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Much happening at Dolphins camp on a Wednesday

Tons happening at Dolphins camp today aside from the fact everyone practiced for the first time since the regular season began.

Quarterback Chad Henne talked to the media for his usual 11 minutes or so for the week and while the time is brief, we do cover a lot of bases.

He was asked what he thinks of the calls in some circles for his ouster as the Dolphins starter and Henne didn't flinch as he answered.

"That's up to the coaching staff," Henne said. "I'm going to prepare like I'm a starter and play like I'm the starter. It's my job to lose so I have to perform well and win some games."

Henne is interesting in that in two of the games most pressure-filled moments he is getting vastly different results this year.

Think about it, third-down passing and fourth-quarter passing is money time for a QB. Third down is typically when the defense comes full throttle so it can get off the field. And the fourth-quarter is when the game is decided.

And on third down, Henne has been excellent so far. He has completed 68.3 percent of his passes (28 of 41) for 296 yards with three TDs and zero INTs. That means Henne's quarterback rating is 113.5 on third down, just behind Tom Brady (124.4) and Michael Vick (118.1). Drew Brees is fourth behind Henne.

"There's things where we get Davone [Bess] involved a lot more," Henne said trying to explain the success. "I don't know if we're third-and-short at times and so we're in favorable position off first and second down that we can be more efficient. Maybe it's that we keep executing in practice. You see it in practice where we get better and better in practice and we feel good that when we get in third down situations, we have a good chance of getting a first down."

Unfortunately for Henne, he is not too good in the fourth quarter so far. His QB rating is 51.1. He is completing 61.3 percent of his passes (19 of 31) for 249 yards with zero TDs and two INTs.

"I can't explain that," Henne said. "I haven't really looked at that a lot. Whether it's that we're up in the game and we're trying to run the ball or making smarter decisions with the ball if we have the game won, like the first two games. Or it's like the last two game where we're in two-minute situations and have the force the ball down the field and make those type of throws."


I love listening to cornerback Vontae Davis talk. He always says something interesting and is simply genuine.

Today he was talking about how his assignment doesn't get easier any week the team plays when he accidently, sorta, threw a former college opponent under the bus.

"Every week is not an Ohio State and then you go and play Northwestern," Davis said. "... Every week it's different. Every week it's a challenge because everybody's good."

The good receivers Davis might face this week include Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.

Davis on Jennings: "He's a good receiver. I still have to study him some more. I'm going to study him after meetings but he's a good receiver, very crafty, smart guy. Before I got to the league I seen him making big plays and I haven't seen anything change. He's still making plays."

Davis on the 35-year-old Driver: "Oh, man. Yeah, he's been around a long time. I'm going to go back to the Brett Favre comment. He's old enough to be my father, Donald Driver is. The older he gets, the smarter he gets. But I'm not looking for him to shake me. I'm younger, I should win most of the battles, but he's older, he's got the most experience."


And then there's this final (I hope) update about the Birdman ownership saga that has strangely put my name in a lot of hip hop blogs I never thought I'd be referenced in.

I received an unsolicited e-mail from Bryan "Birdman" Williams' media representative today. I asked her to please explain how it is Birdman said a couple of days ago he was awaiting "clearence" from the NFL to become a minority owner of the Dolphins and the NFL and the Dolphins both denied anything about that or even every speaking with Birdman.

The statement from the media rep:

"A lifelong sports fan, Bryan “Birdman” Williams has always been interested in ownership of a pro-sporting team and had asked an advisor to help him begin the process. Although Mr. Williams mistakenly believed he was further along in the  process, a partial ownership of a pro-sporting team is something he is still interested in and may actively pursue in the future."

Clarity. Finally. 

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Unitas, Griese, P. Manning called(call) their own plays. Marino, Favre, Henne needed(need) some signal input.

Oh Mr. Marino when it comes to your football career, I've ALWAYS been there.

Listen, I got this friend and he's a master of conspiracy and intrigue.

Anyway, we got this plan to dispose of Dan Henning with extreme predjudice if you know what I mean.

The only thing we need to complete this conspiracy is his replacement.

Whaddya say Dan, you in or you out?

Anything for a fan!!!! Ill be there guys, if you can dump henning outta the pic Ill be there! Ill take this team to greatness yet!!! GO PHINS!!!!

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if you can dump henning outta the pic Ill be there!

Posted by: Dan Marino | October 13, 2010 at 06:53 PM

If we can dump Henning out of the pic? Ha! Apparently you don't know my "Friend" very well, do you?

He cracked the 11-13 code.

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A word of warning Dan, My "Friend" is a dangerous man!

For the record
Nice prediction Mauritania
Hmmm ...
That`s a Miami Dolphin 13 point Victory

Converse w/U on Sunday Evening

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Odin, I've trying to break that budweiser code for 3 years now, Any insight???


You got me, when Homes ain't around I usually just do a smash and grab!

Odin lol, Me and some buddies sometimes switch the first letters of the first and lAst names..usually comes up with a funny name. did you find your way back up from the basement bro?

Asswipe Home, just shut thefuck up, really, tired of your 11, 13 and the rest of your total shyt on here.

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Hey Pannini...didnt I eat you for lunch today? how are you able to speak now? I will be pooing you out later, then you can explain yourself...

Henne has been doing a fantastic job when the plays have been called according to the script. Not always the first drive of the game, and not always the first half. But if you look back on some of the few offensive shining moments, they have been first or second possesion drives, on either side of the half. Now I'm not saying that that's the only time he hes lead the team down to score, but he definitley is more comfterable when the set list is written out. As most young qb's he has struggled when the defense has made it's adjustments, when the game is more free flowing. The play calls need to be simplified in the later parts of the game untill Henne can handle the more complicated stuff. The personel choices need to change as well. Why have Ronnie Brown in the game when the scheme is max protection? Isn't Lex here to block in that spot? he can catch it too! I understand that the last two games played out as a nightmere situationaly. The jet game we fell behind, and were forced to alter the game plan, we had the lead for about 4 minutes of that game, and could never really keep with the running game. The New England game, we dominated the first half, the 2 interceptions, and wildcat call killed our chances almost as much as those flukey special teams touchdowns( As bad as our st's had become, how many times will that happen to 1 team in a season?) We have moved the ball well at times, the 50 yrd field goal needs to end, and we need to find a way to get 7 points. If Carpenter leads the league in attempts, we are going to be in for a lonfg season

Oh yes and thank you guys (u know who you are) for havin my back earlier...I appreciate it!
check out www.kratomherbs.com too when ya get a chance anyone out there thays bored..not fooseball related but good.

Any Good Qb Coach Would Have Henne Doing Timing Drills, Where He Is Not Allowed To Check Down Without A Silent Count

Henne does do timing drills man..cant you se it in the games but only in the 4th qtr...he counts to 4 and then throws a INT.

I think Henne will pan out eventually, I believe the coaching is the main issue, the QB coach as you said needs to be shytcanned. Henne should only take direction from Penne for now until we can get a competant QB coach on staff

michael perez has 12 letters???

Is this not your real name cuban menace???

October 13, 2010 at 7:53 pm
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Hope this correspondence finds U & your beautiful family doing well

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Very Nice

Heard bout your daughter
Disheartening, but do not take it personal All
All kids (except my boy) r like that
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Always a pleasure to make your acquaintance
U R a class act, Son

Happy B-Day

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Your Pal




GO back to your basement HOME. Too bad the SS had the smarts to kick you out. Go back to home schooling your brat. bwahahhahahahahha

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OMG, sad that is all other children from dysfunctional families have to offer after another blogger reaches out with warm wishes.
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11 letters.....

Please Ban Nj the troll and bobby the troll
Blog is awesome otherwise!

chargers have to release Shawn Merrimen once healthy off ir. he would be free to sign with any team. should the phins go after him? im kinda in the middle ans not sure on him, what do you guys think??

Stan...i say yes sign him, but dont put him in wake's spot..stick him in can-o-chowder's spot

Blog is awesome otherwise!

Really ?? you have one clown talking to himself under different names and another pyscho/jackazz clogging up this blog site with posts about the numbers 11 and 13. Yeah this blog is awesome. Not !

who knows how crowder will resond to his injury, so even if its for the rest of the season, i say ya make a run for Merriman!

Well i gotz a woman trapped in a man`s body at 5.8 1/2 from new jersey, not n.y, that for three years has been telling my bloggers, "how big he is" LMAO and all the imaginary businesses his deformed self important sexually confused not man enough to post under his real name owner of nothing clogging my blog with bull crap one one hand.
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Strangely enough most predictions from the blogger with the handle, Home or variations of Home have been disturbingly and eerily accurate.

If you want to post here, and wish to have any credibility whatsoever, please use your own handle or name.
Fun and entertainment are also okay, however if you have no game, please do not disturb the professional bloggers that continue to bring so much to the Miami Herald Dolphins table.
As of right now, the Miami Herald regular bloggers are creating an unfathomable blog currently rocking the socks out of all NFL football blogs in the country.

Thanks to all my regulars for bringing their A-game.

The Dynasty Truly Be The Miami Herald and The Fins!

Love Your Miami Dolphin Amigo
Thank You

Merriman is a Juiced up oft injured party boy. Who at one time had a motor off the edge like....um ...well let me see? CAMERON WAKE!

I live in Cali, "F" that lazy Tia Tequila chasing fool.

Cameron Clubber Lang Wake Beeaches!

Go Phins!

Yeah Martin...but what if the jets pick him up and he winds up adding to their roster amd they kick our butt in the final meeting...not too far fetched after what the jets pulled this offseason with all their signings and such. All im saying is he has gas left, we dont want to play against him, and henwould only make our D stronger than what it already is...we are goinna need strength and depth if we are going to make a playoff run starting with a win in GBay.

For the record-

I have buried my Chile deep in a hole...


I have never been buried deep in a hole in Chile

Oh and for the record I buried my Chile deep, went yodelin in the canyon, and celebrated with a mighty fist pump afterward. Followed by a delicious a meatball sandwich!

Go Phins!




Go Phins!


Honestly,living here in Cali the word on him is lost a step. Especially after having to get off the juice. Always jaking injuries and not focused. I'm not sure he is what a locker room full of young guys need?

Go Phins!

1) one more week under Nolan's system
2) getting healthy
3) Crowder has been missed whether you like him or not

4) Special Teams might not be special but they will not cost games

5) O'line will gel and Jerry is back
6) Ricky and Ronnie get the ball
7) Secondary starts actually holding on to the pics

8) Steady improvement in Henne and the passing game

9) The pass rush is going to step up
10) Run Defense will be greatly improved


Go Phins!

So, we're always talking about personnel mistakes made over the last decade +. And the Trifecta have had their share of failures. But, let's give them credit where it's due. Two first-round picks that have been superb were Jake Long and Vontae Davis. These are probably the 2 best players on the team (along w/Marshall & Dansby). These guys are exceptional players and will help this team for years in very important positions.

So it ain't ALL bad folks. I think we're a couple (at least ONE Dan Henning) coaching changes away from being a pretty good team. Now it's time to get to work. Crowder needs to make up for lost time. Special teams needs to get their butts in gear, we need to spank a hurt Green Bay team.

martin ....no 4 says ( special teams might not be special but they will not coast us games ).


there's really no excuse for getting 4 punts blocked so far. this doesn't even happen in high school. this is in the lap of the head coach. where has he been??? coaching so far gets a D- (barely passing).

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Thanks to all my regulars for bringing their A-game"

I'd watch my back if I were you Mr. Salguero.
I think someone is trying to steal your identity.

Has there been any charge's to your credit cards lately ?

Has the Amigo ever said...Hey didn't I just see you laughing and joking with Bill Parcells ?

I smell somtin fishy goin on

Soiled :)

Canadian Dollar has surpassed the US dollar in value today slightly. According to my broker $1 US = $0.9995 CDN. I remember when $1 CDN = $0.65 USD. Your last 2 presidents have sure done a number on your greenback.

Anywhoo, any updates on Aaron Rodgers injury? I read that he was supposed to undergo more tests this morning.

greg z, I think your grade is generous. The only coach who has earned his cheque for the most part is Nolan. The only regret I have with him is he didn't match Vontae on Edwards. Other than that, he's done a good job getting his unit ready.

Mark, but how much do you pay for a bottle of Crown Royal? I went to Jamaica a few years ago, and was stunned to find out a 6-pack of Red Stripe cost MORE than a liter of Absolut Vodka ($12US vs $6US). Damn IMF. They give countries loans under conditions that decimate their native industries (it's cheaper to import Chiquita bananas now in Jamaica instead of cultivating their own crop.)

All globalization does is keep the rich on top and the poor on the bottom. I don't blame China for devaluing their currency. Who cares what the West thinks, as long as they're getting theirs, we can whine all we want. We have a major political Party in this country who've become staunch climate change deniers simply for the short-term gain of the industries they prostitute themselves for (like Big Oil), while Communist China decides going green is more than a solution, it's a boost to their economy (wisely). Who said democracy was the best form of government again? I bet you if we were a Communist country Miami's special teams wouldn't be missing tackles and playing like jackoffs. They'd find themselves in some gulag in Alaska or something.

October 13, 2010 at 4:26 pm
HELP!!! HELP! Chris T....My boyfriend Tim/Knight shoved 6 gerbils up my bung and I can only handle 5,pull 1 out....HELP!!

DC, good point. Life sure is expensive here. Not to mention that we have to work until July to actually start saving money (just paying taxes up to that point).

P.S. A bottle of Crown Royale is $40. That's why my trunk has a distinct clinking sound when I come back from Buffalo that one time a year I go there.

SS Moderrator, maybe NJ can use the help of the Chilean Mine Rescue crew now that they are finished down there.

So Mando writes:
"And on third down, Henne has been excellent so far. He has completed 68.3 percent of his passes (28 of 41) for 296 yards with three TDs and zero INTs. That means Henne's quarterback rating is 113.5 on third down, just behind Tom Brady (124.4) and Michael Vick (118.1). Drew Brees is fourth behind Henne.".....Well i guess the dolphins need to run the wildcat on 1st and 2nd then. since he can't function on those downs. that was the most useless piece of info yet!!!!

Injuries have dropped Minn's talent level close to that of the Fins. The winner will be the better-coached team.

you mean gb?

mark in toronto, u r right about mike nolan. i like what he's done with the Defense. he gets a A from me; the rest get the F. sparano wont let nolan flip-flop the cb's to dictate the matchups. he didnt let coach p do it either. go figure;we're the only team that doesnt do it. u saw the jets do it with cromartie on moss.

ya, i've never understood that with the shadowing. it's so easy for the opposing team to get their star receiver open, just put him on the opposite side from vontae. the dolphins did do it against Ne though. Moss got shut out as a result.

i feel the jets can get to the super bowl this year ,most teams are not good .what do you guys think .SHORT OIL .

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