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Live blog an opportunity to understand Dolphins offense

CINCINNATI -- I love game days. They answer questions. They speak strongly and authoritatively over the speculation.

There has been much speculation about the Miami Dolphins offense this week. As I point out in my weekly Dolphins Sunday column the Dolphins have scored the fewest points in the AFC and that simply does not compute when you consider the tons of resources, draft picks and money the club has invested in the unit.

Check it out, because the inventory of resources Miami has used for this offense makes the result puzzling.

But here's the thing: All those resources succeeding or failing will come down to one player, and his name is Chad Henne. If Henne becomes a great player, the rest of the unit will be great. If Henne fails, the compilation of great talent around him isn't going to hide the fact the most important player on the field isn't good enough.

And the biggest problem with that?

The Dolphins are neither allowing Henne to succeed or fail. There seems to be such a collar around him that it is hard to believe Henne is free to either fail or succeed. The Dolphins are only asking Henne to manage games.

And, amazingly, the only time they ask him not to manage games is when they find themselves in a crisis. The only time the Dolphins put the game in Henne's hands is when they're behind. And if they're behind in the fourth quarter, then they really ask him to do things they don't otherwise ever ask him to do.

How does that make sense?

You don't trust the guy in the good times. But when things are going poorly, then you put the game in his hands.

Consequently, we don't know what Chad Henne is yet. He's got good stats, but he's terrible in the fourth quarter. He is fine on third down, but he isn't a quarterback that has proven his mettle with a handful of fourth-quarter comeback victories.

Henne is in limbo. We don't know what he is yet. And that's not his fault. That's where the Dolphins have placed him.

Join me for the live blog today starting in the comments section below. I'll update you with the inactives when they are released.

[UPDATE: Davone Bess will replace Brian Hartline as Miami's No. 2 WR today.]

[UPDATE 2: The inactives are Marlon Moore, Reshad Jones, Nolan Carroll, Clifton Geathers, Patrick Brown, Lydon Murtha and Mickey Shuler with Tyler Thigpen as the third QB.]

[UPDATE 3: Johnathan Joseph will not start at CB for the Bengals today. He is inactive. He is replaced by Morgan Trent. Also starting SS Roy Williams is also out. Reggie Nelson will start at SS for the Bengals.]


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The front seven is giving up big yardage on the run and there is no pass rush. It's evident so far that the Bengal OL is better than Miami's defensive front.

If Miami wants to win, they're going to have to win a shootout. This Dolphin team isn't really built for shootouts. You can't win a shootout kicking field goals.

They're going to have to somehow force some turnovers. Nolan has to start taking some chances on D.

I yell ,GET YOUR FISH FRY, and when they come for it I do something fun with the tartar sauce


3rd and long again????

pick that off you idiot

damn this secondary sucks

wow channing crowder showed up finally!!!

man so close

nice stop D

Don't worry guys, my mom will be takin care of all the guys when the game is over

test since u hate the dolphins why dont u go somewhere else like one of rex ryans fat rolls?

armando. get in sparanos face! call him our!!


you are a moron


Terrible punt by Cincinnati. I'm a little surprised they didn't go for it on 4th and 6 inside the 40. That was a "playing not to lose" decision, even this early in the game.

Come on, O! Score a TD here!

and that's why we lose...the ball is thrown right to the 2nd year safety, good break, good position, and the ball goes right through his hands...

brett. kiss it

They should keep ricky in the game, ronnie is just dancing too much in the backfield!!!

wildcat for none ... awesome ... bring it out when we get something going so you can kill the drive

the wild cat is sooo productive

I smell a field goal and fist pump coming.

if we didn't run that damn wildcat play we have a first down right now ... this coaching staff sucks

ronnie ur contract

Here we go, settling for another FG. Typical...

execution, not happening as we get closer to the end zone

Another Carpenter FG. How many receivers were out on that play, do you know Mando?

ur watching live why this team sucks so much. dead last in tds scored

heat is up by 16

Ronnie Brown has lost it.

Oh ye of little faith. inother wirds, shut up Brett.

we need a clayton receiver and another tight end and ask Henning to step down.

We need to get more creative down there. Same vanilla plays that no one's biting on.

...will we ever get into the end zone!? Yet another field - Carpenter - Fins MVP :-)

lebron just had a monster jam dunk


Take your haterade somewhere else.

Henne is a good quarterback. Your just too stupid to realize it. Alot of teams would be happy to have him as their starter. You attack him when he isn't even the problem. Do you research before making yourself look stupid.

is henne's legs stuck in the pocket..he could've run striaght up the middle and get the 2 yrds and new set of dwns...@#$$%%

Bengals 1 TD Dolphins 2 FPs!
How about stopping them on 3rd down!

Go Phins!

no killer instinct on offense

link for online????

henne is timid who STILL locks onto receivers. brett i am not in denial about henne like u seem to be.

GREAT JOB CULVER! That's what I'm talking about, give the CB some help! Maybe Nolan's learning.

henne licks on and lofts balls and does not scramble enuf and nir leading and pumping up the huddle like pennington does

thats a great play by henne.

Henne is not timid, how about getting open down field so he can throw it to you.....

lofted it there

that was a bad play by Henne

henne lacks urgency and moxy

bring pennington in and see some moxy!! he just cant throw downfield

Hey brett...now before i say this..i do like henne. BUT he isnt looking at any wr except the one he throws to...and he could have ran for those two yards to get the first down...he isnt good YET. so looks like you are the stupid one!

Hey Brett...henne INT! you stupid man

pitiful we cant run on these guys. and an interception.

Wow! imagine that...right after an INT cincy goes for a TD and makes it! Henning take notice you fool...fire yourself NOW

can this team get any worse, honestly

how unlucky can we get!! this is unbelievable

how hot was that potato

@#$%%^^^^*&&*&*&@@!@ m'fo's

whers that dumbass bobbyd now, still like the coaching staff???


im pretty sure ronnie ran out of bounds but the clock kept running? hmmmmm

fan since 1970..... 30 years with one losing season under Shula.... a losing season was an exception now the fish have sucked so bad the last ten years NOW a winning season is the exception..... I rest my case here comes another FG..... FISH SUCK!!!!!!!!

i cant take it anymore with this play calling!!! henning is the worst OC in the NFL we need a change!!!

Fantasy player of the year - Dan Carpenter.

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