....

Roman, I book my own hotel rooms.

I'm staying at this bangin' Marriott just across the Ohio river from the stadium. Very nice.

I'm platinum on Marriott so you can bet if I'm on the road, I'm staying at one of those.

There you go Mando, I work at Marriott Headquarters in Bethesda, MD!

Well...heres some good news for everyone who wants a win today.

I have watched all 6 games this season. 2 in person, 1 on my tv and the other 3 on my computer via a stream or direct tv feed.

We have won all 3 that I watched on my computer and lost when Im there in person or on the comforts of my couch. Ill be sticking it out in the computer room and we will get a win.

Am I missing it... Or does Miami's CB's allow receivers to release off the line unopposed? I know in some cases that is necessary... But that one long Bomb was just a "Fly Patter" man, had Allen chucked his man on the line (inside 5 yards) would that not give more time for the D-line/LB's to get some heat on a QB...?

I am serious with my question... I am wondering if I am just not seeing it... or if there is a reason they do not do it...?

Im Not Waiting Till After The Game!
Fire Henning Now!!!

armando, how much money the herald allows for food and drinks ? i know that the herald has no much money left .

hey fellow fans, anyone know a good streaming site for that game?

Smith's too busy tweeting to put in the work to get better & regain his spot......yet another wasted no.2 pick........he will not be wearing aqua & orange next yr.


Come on Green Bay and Minnesota!

Come on John Jerry!

Come on MIAMI!!!!

Glad you are Happy and Comfortable Armando... Thanks for your updates... How is the "game atmosphere" at the stadium, are they rocking or sleeping?

Aloco, the Herald has a $80 daily food allowance.

Does anyone know where I can watch the game online for free?

Fan = fanatic = a person with unrealistic ideas about their team.

Let's be realistic, the fins are missing to many pieces...Center, Running Back, Running Back, Tight End, Nose Tackle, Corner Back, experienced QB, and a coach that can make smart decisions on the fly during the game. Sparano does some seriously bumblefurk things every game. 9-7 and out of the wildcard race is what is realistic for this team.

Derek, actually, we have pretty physical corners. I've seen them bump receivers. I think on that play, Allen knew what the play call was. So he inched back because he knew he was about to chase lightning. If he bumped, he might have been toasted even sooner. That play was all on Clemons. He didn't offer any help over top, plain and simple. My first assumption now on any big pass play is one of the safeties screwed up coverage, that's usually been the case.

Jimmy Johnson's fist pump is way gay.

At least he picked Miami to win.

Wow...You should have heard what Jimmy Johnson said about Marino and compared him to Favre. Said the only reason he didn't bench him was out of respect...


Holy cow Chris Berman just gave props to Cam Wake

Thanks DC...
I know that V. Davis is ALWAYS going to challenge his guy physically. And pointing out the safety issues is very fair... I suppose seeing a guy "Run by" your defense in nearly every game has me searching for answers that have already been found...just not fixed.

Thanks again, DC Fan....


You're right about the coverage on that play.

The safety might have been locked in man coverage, hence leaving Allen on an island.

Either Clemons screwed up, or the coach called the wrong coverage at the WRONG time.

its do or die boys!


Kickoff is imminent and your talking about Rachel Ray?

Get a grip on those bootstraps and pull my brother!

PS: The Walmart crowd? DUDE? Halloween is for the kiddie kats, C'mon MAN!!!!

This is it, the time is here! Miami Dolphins roadshow starts NOW! Kill 'me. We need fumble recoveries (hopefully before the player gets close to the endzone, since we know how that works in the NFL). I want to see Ronnie with over 50yds and a TD. I want Marshall over 100yds and a TD. Bess TD. Carpenter, 3 FGs. Sparano SIX, count 'em, SIX fistbumps. LET'S GO!!

Link anyone?

@ dishpan

thanks for looking for a link, I greatly appreciate it!

Marc, if you remember, he did threaten to bench Marino and then the entire fan base turned against him. And then Jimmy backed away.

ok lets go phins. im ready for henne to have his breakout 3td performance.


Fan = Fanatic = A person who loves, cheers, fights for, follows and thinks the best about their team.... No matter if they win, lose or leave town for Thanksgiving.

Its the 7th game of this season... YOU are welcome to draw whatever conclusions you wish. The may even have merit. But I'm 44 years into this team and have not been talked out of thinking their a contender ever season yet...you can try also, but????..Good luck man... I hope that sort of being a fan works for ya.

any fine people out there know a site to stream.?


Link anyone? Please

Can I get a link please?

Fist pump time!!!!!!

Why do I care to see the intros in London? Oh, that's right, I don't.

Yeah, Mandy, I remember, but, the way he was just speaking was pretty bad...

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