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Packers lead Dolphins 10-7 to start second quarter

GREEN BAY -- The Dolphins had this game in control in the first quarter until two passes changed everything.

After moving for a TD on their first possession, the Dolphins were moving again when Chad Henne threw a pass, basically, the only place the defender could reach it. Interception.

On the next play, Aaron Rodgers threw a career-long 86-yard touchdown pass to Greg Jennings that lit up Vontae Daivs.

Packers were trailing 7-3 before those two passes. They are now leading 10-7.

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that third down play was such a waste! No chance

special ed screws us out of points again

Are you kidding me, holding on special teams, can we please fix the problem guys

DAMMITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are other receivers out there!!!

Man, this team can self-destruct!

effing money

effing money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lydon Murtha?? Special Teams!

Tuna sure stocked this roster well

I so hope he misses now

OK, so, it's 0-0

No special teams coach left to fire. Sparano should turn his check over to Carpenter, who just pulled his bacon out the fire.

murtha had to do that hold.

there is the fist pump



A classic Sparano fist pump. At least someone on the Dolphins has a pulse.

i missed that tortured....was it GOOD......lmao
or were you too busy kissing a jets arse to look up and see??

As frustrating as this half has been, to be tied 10-10 at halftime isn't such a bad thing.

Coach Rizzi making himself be seen.
Love it!

nice kick!

i like carpenter, i think he's one of the better field goal kickers in the league.

if sparano lost so much weight why does he still wear a green smock ever sunday?

Where are the Henne lovers now?

He's throwing the ball late (as usual), well after the receiver is open and he's off target (as usual). That was a badly thrown ball to Marshall at the back of the endzone, then he follows it up will a ball thrown to far outside to a wide open Marshall. Field goals won't win this game.


Mando, please be honest, do you really think Henne should still be the starter. Not the politically correcr answer. the truth from the heart.

tied at 10 against a team that's being held together by a rubber band mando. BIG DEAL. I really don't care, dolphins blow I'm tired of this team and their dysfunctional ways

VOntae joking with Rodgers...

"Hey buddy, stop torching me"

ONLY THING CARPENTER can do is kick, and sparano jumping idiot, fist pumping moron, how about those timeouts wasted proffess....errr

The fins are lucky to be tied 10-10. Too bad were a terrible second half team...


FU scum-bag

whine over a fist pump and post nothing substantial

you need a fist pump in yer rectum if you ask me you cowardly little skirt

LOL at Marc...


If Sparano & Ireland had any sense of Honor they would resign at halftime. And then publicly apologize to all of us.

10-10. Could be whole lot worse.

i suggest the hatwrs find a new team to follow, I recommend the Cowboys, Vikings or Chargers. they need fans like you

Mando. Any Talk Of An Android App?

its the second half we have to worry about when the other teams make adjustments and we do the same thing.

The Good: Brandon Marshall 7 catches 102yds.

The Bad: We're still the Miami Dolphins.

Marc your an idiot. Seriously giving crap to vontae. No corner is good enough for you... Wow. The pathetic part is the reason vontae tried jumping that route is because the dolphins rushed six people on that play. Jennings shouldnt have time to do a triple move

Do you guys like Matt Ryan? Henne has almost same stats as Matty Ice except a few more picks. This is with 1 year less experience.

henning has 25 seconds + the play in action to get his next play ready...

we wasted 2 time outs because he can't do that...

the good thing is rodgers is playing. i would rather beat them with rodgers than without. give us more credibility. and if we cant beat them with him then they are just better.

There's no need for a Droid App, just log in via the browser. It's free that way

People who buy the app have $ to burn

phins should be ahead, but i dont think we now how to take a lead and hold it, bieng tied should make people sick right now more than relieved.


Dan Henning: If you would only let me call a couple of Wildc....

Coach Sparano: Shut up you!..your no help at all

At least Henning has avoided the Wildcat today. According to the stats CBS put up, the Phins average like 1.6 yard per Wildcat play. That makes us BY FAR THE WORST WILDCAT TEAM IN THE LEAGUE.

Now watch dumbazz trot it out in the second half. LMAO.


Watching the replays, anyone else notice how the receivers typically have to go get Henne's passes? They almost never really hit the receivers in the numbers.

To be tied at 10 isn't bad Mando, but I am one of the few Henne defenders and I have to admit the pick turned momentum to GB. If GB was healthy this wouldn't be close.

This coaching staff killed us in the preseason with musical chairs on the offensive line. What in the hell is wrong with John Jerry?!? For a running we stink at running the ball!

I said at the time, that after a full training camp, the fact that Sparano and the FO saw fit to change the bottom 20% of the roster was ridiculous. i said that the new guys would have to be considerably better than the guys that got cut or it could be disastrous. looks like i was correct. Also Henne stinks in a freezer. Parcells knows it and so do all of us. Except Armando. i dont get it. The truth about this team and henne is the truth. Period. tjere is no hiding it. Just watch the second half of this game. Lastly, coaches matter, but when there isnt enough talent, like this D and Nolan, it doesnt matter.

Hey guys look at the bright side of it. If Brandon Marshall catches 7 more balls for 102yds in the 2nd half we're sure to score another 10pts.

So I think I have it all figured out. When Marshall catches 14 passes for 204yds we're sure to score 20pts a game on offense.

Chad Pennington my not have the strongest arm, but he throws minimal int's. Mark my word, Chad Pennington will be the dolphins starting qb at some point this season.

Mando, any talk of the Herald makeing an offical app for an andriod phone?

Henne should be benched and B. Carpenter should cut.

Every reporter should grill Sporano about why B.Carpenter is still on the team and how Henne could miss so many open recievers and have so many interceptions.

If this team doesn't make the play-offs Sparano should be fired...Special teams still suck...and why is #50 "Barbie" Carpenter still on this team...cut Murtha and bring back Donald Thomas...he'll block someone.

D looks prety bad IMO, O looks OK, but I really am starting to feel this is a slightly above average team. Where the hell is that great D we were supposed to have? Hopefully 2nd half is better.

Good thing we spiked the ball on 1st down, we didn't need the extra down to kick the field goal. Plenty of time was left.

ha that was for fasano

There it is again, a stupid call to put them in a bad place on 2nd down.....

Another stupid fancy schmancy play timed to stall a good drive.

Need 13 and hand off. Playing for FG(playing scared and not to win). So sick of it. Maybe next year.

Nice smash-mouth drive to start the 3rd...end- around reverse called just in time to stall the drive.

Man I sorry but the coaching staff sucks and Im sorry but Chad Henne is not read y to start yet. You can clearly tell in his play. It seemed as though getting Marshall was a bad idea because thats the only person he throws too. If you watch the replay he is only looking at Marshall. Im sorry but even though Pennington has a messed up arm I think we will be in a better position than we are now lol. We should be blowing this team out. We should have blown the Patriots out.

J. Allen has arrived...better late than never.

S. Smith is never getting his starting CB spot back...with each game and great play J. Allen gets better and more confident...

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