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Live blog from Lambeau Field

(In your best John Facenda voice rising over NFL Films music) Lambeau Field ... It soars into the air out of an otherwise ordinary residential neighborhood. It smells great around here because the folks really know how to tailgate.

And today, it could be the site of the Dolphins most impressive victory of the season so far.

Think about that. Let it marinate.

The Dolphins are treading water at 2-2. But as I wrote in the column I wrote in today's Herald, Miami has hope they can still be champions because, well, there are no great teams in the NFL this season. Please check out the column as it tells you in Brandon Marshall's and Yeremiah Bell's own words what they think of their chances.

For both players to be correct, today is a big day. The Dolphins have won on the road twice already but, let's be honest, this opponent offers a much greater challenge than either Buffalo (0-5) and Minnesota (1-3). The Packers are Super Bowl contenders, if you ask anyone around here, and they have won three times as many games already as Miami's previous two opponents combined.

And unlike Miami's previous opponents, these Packers have a complete passing game. That, in my opinion, is the greatest untapped weakness of the Miami defense. Yes, teams have run the ball with some success. But it's the pass defense that definitely worries me. We'll see today -- with Aaron Rodgers at QB for Green Bay -- how that defense holds up.

Jared Odrick is in the house, folks. I'll have an update on his game status along with the inactives as soon as they're available. And, of course, we'll have the live blog at kickoff.

[Update: Odrick and John Jerry are inactive. Randy Starks is starting at RE while Paul Soliai continues as the starting NT. Pat McQuistan will start at right guard ... The complete list of inactives is Marlon Moore, Thigpen as the No. 3 QB, Austin Spitler, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, Jerry, Jeron Mastrud and Odrick.

For the Packers, the only inactive you need to care about is that Clay Matthews is on the list. He's out.]


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Unreal, no timeouts is going to cause us to lose this game, we may never get the ball back

if td, will they go for 1 or 2?

THAT was a nice timeout!

What the hell was Yaremiah Bell doing?

field goal?

yeah right. You really think Tony should still be our coach.

QB sneak was so obvious on that play when they spread it out, man we are morons

If we don't get the coin toss we're done.


taking a knne instead of hail mary????????????

if i have a heart attack before im 30, you guys will know why. dolphins fan, say no more

Folks Just cancel any hopes for us ever getting to the Super Bown we are years away , Get Miami Heat tickets if you can afford them and stop wasting you hard earned money on this Moronic Team. I'm done !!!

We can't let them have the ball back.1

I'm surprised Sporano didn't defer to defense after winning the coin toss. What a dumb coaching effort.

I will not blame Henne no more, it is the coach. We might consider looking at John Gruden, he won for the raiders and tampa bay, he can do it for miami. Because the way we are going Tony don't know what or how to use Ricky and Ronnie. Tony think he can raise a marino Well Shula. In fact Tony want us to forget who Shula is.

I just don't understand, three passes, they have not been able to stop the run, what are we doing


why did we not run it????


I don't know what the hell Dan Henning is calling!!! Three freaking passes!!! unbelievable.

I'll feel more comfortable if they can get to the 20.

lets kick it while we have possesion....nervous

How you like me now Carpenter!

sweet victory awesome!!!

Hey, this was a great team. We won ugly, but a win is a win, now NE needs to lose in OT. Nice week in the NFL!

Good road win . Ugly but its a W.

yeah ravens! stick it to those no-good patriots!

Super Bowl or bust baby!!! * Dick Van Dyke voice *
Republicans change you can't believe in.

Alright, that is good Still I think he should have sat for the first quater at least.

Good Win... Go HEAT.

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