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Live blog today as Dolphins take on Steelers

It is an overcast, humid day here at Sun Life.

Driving in, I saw a ton of fans wearing Steelers jerseys. It was more than I would prefer to see. Before we get started with the live blog that we always do on game day (it begins in the comment section below and will migrate every quarter), before I tell you the inactives, I would ask you check out my column in The Miami Herald today.

If you haven't seen it, I take a look at Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells and that entire dynamic. I did a lot of interviews behind the scenes for the column, so I feel confident in telling you what Bill Parcells is likely to be doing as he continues drifting away from the Dolphins, I tell you what trade Ireland tried to make in the days prior to the trade deadline, and I tell you how the Davone Bess contract extension went from dead to done.

Something I've heard this morning that I also have to share with you: Several people have asked me if Ireland was the guy who picked Pat White. Seems that pick more than any other is the measurement of whether a guy is ready to lead a personnel dept. or not.

The truth is Pat White was a Miami Dolphins pick. It was a Parcells pick because he studied the quarterback on film and watched him in West Virginia's bowl game and then in the Senior Bowl and he was smitten. Months before the draft, Parcells told several folks at a spring baseball game he really, really liked White.

Guess what? EVeryone else in the Dolpins organization, including Ireland, went along. I am not aware of anyone in the organization that said, "I'm going to hold my breath until we agree we're not picking this guy."

So it was a organizational error to pick White. It wasn't Ireland. It wasn't Parcells. It wasn't coach Tony Sparano. It was everyone. If you can't accept that sometimes organizations make mistakes, then you don't know football. As long as every mistake is covered by at least as many home runs, we're good.

So if you've got Shawn Murphy and Pat White, you better have Bess and Dan Carpenter. So far, the Dolphins have that balance.

It is still early for the inactives so come back for that update and come back for the live blog. Should be a fun game. And yes, I picked the Dolphins to win.

[UPDATE: The inactives are Marlon Moore, Deon Anderson, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Quentin Moses and Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.]


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well def looks good lol

I swear this team refuses to put together a complete game.

8 points left on the field!!!!!

OK now 15 yds out and cant score a td....this game may already be over.

PATHETIC! let's here you pollyannas defend this bs performance by the offense......two HUGE TOs, and its a one-score game?!?!?

Coming away with only 6 points when you only have to go 30 total yards on two separate drives is not what great teams do.

We definitely need TDs getting set up that close!!

Have to have a TD here.
Attacking the same gap. Henning sucks. Dolphins offense sucks.

When one team is aggressive and attacking and the other team coaches scared the aggressive team wins every time.

i know its early but we need to get TD's out of one of those 2 FG's is not goin to cut it

That's just awful play-calling.

I love how the Dolphins buck the conventional wisdom after getting a big turnover, and instead of taking a shot down the field as most teams would, on each occasion so far this game, they've run the ball behind their 2nd team right guard. That's going for the throat!

Miami has run six plays at or near the red zone and have zero shots at the end zone. It's as though they don't want to take a big lead.

thats a free 6 pnts from the Defense.
Be Happy!

not hard to see whos the better team. pitt would be up 14-0 . kick fgs u lose games

pitiful, that is all

We need touchdowns-8 plays-9 yards-conservative calls

Need TD's guys



Can't get the game up on the TV on my computer so my action will be limited.

Wannstedt Lives! Well, at least they didn't take a knee after TO, though they might as well have, since they took no shot at end zone

I am torn. Happy that special teams and defense doing great work.

Disturbed the offense still hasn't shown up.

wow, if im a steelers fan, i have to be licken my chops against miamis offense, 2 fgs, 2 three and outs, inside the 20 yrd line. r u kidding, talk about giving gifts away and turning them into garbage!!!!

Wasn’t that fake play last week great. Yeah Henning your so smart.

we got the best wr in the league!!!

are you kidding? I could hear HEATHHHHHH all the way to NY

not one shot at the endzone! what a joke!

scared play calling and shows NO confidence in QB henne! NONE!

Miami is going to be +2 turnovers, both deep in Pittsburgh territory, and behind on the scoreboard in just a couple of minutes.

And with that one play, the Steelers have already outgained the Dolphins offense. Really angry at the offense!

anyone have a good link?

At this rate the Dolphins D will have to create about 10 turnovers.


@ fin fan buck...... p2p.eu

$100 says the first play of this drive is a run?

pa on first down come on

And with that one play, the Steelers have already outgained the Dolphins offense. Really angry at the offense!

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 24, 2010 at 01:17 PM

Welcome to the world of dan henning
!!! can we havea first down at some point today please????

This Offense is Terrible... Seriously... 6 pts?!
There will never be another Ravens team that one the Superbowl... Never!

These playcalls are terrible... And they will never compete for a title seriously with this ultra-conservative style... And to add, it is boring as Hell.

Fire the Offensive Coordinator!

this is the offense. a new drive!
make something of it .
Henne to Marshall!!! first play.

Henning has some splainin' to do.

With this exact type of terrible play calling Henning has lost so many games for the Dolphins.

Throw the ball please Mr Henning!!!

Whew...Got it on the TV...Sweet...First Row's HD can't be beaten

Makes no sense. D does it's thing, O....unfortunately does it's.

give Henne room to make plays, yes we should have had one if not 2 TD but our D and SP are dominating..PIT has one 1st down and punted, Damn have faith, we can do it...now Henne has the whole field to work with and Marshall..GO PHINS

nice call

armando who thinks henning is the best

how about those 3 same run plays

god damn it

FGs wont beat this team

Berger just got whooped

can someone post a link for Internet Explorer that doesn't require a download?

Get Fields warmed up

three and out, hopefully the defense is ready for a long day!!!!

but hey armando is fake media and needs to love henning and company for interviews

Lol... That is because the City of Pittsburg Sucks!!!

Cracks me up... Of course you guys have to go to every single sports game ya can...

So you don't have to sit and think about your miserable lives in a crappy town.
Hey... Let's all vacation in Pitts-burg!


the O usually takes a little bit to warm up. wow they need some smart plays that get some yards

Hmm another 3 and out, go figure.

smart football ? Dierdorf is a mad ball looking dope.

Steve, the plugins have the best links, but, I think Justin.tv might have others...If you can find them


pitt has a super defense maaaaaaaaannnnn

Special teams-take the ball away-better play calling

what a punt and coverage

So much for attacking with the pass to open up the running lanes. Instead lets run on 1st down and then have predictable passing downs. Great idea.


Trying to run it into the teeth of the Pittsburgh defense isn't going to work. If Miami can't complete passes, they're going to struggle.

The defense is going to have to win this game. I don't like their chances.

looks like 1942 maybe henning should go back to single wing

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