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Live blog from Lambeau Field

(In your best John Facenda voice rising over NFL Films music) Lambeau Field ... It soars into the air out of an otherwise ordinary residential neighborhood. It smells great around here because the folks really know how to tailgate.

And today, it could be the site of the Dolphins most impressive victory of the season so far.

Think about that. Let it marinate.

The Dolphins are treading water at 2-2. But as I wrote in the column I wrote in today's Herald, Miami has hope they can still be champions because, well, there are no great teams in the NFL this season. Please check out the column as it tells you in Brandon Marshall's and Yeremiah Bell's own words what they think of their chances.

For both players to be correct, today is a big day. The Dolphins have won on the road twice already but, let's be honest, this opponent offers a much greater challenge than either Buffalo (0-5) and Minnesota (1-3). The Packers are Super Bowl contenders, if you ask anyone around here, and they have won three times as many games already as Miami's previous two opponents combined.

And unlike Miami's previous opponents, these Packers have a complete passing game. That, in my opinion, is the greatest untapped weakness of the Miami defense. Yes, teams have run the ball with some success. But it's the pass defense that definitely worries me. We'll see today -- with Aaron Rodgers at QB for Green Bay -- how that defense holds up.

Jared Odrick is in the house, folks. I'll have an update on his game status along with the inactives as soon as they're available. And, of course, we'll have the live blog at kickoff.

[Update: Odrick and John Jerry are inactive. Randy Starks is starting at RE while Paul Soliai continues as the starting NT. Pat McQuistan will start at right guard ... The complete list of inactives is Marlon Moore, Thigpen as the No. 3 QB, Austin Spitler, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, Jerry, Jeron Mastrud and Odrick.

For the Packers, the only inactive you need to care about is that Clay Matthews is on the list. He's out.]


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The big FISH FRY is on.

Hmmmmm fish can't cover the seams and middle of the field. Prize catch Dansby getting burned by a 3rd string TE. Where have I seen that movie before?

Pathetic fish pass coverage. Love it!

i think we are good. the O dosent have to deal with matthews which helps A LOT

I couldn't tell either...Seemed like there was some wrestling, but, maybe the ball was "uncatchable"?

What you have seen is typical of the Packers so far this year. they settle for field goals and cannot complete drives into the end zone.

anyone with a link???



Sausage or Cuff?

I predict a fake reverse on the kickoff return today.

stadley23 can i get that link you gave jees? if not i need a link someone!

Come Dolphins 25 yard line..
Lets go...

Block that kick-who am I kidding-you never see anyone attempt to-even though it's a game changer-I thought our special teams had improved Sparano

That was an ugly pull

There you go Ronnie!

Nice Nice....

good 1st D drive

Run-Ricky-Ronnie-anybody run

Where can I see the game online?

I like it: Dolphins had a passing sub package in and ran the ball with it.


is crowder playing?

Looking good guys

Whoa, Henne WAAAY off target

The Dolphins got a matchup of Davone Bess vs. LB Brady Poppinga on that. They should mine that again if they can.

Henne off target AGAIN!

crowder was in and playing

ok.. Henne has 3 bad throws already...

Jesus. What was that...

NICE...Marshall made him look good that time!

Marshall beat Charles Woodson.

Thats a throw i like..

Henne right on target there.

Henne is so lucky he had Brandon!

thnx just got off work

there's a link starts with www.pu some thing

that damned tip toeing ronnie.....

NICE...Marshall down the middle again

Henne, nice passing but please stop staring at your reciver


if this henne to marshall keeps up like it is right now AND WE CTUALLY RUN THE BALL....this may be a good game for us.

Dolphins been shredding GB. I almost expect a wildcat pass now.

Brown got hit immediately...Carried the defender 2 more yards

good spot for a drive killing wildcat play

Dolphins been shredding GB. I almost expect a wildcat pass now.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 17, 2010 at 01:17 PM

ggggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! F the wildcat.

HELP !!! PLEASE I NEED a link to watch the game online... no coverage here in the southern caribbean....

TD Bess

Great pass by Henne. Bullet pass in traffic.

Too early 4 that sarcasm Mando.. wait til I open my 1st beer..

Mando, Henning read my posts!!!

Right between double coverage...Could have easily been picked, but, I'll take it!

nice job O. lets keep it up.

popinga! you gotta love that name, mandi?

Soiled does it disturb you that I had the comedic wildcat reference BEFORE you?

GO to Firstrow.net. click American Football tab, scroll down to the Miami game, pick a 1-5 link. Enjoy

nice TD but Henne keeps staring down his recievers

Even if it didn't work, I liked that Polite twist play.


henne haters come out whetever you are?

This is the way they should have been playing all along-Marshall-Bess-and the dancing Ronnie did it!

Marshall is getting a ton of catches, but, not being targeted in the red zone...Wonder if he's unselfish enough down the road to accept that...I doubt I would be

Nice job by Henne, moving it well. Richie Incognito stinks!

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