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Overtime: Dolphins and Packers tied at 20

GREEN BAY -- Extra football for the money, folks.

Let's get to it in the comments section.

Join me there.


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3 and out is great

Rah, Rah.

Karlos Dansby is down.


mando gr8 job!

Dasnby out...i feel a TE pass coming....

GB will move it right down the field on us ... they showed they could do to us on the last drive.

Good, Carpenter can show us his "skills"

Oh sh*t. Dansby hurt...

I don't understand why the offense wouldn't try to come out and run it in overtime against a defense that has been on the field for most of the game.

The Packers lost in overtime last week to the Redskins.

Dolphins are better than the Redskins aren't they?

Even "falling forward" the Packers gain 4 yards.

ACL for Dansby.

Cameron Wake is having a whale of a game!

who can we get to coach this team?

omg. wheeeeew

omg we have a shot!!!

To bad Wake cant Play QB.

Is that 3 sacks for Wake today?


Great game for Cameron.

Dolphins are better than the Redskins? Not according to our record right now.

Po - no jinxing, please. ACL would've been a cart more often than not. Sprained MCL IMO.

Two first downs from a field goal here, guys.

we need 20/25 yds and a fg.

hopefully dansby is ok.

Awesome field position.

There is no excuse for not winning this game now.

the pitch hasnt worked alll day long. stop calling it

Dansby ok?

Someone give me play by play...my links r dead...


too large and slow developing play...

run Ronnie - don't put the game in Henne's hands


Thats how it goes for us Jimmy, I hate it.

Awesome field position ... so how do we screw it up?

thank you for running it

Is Dansby ok?


Jeff....we have the ball at the 42 yd line going in. bess with an 8 yd catch. ricky with a 5 yd run

Rigt now it would be a 48 yard field goal.

straight ahead running...for once!

Ricky is still our best back. Vastly superior to Ronnie in the last three games.

were at the 38 yd line. ricky for about 12

hey test
we're threatening now
you can go back ino your hole now, you fake fan, chicken-sh 1 t coward.

please hold onto the ball R&R

Please Rick..ronnie. Don't eff this up

The Dolphins are NOT going to pass again, I think. Run the ball!

Special teams, do something right!!!

Right Chase.

at the 32...ronnie runs for 4....to 28?

run, run, run Ricky & Ronnie

We will find a way to F this up.

time out packers.

did you get a link yet?

my daddy just didn't beat me enough

sorry guys

~diehard jets fan

Field goal on third down.

just kick the fg already!!!!!

Thank god

wow im tired now

where are you??????????????????????


Even when they win I feel crappy.

whew. im out.

Thank god. That should make Tony "I hate touchdowns" Sparano very happy. This was not pretty but we'll take it, right?

Grats...true believers...you deserve it!!! Way to go phins

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