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Live blog today as Dolphins take on Steelers

It is an overcast, humid day here at Sun Life.

Driving in, I saw a ton of fans wearing Steelers jerseys. It was more than I would prefer to see. Before we get started with the live blog that we always do on game day (it begins in the comment section below and will migrate every quarter), before I tell you the inactives, I would ask you check out my column in The Miami Herald today.

If you haven't seen it, I take a look at Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells and that entire dynamic. I did a lot of interviews behind the scenes for the column, so I feel confident in telling you what Bill Parcells is likely to be doing as he continues drifting away from the Dolphins, I tell you what trade Ireland tried to make in the days prior to the trade deadline, and I tell you how the Davone Bess contract extension went from dead to done.

Something I've heard this morning that I also have to share with you: Several people have asked me if Ireland was the guy who picked Pat White. Seems that pick more than any other is the measurement of whether a guy is ready to lead a personnel dept. or not.

The truth is Pat White was a Miami Dolphins pick. It was a Parcells pick because he studied the quarterback on film and watched him in West Virginia's bowl game and then in the Senior Bowl and he was smitten. Months before the draft, Parcells told several folks at a spring baseball game he really, really liked White.

Guess what? EVeryone else in the Dolpins organization, including Ireland, went along. I am not aware of anyone in the organization that said, "I'm going to hold my breath until we agree we're not picking this guy."

So it was a organizational error to pick White. It wasn't Ireland. It wasn't Parcells. It wasn't coach Tony Sparano. It was everyone. If you can't accept that sometimes organizations make mistakes, then you don't know football. As long as every mistake is covered by at least as many home runs, we're good.

So if you've got Shawn Murphy and Pat White, you better have Bess and Dan Carpenter. So far, the Dolphins have that balance.

It is still early for the inactives so come back for that update and come back for the live blog. Should be a fun game. And yes, I picked the Dolphins to win.

[UPDATE: The inactives are Marlon Moore, Deon Anderson, Robert Rose, Patrick Brown, John Jerry, Jeron Mastrud, Quentin Moses and Tyler Thigpen is the third QB.]


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Why did the Dolphins run a darn run play with Brown on 1st down on out last possession. WHY WHY WHY did we not pass the ball. WHY did we waste a play. Our play calling was terrible ALL day. Please hire a new offensive cordinator??

Tough, tough call to pick a winner! Big kickoff return (again) got Pitt the win. Improved special teams, but not good enough yet.

Two previous losses were on the special teams. Today, I don't know. Could only follow it in ESPN Gamecast. Last possession seemed pathetic; over 2 minutes on the clock and that's the best effort we got? Most weeks it is a fine line between wins and losses in this league.

kicking field goals all day doesnt cut it. cant go for it on 4th and inches? sparano excited about FG??? WTF. fire, fire, fire henning, now. this game should have been won, priod. our players are fine, our staff is horrible. pathetic.

Chad Henne is the worst two minute qb i have
ever seen!

Need to go to Cincy and take out some frustrations on those bunch of loud mouths up there!

Dan Carpenter team MVP

The Fins played well; however Henning's play calling is still lacking; Sparano was behaving like more of a cheerleader than a head coach; we should have gone for the 2-pt conversion on our TD; and Vernon Carey sucks!

Ryan Fitzpatrick is better than Henne. NO Dolphin fan should have to put up with that BS of a two-minute drill.

We got screwed...anytime a call is going to go a certain way, you know that Pittsburgh is going to get the call...that was B**LSH*T!
MIAMI CAME UP WITH THE FUMBLE...h*ll, the last play of the game they called it an interception, and replay showed it wasn't.

Pittsburgh and their hillbilly fans get every call in the book, always have.

Then again, what else does PITT have, when you think about it!

Miami didn't deserve to lose this game, not the way we did...WHY the refs said they "couldn't determine who recovered the ball", I'll never know, especially since Rothlesberger (rapist), was shaking his head walking off the field because HE KNEW HE FUMBLED AND HE KNEW THAT MIAMI RECOVERED IT!
Dolphins D looked good today...except for a few plays, Miami wins this game by 10 points.
I see the Dolphins improving...BUT, ONCE AGAIN, after we took the lead, we gave up ANOTHER LONG KICKOFF RETURN, SETTING UP THE WINNING FG...we'd been playing excellent special teams up to then!

get rid of henne.....HE WILL NEVER BE A BIG TIME PLAYER!

this has nothing to do with the fumble...this game was lost all on COACHING!!! horrible coaching...WTF, why cant the dolphina learn to do a 2 min drill?!?!!??!!? the first play is a handoff...REALLY?!?!?!?! after the 2nd fumble of the game 4th and 2 from your 5 and you don't go for it?!?!?!...REALLY?!?!?!?!? Chad Henne is in a 2 min dill and is checking down to the FB on 3rd down...REALLY!?!??! come on!!!!!

Chad Henne is a backup qb not a starter.

Play calling was terrible, team speed on offense is lacking. Parcells really blew the last draft, the guy is perennially looking for the next Jim Burt. We need to draft playmakers, and find a QB that knows how to get the ball to the one we have, Marshall.

Please would you ask why our offence is so lacking? Chad Henne is a scared qrt back. If he gets pressured he stops looking down field. Other qrt backs, when they start to run out of the pocket draw the defence in and throw down field. Please write an article about out terrible offence.

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