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Live blog from Lambeau Field

(In your best John Facenda voice rising over NFL Films music) Lambeau Field ... It soars into the air out of an otherwise ordinary residential neighborhood. It smells great around here because the folks really know how to tailgate.

And today, it could be the site of the Dolphins most impressive victory of the season so far.

Think about that. Let it marinate.

The Dolphins are treading water at 2-2. But as I wrote in the column I wrote in today's Herald, Miami has hope they can still be champions because, well, there are no great teams in the NFL this season. Please check out the column as it tells you in Brandon Marshall's and Yeremiah Bell's own words what they think of their chances.

For both players to be correct, today is a big day. The Dolphins have won on the road twice already but, let's be honest, this opponent offers a much greater challenge than either Buffalo (0-5) and Minnesota (1-3). The Packers are Super Bowl contenders, if you ask anyone around here, and they have won three times as many games already as Miami's previous two opponents combined.

And unlike Miami's previous opponents, these Packers have a complete passing game. That, in my opinion, is the greatest untapped weakness of the Miami defense. Yes, teams have run the ball with some success. But it's the pass defense that definitely worries me. We'll see today -- with Aaron Rodgers at QB for Green Bay -- how that defense holds up.

Jared Odrick is in the house, folks. I'll have an update on his game status along with the inactives as soon as they're available. And, of course, we'll have the live blog at kickoff.

[Update: Odrick and John Jerry are inactive. Randy Starks is starting at RE while Paul Soliai continues as the starting NT. Pat McQuistan will start at right guard ... The complete list of inactives is Marlon Moore, Thigpen as the No. 3 QB, Austin Spitler, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, Jerry, Jeron Mastrud and Odrick.

For the Packers, the only inactive you need to care about is that Clay Matthews is on the list. He's out.]


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armando, what is the best football field that you like on the road ?

Pass defense could benefit from lots of pressure on Rodgers.

Time for a Wake Up Call!!!!

Why wallace when moore can stretch the field????


I think THEY think Wallace will present more match up problems with Green Bays "shorter" secondary.

Odrick inactive today,Moore is inactive as well.

We're going to get some "help" from Baltimore today.

Does anybody really think Denever has a chance?

Just a thought as we head in this week, after this year when KC releases Mr. Chambers, would he fit here as a third WR???

As long as we keep it close today I expect to see a lot of run-run-pass possessions. Let's hope the running game breaks out today.

Odin, heck yes Denver has a chance. This is a classic trap game for them, Denver plays well at home, and well against good teams. If the donkeys can pick up the blitz they should be able to make some big plays. Fck the jets, they can take turns licking Rexs' brown eye!


Remember that time you killed your wife and threw her overboard like a bucket of chum?

That was AWESO........er, actually, that was kinda sleezy!

Why do people murder pretty women? SHEESH!

EVERY game the jets play they say we aren't sure ( revis ) will play as gimmick and he always end up playing ,they have been in the basement so long they can't believe it it's happening .

denver wins ,please .

I like that idea of Chris Chambers coming back as a 3rd WR.

Denver should be able to whoop on the Revis-less Jets.

NATALIE WOOD is one of my heros .

someone have a link to stream?

videosvision.com, go through the list

This is a very banged-up Packers team...not quite the Super Bowl contenders we'd like to think we were up against. By the way, saw the profootballtalk headline today regarding Ireland...if we change GMs this coming offseason, which then leads to a change in our head coach, I'm done taking this team seriously. I'm sick of all the changes.

The Dolphins better get their offense going and fix thier special teams. Fins need to commit to running the football more too. Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams both only have 40 carries in 4 games, that's 10 carries a game. That's ridiculous. That formula might have worked against Buffalo and Minnesota, but not against Green Bay.

May "ERIN" Rodgers spend the day on her back like a 25 cent ho.

scroll through live feeds, games dont come on till gametime


I would've never killed Natalie Woods. She was hot, why kill her?

I would've got some eyebolt hooks for my basement, some chains and handcuffs.......................

There's just no legimate reason to kill a hot chick when you can simply chain them up in your basement.

How many times do I have to explain this? Sheesh!!!!

ROgers will not play.
J.allen.........all 3 will be playing special teams .

live feed links yet?

if i see B marshall lined up in the back field for a wildcat play, im gonna throw my remote through the Tv!

you think ray lewis wants to get a good shot on brady?


Been there bro, I'm ready.

I got a 60' piece of bullet proof LEXAN mounted in front of my Flat Screen.

The Lexan's a little pricey, but it paid for itself by weeks 3 and 4.

Well sports fans, you're hearing from a weakened DC Dolfan. Went on a bender Friday at a sushi bar: Johnnie Walker Black, Patron Silver, some other stuff I can't remember, and maybe a half dozen sake bombs. Still recuperating today. Tired, slow, no energy. I'll still be watching the game though. If the Dolphins can play inspiring football, better believe I'll muster the strength to cheer them on. Hope I don't barf at halftime. Cross your fingers for me folks, I've got the water bottle VERY close!

the worst i have done is shattered the remote on the wall! lol

i like to use those stress balls to throw around the house!

What's up folks ... Aloco, best field?

Sun Lifeless during baseball season! Haha.

Can't believe how much we miss the rookie Jerry. I think this kid is going to be good. McQuistan is a big drop-off. Not sure what they see in this guy. The Packers are there for the taking this week but alas, I think we come up just a little short. We're not there yet guys and I'm not sure what it's going to take to get to the next level. Getting rid of the OC is a step in the right direction. God luck Dolphins in today's game.


A Sushi Bar? You could've stopped by my place last night an accomplished the same.

Complete blowout. Woke up with some "Strange" and a couple of people on the floors.

Ben's Back, so I'll be rooting for the Browns in addition to Baltimore and Denver!

Let's Go MIAMI!!!!

No game is tough, when you believe you can win....The Dolphins need to come out playing like they believe they can win...Cut out all the BS and play football..Let's go fins!

By the way, the reason Jerry and Odrick are not playing is NOT because they are injured.

Both are ready to play. But neither is back to the point they were at where they are BETTER than the players ahead of them right yet.

There is a difference between being out because you're injured and being out because you're not the best option.

are u sure jerry is inactive? im not seeing it anywhere on injury lists


If I see another Wildcat play, I am going to reach into the television and rip Dan Henning right out of his seat and pull him through to my living room.
I will then proceed to...well.......you'll understand if I don't go into detail on that.
It won't be pretty I can promise.
Maybe you all will give me the Dolphins Medal of Honor for ridding ourselves of this thing that calls himself an OC.

we ran beter with jerry i thought


What is the feeling you're getting up there?

Does it seem like a historical impenetrable "Frozen Tundra"?

Or do you feel there's an upset in the AIR?

Let's Go MIAMI!!!!

really need a link. my direct tv is not working

odinseye, yeah, believe it or not it was jumping. Plus I'm a fan of maki rolls, they don't fill you up to leave room for more liquor.

What's up with Jerry? He have walking pneumonia or something? This is like a month, isn't it? Wonder if they're holding him out for the back 1/2 of the season, so he doesn't hit the rookie wall. And I'm assuming Crowder is starting?

if someone can email me a link to masthmcpb@aol.com it would be great thanks !

jees, go to videosvision.com scroll down through the live feeds, games do not start till kickoff.

check yor e- mail jees

justin.tv are safer

Scouting report from those familiar with the Packers:

The defensive front is decimated in that some dude named CJ Wilson is starting at LDE. No Ryan Picket today.

ok phins it has been a loooooong 2 weeks please make this a wonderful sunday

never had an issue, the feeds are in hq, justin feeds are choppy, and get shut down. that been my experience

I'm about 2 hours away from the stadium. The Sun's shining through the clouds with a slight breeze.

A perfect Fall day for an UPSET!

Let's GO!!!!

with channing crowder back in the starting line-up do you expect the defense to be better than it was the first two games?

Ok after being at the last 2 games in person....lets hope we can win one when Im back watching on my computer.

Welcome to the 2010 season today, Channing Crowder.

crowder is back nice

The Dolphins opened with Starks at NT and McDaniel at DE.

PLEASE if anyone has a justin.tv stream plllllleaseeeee

big hit!!

Tom Crabtree? Really? 33 yards by the Third string Packers TE.

hey they dont need finley

Wow, Clemons whiffed there BAD

Does anyone else have a sense of impending doom? I just feel like we are on a Sparano/Ireland/Henne DeathWatch. Hope I'm wrong.

Did Jason Allen get away with giving Jones a little bit of the business? I couldn't see on the replay here.

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