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Crowder doubtful (he's not playing) plus more

Usually the Dolphins are not practicing on Saturday because they're either having a walk-thru practice or flying to their away games. But since this week is about playing on Monday Night Football, the Fins practiced Saturday.

And afterward, coach Tony Sparano met with the local media for the final time before the game. Here is everything he said. By the way, Channing Crowder is back to the team and worked on a limited basis Saturday. He's listed as doubtful, but let's be clear, he's not playing.

(On if he wants to say how Channing Crowder’s doctors visit went) – “No, not really. I mean nothing I want to say.”

(On how Channing Crowder will be listed on the injury report) – “I believe he was limited practice today, doubtful.”

 (On whether the Patriots still have their mystique) – “Sure, yeah absolutely, as I told the team today, the Patriots, Jets those were the two playoff teams last year. So those are the teams we’re chasing. Until we beat them, we’re still chasing them. To me they still have that. They know how to win games; they know how to win big games. They’ve been in a lot of them; their quarterback’s been in a lot of them. I still think they have it; sure they do.”

(On the Patriots defense) – “Yeah I mean some of the faces obviously have changed, but they still look like the same group of people in that they’re really a big physical group. You don’t have (Ty) Warren or (Richard) Seymour right now, but you got (Ron) Brace and these guys are big, the other (Gerard) Warren. So they’re really big, strong, physical people. The two inside linebackers, you know (Jerod) Mayo’s been there a few years; I really think he’s a heck of a player, but this (Brandon) Spikes from (the University of) Florida is a good player, physical guy. I think it’s a similar group, I really do. The back end, their safeties are tough guys, no different than they were a couple years ago back in the day. I think it’s a good group of people.”

(On the Patriots offensive line) – “Yeah well I mean there’s obviously good depth but that group really, they’ve really worked well together right from the beginning. They’ve done a nice job; looks like they got a bunch of smart guys up there that play real hard. (Dan) Koppen I think really does a super job with them in the middle there in getting those guys lined up and getting them going. Of course (Matt) Light has always been really a good player. They’ve got good players up there, and they’ve had a couple guys step in there and fill in for them that have done a nice job.”

(On Lousaka Polite and Davone Bess on third down and the value to have a viable option in the running and passing game on third down) – “Yeah I think so; I think it means something to the people that are defending you too. I think that’s where it helps you. In other words if it was just one and not the other I think (it’s) a little bit easier to maybe take that element out of third down. When you have the possibility of being able to run the ball okay or gain the yard that you need there or have a player like Bess right now and, or Brandon (Marshall) because right now in the league Bess and Brandon are really up there in these third downs in the league. When you have those elements I think it makes it really hard to defend all the weapons, and it’s like us playing against this group. They got two or three weapons there on third down that you got to make sure you account for.”

(On whether it is a legitimate gift to be talented on third down) – “I think so, yeah and one of the reasons I think so Jeff is because of the situation. In other words that’s one of the most critical situations in the game that comes up. I think that the players that can consistently are good on third down the way Bess has been good on third down, you would call them clutch performers. You would put them into one of those categories, and I kind of think that there’s a, when you’re looking at critical factors of a player, I think that’s one of the critical factors with some of these players that you can find out after you draft them and when the ball is hiked a little bit. I think it’s a pretty good gift to have.”

(On the most important thing he tells his linebackers and defensive backs when facing Wes Welker) – “You have to be disciplined with Wes. It’s just before the catch is where you’ve got to be disciplined with this guy because you have to have yourself in good body position to either make a play on the ball or make a play on him. I think that he’s such a herky jerky quick guy that when he gets you set and he gets your feet flat footed at that point is where he makes his next move one way or the other. I think that when you fall asleep on that move, you’re going to lose the rep and not only lose it, but probably lose it badly because you’re going to be in a bad body position trying to tackle this guy. The things that you’re telling them is to constantly be on the balls of your feet, constantly being in good body positions, try to get your hands on him and reroute him, do some of those type of things is what I think you go to do. Making sure that you’re, and I used this term before, plastering him throughout the rep is going to be important.”

(On whether he has ever found himself getting too wrapped up in what Bill Belichick is doing) – “No, not at all, no.”

(On whether there is even a temptation to over-prepare when facing Bill Belichick) – “I think he’s a great coach; he’s one of the great coaches that we’ve had in this league for a long time now. Coach Belichick concerns me, but they guy wearing 81 (Randy Moss) and 83 (Wes Welker) and the quarterback (Tom Brady) and those people; they concern me pretty big.”

(On whether he would be pleased if the infield dirt was taken up again) – “Yes, so if that happens, that would be super.”

(On whether the infield dirt is an issue he may not know the outcome of until Monday) – “Yeah it’s not, it’s not an issue one way or the other. My team is 100% prepared for the infield.”

(On the umpire’s new placement) – “Yeah I mean I haven’t really seen a whole lot one way or the other with the placement. I thought it was it was going to be a bigger factor in interference at times back there just because you’re not used to having him back there. These quarterbacks all of a sudden turn around and there’s another body there. It hasn’t really been a factor one way or the other. The calls have all, I’ve actually studied the calls between this year’s three weeks and last year’s first three weeks, and it’s probably pretty similar.”

(On if defensive lineman can now get away with a little more because of the umpire’s new position) – “I wouldn’t, I’m not going to comment on that.”

(On his being good at avoiding those questions) – “I need my money. I got kids in college.”

(On his son Tony’s coaching and if he’s been able to keep up with it) – “Yeah I got a chance to watch the game last week; it was good. My wife and I put in Direct TV and actually on that day Friday and they played Jeff Garcia and the Omaha team or whatever that was. They lost in the last second of the game on a last play. It was interesting. Garcia threw a touchdown to I believe it was Robert Ferguson, but they had a bye week this week. Actually my little guy is playing Yale right now from Albany’s playing Yale down at the Yale Bowl down in my hometown so my wife and my entire family are there. They were winning at the half but you guys are holding me up.”


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Mando, you forgot to ask what his blood type is...

Dish, Not sure what blood type Tony has but I heard that Dan Hennings blood Has been replaced by embalming fluid back in 1964, Mando can you confirm that Dan is now a Zombie.....

If our defense plays well we win this game for sure. If they dont we lose, simple as that.
Also, crowder is absolutely killing us. Get back on the field.

Looks like we shouldnt be expecting Crowder back before the bye week at best.Any idea when Odrick's going to be ready to play?


Mando, please tell me it wasn't you asking these powder puff questions.

Cuban, LOL...Rim Shot!

Go Phins!

We need Crowder back after the bye week. That will free up Dansby to make more impact plays in coverage and pass rushing.

Coach never really says much kind of like a lawyer/politician like to talk in circles. I think it is why some don't give him the credit I think he deserves. People think he isn't as smart and that he gets fooled sometimes which I don't think is the case. He knows his team and players and definitely the players weakness he just doesn't say anything negative about his players even when its obvious even to the most casual fan. Ginn was a good example,never called him out on the cowardly way he played but first chance he got he let him go and for nothing in return(5th rounder) most coaches would have kept Ginn just for his speed as decoy and KR. Think Sparano was so disgusted with Genny he wanted NOTHING from him to include just having him run post routes all game and I love him for that because you know other players see it and that's something you don't want even your punter and kicker to emulate

Alabama of satan vs Florida Gators .

I just hope that it doesn't come down to whose Special Teams is playing better...cause I don't have a lot of faith in ours!

NFL.COM...((((( henne is coming of a monster performance against jets throwing for 363 yards and 2 TD .ON MONDAY VS pats where defense allowed 18 fantasy points per game to opposing QB'S ,THat make henne is a nice option in fantasy football this week )))))


TRACY , what did you have for dinner ?


This is the worst Cheatriots defense in 10 years. If the Dolphins don't put at least 30, I'm going to be concerned about the offense.

Aloco...what is your obsession with dinner...and food...?...this is a football site...

I want to see how our nickel package fairs against their passing attack. This is going to a critical game within the game, and we need to win this part. The help defense will have to understand their responsiblities better then last week, Dobbins has done a horrific job at recognizing his coverage responsibilities. I'm sure New England has seen this on tape, and will do all they can to get Welker in the seems, and the tight ends in the middle of the field. Who ever the nickel Corner is this week, their job will be to try and keep inside technique to keep those squirrly recievers form getting in the seems. The safties. If we can control the middle of the field, I think we can nuetralize their pass game.

Ive watched every game this year and apart from Marshall and Dansby, Im not really impressed...the running game HAS gone backwards, the pass rushing is NOT BETTER...the QB although I beleive has a lot of talent is being killed by DUMB playcalling...same as last year...and last week we were never gonna win that game.We just looked HESITANT to me.This team doesnt have BELIEF at present.
Now can the situation improve? YES and quickly but the coaching so far has been TIMID and PREDICTABLE...In his 1st year Sparano talked and acted STRONG...Im seeing him differently now...Im not sure he knows EXACTLY where this team is at, and how he will make it a superpower.Parcells is way too quiet for mine.I wanna know if he is happy with progress THUS FAR.Now if we win this weekend then maybe we will be talking differently, but from what ive seen, this team has a lot of HOLES in it still....Our Tight ends for a start are not CHAMPIONSHIP calibre and in this league you gotta make plays or you dont win.We dont make BIG PLAYS often enough.The WR's are very very good, but the tightends POOR.

Im really concerned with our running game.Has Ricky begun his decline? Hilliard is padding.Nothing special there. Cobbs..just OK

many many issues still to be resolved and this being the 3rd year...Im surprised....lets wait and see...Keep the faith...Go Phins

Oh and BTW....Collingwood won the Austtalian Football League Grand Final yesterday...my team...THE MIGHTY PIES....!!!!!!!...Did anyone see it?

Bigalfy... i came home after having dinner and when it's slow on the blog i like to see what other people ate to try it later .

p.s ..how much can you talk that crowder crap ? is he going to play or not ? give me a break .

bigalfy...what did you have for dinner ?

get ready for henning and morono to use the 100% useless wildcat and kill 8 drives on monday night

heat first preseason game tuesday

dolphins are going to fade and won't be relevant for 5 years.

I love the phins and hate the pats, but whatever the hell happens between Brady and his wife is their business not ours. Leave it alone.

Posted by: D | October 02, 2010 at 05:48 PM

While I can understand your respect for the hypocrisy imbued institution of marriage, I don't understand your point.

Whatever happens between Tom and Giselle is their business indeed. However Armando and the rest of us were commenting on whats happening between Giselle and her "old friend(we've all heard that one before)" Helly Nahmad.

Don't worry about a thing Tom, just because your wife's out late night drinking champagne, getting up close and intimate with an old MALE/Boy-friend, there's no reason for concern.

How many of you can honestly say that you would be OK with your wives or girlfriends doing this?

test....the team that has suffered the most from the dolphins wildcat is new england .

test,,,,,what did you have for dinner ?

heat my a s s,who cares about a sport where a team play 120 games in one season ?

the ugliest team ever is the heat ,they all need plastic surgery .

Odinseye..........the guy pictured in the photo w/MRS BRADAY IS gay .it was reported in the boston media .now move on .


My Favorite Hotties bestfriend's Mother made all authentic homemade tortellini.

MamaKin got skills! It was delicious!

Early on and for as long as we can get away with it, I think Nolan will try to double Moss, and put Sapp man to man on Welker(yikes)and Smith on the first TE.

agree w/the football stuff .

as for the dinner ,tortellini is one of few dishes you got to eat it fresh home made and it can go w/tomato basil or gorgonzola cream w/sage or in tomato lobster cream .

how old is the mother ?

Bigalfy - I think that if we continue to struggle running the ball, we will see a change in the depth chart. Ronnie is averaging over 5 yds a carry(some say 2 long runs inflate that average, I say BS those were important yards which he rightfully earned) I think the reason we kept 4 running backs were a couple of reasons. 1 an insurance policy for Ronnie. He isn't going to be a guy that can run the ball 25 times a game. 2 An insurance policy for Bong Pipe- Ricky was great last year, but the thing with running backs and it happens to all of them that get a ton of carries is they suddenly wear down. I'm not saying B-P is worn down, I'm saying that he doesn't look like the back that carried this team in the middle part of last year, he has two less carries then Brown(37-35). All of the backs we have fit this system fine, and could be plugged in to keep things moving. This offense isn't built around a back that is a big threat to take it 80 yrds at a pop. So if Brown gets weary, and B-Pipe keeps fumbling, I'm glad we have 2 back ups that could fill that void.


You ROACH! You beady eyed little RODENT! Move on my A S S! I WILL DESTROY YOU!!!!

OK, just kidding but Gay you say? What was he having a weak, intoxicated moment? He didn't look to gay, he looked buzzed up with a wine glass in one hand and Tommy Boys wife in the other.

So Tom shouldn't be upset because the guy thats draped all over his wife is allegedly gay?

The Boston Media? Yeah right, there's a group with a sterling track record.

So let me ask you this Aloco, Say one of your buddies calls you up and tells you he spotted Mama Maria at a Swanky Restaurant with some guy. You race down there, barge in and see her and me in the same position as Giselle and Nahmad. I look you dead in the eye and say, wait, it's OK, I'm gay.

Is it OK? You going to be fine with that? Seriously Aloco, think about it and answer in all honesty.


My girlfriends Mother is my age :)

I mean I mean I mean I mean .........AAARRRGGGG...I'm so sick of hearing and reading that phrase

Odin, If we are going to double Moss, wouldn't we put Smith over there because of his size, and then we couold have Clemmons over the top for help, put Vontae on Welker, and Sapp as the nickel? We could get Nolan Carrol over to help Smith in Dime packages? What do you think ?

Why not be honest coach. The biggest factor is J Allen vs Moss. Allen needs a big game. I can also see them picking on the OLB. They don't know how to cover. Must importantly we need to put up points.

Watch out for Screen Plays!
Patriots love them screen plays.


I wasn't really posting what I think we should do. I was posting what I think Nolan will try.

You heard Tony emphasizing playing good technique and keeping your body over your base, stay on the balls of your feet, etc, etc. I think this was an indirect reference to Allen's mistakes in underneath coverage and his and Bell's slipping down on the two TD plays. I think because of these instances, Nolan will feel he has to try something a little different. I mean if he tries to play Moss the same way we tried to play Edwards and it fails, everyone would say, WTF, you tried that last week. Nolan's a so and so and a such and such, blah, blah, etc, etc.

I myself am leaning towards your above stated scenario, except I'm not exactly sure what your saying because you curiously failed to mention what Allen's role will/would be.





Like I said Tom, I'm Gay. Like I said I ain't doin nothin with your lady like I said. I was just feelin out her lady parts as a dare, like I said. I'm gay like I said Tom. Actually Tom Like I said, I have always fancied you and Jason Taylor, Like I said. Like I said I'm gay, actually I'm wondering if you could hook me up with the guy from the Chiefs that keep grabbin everybody's junk in the pile? Like I said uh I'm gay I didn't even like feelin up Giselle, like I said. Really Tom nothin to worry about , like I said.

Go Phins!


We do not need swords and battle axes. We do not need to pray to the Gods/Goddesses of the the North to destroy our enemies. We do not need to pull down other religions to make ours stronger.

We have just passed a great landmark in human and Planetary history. We as humans and our whole Solar System, has just moved. We no longer exist in the Galactic thirty degree arc in space, known as Pisces. That was the 'Age of Pisces.' It lasted over 2000 years. We as a race and a Solar System are in a different part of our Milky Way Galaxy. We are in the the thirty degree arc in space called, Aquarius. We are in the 'Age of Aquarius.'

In the next hundred or so years you will see all the great edifices of the 'Age of Pisces" come tumbling down. Giant Corporations, formal dogmatic religions, the military, the AMA, and outdated politics all will fall.

In their place will be small groups of like minded people coming together to build a better world.

Therefore, the 21st century Warrior must update and incorporate the new tools of the 21st century. These tools are given to us from the 'Laws of Quantum Physics.'

Homes, I guess I could have just said: Don't Worry, Be Happy!!!!

Don't hog it Geronimo, pass it around.


your predictions suck....you are always wrong....stop making them you make yourself look foolish.


How in the hell did we get 2...not 1 but 2 nut jobs on this blog....


This is what happens when you post TABLOID news on a football blog, you open the door to the freaks. This is on your head sir.



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