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Live blog from Lambeau Field

(In your best John Facenda voice rising over NFL Films music) Lambeau Field ... It soars into the air out of an otherwise ordinary residential neighborhood. It smells great around here because the folks really know how to tailgate.

And today, it could be the site of the Dolphins most impressive victory of the season so far.

Think about that. Let it marinate.

The Dolphins are treading water at 2-2. But as I wrote in the column I wrote in today's Herald, Miami has hope they can still be champions because, well, there are no great teams in the NFL this season. Please check out the column as it tells you in Brandon Marshall's and Yeremiah Bell's own words what they think of their chances.

For both players to be correct, today is a big day. The Dolphins have won on the road twice already but, let's be honest, this opponent offers a much greater challenge than either Buffalo (0-5) and Minnesota (1-3). The Packers are Super Bowl contenders, if you ask anyone around here, and they have won three times as many games already as Miami's previous two opponents combined.

And unlike Miami's previous opponents, these Packers have a complete passing game. That, in my opinion, is the greatest untapped weakness of the Miami defense. Yes, teams have run the ball with some success. But it's the pass defense that definitely worries me. We'll see today -- with Aaron Rodgers at QB for Green Bay -- how that defense holds up.

Jared Odrick is in the house, folks. I'll have an update on his game status along with the inactives as soon as they're available. And, of course, we'll have the live blog at kickoff.

[Update: Odrick and John Jerry are inactive. Randy Starks is starting at RE while Paul Soliai continues as the starting NT. Pat McQuistan will start at right guard ... The complete list of inactives is Marlon Moore, Thigpen as the No. 3 QB, Austin Spitler, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, Jerry, Jeron Mastrud and Odrick.

For the Packers, the only inactive you need to care about is that Clay Matthews is on the list. He's out.]


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Can this board complain and cry anymore!!!

Here's where those 2 timeouts woulda come in handy.

goos D effort. now lets make a good offensive drive before halftime. Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!!

jjm - anything to cheer about thus far except the first score? If they didn't clearly suck despite the talent they have, we wouldn't be disappointed.

This drive MUST end with points. AND we get the ball back in the 2nd-half. Let's GO!

Let's see the Marshall Plan-bunny hop-fall down like tissue paper Brown-tell him to stop + put in Hilliard + Williams

i agree they are not playing up to expectations, but they are 2-2 and in this game!!!

need a score before half time to establish momentum!!!

Just one good drive please

somebody call JT and ask him the # to DWTStars and give the # to Ronnie Brown

jjm - Agreed and if they get it together we will all be cheering and ecstatic.

And, man, i hope they do

Does Henne ever look off the receiver??

we need at least a field goal on this drive

Why waste TIMEOUTS?

Henne and his timeouts...confused team.

No Stone he doesn't

Last time out NOW-receivers don't know where to line up?

Where is the Henne from last years Jets game?

yeah Chad

Holy sh*t! Henne looked like a bow legged pirate on that run! I think that's the first time I've ever seen him run that far.

Pass too high


come on Henne!!! Marshall was wide open

Damn! Gotta do that toe tap Marshall

jon - wasn't Marshall. Pass was too high, overthrown. Marshall didn't have a chance

Gotta get your feet down there

Alright!!! More special teams play

are you kidding me? Holding on a kick?

Special Teams can be better coached by a monkey. No offense monkey!

that was close. ST is a disaster!

Career lon-time out potentially cost TD-but we're tied

he could have had it he stopped in mid air gotta finish but its ok Chad needs to take advantage but were good great job Dan

Way to go Pennington to give Murtha sh$t for holding.

Henne sucks...wide open Marshall in the endzone.

Guys, cool it. We played like crap, but we're TIED. Could be MUCH worse. WE get the ball back 2nd-half, now we see how well the coaches can coach!!

no Chads got our back boys Believe!

Guys, cool it. We played like crap, but we're TIED. Could be MUCH worse. WE get the ball back 2nd-half, now we see how well the coaches can coach!!

Posted by: DC Dolfan

Right on! This will tell us something

We should be up by 7 at least. Fire Henning he is old and out of touch with reality

Can people quit bitching about henne!?! Who else they gonna play, noodle arm pennington? He might not be the answere but he's the best they have right now. Its not like they've been playing the browns and rams damn

Henne needs to review his game tape from Michigan. He didn't stare down rcvrs there. He does it almost every play and u see the whole Defensive backfield go that way every time. it's a joke at least noodle arm knows how to look off the DB's and I am No Fan of Noodle arm trust me.

Give Noodle Arm a whack at it......

Run Ricky Run!!!!

Hartline had a nice catch in 1st half but other than that we just don't see him at all. Need a strong 2nd receiver next year.

When are they going to fire Bobby Carpenter his is a huge LIABILITY to our special teams. He is a BUST!!!!

Lucky Penalty

They got a break, but an empty backfield on 3rd and short? Are you fu$&ing kidding me?

freakin trick plays when we dominate the line of scrimmage.....

Mondo tell Henning that Dan Fouts realy didnt understand that reverse on 1st down

What's Fouts talking about? OF COURSE we're willing to take the points, has he seen the game up to this point?

I agree Jon, W T F r they thinking on offensive play calling every week same stupidity

I think it is time to Get John Gruden. Tony should have known it is Pennington that won our division and not him. And now we him to win and what does he do. Two season in a row. Tony is going without Pennnington. Tony is making decision that looks good. but not the tough decision and that is put Pennington in. And that will help henne use Ricky in the passing game with ronnie. Tony has to do somthing because Henne has lost two game already and we only played four. let get John Gruden

I agree tbev44, those plays gotta go, they kill the momentum we have and put Henne in bad spots

Carl, Henne has not lost the two games, the Special Teams killed them in both games, you can't give points on Special Teams and expect to win against the Jets or Pats

Pennington sucks, he can't throw more then 10 yards

Mando, tell Henning that ensure is buy 1 get 1 at wal-mart and vision works is having a special on eye exams. And tell him that he is eligible to start claiming social security now...

Need a stop here to keep the Mo on our side.

Nice work, J. Allen!


Nice play Allen!Now let's get 7 and be up by 10.

way to go jason allen!!

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