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Live blog of Dolphins versus Pats here

The Dolphins are rockin' the aqua tops and white pants tonight on Monday Night Football. The field is rockin' real sod again following last night's season-finale for the Florida Marlins. That means there are strange, brown, uneven patches from about the 30 yard line going in to the west end zone here at Sun Life Stadium.

I expect a high-scoring game.

I simply don't see how the Patriots will be able to stop the Dolphins running game. I know they will try. I know they will present multiple fronts that could include the dreaded eighth defender. But I just think the Dolphins have seen so much of it, they will be able to move the ball on the ground if they stick to it.

I also think the Dolphins will be able to pass the ball. The Patriots have shuffled their defensive backfield this week, benching both cornerback Darius Butler and safety Brandon Meriweather. They can be exploited.

And, obviously, I think the Patriots will be able to move the ball on Miami. I think Tom Brady can find the holes in the Miami secondary but the truth is the Patriots now think themselves something of a good running team with Benjarvus Green-Ellis in the backfield.

They think they can run it against a Miami team that has given up over 140 rushing yards each of the past two weeks and doesn't like putting eight men in the box.

So what do you have when all this comes together?


I could be wrong, but it's hard to argue with the logic. We'll see.

Come back here for the updates on the inactives. The live blog starts in the comment section below. See you there.,

[Update: The Dolphins inactives are Channing Crowder, Jared Odrick, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Marlon Moore, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, with Tyler Thigpen the third QB.]

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sparano how could u deliver such a shitty product. i

There is no way this team makes the post season.

The Dolphins look great


The Bills almost beat this New England team last week, and we get blown out by them? Fins COMPLETELY outcoached and outplayed. Sparano really just doesn't have a clue, need to shake this team up. Team is totally regressing, just pathetic, think it is now obvious Parcells has failed to build any type of program in Miami. Patriots are laughing on the sideline, somebody has to lose a job over this debacle.

thank God it is over

Brady's a Douchebag !

dp you are correct, but to make matters worse, it was a 3rd and 6.

Don't call Marshall lazy. He played his heart out

told u guys this and i got ripped for saying it earlier in the season. this simply isnt a good football team.

coaching coaching coaching

coaching coaching and more coaching

marshall was decent. this team just isnt good. hjoke of a coaching staff, sprano and henning are probaly the worst in the nfl at their pos


My take on the rest of the schedule:

Oct 17 - at Green Bay, 1:00 PM (LOSS)
Oct 24 - vs. Pittsburgh, 1:00 PM (LOSS)
Oct 31 - at Cincinnati, 1:00 PM (LOSS)
Nov 7 - at Baltimore, 1:00 PM (LOSS)
Nov 14 - vs. Tennessee, 1:00 PM (TOSS UP)
Nov 18 - vs. Chicago, 8:20 PM (TOSS UP)
Nov 28 - at Oakland, 4:05 PM (LOSS)
Dec 5 - vs. Cleveland, 1:00 PM (WIN)
Dec 12 - at NY Jets, 4:15 PM (BAD LOSS)
Dec 19 - vs. Buffalo, 1:00 PM (WIN)
Dec 26 - vs. Detroit, 1:00 PM (WIN)
Jan 2 - at New England, 1:00 PM (LOSS)

Final: Maybe 7-9 if they are lucky. Hell, Tennessee and Chicago could easily be losses. Were probably looking at 5-11 or 4-12. Good luck next season.

bill, there were a lot of douchebags calling us out for being real. where are they now?

no one to blame but sporano. horrible coaching. good night all

cant stand sparano and the drafting of bill parcells


they are hiding. team makes me sick, special teams coach better be fired before night is over

dolphins blow...must be the infield grass...

havent had a discipline team since the shula years

Please take these clowns off prime time.

We need a QB badly, we have the receivers, we have the runners but no QB. Henne is playing like Pennington, nothing down field. This really sucks. If we don't draft a QB in the first round I'm gonna be pissed. If I were Sparano I would hold open tryouts to for anyone looking for a QB job, have a reality show if you have to but find a new QB. If I were JaMarcus Russell I would get my ass in shape and ask for one last chance with the Dolphins cause this job should be wide open for anyone with talent to walk in and grab it.

nobody but wake can rush the passer and misi is a joke

They are building a team to win in the 90's. This is no longer a run first league. To run a conservative offense, you must have a dominating defense. The Dolphins are not dominating in any phase of the game. The point has been repeatedly made here and other posts about constant roster churning. You have seen the results tonight. This team is going backwards. Sparano is in over his head. Parcells is out of touch with current NFL philosophy. The drafting has been sub par. This team is a train wreck.


The season will be a complete bust by November 1st.

Are you Fn serious!!!! A 5 foot 7 reject white boy from the Jets runs over us like John Riggens?! Then he goes on to the special teams and makes tackles?
I was trying to be patient with Henne! Forget the interceptions HE STARES DOWN RECEIVERS WORSE THAN ANY QB IN HISTORY!
Only my beloved Dolphins can't be resurected by Jimmy Johnson or Bill Parcells!

38 years of loyalty! I'm Fn Sick!

what a nightmare ... plain and simple - nightmare!!

i agree i dont see us winning any of the next four and if henne had trouble with the pats defense watch out for these defenses

Start trading some of our "stars" for draft picks now (remember no #2 next year) before their value starts going down with more sh!tty play.

QB, corners other than Vontae that can stay within 5 yards of WRs, shifty speed RB, True #2 WR with speed, pass catching TE, non-disappearing OLB opposite Wake and Center all needed.

Henning and the ST coach should NOT to be fired. They should be executed.....

This is so embarrasing, I hate to even leave my house tomorrow morning. I have been a fin fan since 1966 and this team looked worse tonight than their very fisrt game ever. I haven't seen a beatdown like this since they lost to Jacksonville in the playoffs 62-7. This is a 6-10 team at best This game has probably set this franchise back another 3 years, because this team needs to clean house again and start all over.

"My judgment is that HENNE's not an NFL quarterback. I'll leave it at that."

worst prime-time embarrassment ever by Fins . . . have totally lost confidence in coaching staff and front office - will be years until we contend again, sad.

i agree, this goes back to the draft...look at the producers NE ha on the field tonight from the draft this year...we could have picked any of those guys a head of NE..no but we draft misi and crew...that really worked...horrible managenent all the way through ladies...

I have denied it for too many years in a row minus 2008...but even that year i said they have to keep it up before i beleive the team is for real...well after tonight...you know the story. ST fired, allen demoted for horrible tacking, carpenter the LB fired/released, shall i continue...

my last words about it before i go play some online shootung to take some of my anger away after this embarrasment....
Heads Must Roll for this... no one will pay to watch and buy team jerseys and stuff for Ross putting a horrible product on the field for us paying fans!!! F U Ross, fire Ireland, Henning, Special Teams coach...

Last Comment.....
Anyone realize we had i believe 3 timeouts left?? First of all one of them should hae been put on the line to try to challenge that touchdown where clearly he was down before the ball was across the goalline..a donkey on the sideline would have challeged that call!

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