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Live blog an opportunity to understand Dolphins offense

CINCINNATI -- I love game days. They answer questions. They speak strongly and authoritatively over the speculation.

There has been much speculation about the Miami Dolphins offense this week. As I point out in my weekly Dolphins Sunday column the Dolphins have scored the fewest points in the AFC and that simply does not compute when you consider the tons of resources, draft picks and money the club has invested in the unit.

Check it out, because the inventory of resources Miami has used for this offense makes the result puzzling.

But here's the thing: All those resources succeeding or failing will come down to one player, and his name is Chad Henne. If Henne becomes a great player, the rest of the unit will be great. If Henne fails, the compilation of great talent around him isn't going to hide the fact the most important player on the field isn't good enough.

And the biggest problem with that?

The Dolphins are neither allowing Henne to succeed or fail. There seems to be such a collar around him that it is hard to believe Henne is free to either fail or succeed. The Dolphins are only asking Henne to manage games.

And, amazingly, the only time they ask him not to manage games is when they find themselves in a crisis. The only time the Dolphins put the game in Henne's hands is when they're behind. And if they're behind in the fourth quarter, then they really ask him to do things they don't otherwise ever ask him to do.

How does that make sense?

You don't trust the guy in the good times. But when things are going poorly, then you put the game in his hands.

Consequently, we don't know what Chad Henne is yet. He's got good stats, but he's terrible in the fourth quarter. He is fine on third down, but he isn't a quarterback that has proven his mettle with a handful of fourth-quarter comeback victories.

Henne is in limbo. We don't know what he is yet. And that's not his fault. That's where the Dolphins have placed him.

Join me for the live blog today starting in the comments section below. I'll update you with the inactives when they are released.

[UPDATE: Davone Bess will replace Brian Hartline as Miami's No. 2 WR today.]

[UPDATE 2: The inactives are Marlon Moore, Reshad Jones, Nolan Carroll, Clifton Geathers, Patrick Brown, Lydon Murtha and Mickey Shuler with Tyler Thigpen as the third QB.]

[UPDATE 3: Johnathan Joseph will not start at CB for the Bengals today. He is inactive. He is replaced by Morgan Trent. Also starting SS Roy Williams is also out. Reggie Nelson will start at SS for the Bengals.]


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Now can we get off the ITS ALL HENNING FAULT...AND begin to hold NOLAN accountable as well....D has not been great all year

Not a good start, they found Allen and the D was pushed all over the place.

brown sucks

no field goals

brown sucks

no field goals

brown sucks

no field goals

at least we dont have dierdorf announcing today. jesus....that guy is a douche

Let's put Dan Carpenter at QB?

there was full arm extension of 85 on davis as he pushed off beyound 5 yards on the 3 and 10 play....the nfl is becoming like the nba...

armando, we do no huddle offense in practice to let our defense get used to it?

All i know is thank God they scored a TD because if it was a FG, Sparano and Henning would would put the FG package on the field. there would be a whole lot of fist pumping and FG kicking if Bengals only got 3. God forbid they take the lead.

why does our blitzes suck?

That was touch!

Roberto Wallace is in on the three-wide. Hartline has been SERIOUSLY benched.

wtf happened to hartline?

he was good last year and fell off a cliff...

just like smith...

4 wrs and shotgun? wow. i didnt know we had that package.

any good links?

1st attempt fir 20yds??

hopefully we don't go into our fist pump FG offense.

Now I'm starting to believe we should of drafted a safety in the first round.

our boy...redzone fist pump field goal offense coming up


Our running game just looks sloooooooooooow. Just comparing to the Bengals you see those guys explode.

HEY we are in FG Range!!!!

Henne is throwing like Flacco....nice touch

Wallace in the slot and Bess as a #2...Wow...I didn't think Hartline was that poor

wow 3 and 4 wide sets? i just pooed myself! ive been screaming for that to be in the mix all year!

Long day with Jason Allen

Brown is running hard BTW haters...

why can't Henne get the ball snapped when they cross the LOS?

Hartline benched ... another draft failure ...

Get the fist warmed up Morono.

keep dancing ronnie...

damn he sucks

Keep in mind this is against the bengo's 2nd string D.

this 3rd and 9 will be a run...

we are playing for the fist pump.

What was that???????

oh my god offsetting fouls, how low can the dolphins sink

Here we go, another field goal


god damn offense.

Nice throw Henne.

Just about got Bess killed.

What a tool. Complete douche bag QB. Proves it every week.

Its another pathetic red zone trip for the smelly fish.

Henne is throwing the ball amazingly

Cant score in the red zone.

Oh man, incomplete, we cant do anything right

im happy we took 2 shots to the endzone

so we get to the redzone and our offense goes to play for a fist pump fg mode...

fire em all.

at least the HEAT (real team) are playing now.

That's points for me with Carpenter (bright side). Another FG (same 'ole Dolphins offense).

carpenters leg is gonna fall off by the end of the year. i picked up carpenter on my fantasy team i figure he'll be worth more points than ronnie

another FG....GArY with the silent "r".
Why cant we score TD's???

Wallace sucks, trade him for a 1st rounder

entire secondary hurt and we want to rin

still l having red zone issues

Oh look another FG!!!

Bess totally sold out Henne on that TD pass...he got hit anyway...might as well get a TD

so predictable

No fist pump for Morono. Just a very emphatic script clap.

Get em going Tony! Give the D a big pep talk. LMFAO.

heat is up by 7

thats a bummer that play was there for the TD.

Practice the kicking.

I need a link

What receivers are on the trade market again?

we need to find out why we canr scorw in the red zone! please hekp!!!!!!!!!!

Henne look good on the first drive, play calling seemed okay. need to excecute

that's it, were down by 3, games over. Blow it up. Fire the coach and trade all the players. We need to start over again

any links for online game?

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