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Live blog from Lambeau Field

(In your best John Facenda voice rising over NFL Films music) Lambeau Field ... It soars into the air out of an otherwise ordinary residential neighborhood. It smells great around here because the folks really know how to tailgate.

And today, it could be the site of the Dolphins most impressive victory of the season so far.

Think about that. Let it marinate.

The Dolphins are treading water at 2-2. But as I wrote in the column I wrote in today's Herald, Miami has hope they can still be champions because, well, there are no great teams in the NFL this season. Please check out the column as it tells you in Brandon Marshall's and Yeremiah Bell's own words what they think of their chances.

For both players to be correct, today is a big day. The Dolphins have won on the road twice already but, let's be honest, this opponent offers a much greater challenge than either Buffalo (0-5) and Minnesota (1-3). The Packers are Super Bowl contenders, if you ask anyone around here, and they have won three times as many games already as Miami's previous two opponents combined.

And unlike Miami's previous opponents, these Packers have a complete passing game. That, in my opinion, is the greatest untapped weakness of the Miami defense. Yes, teams have run the ball with some success. But it's the pass defense that definitely worries me. We'll see today -- with Aaron Rodgers at QB for Green Bay -- how that defense holds up.

Jared Odrick is in the house, folks. I'll have an update on his game status along with the inactives as soon as they're available. And, of course, we'll have the live blog at kickoff.

[Update: Odrick and John Jerry are inactive. Randy Starks is starting at RE while Paul Soliai continues as the starting NT. Pat McQuistan will start at right guard ... The complete list of inactives is Marlon Moore, Thigpen as the No. 3 QB, Austin Spitler, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, Jerry, Jeron Mastrud and Odrick.

For the Packers, the only inactive you need to care about is that Clay Matthews is on the list. He's out.]


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Bobby Carpenter sucks!!

parcells is leaving because simply put, he failed. Henning then Sparano should be next, in that order. BTW, cut carpenter now!!!

jeff try mine

bobby carpenter needs to go why is he still on the team?

This team is far from good, just the facts. bad management decisions, bad coaching, bad players = bad games.

Thanks, cowkilla.


lol, sorry jeffrey, couldnt resist. there are a few kinks listed in this blog that do work bro

come on D

No body around GB receiver!

oh no. not another blocked punt?

Channing crowder Is what weve been missing in run support

Thank you texasphinatic, awesome link..

this is the 3rd game he fracks things up

your welcome

Wasn't Nolan supposed to pressure the QB, where's the BLITZES?

Is it me or has Bell just not been looking very good this year?

Gator, you forgot: team sucks!!

I think it's pretty safe to say that Carpenter should'nt be on the punt coverage team as a blocker. TWO WHOLE WEEKS TO GET THINGS RIGHT AND HE STILL CAN'T DO IT.

Found one cowkilla...lets go bowling, dude....

Catch that ball

allen try to atch the ball

Is it me or has Bell just not been looking very good this year?

Posted by: Jimmy Jam | October 17, 2010 at 01:48 PM

Its not you,he looks terrible...

Guys, it's not Henne, too obvious a call to Marshall, and he also slipped

Our OC sucks, he is too predictable

So let me get this straight, there are three things the team needs to work on and you have two weeks to do it. 1) Block for the punter 2) Cover the TE and 3) learn how to pass rush again. Well this is on Sparano from now on. Not Henning, Not Benemengo Not Nolan. Maybe all that weight he lost took some of his mental acuity??? If I were Parcells I'd be looking for a new gig too!

Fellas, he wasn't on the team in the pre-season when 2 punts were blocked. There's a LARGER problem here. Could be Fields.

as does this 6-10 team

this is like watching the titanic, you know it is going to sink, just dont know when.

defense holds. Now the offense needs to score 7.

Continue to get confusing play calling by the Coach Henne. The special teams continue to be a disaster. A high school team can punt for God sakes.

texansphinatic, thanks for the link

Idiot Child almost threw ANOTHER pick to #58.

Henne seems like he is only good for the first series of a drive.

it takes feilds a solid four secs to drop the ball and get it off his foot not gonna cut it

The larger problem is that there is a lack of talent on this roster and that is on Parcells, Ireland and Sparano. period. they time the punter. Fields hasnt gotten slow all of a sudden.

Henne is going 2 throw another int, so don't be surprised when it happens

Henne has to stop staring at his intended receiver.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha holy santa claus S-H-I-T

another 5 yard pass on a 3rd and 11

yes sir

Punt wasn't blocked--hallelujah!

Typical Henne checkdown to a reciever who cannot get a first down. But, at least he made the completion and his stats will look better.

3rd and long and henning calls a play that only has 3 receivers. God this guy is horrible! Peyton manning would look bad running this garbage

3 rd

Where is our million dollar man Dansby???

run d is pathetic

This team looks ill-coached.

pass D is pathetic what the hell

how can you call a 5 yard play when its 3rd

pathetic defense on every level-this Nolan's only good for 2 games? This franchise can't even pick coordinators!

The corners need to play up

Thank god for commercials. They can't eff anything up during one.

no pass rush. Rodgers falls down and still gets up to make 9yd gain. Suck!

back up RB slashing us

run defense-where for out thou?

Bell and Clemons are mediocre at best.Yeremiah may have been good for a few years, but this year he's not making plays. Clemons is fast but that's it. Free safeties have to be able to tackle. The only decent DB on our roster is Davis. Our front seven is pretty good, but we need another pass rusher. Matt Roth should still be a dolphin, thanks for nothing Bill. Our offense is not an attacking offense like the great ones usually are. Way too predictable. Our running game is also mediocre at best. This team is nothing more than a 7-9 or 8-8 team. Too many bad management decisions. Again, thanks for nothing Bill. You're the most overrated football executive that ever walked the face of this earth. And probably the one that made the most $$ as well. Talk about wasted cash...

Horrible tackling

Wake-we need more of Wake

Can anyone other than Wake make a sack?

Starks got a gimme sack earlier

come on D, we need a stop!!!! Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!!

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