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Live blog today as Dolphins take on Steelers

It is an overcast, humid day here at Sun Life.

Driving in, I saw a ton of fans wearing Steelers jerseys. It was more than I would prefer to see. Before we get started with the live blog that we always do on game day (it begins in the comment section below and will migrate every quarter), before I tell you the inactives, I would ask you check out my column in The Miami Herald today.

If you haven't seen it, I take a look at Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells and that entire dynamic. I did a lot of interviews behind the scenes for the column, so I feel confident in telling you what Bill Parcells is likely to be doing as he continues drifting away from the Dolphins, I tell you what trade Ireland tried to make in the days prior to the trade deadline, and I tell you how the Davone Bess contract extension went from dead to done.

Something I've heard this morning that I also have to share with you: Several people have asked me if Ireland was the guy who picked Pat White. Seems that pick more than any other is the measurement of whether a guy is ready to lead a personnel dept. or not.

The truth is Pat White was a Miami Dolphins pick. It was a Parcells pick because he studied the quarterback on film and watched him in West Virginia's bowl game and then in the Senior Bowl and he was smitten. Months before the draft, Parcells told several folks at a spring baseball game he really, really liked White.

Guess what? EVeryone else in the Dolpins organization, including Ireland, went along. I am not aware of anyone in the organization that said, "I'm going to hold my breath until we agree we're not picking this guy."

So it was a organizational error to pick White. It wasn't Ireland. It wasn't Parcells. It wasn't coach Tony Sparano. It was everyone. If you can't accept that sometimes organizations make mistakes, then you don't know football. As long as every mistake is covered by at least as many home runs, we're good.

So if you've got Shawn Murphy and Pat White, you better have Bess and Dan Carpenter. So far, the Dolphins have that balance.

It is still early for the inactives so come back for that update and come back for the live blog. Should be a fun game. And yes, I picked the Dolphins to win.

[UPDATE: The inactives are Marlon Moore, Deon Anderson, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Quentin Moses and Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.]


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Morning all

First from Pamplona!!! Hows it going Mando? Go Phins! I'm pretty sure Roethlisberger will have a hard time against the Dolphins coverage and this is Misi's breakout game, with all the attention shifted to Wake I'm pretty confident Misi could have a 2 + sack performance. One player we don't hear enough of is Kendall Langford, we hear about Starks and even Soliai but Langford is a very very solid 34DE with still lots of potential he could have a huge game as well, anyone else agrees?

Didja ask anyone if they checked Odrick's medical records before making him their no.1?

Didja get any behind-the-scenes info on how they view Henne?

anyone got a link?

never mind got one.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Last week Jesus saved Karlos Dansby from serious injury.

Do you think Jesus will sack Big Ben through Cam Wake ?

When did we sign Jesus and for how much and how long ?

This guy could end up being the team savior

Soiled :)

Interesting article. I'm not sure how I feel about Ireland. He is like the Chad Henne of the GM world. He can look great at times, but still has a long way to go as far as leading this team(in a personel decision way).

Soiled- Top of the morning to you! Go Phins

I believe...Let's go win this game


Thank you for providing some perspective on the mistake that was Pat White - but that should not be taken as a end-all for those of us like myself who believe that Jeff Ireland has shown enough for us to have faith until proven otherwise

odrick was a bigger mistake

odrick will be fine. Soiled is hilarious. Can't wait to bang heads with the steelers. Hopefully we'll be doing all the banging.

I can't believe people calling Odrick a mistake, Jesus guys, he broke a leg, guess what? that happens! he is a hell of a player that can and will contribute to this team for a long time, yes he had bad luck his rookie year so what? have you guys never had bad luck? I will politely ask all of you, pseudo dolfans and people thinking they know everything when they clearly dont (and are hence questioning Ireland for a GOOD PICK!) to leave the blog to the ones who know football and wanna come here to cheer for the Phins! Sure ireland has made mistakes just like Mando pointed out but guess what? they have also found great players that will contribute to this team for the years to come; Carpenter, Langford, Bess, Hilliard, Hartline, Henne (yes henne is a great player!) , Wake, Clemons, Davis, Smith, etc etc etc.. So again if you don't know what you are talking about then please, shut up!

Sad. Nfl network reporting more steeler fans in Sun Life then Phin fans. WTF! Sweet home field advantage. Hopefully all those tubby pollaks in black drunk on Iron City beer have little to cheer about today.

Hey Mandy, any ideas on how to write the NFL about this blackout deal?

I live in Orlando, and because the Tampa Bay game is blacked out, they're playing the REDSKINS and BEARS?!

and NOT playing MIA vs STEELERS!

This is INSANE. Before Jax existed Orlando was MIA territory, now if JAX, MIA, and TB are playing we don't get MIA, if one of the other's is blacked out we get whatever national game they want to shove down our throats...

This makes NO sense!

SHAME, SHAME on everybody! 3-0 on the Road and 0-2 at Home! SHAME!

Soiled.. Have you been working on your book? Christmas is coming, and I made promises. Thanks Darryl

Bring these Fish down to Miami, we'll nurture them.

I cant believe what I'm reading if I could I would be at every home game but guess what? I live in Spain so thats hard to do... its a shame we have absoluetly no home field advantage, go Phins!!

Well, maybe the (non) home-game advantage will work to our advantage...

As I said in the post, there are a lot of Steelers fans here. But to say there are Steelers fans than Miami fans is wrong.

Hey marc, get the sunday ticket from directv, or you can watch them online.

Armando- How is the condition of the playing field today? Any chance of rain? I know the stadium is multi-use.(can't be any worse then Pittsburg) But it is bizzare that there would be a game on that field 12 hours before an NFL game

cowkilla, I do watch them online. I have cable, not satellite, and live in a condo complex that wouldn't allow dishes anyway.

That's besides the point. The point is that the NFL is obviously out of touch. It just isn't logical.

The answer pay for it, or steal it is not really an answer

debacle in 40mins

Armando the Pigskin Challenge shows you picked the Steelers to win...

This is not a joke and you guys are going to think it is. It is NOT.

Former Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson is very upset because his dog Buttercup has passed away.



yeah so sad, fans in south beach suck. what a joke, stadium filled with black and gold. this is why we actually need carl peterson

LeGrand, seriously, shut up.

legrand then why watch the game?

Sorry Jimmy that sucks.Rip Buttercup
I have to ask, Do you think Jimmy used to sing Buttercup(made famous by the 3 Amigos) to his dog?

hey everyone, happy sunday. now lets go out there and take this game. Man up against the steelers

hoping against hope & all availabe info that I'm wrong, and that we actually have 'tunred the corner' as a franchise

turned, too

Interesting segment about the sissy rules and flag football...

When my dog dies I'm gonna cry like Dick Vermeil. R.I.P. Buttercup

Two things:

1. Soiled, you are one hilarious individual.
"This guy could end up being the team savior"

2. Sorry to hear about JJ and his dog.

Guys, do i start Henne or Rivers?

Fish about to go 0-3 at home. Another chance against a top calibre team and the fish will prove once again they are not in the same league as NY, NE, and Pitt. Just like they proved last year with NO, Indi, and Pitt at home.

Life has taught me never to asume or predict anything. Just prepare and go to work.

tortured, every aspect of your post is wrong, including the very first word

What's going on with John Jerry? It seems like he's been out forever with an illness. Interior Line is a concern right now, I think...


Facepalm, the pigskin challenge picks are done early in the week. I picked the Dolphins to win in the Herald, which is done on Friday evening.

I am picking the Dolphins to win.

Thank you Jesus for showing the Dolphins game in Minneapolis.

Hi guys do any of you have a high quality link? Or can you suggest 2-3 websites to check out where I do not have to download a program on my computer, something like justin tv...

jerry???? give Penington some work and surprise Puttsburg! be inovative in offense!

I'm not watching that program anymore. Placing Pretty Boy ahead of Elway and Marino? That's bullcrap.

Include me among the people surprised by Jerry's status. He took some first-team snaps last week.

justintv usually has a couple of links available.

Roethlisberger did an interview in which he said "I love playing in Miami, we always have a lot of fans there and it's a fun environment to play in". The environment he was talking about is the party Miami throws every week with the celebrities and such. What bothers me is that the opposing team should not be made to feel welcome and they should definitely not be comfortable playing in their opponents stadium. Anyone still wonder why Miami has trouble winning at home? The opposing teams actually look forward to playing here. Not good.

Jerry most likely not active because team knows it needs to pass and and pickup blitzes..He must not be ready to protect Henne coming off his hiatus

Host them in Broward County.

Very little doubt, Kohn.

Anybody have a link?

John Jerry is probably suffering from steroid withdrawals.

What else could it be?

If it was turf toe I think they would'ne said as much.

The Big Perv throws multiple picks today.

Miami gets a solid victory.

The fans in Miami suck..thats why you see so many pittsburgh fans. The Dolphins fans out of Miami are the true fans. That stadium is a celebrity side show joke now. The Dolphins should move to where they are going to get a better fan base. Shame on you Miami !!!

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