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Much happening at Dolphins camp on a Wednesday

Tons happening at Dolphins camp today aside from the fact everyone practiced for the first time since the regular season began.

Quarterback Chad Henne talked to the media for his usual 11 minutes or so for the week and while the time is brief, we do cover a lot of bases.

He was asked what he thinks of the calls in some circles for his ouster as the Dolphins starter and Henne didn't flinch as he answered.

"That's up to the coaching staff," Henne said. "I'm going to prepare like I'm a starter and play like I'm the starter. It's my job to lose so I have to perform well and win some games."

Henne is interesting in that in two of the games most pressure-filled moments he is getting vastly different results this year.

Think about it, third-down passing and fourth-quarter passing is money time for a QB. Third down is typically when the defense comes full throttle so it can get off the field. And the fourth-quarter is when the game is decided.

And on third down, Henne has been excellent so far. He has completed 68.3 percent of his passes (28 of 41) for 296 yards with three TDs and zero INTs. That means Henne's quarterback rating is 113.5 on third down, just behind Tom Brady (124.4) and Michael Vick (118.1). Drew Brees is fourth behind Henne.

"There's things where we get Davone [Bess] involved a lot more," Henne said trying to explain the success. "I don't know if we're third-and-short at times and so we're in favorable position off first and second down that we can be more efficient. Maybe it's that we keep executing in practice. You see it in practice where we get better and better in practice and we feel good that when we get in third down situations, we have a good chance of getting a first down."

Unfortunately for Henne, he is not too good in the fourth quarter so far. His QB rating is 51.1. He is completing 61.3 percent of his passes (19 of 31) for 249 yards with zero TDs and two INTs.

"I can't explain that," Henne said. "I haven't really looked at that a lot. Whether it's that we're up in the game and we're trying to run the ball or making smarter decisions with the ball if we have the game won, like the first two games. Or it's like the last two game where we're in two-minute situations and have the force the ball down the field and make those type of throws."


I love listening to cornerback Vontae Davis talk. He always says something interesting and is simply genuine.

Today he was talking about how his assignment doesn't get easier any week the team plays when he accidently, sorta, threw a former college opponent under the bus.

"Every week is not an Ohio State and then you go and play Northwestern," Davis said. "... Every week it's different. Every week it's a challenge because everybody's good."

The good receivers Davis might face this week include Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.

Davis on Jennings: "He's a good receiver. I still have to study him some more. I'm going to study him after meetings but he's a good receiver, very crafty, smart guy. Before I got to the league I seen him making big plays and I haven't seen anything change. He's still making plays."

Davis on the 35-year-old Driver: "Oh, man. Yeah, he's been around a long time. I'm going to go back to the Brett Favre comment. He's old enough to be my father, Donald Driver is. The older he gets, the smarter he gets. But I'm not looking for him to shake me. I'm younger, I should win most of the battles, but he's older, he's got the most experience."


And then there's this final (I hope) update about the Birdman ownership saga that has strangely put my name in a lot of hip hop blogs I never thought I'd be referenced in.

I received an unsolicited e-mail from Bryan "Birdman" Williams' media representative today. I asked her to please explain how it is Birdman said a couple of days ago he was awaiting "clearence" from the NFL to become a minority owner of the Dolphins and the NFL and the Dolphins both denied anything about that or even every speaking with Birdman.

The statement from the media rep:

"A lifelong sports fan, Bryan “Birdman” Williams has always been interested in ownership of a pro-sporting team and had asked an advisor to help him begin the process. Although Mr. Williams mistakenly believed he was further along in the  process, a partial ownership of a pro-sporting team is something he is still interested in and may actively pursue in the future."

Clarity. Finally. 

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I hope they man up Vontae on Jennings.

Driver may be wiley and make some first downs but he's not a gamebreaker.

Just don't let Jennings get himself on Jason Allen .... PLEASE

Mark...I agree 100 percent with that!

packers b team will probaly beat us. jets running away. miami will struggle to get to 8-8

Bill, you have no idea what you are talking about...

Ya, shaddap Bill!

yeah cowkilla, just like the last 2 weeks right. unreal, lose the bias. lets talk real. dont tell me u think this is a good football team. i guarantee im a bigger fan than most, but im sick to death of seasons like this. no excuse to be 0-2 at home vs 2 div opponents, none

lol mark, i hear your sarcasm bro. whats up mark, how u see this game

i honestly think fins win this game vs a banged up team and start 3-0 on road, sadly i think they get smoked by pitt next week and start 0-3 at home. 3-3 wont get us anywhere besides middle of the draft pack

Miami should go to 3-2 this week. If they can split with Bal/Pitt, a Wildcard is a realistic possibility. Lose Sunday and you can say night night to 2010.

Bill, teh pack are a crippled team. Even if Rodgers plays, he would be foggy i imagine.

Miami better win this game or there might be a mutiny.

I think they eke one out.

I still see 10 wins in this season. If they lose Sunday ... oh boy

How many minutes did Armando say Henne talked to the media for the week?

Let us recap:

Quarterback Chad Henne talked to the media for his usual 11 minutes or so for the week.

11 minutes?

On the 13 th day

11 13

Hmmm ... 11 13

Bill, even at 3-3, I think it is possible that the team goes 7-3 the rest of the way.

Cincy, Tenn, Chi, Oak, Cle, Buff, and Det are all very winnable games. If the games were held today, they wuld be favoured in all of them except maybe Cincy (might be a 2-3 point underdog there).

In order for the Fins to have a realistic chance, they have to run the ball effectively so that the play action pass plays can open things up.

Dont get to fired up with Henne's 4th qtr numbers. His two picks were not all on him. The first was the last play against the Jets when he tried to force the ball to Fasano on 4th down. He had to do something and could not throw the ball away. The other pick was on Marshall. Otherwise his 4th qtr QB rating would be in the high 80's.

Did Armando say on third down that Henne`s QB rating is one hundred and ... 13 as of the 13 th of October


Gold settled today at all time highs today the 13 th of Oct

Guess how much?

yes, thirteen 72.7

13 72.7


Hey new report out today the 13 th @ 3:11
Yes today @ 3: 11
GB made announcement:

Finley and Barnett injuries are significant ones
Posted by Tom Fanning on October 13, 2010 – 3:11 pm

Head Coach Mike McCarthy said on Wednesday that starting tight end Jermichael Finley and starting linebacker Nick Barnett, who each underwent surgery for their respective injuries this week, will be sidelined for a significant period of time.

Finley had surgery on Tuesday for a knee injury he sustained on the second play from scrimmage on Sunday at Washington, while Barnett underwent surgery on Wednesday morning for a wrist injury that he suffered in Week 4 against Detroit.

McCarthy said each of the players could wind up on season-ending injured reserve





Dow Jones Industrial Average is trading in the 11 thousand range today on the 13 th

Home, Please, Stop.............

Today @ 3:11 the 13 th of Oct
Packers report between 11 & 13 players listed between probable & out on the injury report for the Dolphins game

Miami Dolphins players feeling much better and should be fresher tomorrow as it will be entering
11 days since the MNF Meltdown and the Sunday game will have given the players a full
13 days of rest

Just checked the weather in Wisconsin
No kidding
current wind gusts in Green Bay at 11 miles an hour

wind should not be much of a factor by Sunday

Maybe henne needs to drink some coffee or 5 hour energy at the end of 3rd quarter to wake up for the 4th quarter. Or give him a hot dog like sanchez

packers b team will probably beat us.

Posted by: bill_cnnrs@yahoo.com | October 13, 2010 at 04:45 PM

i honestly think fins win this game vs a banged up team and start 3-0 on road, sadly i think they get smoked by Pitt next week and start 0-3 at home.

Posted by: bill_cnnrs@yahoo.com | October 13, 2010 at 04:53 PM

Bill in the brief span of 8 minutes you've totally discredited yourself. Which is it? The Packers PROBABLY beat us -OR- You honestly believe we will win?

Bill including your prediction that Pitt beats us you've picked us to lose 6 straight. You ain't no fan and you've made it quite obvious with ALL of your worthless statements.

I called you a troll awhile back and you responded that you were a big fan, Much like your response to Killa:

yeah cowkilla, just like the last 2 weeks right. unreal, lose the bias. lets talk real. dont tell me u think this is a good football team. i guarantee im a bigger fan than most,

You actually accuse Killa of not talking real, when in 8 minutes you pull a complete 180 degree flip flop? Sounds a slight bit hypocritical in addition to sounding like a troll.

I gave you a fair chance and you've exposed yourself beyond reproach this time.

I got some real talk for ya pal, your a troll and a hypocrite, you've proven yourself to be a troll and apparently, the only thing you're a big fan of is being a troll.

Troll your a s s on out of here you lying punk!!!!

Dolphins should win this Sunday and like Mark from Toronto said those other 7 games are very winnable games for the fins and I also think they could beat the Jets or Pats next time around this season is not over yet, but they certainly looked like they laid down the second half of the pats game hopefully Tony can get them motivated, I think they could make the playoffs but they would more then likely be 1 and done , just not enough talent yet and the coaching has to get better for sure, Don Shula would take these players to the playoffs for sure, just my take

Dear Mr. Salguero

"I received an unsolicited e-mail from Brett "Birdman" Farve"

Hey its me Brett Farve, I noticed you up in the press box. You look really hot in the Aqua and orange.

Why don't you and me get together after I'm done throwing this next interception and get nakid and play hide the pig skin.

Soiled :)


Supreme talent Dan Marino wore #13
and somehow never won the Super Bowl

Do not trust that # 13 which now will keep rising with Lucifer

Explosion of the Apollo
13 spacecraft, name 'Aquarius'(we have just entered the Aquarian Age) which occurred at
1:13 in the afternoon
(1313 military time)
on April 13

Time to put on your Big Boy Panties and Impose Your Will on the Packers!

Home, I was born on 11/13..... What are trhe odds????????????


I agree.

I think Shula's first move would be to fire Henning and replace him with Marino.

He would keep Nolan and probably take this team to the Super Bowl.

Just my take!

Home, MyMoniker has 11 letters in it and my real first and last name has 13...........


Now on Illuminati 11

New York City has 11 letters
Afghanistan has.. 11 letters
George W Bush has 11 letters

NY is the 11 th state
First plane to crash against the twin towers was flight # 11

tragedy was on the 11 th

After No Playoffs this year for the Miami Dolphins

It will be 11 years

Since #13 Dan Marino retired

OMG, "Miami Dolphins" has 13 letters............

For real, Menace

Is so
Explains, Why U R here

What date do u go to Pink Floyd show in South Florida?

remember we started off 2-4 in 2008 and finishe 9-1 anything is possible

11/13 buddy............

Starting to see a pattern here ...

OMG, "Miami Dolphins" has 13 letters............

Posted by: Cuban Menace | October 13, 2010 at 06:01 PM

In EXACTLY 31 days(31 reversed = 13) it will be 11-13-2010.

On this day I am going to crawl back under my rock and hide from this scary world.

PS: I'm also changing my name to OdinseyeBall(13 letters).

Que the twilight Zone Music!!!!

To Clarify for the viewers @ Home
Menace what day do U finally come to South Florida to see the Pink Floyd Show?

NostraHomeUs will hang up and wait for your post

Another OMG, Roger Waters has 11 letters........

That morning......

Roger Waters
11 13
Bank Atlantic Center (Fort Lauderdale)

Hmmm ...

my work is done here

One more OMG, Fly "Delta Airlines" 13 letters............

Still another OMFG, "Hot Ashley" 1st and last name has 11 letters........

Another OMG...............

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Now using Satans crafty back tracking techniques you spell it BACKWARDS:

Nileppez Del

Wal-lah baby, 11 letters again!!!!

BAM! Now What?

Hey Everyone, yes it really is me, I just wanted to give some good news and shed some light on this season. Well the bad news is we have lost two division games, a lot of you are asking for Henne's head, never fear for the good news is.. IM COMING BACK TO PLAY!!! Thats right, I will be the starting QB this sunday and for the rest of the year for your Miami Dolphins! Ive been trying to come back ever since Miami made a move to get The BEAST Brandon Marshall and here I am!! Check the news to find out more details! Later Chum Heads and GO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Question...................

OMFG "Great Question" Has 13 letters...., When will it end??????? LMAOROTF.....

Hello, the real #13 news here is ME!!!!! Dan Marino, Heard of me??? IM COMING BACK!!!!! Thats the news here!!! Geez PAY ATTENTION!!!! GO PHINS!!!!!!

Hey Mr. Marino,

Do you remember that time you got caught smoking weed at Pitt?

That was AWESOME!!!!

friday the 13.

Hahaha!!! Yea Man good times, Good Times!!! Het were you there????

I promise you Phins Phans this weekend in Green Bay Miami Dolphins will score 13 touch downs!!! Whoooo GOOOO PHINS!!!!!!!!

i remember the days when we played football and before every game we have to have nice looking women ,

Hey Guys I gotta go meet the press and make my announcement. Im looking forward to being back and taking my records back from Bret. Hes such a chump in real life, I hate playing golf with him. Anyway, see you guys at the super bowl! GOOO PHINS!!!!!!!!!!!

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