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Packers lead Dolphins 10-7 to start second quarter

GREEN BAY -- The Dolphins had this game in control in the first quarter until two passes changed everything.

After moving for a TD on their first possession, the Dolphins were moving again when Chad Henne threw a pass, basically, the only place the defender could reach it. Interception.

On the next play, Aaron Rodgers threw a career-long 86-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings that lit up Vontae Daivs.

Packers were trailing 7-3 before those two passes. They are now leading 10-7.

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how can henning not get the play call in


that safety was early hittibg bess and no one said anything...where's the fist pump

Chad(The Thiesman)Henne


brilliant clock management again..........wow!

Posted by: Emo | October 17, 2010 at 02:12 PM

sums it up nicely, thank u

Not my call, Angry. I'd love for lots of things to be upgraded. But not my call. Sorry.

i dont think its Henne locking in as much as delaying in throwing UNTIL they are open so thats theres no anticipation.....again reactive due to being terrified to make a mistake..

HAHA...Nice scramble kid

I agree I sense despair in Mando today. Is there a more frustrating franchise in football?

What are you talking about Armando? That's lame to say.

Dan Fouts : Henne continues to try and muscle the ball in there

going for the field goal i see.


Like you I also question Ronnie Brown's toughness. He doesnt challenge lb's and only looks for db's to run over once in the open field.

huh.. henne with some guts.. where that come from?

MAndo----I would much prefer that someone in an adult position of authority simply mke the obvious decision and bench him.

first good decision henne made today was his run for a first down

Nice TD!

I hope

Sparano warming up his fistpump on the sideline

Henne needs to get back to finding the open receiver...he wants marshall everytime

holy shiit if that stands.

tortured just told me that Henne really showed some guts on that play and that hes his kind of man....i know he gets carried away but he cant help himself....lol

all you that want pennington. he cant make that throw

NOT A TD!!!!

finally threw one deep but had to hit him 2 seconds earlier...

Thoughts? Thoughts on the TD?

Good or not?

we suck so bad if we are tied at halftime against a playoff team

i can spread my cheeks and take a 2 liter bottle btw, i love big boys


Lousy pass to a wide open receiver

Brown is good, he just needs to get fed the ball more. This guy can wear down defenses. The Dolphins just don't do it more often and I don't know why. This guy is proven to me and he can be a thirteen hundred, fourteen hundred yard back.

Pathetic Henne had Marshall wide open and couldn't get it in there. Henne sucking the big hog again.



Not good, not a TD.

right foot in, left foot 6 inches out of bounds

i'm liking the english guys better than espn

10-10 halftime, o well

Wide open Marshall. Henne overthrows.

Mando, I enjoy the blog. Just wish we had the bells and whistles the other guys had.

definitely not a good TD almost though

He was soooo wide open!!!!!!

mando, nope its coming back..we arent the pats so we wont get those breaks

comin back!

why does it take henne so long to see a wide open Marshall? please tell me!!!

Marshall has to make that play. It wasn't a perfect throw, but a top WR gets both feet down in that situation.

Henne is going to get sacked or throw an int here.

test if you ever saw six inches you'd jump for joy


Brady Poppinga, who is in for an injured Clay Matthews, has suffered a knee injury. His return is questionable.

so now that marshall is getting a ton of money, do you think he will keep his mouth shut or do you think he starts complaining, say 4 losses in a row later?

Right New Kid.

Should of got both feet down.


had a feeling that they were taking zero risks on the 3rd and 10

get ready for the FG fist pump.

Henne is just soooo inconsistently inaccurate!

Wow that suxs!

Thoughts? Thoughts on the TD?

Good or not?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | October 17, 2010 at 02:15 PM

I have some thoughts.....why cant we block these clowns from this blog? Day after day...week after week these people come on here talking about gold and oil prices....theres some clown talking about taking 2 liter bottles up the as$s....i mean this shiit is ridiculous.

isnt this the your blog? cant you ban these people?? I know on other sites I frequent when someone constantly ignores the rules they are removed and thats that.


a holding

unspecial teams...

Henne had so much running room there it was amazing really. I think fiedler makes that first down lol


so much for that change of momentum, any hope always quashed , timeout wasted wasted.............PATHERTIC SPECIAL TEAMS




Steelers won a superbowl with a catch like that.

Wow...That kick was right down the middle...Ooops...Holding

here comes tortured....

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