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Live blog of Dolphins versus Pats here

The Dolphins are rockin' the aqua tops and white pants tonight on Monday Night Football. The field is rockin' real sod again following last night's season-finale for the Florida Marlins. That means there are strange, brown, uneven patches from about the 30 yard line going in to the west end zone here at Sun Life Stadium.

I expect a high-scoring game.

I simply don't see how the Patriots will be able to stop the Dolphins running game. I know they will try. I know they will present multiple fronts that could include the dreaded eighth defender. But I just think the Dolphins have seen so much of it, they will be able to move the ball on the ground if they stick to it.

I also think the Dolphins will be able to pass the ball. The Patriots have shuffled their defensive backfield this week, benching both cornerback Darius Butler and safety Brandon Meriweather. They can be exploited.

And, obviously, I think the Patriots will be able to move the ball on Miami. I think Tom Brady can find the holes in the Miami secondary but the truth is the Patriots now think themselves something of a good running team with Benjarvus Green-Ellis in the backfield.

They think they can run it against a Miami team that has given up over 140 rushing yards each of the past two weeks and doesn't like putting eight men in the box.

So what do you have when all this comes together?


I could be wrong, but it's hard to argue with the logic. We'll see.

Come back here for the updates on the inactives. The live blog starts in the comment section below. See you there.,

[Update: The Dolphins inactives are Channing Crowder, Jared Odrick, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Marlon Moore, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, with Tyler Thigpen the third QB.]

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our special teams are an absolute disaster


carpenter and allen should be cut tomorrow...for real, are we an nfl team that doesnt have a special teams??? You cant go to a superbowl with atrocious special tems like we got...sad

WTF! is going on with special teams.

wow, this is not good. Henne had better show something and soon or we're done.

heads need to roll !!! nuff said mando and crew

looks like the dolfans coming back are getting indigestion from seeing the dolphins out of gas coming from half time !

Henne sucks!!!!!!

Henning's WILDC**T sucks!!!!!

Special Teams sucks!!!!!

Fire Sparano!!!!!!

wow. special teams

Why does Bonomego still have a job? Special teams have sucked for three years.

i am at a lost for words.

special team coach taking notes from the pats????? nah he is to stupid?????

heads got to roll next week

g....i couldnt agree with you more bro

They came out cold. And that first drive was atrocious. No energy, no purpose. Just going through the motions. Henning is so dull he bores the players and drains their adrenaline.

All that and Henne is playing like CRAP!

I'm with Vice.......this team blows

GAME OVER! Anyone have Bill Cowher's phone number? He'd look great in Aqua!

man thats crazy



this is all a reflection of coaching and front office . . . special teams is all coaching - this is BS - had enough with this regime, fire them and rebuild once and for all.

special teams coach should not have a job tuesday moning.

i dont think i have ever seen such inept special team coaching before

i hate this f n team. fire that f n special teams coach. this is a piss poor team and they always will be. every year you get excited and they just piss the season away. F N bums!!!!!!

now we just need the full cycle...... here comes a fumble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

always a problem when you dominate a game and only lead by 1

Keep feeding Ricky, he's avg. 9yds a carry.

heads must roll gentlemen...
heads must roll gentlemen...
heads must roll gentlemen...
heads must roll gentlemen...

Brandon Marshall limping

still a lot of time left we are going to get back and win this ball game. Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!!

You're welcome Dan Henning, maybe I should have your job.

u right dc. not over yet. we got to score here

Finally Ronnie hits a hole and doesn't dance in the backfield!

Can we please cut Barbie Carpenter effective immediately. Take Jason Allen with him.

another incomplete, poorly coached team. 8-8 here they come.

lets go dolphins

we should still win...
heads must roll gentlemen...



Our special teams have not improved 1 iota since last season. May be worse. And last year they kept us out of the playoffs.

ST coach needs to be fired before 4th quarter. See Shula's loyalty to Olivadotti. Cost Marino at least 1 ring.

Tuna needs to send in stadium security on this guy. Now.


No, but I do give credit where it is due and not a lot to give to the fish adn the jets do look good..... almost a 3rd int..... I rest my case

whats wrong with hene?

they need a TD on this drive...gotta kill that N Eng momentum

When did Jacory Harris start Quarterbacking the Dolphins?

should have been pick number 4, the Henne stare is starting to concern me.

Dolphin gameday coaching continues to be mediocre at best.

Blaming the players is a waste - every team in the NFL would like to upgrade 2/3s of their roster... but the good teams minimize negative plays with good coaching - the dolphin coaches produce negative plays as a habit.


wow ricky. right back in it

Ricky is definitely making up for the fumbles in this game

i agree

Ricky HotDamn Williams

Might need to think about kicking it out of bounds - at least they will only get it on the 40!

we should just kick out of bounds. give them the ball on the 40

That being said, what is up with Ronnie Brown?

Special teams better not screw up. Hell, it'd be nice for THEM to get a turnover once in a while!

come on D..... feel for you guys with the O and ST sticking you guys in the hole.

The defense has to get the ball back to the offense.....the pats cannot go down the field and score

very nice drive to start our come back. we now need the D to step up. Go Dolphins!!!! Go Henne!!!!

do you guys think we kick it out of bounds? its a smart play

be nice if the ST could have a decent return on the punts and kick offs.....

Looks like Ronnie Brown is dancing too much lately, not hitting the hole, getting a little too fancy

let them get us excited so they can screw us again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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