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Live blog today as Dolphins take on Steelers

It is an overcast, humid day here at Sun Life.

Driving in, I saw a ton of fans wearing Steelers jerseys. It was more than I would prefer to see. Before we get started with the live blog that we always do on game day (it begins in the comment section below and will migrate every quarter), before I tell you the inactives, I would ask you check out my column in The Miami Herald today.

If you haven't seen it, I take a look at Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells and that entire dynamic. I did a lot of interviews behind the scenes for the column, so I feel confident in telling you what Bill Parcells is likely to be doing as he continues drifting away from the Dolphins, I tell you what trade Ireland tried to make in the days prior to the trade deadline, and I tell you how the Davone Bess contract extension went from dead to done.

Something I've heard this morning that I also have to share with you: Several people have asked me if Ireland was the guy who picked Pat White. Seems that pick more than any other is the measurement of whether a guy is ready to lead a personnel dept. or not.

The truth is Pat White was a Miami Dolphins pick. It was a Parcells pick because he studied the quarterback on film and watched him in West Virginia's bowl game and then in the Senior Bowl and he was smitten. Months before the draft, Parcells told several folks at a spring baseball game he really, really liked White.

Guess what? EVeryone else in the Dolpins organization, including Ireland, went along. I am not aware of anyone in the organization that said, "I'm going to hold my breath until we agree we're not picking this guy."

So it was a organizational error to pick White. It wasn't Ireland. It wasn't Parcells. It wasn't coach Tony Sparano. It was everyone. If you can't accept that sometimes organizations make mistakes, then you don't know football. As long as every mistake is covered by at least as many home runs, we're good.

So if you've got Shawn Murphy and Pat White, you better have Bess and Dan Carpenter. So far, the Dolphins have that balance.

It is still early for the inactives so come back for that update and come back for the live blog. Should be a fun game. And yes, I picked the Dolphins to win.

[UPDATE: The inactives are Marlon Moore, Deon Anderson, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Quentin Moses and Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.]


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need a link to watch Phins ...im in trinidad (southern Caribbean) frekin CBS here is covering B'more-Bills Game....

well its raining thats probably better for pitt but if it stops and the sun comes out its gonna be pretty humid

mando can u maybe ban Tortureddolphin! this dude makes me sick so dam negitve


Can you share the link ,please ? ;)

CBS in chicago is showing fu cking coldcase!

link please :)

do not want to watch bills game...

Here here Mike.Get rid of that fool coming on here bashing the Dolphins.


It might be a good thing to have more Steelers fans there than Fins ones. We might think its a road game and possibly win! Last four home games, we haven't had that much luck.

Guys, I think tortured is funny. Why do you take him so seriously?


great article, Mando. It gives me the impression that progress will continue. Hope your right. But I hope Bill isn't 100% out of here. it would be great to have that wise old man around when things get rough. Give Jeff time to 100% adjust to his new title. Anyway, we were damn lucky to have him as long as we did.


Good point ... its like an away game...maybe the dolphin players will get confused where they are and win at home.

what a joke, it looks like a road game. ben will be able to tell the crowd to be quiet when they have ball.

tortured is ... tortures. I will be too if Henning calls a triple reverse at the worst possible time

the Steelers fans are waving their terrible towels.

Fumble ... Miami ball.


Oh yeah baby

hell yes!!!!

Let's see what Mr. Dierdorf has to say.


thats how you start a game

special teams + 1

Good start-no gain-Ronnie-slipping already!

Brandon Marshall was the only one on the patter there. Wasn't open. Play blows up.

Ronnie Brown looked like he was asleep on that play.

come onnnnn fist pump

link please?

Ronnie doesn't turn around-but 3 points

way to take advantage of a big break.....good teams capitalize on TOs, lousy teams sputter & crash......which did we just do??

gotts get 7 on that. thats a win for pitt. but hell its still a good start

Game on


Gotta settle for three, again. And after a gift.

Big missed opportunity there. It's nice to score first after kicking off to statr the game, but a TD there would have set a nice tone.

Cant get a td from 20 yds out...looks like a long day for the Dolphins Typical.

That was a classic 1 yard drive for a score.

Hey Armando,

what's up with Jerry? It was a stomach thing and he hasn't been back in 4 weeks? What's going on?

HD link on firstrow.net is great

what a waste

Squandered opportunity. Running on 1st down. Henning sucks.

now D needs step up for a stop.

At least we got something.That would blow if we got nothing.

Troy Aikman often recounts how when the "triplets" had to settle for a field goal, they considered it a loss.......

but you guys are fist pumping over another lost oppty

miami 3 pitbull 0 i lpve it.

wow, Bell was beat on that play!


Great stunt by the Dolphins that left Wake a clear shot to the QB!


do we try to score td, or do we set up carpenter's favorite hashmark??

there we go

Have to have a TD here.

go for it omg

are you kidding?? geez!!!

that would have been a great time for play action.

are u kidding me. pathetic. pitt is laughing at us. give us 2 gifts and we kick 2 worthless fgs

Another gift, another three. Something has got to change.

HENNING MUST GOOOOOOOOOO! we NEED TD's not FG's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

calls two runs and a play action with one WR! JOKE!

Seriously? where was the PA pass to the TE? or the quick slant to Bess?

I'm trying to stay with it, but i want at least ONE shot at the endzone.

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