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Packers lead Dolphins 10-7 to start second quarter

GREEN BAY -- The Dolphins had this game in control in the first quarter until two passes changed everything.

After moving for a TD on their first possession, the Dolphins were moving again when Chad Henne threw a pass, basically, the only place the defender could reach it. Interception.

On the next play, Aaron Rodgers threw a career-long 86-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings that lit up Vontae Daivs.

Packers were trailing 7-3 before those two passes. They are now leading 10-7.

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Oh look another blocked punt...

that was fuking carpenter again. take that POS's helmet and send that fuker packing.

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2010/10/live-blog-from-lambeau-field/comments/page/4/#comments#ixzz12dgtDpPP

This is so pathetic that I don't feel like posting anymore; it's a joke.

bell sucks

morono and henning with a 3rd and 2nd wide sweep


Yeah, thought that was Polite territory...Either way...Gotta execute

Partial blocked punt...Guess they still don't "get it"

Nice knowing momentum. See ya in 2011.

Well at least the special teams are better!


This whole coaching staff needs to be fired. Two weeks and they still can't punt protect.

Can we FIRE special teams period and just go for all fourth downs please!!!!

Special teams are special ed..

morono and henning have gone ultra conservative and we lose

keep it up homers and fake media for your love of morono and henning

Terrible third down play call.

A partially blocked punt. A couple of minutes ago Miami was marching to take control of the game. Then...

Bad INT.

Blown coverage by both Vontae and, especially, Yeremiah Bell (he's having a hideous season).

Things have turned ugly in a hurry.

Wake getting owned by their tackle

I hope with everything that is me that denver mushroom stamps the frigging WETS.

Channing Crowder save a very, very long gain.

barbie carpenter hahahahaha

the trifecta loves cowboys bad rejects

god damn this team

clam chowder made a play...WTF???

Ah ok bobby carpenter is the guy. Guy needs to be cut

carpenter had about 4 blown plays against NE and keeps the streak alive


SOS!!!!! Henne sucks......ST suck!!!!!

Bring in penne!!!!!!

Crowder musta thought it was an alligator

the thing about Rodgers is he ALWAYS seems to pick out the weak link in the secondary.

If Davis has man coverage, he goes there. If Allen has man, he goes there.

If Sean Smith is on the field, he goes there.

Really impressive.

Bobby Carpenter needs to go.

could it be that Brandon Fields isnt standing far back enough?

3rd block in 3 games .........they fire Bona but keep Barbie Carpenter?!?!?!?

Some infrastructure Tuna built us, huh? Can't even execute basic spec teams stuff.

DOES ANYONE THINK ANY ESPNer or other Media geniuwill ask TUNA at hs next venue WTF went wrong here?!?!?

Who the hell is covering the TE? HUUHHHHH????

PRESSURE? Someone, anyone?

What about the best LB in the NFL?

Maybe if your stellar trifecta was capable of actually evaluating some talent from an organization other than the Dallas Cowboys they wouldn't be stuck with loser like Carpenter. Then again when you spend your time evaluating the background of player's mothers I guess sacrifices have to be made.

Oooops! There goes the middle of the field again. Pathetic fish d. Can't defend.

hey the bad secondarys back, missed you guys so much!!!!

Coverage sack...Good enough

D better do something now

make a scrub tight end look like a pro bowler

fire morono, you fake coach.

Damn you know-- If i worked for the dolphins or had some say, I don't know that i would have cut barbie capenter, but I assure you guys he wouldn't be in the game right now.. I mean how do you do that? Are you so busy that you never quite make it to that point in your "TO DO LIST for GB" ???

Guys, notice how all our miseries start with Henne throwing picks. Look at today's game and New England 2 weeks ago.

Tortu says that was great defense on D forcing the punt and how much we missed crowder as a game changer!...agreed tortu

Can't handle the brit talking american fooseball

why cant our corners catch??? put them on the juggs eveyday

JAllen makes you wanna like him and then does stupid things. Nice play that time.

everyone knows carpenter sucks but the media never questions morono because he is part of the super duper trifecta that is always right

uh oh, sparano is doing too many fist pumps, not a good sign, wildplaykiller coming next???

I love when other men lick my nipples

I like c0ck

howd you like that play by the weak link Armando?

Quintessential Dolphins......an "Almost" INT, followed by booming punt & poor field position nstead of good field pos.


Oh the wonderful Trifecta they are so awesome! Slurp. Drink the punch. We are going to win a Super Bowl soon. Slurp. Drink the punch. We are changing the culture. Slurp. Drink the punch. Chad Henne is the next Marino. Slurp. Drink the punch. Mike Nolan is going to solve all the problems we have with players who can't cover. Slurp. Drink the punch. Punch bowl is empty. You still suck.

Soiled you watching the european feed? I'm watching the same, it's pretty annoying.. lol

Anybody have a link to an online feed?

If we get rid of Sparano who does the fistpump ?

What happened to Bell blitzing...He's good in run support, and a good blitzer

I know that posting "hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah" all the time shows just how f-cking re- tar ded i am
I just hope some of you big dudes (and i mean big where it counts) plows me.
big guys like stupidity, right?

That was almost another interception ... Amazingly bad.

I said it before and Ill say it again... God I love being a Turtle.

Wow, henne is throwing into a lot of tight coverages.....

Henne looks like JaScary

henne almost another INT!!!!

nyphinfan: myp2p.eu.. go there every weekend

thats right tortu....henne threaded that one...but im not sure i agree with you that hes the best of his class....i think your man love is getting carried away there

Even the brit just said there mite be a problem with Henne....Dam...from a brit

Screen. Two offensive players. One defensive player. Minus 1 yard.

Kill me now.

nice blcok 67

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