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Packers lead Dolphins 10-7 to start second quarter

GREEN BAY -- The Dolphins had this game in control in the first quarter until two passes changed everything.

After moving for a TD on their first possession, the Dolphins were moving again when Chad Henne threw a pass, basically, the only place the defender could reach it. Interception.

On the next play, Aaron Rodgers threw a career-long 86-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings that lit up Vontae Daivs.

Packers were trailing 7-3 before those two passes. They are now leading 10-7.

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am i the only one that feels ill every time ricky touches the ball now.

this year it seems like once one thing goes wrong they lose all momentum.

What was that throw Henne? Did you expect Bess to go through receivers???? God damn you man!!!

can we start talking about how our RB dont have the same explosion they used to????

please someone discuss this mando!!!!!!!

I'll felt ill every time RIcky has touched the ball since 04

FIST PUMP TIME soiled!!!

Mandich & Rose: we walked field before game, GREAT condition, why are Fns slipping and sliding..wrong cleats? inexcusable, etc.

Mandich: Fins don't respond to adersity well......one int, one td & kaput

11 yards needed...let's checkdown for 5. UGH! Marino by example would look for the 15 yd completion, then the 10 yd and if that wasnt there put it up 23 rows and we'd punt. I'd rather that.


go through recievers?
that makes no sense
yer an idiot

wanna plow me?


I think at this point the whole world is turning against henne-- I think by seasons end we see pennington in there

i know we want marshal involoved but come on henne stare at marshal then turn your head and i bet someone else is so wide open. send wallace on a few fly's.

No blocked punt....no Wildcat....maybe there is hope after all!!!!!!

tortured said if Bess was worth it he would of just flown right over those guys and that Henne was perfect on that....i think hes getting carried away

Gotta get a stop here. Cannot allow Green Bay to tilt the field. Gotta keep the pressure on so offense can get some field position.

The O-line has to block for the RBs, read Mandos last post.

thoughts on Henne, Mando. Sparano basically said that the guys the starter no matter what, "armchair QB's are we?" No just wanmting a QB that leads!!!!

I wouldn't say "ill" superphin. Just really nervous...like that butterfly feeling in your stomach before a race. But ya gotta love him though

why are we not running it more? pound it

That was pathetic

Everbody falls down and it is still a completion.

Can't help but notice teams all over the league making explosive, sudden, scoring plays, while we continue to dwell in the stone age with our offense. On the drives where we do get points, (3 more often than six) it takes six mins off the clock, which never leaves us with enough time to erase a deficit. (Which we always seem to be behind)

Im done defending chad henne, he locks on to one reciever and throws stupid passes...and it almost seems like the other team knows when we are going to run the ball

richard...thanks, you're the man. Go Phins!

wow, rodgers has time to fall down, get uo and still pass for 9yrds....

nah, not henne gone, henning gone. See the packers know how to spread the field, good for them, henning needs lessons!!!

Dude falls, gathers himself, and NO PRESSURE!!!!

Maandich--& we had a blitz on!!

blitz rodgers

where has our running game gone?

I agree with "The Answer to your problems" Im gonna turn this game off and pop in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the first movie though, ya know, the really good one! Man that movie is great! Hahaha Makes me smile everytime, not like henning an miamis special teams. KOWABUNGA!!!

Vonte sucks today. Thank you Brandon Marshall for jinxing him.

Mando, there is a general lack of talent on this team. there is no depth and a lack of playmakers. thats why so inconsistent. shouldnt that be blamed on FO? special teams problems are due to no talent. no pass rush. no run D. no special teams. no run game. no consistent QB play. whos fault?

henning and carpenter are rhe weakest links...there are many other holes to fill too.

Continues to only look at one receiver. Maybe I'm losing faith in Henne.

I think the Dolphins only had 10 guys on the field. Not sure, but that's what it looked like to me.

man i wish we had 2 weeks to prepare for this game so we would be ready!

yea pound it more!
get behind me and just POUND IT


dolphins SUCK!

How about we change things up abit.

Have Dan Henning perform all fistpumps and Have Coach Sparano call drive killing plays...whats the harm ?

even Armando is freaking out.. lol man relax, were you really expecting something better? I expect miami to lose this game. I'm just wondering by how much and how exactly they'll manage to do it this time

dolphins suck so bad

so do i

c'mere boys


Tuna sure screwed the pooch on this Rebuild!

And we're stuck w/ an OL coach, no qb & a GM with prurient interests

i mean Rogers falls down and completes a 12 yard pass. where is the Rush? UGH!!!

an imposter test...


If we only had a team...

Oooh....ooooh...I have seen this show before...we stopped New England, Marched the O down the field for what seemed like a complete Offensive performance then S E L F I M P L O S I O N! Come on Dolphins!!!

reading this blog makes me lose faith in humanity

so what have we learnes so far, henne stares down recievers, sparano gets excited every time dolphins dont give up a first down, special teams is especially made for the ADD in miami, and henning doesnt know how to lengthen field, and now we use timeouts worthlessly, such fun watching this team play.

we burned 2 timeouts already

wow these GB guys are just moving down the field at will.

They have two weeks to prepare against an injury plagued team and this is the performance?! Awful...

The Packers have the Dolphins on their heels. Guessing and guessing wrong.

no imposter

if i were an imposter i'm accurate
considering that i, test, nevr post anything but dolphins suck and hahahahahahahahah

showing just how moronic i am
and valueless

ima open my veins now, and do the whole world a favor

58 looks lost, getting blocked easily...Who's that?

I can hold my own better than Henne


jason allen is horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

link to view the game??

Hey, come play Miami if you want your backups to look like pro bowlers

awful, just awful........they given up down by three!!!!

That's on the layers, but it is also on the coaches who had two weeks

thats the prob mando, this team is and has been a reactive team...they are tentative and wait to respond....and that starts with the coach

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