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Packers lead Dolphins 10-7 to start second quarter

GREEN BAY -- The Dolphins had this game in control in the first quarter until two passes changed everything.

After moving for a TD on their first possession, the Dolphins were moving again when Chad Henne threw a pass, basically, the only place the defender could reach it. Interception.

On the next play, Aaron Rodgers threw a career-long 86-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings that lit up Vontae Daivs.

Packers were trailing 7-3 before those two passes. They are now leading 10-7.

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vontae is getting swallowed

i could swallow vontae..
idc how big he is

i'm certainly no tight end

more of a wide reciever

just tuned in...has it been this hard to watch since the kickoff? Henne didn't improve much over the last two weeks! As well with the Defense!

thank you, Cameron Wake. At least one person on defense has shown up today.

Somebody make a play! That's what we lack is someone who can make a game changing play.

well, at least we have a future pass rusher in wake.

poor imposter test is upset that i'm not a homer and parcells loving fool like everyone else

parcells sucks
morono sucks
henning sucks
carpenter sucks
ireland sucks (dez bryant is better than ireland)

start the rebuilding process again

Are we playing so bad that Channing Crowder actually looks good ?


Hey Miami Herald--how about invest a little money and get a nice real-time blog board that automatically refreshes like the other big boy sites?!

Can we blitz on 3rd and 19???

if they make a 3rd & 19, fugadabutit, etc

marc, 58 is the high priced dansby

more free agent busts

go super duper trifecta

link to view the game please!!!

people lets collect ourselves here. we are looking at a coaching change, and QB change and possibly a horrid season. lets just accept and move on. at least the team has some talent in marshall

Maybe Starks should go back to DE so that we can get some pressure from someone besides Wake...

Oh wait

dolphins suck
and i'm p u ss y


Are we playing so bad that Channing Crowder actually looks good ?

Posted by: SoiledBottom | October 17, 2010 at 02:03 PM

another two TDs from rodgers and we might be.

Hey, Angry Elf, does it kill you to hit a refresh button on your own? That too much work?

anyone have a link?

what mishap awaits? Int, 3&out, fumble, blocked punt?

The thrill of the NFL, Dolphin style!

This Dolphin team just isn't very good. Not good on offense. Not good on defense. Not good on special teams.

2008 was nice, but it was a mirage. The talent level on the team simply isn't up to par with contenders. There are few players - Long, Davis, Wake, Marshall, Dansby. But overall they're just not good enough.


I thought you would have bled out already

Drink some juice your blood is to thick

Any time we have 3yrds or less the only person getting the ball should be Polite.

are we that afraid to attempt a big play????

link to view the sorry dolphins?

Let's goooooo! Hurry up.

I know who 58 is...

Sorry I should have typed (sarcasm)

Either way, Dansby really hasn't lived up to the highest paid LB in the league...Just sayin'

"too thick" soiled, you raving idiot
you aren't allowed to pound me

dolphins suck

Get rid of Ronnie Brown! For 5 years been watching the ballerina act when he doesnt see a gaping hole right away. How about keeping your feet moving and just plow it in there.

oops missed that sarcasm lol

I don't know how you all can see Henne locking in on one person, I see his head moving and turning his body

Get off his back, the OC sucks, he get's in a rhythm and then they call stupid plays.

hurry up offense...hurrying up to the 2 minute warning

seriously. This O-line is incapable of run blocking.... It's pathetic.

What sad is we are at full strength playing half a Packers team and still losing and making mistakes.

Mandich: Brown is running bunny-hop style, not the slasher we knew or need

CF, henne was locking down alot during that pats game when the no name CBs kicked our ass

God i hate this, their either trying for a long field goal or just hitting up field position...WE NEED A NEW OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR BADLY!!!!

Seriously, these guys need a new leader at QB. People talk about players having that "IT" factor and i just don't see it w/ Henne. He stares down receivers and he has atrocious accuracy.

Now when I look at Chad Pennington, he has the "it" factor, it's this quiet confidence and look in his eye. If Pennington would have never gotten injured the way he has through his career, he would have been a heck of a better QB than he is now; and he's still better than Henne so that just speaks volumes on how much better he could have been.

Get Henne out of there, the guy can get the job done but not consistently enough. He's the new Jay Feidler!

"oops missed that sarcasm lol"

obviously he is an imposter
everyone knows i don't "lol"
I "hahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahaha"


Well, The New Kid, who's fault is it if the talent level is STILL deficient 3 years in?

Rhetorical question

Anyone have a good link??

Brown has happy feet. wonder what hilliard looks like in there? why did we cut matt roth? i like henne but something tells me this team would be much more consistent on offense with pennington. and if we do wildcat thigpen should be trigger man

ronnie brown doesn't deserved to be resigned by us

dances too much and is kinda getting useless

Geez even Mando's getting a little upset today. Who cares what Angryelf thinks!

Agreed Chase and the OL was supposed to be Parcells and Sparano's bread and butter.

Henne's play fake is terrible. He barely even makes the effort. Why has that art seemingly been lost these days?

haha wasted play.../sigh

So now you can judge the "it" factor by the look in someone's eye? Good grief...


"too thick" soiled, you raving idiot"

Thanx...I suc at proper english

Remember losta juice when you slit that wrist

Soiled :)

Ronnie Brown is probably one of the nfl's most powerful backs but runs like a finess back. Brown's only great when there's a great hole in front of him.

State of Miami Dolphins today: How many fans you think were hoping Henne might get hurt on that scramble. Sick, but I bet there are some.

wasted 25 seconds

good lord

almost pick #2

get bess a contract.

trying to kill Bess

can u say pass inter???

good time to throw a deep ball...

but henning/morono will want to go super cons for the 3 points and field goal fist pump


No Armando, I just thought you would like to show a little more effort for the customers out here. Guess I was wrong.


he must be an imposter, or rather two of them

one i the imposter mocking him
the other is the one that's posting crap that doesn't sound completel idiotic, as test almost always sounds

amazing how much someone can be impersoated for being such a whine ass crybaby with no intellect

brilliant clock management again..........wow!

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