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Live blog of Dolphins versus Pats here

The Dolphins are rockin' the aqua tops and white pants tonight on Monday Night Football. The field is rockin' real sod again following last night's season-finale for the Florida Marlins. That means there are strange, brown, uneven patches from about the 30 yard line going in to the west end zone here at Sun Life Stadium.

I expect a high-scoring game.

I simply don't see how the Patriots will be able to stop the Dolphins running game. I know they will try. I know they will present multiple fronts that could include the dreaded eighth defender. But I just think the Dolphins have seen so much of it, they will be able to move the ball on the ground if they stick to it.

I also think the Dolphins will be able to pass the ball. The Patriots have shuffled their defensive backfield this week, benching both cornerback Darius Butler and safety Brandon Meriweather. They can be exploited.

And, obviously, I think the Patriots will be able to move the ball on Miami. I think Tom Brady can find the holes in the Miami secondary but the truth is the Patriots now think themselves something of a good running team with Benjarvus Green-Ellis in the backfield.

They think they can run it against a Miami team that has given up over 140 rushing yards each of the past two weeks and doesn't like putting eight men in the box.

So what do you have when all this comes together?


I could be wrong, but it's hard to argue with the logic. We'll see.

Come back here for the updates on the inactives. The live blog starts in the comment section below. See you there.,

[Update: The Dolphins inactives are Channing Crowder, Jared Odrick, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Marlon Moore, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, with Tyler Thigpen the third QB.]

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Ronnie Brown is dancing too much

bess is the best

Hawaii !

omg #2 beast

On TV, TJones.

lets go dolphins

bess is awesome


O-line is looking really good..props to them

yes! wildcat first down!

Dick Stockton is doing the play by play on the radio. Awesome !!! Great show!!! Great game!!!
Go Dolphins!!!


BAD pass!

telegraphed it

Cannot turn it over.

bad pass...was that to obvious a post?

Bad throw
Forcing it to marshall

Bad Throw by henne!!!

hmmmm that was ugly pass by henne

Hartline WIDE OPEN in the middle

Don't get ESPN - any ways to watch it live over the computer?

Ronnie Brown needs to quit dancing and knock people out with his knees + Henne needs not to throw interceptions

hey Henne got some Jacory Harris all over him!!

thats okay, he is not perfecf, he will make that up

come on D!

The coaches better be telling Henne that its OK......I don't want them scarring him into being tentative.


yes tjones stream it

alright henne lets keep our head in the game

SEAN SMITH takes a ride for 3 yards instead of tackling

No progressions with Henne. It's a lock on one receiver.

momentum switch :0(

Koa misi sucks man
Sean smith cant tackle

where are all the blitz's at man

Patriots have got to be thrilled. They already have the Dolphins out of their bread and butter. It will be Henne vs Brady tonight (no RW or RB) and we know how this is going to end.

the fact that he hasnt thrown one to marshall got into his head

He was locked on Marshall before he even got the snap. Still work to do there, but the kid is mostly sharp so far.

Can we please set the edge??????????

Tell-him Brandon-tell Henne how to make it work

hartline was so open on the pick by Henne!!!!

Misi not setting the edge

henne needs to look someone off. just relax henne and get back in the flow.

I'm afraid folks Henne does not look hungry to me!

That helps, thank you patsies!!!

brady needs to cut his hair starting to look like gastaneno

sean smith is the worst tackler we have ever had. If you watch him he even looks around first to see if someone else is gonna get him and if not then he will


henne worries me

I knew he was going to throw to Marshall that time too....because Marshall was upset that he didn't throw to him the play earlier when Bess got it.....I knew he was going to him....Its OK though....Just take what the defense gives us which is wherever Marshall isnt!


my balls hurt...to much spanking maybe

i agree 1701972... WIDE

where is ike

TorturedDolphan, hope you stick around all game so you can eat your shi!!y posts you idiot!!!

Did sean smith pay to ride that pony?

I'm enjoying the game nude with my two twinks

several streams here.


don't know if any of them are still working, TJones, but worth a look

come on D


f yeah!

yes, big stop let get tge ball here

tightends killing us

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