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Live blog of Dolphins versus Pats here

The Dolphins are rockin' the aqua tops and white pants tonight on Monday Night Football. The field is rockin' real sod again following last night's season-finale for the Florida Marlins. That means there are strange, brown, uneven patches from about the 30 yard line going in to the west end zone here at Sun Life Stadium.

I expect a high-scoring game.

I simply don't see how the Patriots will be able to stop the Dolphins running game. I know they will try. I know they will present multiple fronts that could include the dreaded eighth defender. But I just think the Dolphins have seen so much of it, they will be able to move the ball on the ground if they stick to it.

I also think the Dolphins will be able to pass the ball. The Patriots have shuffled their defensive backfield this week, benching both cornerback Darius Butler and safety Brandon Meriweather. They can be exploited.

And, obviously, I think the Patriots will be able to move the ball on Miami. I think Tom Brady can find the holes in the Miami secondary but the truth is the Patriots now think themselves something of a good running team with Benjarvus Green-Ellis in the backfield.

They think they can run it against a Miami team that has given up over 140 rushing yards each of the past two weeks and doesn't like putting eight men in the box.

So what do you have when all this comes together?


I could be wrong, but it's hard to argue with the logic. We'll see.

Come back here for the updates on the inactives. The live blog starts in the comment section below. See you there.,

[Update: The Dolphins inactives are Channing Crowder, Jared Odrick, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Marlon Moore, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, with Tyler Thigpen the third QB.]

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We found a QB

Are Bess' hands made of fly paper! Great throw and catch....Their defense can't stop our Offense. It should be 14-0.....Now its int time for Allen and Vontae!


That was awesome!!! Only the beginning guys! Miami wins big!

Gotta admit Henne looks much much better this game so far. Hope he can keep it up the whole game, or even better the whole season.

now look what happened! Darn it. We didn't run the wildcat!! And then we scored. lol !
Man Henning must have been in the bathroom

yes dolphins thats what i want to see

nice drive by tge fins O

Is there a psychiatrist on the premises? I want to know why I feel more nervous now that we scored?

Henne= 100% 93 yards and a TD.. BALLIN!!!

TOUCHDOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautful drive! Henne looks sharp. No more wildcat!, we don't need it. Go Fins!

See what happens when you...ya know...THROW THE BALL WITH YOUR GOOD YOUNG QB TO YOUR PLAYMAKERS????

Great YAC by Bess tonight so far. The pats are gonna have to start thinking about him, and that'll free up Marshall soon.

Should be 14-0, if not at least 10-0.

Touchdown Bess, nice pass Henne

On our way to 3-1!

BM was open a few times...throw it to him argfhdndndnd

dont get worried we are a powerhouse

Hunker down boyz. This is going to be a wild one.

Can the special teams be turning the corner????
Finally tackled a guy before the 30

The test D needs to stop tjem dont want to see them hand the lead back

Take the ball away + score!!!

Go Defemse!

Bess is our answer to giving away Welker.

Should be at least 10-0 but its cool.

Guys Koa Misi has no pass rushing skills

Gotta have more cowbell - I mean wildcat

what down is it im in the bathroom

Time for a strip sack and recovery by solai

brady = goldy locks

Why can't this defense get a turnover?

The tight end makes Jason Allen look bad, but it is coming back.

Davis killed the TE...Man that boy is bad...J Allen slipped again

hahaha, saved by the holding penalty.

anyone seen the new jason allen? nope. Sean time

I'd like to see Henne have some good games ... get some confidence.

I think I know what's up with Jason Allen, home boy just needs new shoes man, he slips everywhere!!!!

i think jason allen is back to beibg jason allen.

im really beginning to think allen sucks

Jason " hips of stone" allen

Allen will be exposed tonight

Cameron Wake is straight up ballin'!

allen fell again lawd!

Holding, that kills a beautiful pass by Brady ... not that I'm TOO sad.

Just got an HD tv.. awesome. You can see cameron wake opened up brady's eyes real quick!

They're hittin' tonight boys~!

big stop by the D

Great D!


We are man handling the patys..hehehe

3 and out

thats how you play D boys!!

Brady who?

Mandich just called Tom Brady a fruitcake, because of his hair ... LOL But Mandich could be in trouble with that kinds of comment on air.

was that Allen that slipped and fell...again? the play was called back luckily but if it was, what the hell is his major malfunction??


anyone know how to watch the game live?

Armando-Please ask coach why our guys are the only one's who slip on our own field-do we need new cleats, or dance lessons?

and tgrow

More wildcat please

Whoa, bad pass

Hips of stone
Needs to go back to special teams

is it me or does brown just look slow?

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