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Live blog of Dolphins versus Pats here

The Dolphins are rockin' the aqua tops and white pants tonight on Monday Night Football. The field is rockin' real sod again following last night's season-finale for the Florida Marlins. That means there are strange, brown, uneven patches from about the 30 yard line going in to the west end zone here at Sun Life Stadium.

I expect a high-scoring game.

I simply don't see how the Patriots will be able to stop the Dolphins running game. I know they will try. I know they will present multiple fronts that could include the dreaded eighth defender. But I just think the Dolphins have seen so much of it, they will be able to move the ball on the ground if they stick to it.

I also think the Dolphins will be able to pass the ball. The Patriots have shuffled their defensive backfield this week, benching both cornerback Darius Butler and safety Brandon Meriweather. They can be exploited.

And, obviously, I think the Patriots will be able to move the ball on Miami. I think Tom Brady can find the holes in the Miami secondary but the truth is the Patriots now think themselves something of a good running team with Benjarvus Green-Ellis in the backfield.

They think they can run it against a Miami team that has given up over 140 rushing yards each of the past two weeks and doesn't like putting eight men in the box.

So what do you have when all this comes together?


I could be wrong, but it's hard to argue with the logic. We'll see.

Come back here for the updates on the inactives. The live blog starts in the comment section below. See you there.,

[Update: The Dolphins inactives are Channing Crowder, Jared Odrick, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Marlon Moore, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, with Tyler Thigpen the third QB.]

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Can carpenter have a touchback?


Wide open to Fasano and FOREVER to throw the ball. Wow.

Fasano wide open baby

Time for some Wildcat, right?

Need to convert

thnx dexter

Once again, the Wildcat has no claws.

To call it on third down is kind of ridiculous.


Wildcat on 3rd and 6!?

Wilcat give the ball to them?

damn wildcat, henne was opening up the field

The f:

I can't believe my eyes.

fire henning!!!!!!!!


What a joke

Special teams falls asleep and doesnt recover

Wildcat on third and long????????

wildcats sucks , we got a real Qb now

omg why dont we run it when our base is struggling?

what the HELL are they doing with the wildcat. this is getting ridiculous. henne is moving the team great and on 3rd down wtf

another wildcat drive killer.

wildcat really

that's just horrible playcalling


i have never made a negative about the wildcat, but WOW was that the stupiest play call i have ever seen

I've seen enough of the wild cat. That and fire henning. The guy is a idiot.

I was kidding that they should bring out the Wildcat as the team is moving the ball. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

f*** Wildcat!

Henning is a moron, simply awful call.

why do they do that... they shoulda handed to ricky on that wc

what the eff was that playcall on 3rd down is that a joke henning???

this team is so fn hamstrung by this wildcat. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

How slow are our special teamers not to get that muff-how long since we got a kick off return?

whats up with that armando, why are the fins going to the wildcat on 3rd down?

worst. call. ever.

Mando, go yell at Henning please.

Dan Henning has got to be senile...what did he think was going to happen there?

I swear I am beginning to HATE the wildcat. Other teams run it better than us now.

Someon shoot henning now plz

I am this close to agreeing with the naysayers about the cat

time foe henning to adjust!!!!!!!

FML....Time to put that cat to sleep.

we dont have to worry about the pats stopping our offensive drives.. the offensive cooridinator is doing a fine job.. DA

R u kidding me??? The bleepin' Wildcat again? WTF!!!!

stop running the F-ing wildcat... we were doing just fine... we're a real team now, we don't need the wildcat

maybe Henne should refuse to run it. Leadership


Please, please please someone shoot the wildcat.

Henning is now just doing it because he's too proud to say he was wrong to say it still has a place in the offense! SO HARD-HEADED!

I hate the Wildcat ... I'd give back that awesome win in New England for the chance to never see the Wildcat come to fruition!

Sorry krut...my bad.

im still in shock

Please let that be the last Wildcat play in a long time.

Its like they like to kill drives
Henning trying to shutup fans and media

Where is sunglass man with a veto????

what a waste

hahahaha WTF this is a joke. HENNING NEEDS to go.
We were finding a rhythm in the passing game

Thanks Henning for killing another drive with the wildcat. It's time to put the wildcat in the archives.

am starting to hate the wildNOT. Great, timing?!?

The Coaches remain cowards - game day coaching matters, get rid of these bums... season after season at critical moments they put their heads in the sand.

Mando, why doesn't Sparano over rule that moron Henning?

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