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Overtime: Dolphins and Packers tied at 20

GREEN BAY -- Extra football for the money, folks.

Let's get to it in the comments section.

Join me there.


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Maybe we should play all our games on the road?

Must be all the negativity from the local fan-base...

i hear you. that wore me out but hey 3-2 nice job

What's up with dans by

Nice win on the road - Tortured go sux off your bf

jamie luck: LMAO ... I'm right there with you ... why do I feel like I want to kick my dog now?

They have to ask Sparano why no Hail Mary at the end of the fourth. What bs will he say? When 31 other teams would have launched it? Was he worried about an interception return for td?

Dolphins won in spite of the coaching.

Maybe we need to play all the games away from home?

Probably because of all the negativity from the local fan-base!!

Go Phins/Canes!!

Know there are no easy wins in the NFL(unless you play us on a monday night game,sunday night too)but I was hoping we were better then this. Depleted team that we had 2weeks to get ready for???

Man, how do the Phins continue to dominate, yet underperform.

From Germany, Im watching the Pats and Ravens. 2nd game on ESPN Americas....Vikes Cowboys.



No time to review all here, but listening to the Westwood one crew on radio, they were incredulous at the playcalling, trickery when straight ahead was working, and the same thing I posted on Mando's blog 2 weeks ago...why, when in a NO BACK SET, is Henne under center??????
Sheer lunacy. They (the broadcast crew) thought the same thing.

Henning has to go.
As I didn't hear much of the broadcast and just got home, our O-Line must have played a hell of a game.
Did Allen play as badly as the previous 2 games?

LMAO at Jimmy J, F*ck Tortured F*ck face, Go blow Your boyfriend.

D o u c h e Bag.

Seriously Gatorz. Sparano is not developing as a coach and we should be concerned. I think he gets too excited and loses his composure.

I for one NEVER had a doubt, unlike many of you!

I hope y'all realize I live & die w/ this crew....it's just that it's hard to stay positive when people shootin' at your crib! (h/t Tupac).

Gut-wrenching, always.

IMA - Allen had a better game. One INT, decent coverage for the most part.

Sorry Emo, I had a doubt.

To bad we don't play every game on the road.

Thanks Jimmy. Why the Carpenter dissing...the short kickoffs?
I'll read the game summary in a while and not bother y'all.


At the newest blog

will we ever go up two scores? because as much as i love this win, with such a conservative offense we will win some and lose some, which means 8-8 and no playoffs. upsetting that all these fourth quarter nail biting heart attacks are fir nothing


why to go! jason allen is better then smith roght now!

awesome game. our running game and marshall were awesom. great job phins!!

anyone know what happen to dansby

davis struggled this game.

To all the big mouth fans, Henning called a good game, Defence played good, Special Teams played good, Henne played good on the road, backs ran well, O-line played GREAT and Coaches did there job! Now please quit bitcchhing and Go F U C K yourself. You whinning a s s q u eers.

And u know who you are... Please quit rutting for my team. Q u e e r s!

Dansby-ACL tear-Carpenter starting; We're done :(

TN phin fan. Please k i l l yourself

A win on the road is a great thing! A wim is always nice. glad to have Crowder back.

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