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Live blog today as Dolphins take on Steelers

It is an overcast, humid day here at Sun Life.

Driving in, I saw a ton of fans wearing Steelers jerseys. It was more than I would prefer to see. Before we get started with the live blog that we always do on game day (it begins in the comment section below and will migrate every quarter), before I tell you the inactives, I would ask you check out my column in The Miami Herald today.

If you haven't seen it, I take a look at Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells and that entire dynamic. I did a lot of interviews behind the scenes for the column, so I feel confident in telling you what Bill Parcells is likely to be doing as he continues drifting away from the Dolphins, I tell you what trade Ireland tried to make in the days prior to the trade deadline, and I tell you how the Davone Bess contract extension went from dead to done.

Something I've heard this morning that I also have to share with you: Several people have asked me if Ireland was the guy who picked Pat White. Seems that pick more than any other is the measurement of whether a guy is ready to lead a personnel dept. or not.

The truth is Pat White was a Miami Dolphins pick. It was a Parcells pick because he studied the quarterback on film and watched him in West Virginia's bowl game and then in the Senior Bowl and he was smitten. Months before the draft, Parcells told several folks at a spring baseball game he really, really liked White.

Guess what? EVeryone else in the Dolpins organization, including Ireland, went along. I am not aware of anyone in the organization that said, "I'm going to hold my breath until we agree we're not picking this guy."

So it was a organizational error to pick White. It wasn't Ireland. It wasn't Parcells. It wasn't coach Tony Sparano. It was everyone. If you can't accept that sometimes organizations make mistakes, then you don't know football. As long as every mistake is covered by at least as many home runs, we're good.

So if you've got Shawn Murphy and Pat White, you better have Bess and Dan Carpenter. So far, the Dolphins have that balance.

It is still early for the inactives so come back for that update and come back for the live blog. Should be a fun game. And yes, I picked the Dolphins to win.

[UPDATE: The inactives are Marlon Moore, Deon Anderson, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Quentin Moses and Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.]


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i dont know if henning knows this but sometimes the pass can open the run up.

test, you don't know anything.


max protect with one wr how innovative

Guys Steelers def is def legit wow!

we need that killer instinct on offense.

This is sad.

Deer in the headlights look and NO ONE was near him on that last throw, on a positive note, this guy Rizzi and getting rid of Carpenter (LB) seems to have sparked the ST's.

And the H is left off purposefully... my last name starts with an H.
Couldn't bring myself to type it went I thought of your city. LOL

come out sun and warm things up

Seriously, offense. Just cause the other two phases of the team are playing well, doesn't mean you can take the day off.

Armando -

Any idea why Henning and Co. run right almost exclusively? Long is the best player on the team. Why not run behind him and an experienced LG rather than the backup RG all the time? This seems pretty elementary. Is there something I don't understand?

I really hate Dan henning, like, really a lot

The off is playing scared. Plus steelers D is tough

Nice wrap up Bell

but hey armando, dan henning love, we need more max protection sets so only 2 wrs are covered by 5 guys

idiot henning

Special teams + 2

I hate Deerdorph. He never believes in the Dolphins. When will he go away? He always gets the Dolphin games.


A pick six would be nice here.


Wake causin' havock

SEAN SMITH tackles~!

Little ben will be there to get sacked...we just need to deliver

hey , a first down, BY THE STEELERS!!!

Generous spot

armando im in ohio on business can u guve a short summary on whats happened? i dknt understand how we got two field goals
in less than four minutes.

Miami's secondary is showing a lot of respect (cushion) for the Pitt WRs.

come on D

Now raplesburger is picking the secondary apart.

and what stalled the drive

need more field goals to beat the steelers.

Their getting warmed up....and we have nobody to blame but ourselves

as bad as the steelers have looked, they can still have the lead in just one drive, pathetic!!!!

no huddle on a hot steamy day in Miami, imagine that, some ingenuity

Why do we look tired....ITS OUR HOME FIELD

how long can we honestly expect this d to hold up with the offense stinking armando????

Legursky getting beat up

Need another turn over

Yes, in the infamous words of a former NFL coach... And We Let Them Off The Hook!!!!!

Pittsburgh is about to take control of the game.

Miami has 9 offensive plays and 9 yrds so far. Pittsburgh's offense is managing to get a push against Miami's front seven.

Watching the two teams so far, there seems to be a clear difference in class. If Pittsburgh could stop self-destructing, they look like they could win in a laugher.

I actually think the wildcat might be successful here, just run it every play lol

r u f'n kiddin meeee?

there must have been three receivers WIDe open on that play.

why is smith covering??? where is allen??

3rd and 16, might as well well be third and inches......UGH!!!

There it was...Ben stepped up in the pocket and delivered a DEEP pass

Nobody was covered. Nobody.

Listen to all the cheers for raplesburger.


How do we give that up????????

high fly ball to centerfild and we can't get under it? WHY aren't the Pitt WRs being covered

hey pitt is bad on third down and we are good... cant you tell?

That's what we get for failing to put them away ..........we are woeful......didja see the highlight of Ryan FrikkinFitzpatrick throwing a bomb to Lee Evans vs Balto--a LONG aggressive pass play--IMAGINE!!

Dansby was jogging

Dansby has underneath coverage and guess who got beat? Smith!

What percentage of 3rd and 10+ yards plays do teams convert against Miami? It must be a pretty high percentage.

damn im glad we got those turnovers with only 7 yards of O we would really be in trouble.

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