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Parcells takes another step away from the Dolphins

Bill Parcells' slow but steady departure from the Dolphins continued over the weekend when he cleared out of his office and decided his work with Miami would take on a different, more detached style than it was even recently in his role as consultant.

A club source just confirmed an ESPN report that Parcells is no longer taking part in day-to-day operations of the team. Starting Monday, Parcells was no longer intent on being at his post every day as he had been through even last week.

"Bill is still performing his duties to the Dolphins," the club source said. "But he's choosing to do it in a different fashion."

That new fashion is from afar. Parcells will rarely be at the team's training facility from now on and may not attend any home games, either. He never attended road games, even when he served as executive vice president for football operations.

Parcells yielded that title and job the first week of the regular season. It was the first step in what is certain to be a total disconnect from the Dolphins after the 2010 season ends. Monday's step was the second such step.

Parcells will continue to do the things he enjoys as he collects the remainder of his 2010 salary: He actually likes to grind hour after hour, studying tape of college players. He typically does that work starting in November so that likely will still happen, according to a source.

But unlike past years when Parcells studied players, then set the agenda for drafting them, he will have little if any say in the April 2011 draft, according to a second club source.

Parcells also will no longer be involved in helping the current players on the roster with tips or motivational tweaks. He will no longer be "down the hall," as coach Tony Sparano liked to say, for the moments the coach asked Parcells for his opinion.

And he will not be watching practices first-hand and suggesting to GM Jeff Ireland ways to address weaknesses on the roster.

So ultimately what does this mean for the Dolphins?

First, it is not a distraction. Coach Tony Sparano will answer a few questions about it Wednesday. Players might get a couple also. That's it. The truth is Parcells has purposefully had little affect on the locker room this year so the team will not suffer a great degree of distraction as it prepares for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But there is fallout. No doubt about that.

The safety net for Ireland and Sparano is pretty much gone. Parcells had removed it from Sparano a while back, refusing to correct what he saw as mistakes by the head coach or his assistants for fear of overshadowing their authority.

But he had no such fear of keeping Ireland from stepping in obvious muck. He correct possible missteps and went another direction, if necessary. Now Ireland is wholly and solely responsible for Miami's personnel decisions and Parcells is even more removed from the process than he was even last week.

And that, by the way, was quite removed. For example: Remember the first week of the season when the Dolphins set their initial 53 man roster? Jake Grove was on that roster with Parcells in charge. A few days later when Parcells stepped back and Ireland took over, the GM waived Grove.

Ireland didn't ask for permission. He told Parcells he was making the move and then did it.

Now Parcells will get this information via a phone call rather than perhaps a personal chat with Ireland in his office. No, that's not a big difference. But there is a subtle change.

The biggest change, the long-term effect is in that Miami instantly loses the credibility of having Bill Parcells at the helm. He had a track record. He won Super Bowls. He was proven. And so if he said Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano were good, they were good.

Now, neither Ireland nor Sparano have anyone vouching for them. They must sink or swim based on two things: Wins and losses.

They win, we're good, they're good, ownership is good, everyone's good.

They lose, as they did last year at 7-9, and suddenly there will be much questioning, second-guessing, wondering, wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth. I exaggerate, but you get the drift.

One man's word will no longer be enough to say, "All is well, we're on course."

Because that man is all but gone from Miami.



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I give Parcells a C- for this turnaround.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass!

Fist Pump!

who cares about Parcells when you've just beaten the Packers on the road? we knew he was going to do that, is anybody surprised?

I say we concentrate on the Dolphins and enjoy it. when was the last time we started 3-2 with 3 road victories?

Parcells went the Lineman route.

Rehabed Ricky for us.

Brought in a bunch of old Dallas has beens and thankfully Pennington.

Hired gun who shot his wad trying to build the old 2 yards and a cloud of dust mentality.

Really didn't appreciate his lack of candor with the Miami press and fans.

Lets get behind this younger group and see where it goes with this core group of players. He did leave the team with some young but yet to be proven talent?

12 million to buy the groceries? NICE work if you can get it...

Go Phins!

I say good riddance. In my opinion, Parcells has been a colossal bust, just like Jimmy Johnson was. When are we going to learn that these castoffs from the Cowboys aren't going to do the trick?

The Parcells arrival has been blown out of proportion from day one. Basically BP agreed to put people in place that he believes could steady a fast sinking ship(1-15 and terrible decade of football). Basically he has delivered on this.

Contrary to popular belief, Parcells didnt come in promising any championships, to marry anyone's daughter, or make sure there was clean water in Flipper's tank. We now have a sound football team with supposedly sound people in charge. Now it's up to them to add the finishing pieces it will take to turn us into a championship franchise.

I just hope Ireland has the balls to finish the job. Parcells has delivered upon all he agreed on. He just finished the job a year early.

If anything he should be applauded for remaining a year extra as a consultant. There is nothing in the contract stating he had to stay the entire length of the contract once his job was done.

No on Merriman!

Roided up goon who hasn't been the same since he got off them.

Injury prone terrible against the run, best days are behind him and can't beat the double team anymore.

Go Phins!

Everyone conveniently forget Parcells turned Huizenga down several times before Wayne threw more money and ridiculously lower demands at him that no one could humanly possible say no too.

The guys sticking around as a consultant when he has absolutely no obligations to do so. Maybe its because he feels a little guilt about taking the rest of Wayne's money for doing absolutely nothing. IMO, he's not hanging around to protect Ireland and Sparano.

Parcells sucks!! Another job done half ass.
Take the money and run you coward.

Take Obama with you....you both failed miserably!!!!!

im with martin on all counts!

dishpan,did you make it to the game yesterday?

BP was the best thing to happen to the dolphins since the shula's days,he rebuild a 1-15 team to a legit team in 2 and a half years!!!,that's great if you ask me,and if anyone disagrees then they shouldn't be a dolphin fan,I read this blog everyday and it seems like there's nothing but bad talk about the dolphins then good,there are so many great things BP did for this franchise,he turn around the Worst team to a pretty good team,he got us wake,vontae,but chads,bess,etc,and remember dansby came here because of BP so instead of saying he did a bad job,everyone should thank him,Thank you bill for everything you done for this team,we knew this was coming,you will be missed

Anyone who thinks Parcells hasn't earned his money by rebuilding this team is a mentally stunted blowhard and a Jets fan to boot. The Dolphins went 1-15 the year before he went to work. They've won a division title, had a real shot at the play-offs last year and are still very much in the hunt this year. Think something might have changed, hmm?

BP can leave and be detached tomorrow for all I care. He did jack squat for this team. He brought in a ton of crappy Dallas retreads. Anyone could have drafted jake Long in that spot. Henne is "his guy" and he does nothing to help him, instead of talking with him, he talks smack about him behind his back. And he didn't "bring Pennington" here. Thank the Jets for that. Another easy decision, doesn't take a genius to figure that out. BP hasn't done jack since 96. Ask the Jets. Ask the Cowboys. He's a fat, old, money grabbing douche nozzle. Every big name Miami brings in fails: Saban, BP, Jimmy, etc. How about we go with someone who is good at what they do and doesn't have an ego the size of that thing in Bill's crotch. When will we ever learn? See ya fatty!!!

On the other blog U said the team unceremoniously released Bobby Carpenter @ 7:49 pm 10.18.2010
and a few hours later U had a blog on the topic

If so
How come NostraHomeUs posted this news (3) three blogs ago @ 6:48 pm for your readers:

Breaking News from the Desk of Home:

Bobby Carpenter Released!

U heard It Here 1st on the Miami Herald Dolphins Blog

Posted by: Home | October 18, 2010 at 06:48 PM

... just sayin

Thanks Home for also breaking the Seau story

here 1st, on the Miami Herald

Hope the old surfer is ok
25 year old Hottie girlfriend can drive a 41 yr old man to madness

BP dod NOT earn all of that money, period!
also...why are we still digging in Dallas's dumpster for players...their ex FB that tore his meniscus??? C'Mon Man!!!

After the Green Bay game
U can see many of the pieces coming together on this new team

Coach Nolan has a lot of young skilled payers to develop & some young vets along w/ Capt Karlos

Offense has a Franchise QB in Chad Henne
Solid freshly signed #1 WR & #2 WR and Brian @ #3

O-Line young playing good middle of the road football considering Injuries & More Churn Done than anyone wanted

ST KR Nolan Carroll is good to go for years to come

Fields is a good punter

Dan Carpenter is a Darn good K

All kidding & sarcasm aside
Miami Dolphins have a good core team w/ lots of upside potential

Parcells did a good job setting us up with a fine cast of coaches & players

After all
Parcells signed Homes only 2 FA picks
Dansby & Marshall (that will prob never happen again in my lifetime)
Incognito was another good FA signing

We have a Franchise QB with a very good stable of WRs locked & loaded

Know Home has Tough Love for the organization but
That is because Home wants to remain the NFLs Winningest Franchise since 1970

ThanX for Everything, Bill Parcells

In an Imperfect World
Full of sinners & forgiven sinners

U helped Build & Left us with one Hell of a football team

Home looks at the picture and
Is very Thankful for what Bill Parcells has done for his Home team

Truly ... Thanks for stopping by

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

These 4 will be very exciting for years to come

Wake ....... Crowder ....... Dansby ....... Misi

***** The Dynasty Be Fins! *****

Why do i get the feeling that Carpenter is going to sign with the pats and have the game of his life against the Dolphins! Two sacks, two interceptions, and one returned for a td...

BleedingA we won the division and made the playoffs two years ago dont forget last year you know 7-9 Cmon man

Quit sucking on the Tuna

it sounds like Jerry Jones may have made a phone call over the weekend

U Didn`t See It?

U Didn`t Feel It!

The Miami Dolphin`s Dynasty Has Started

just got my dansby jersey,wake and davis next.Oh yea throw back marino in on sunday

no s.smith though.lol

Home,you seem to have taken a new attitude towards smith.What up?

Are you sure it was Ireland who made the decision on Grove? There were a bunch of strange personnel decisions around that time, such as TE David Martin, and some veteran defensive players. Who made those decisions?

See ya Bill.
You leave the team in better condition than when you found it.
Don't understand your moving on but I suspect ole Rossy boy is part of it.
Please stay out of the AFC East.


Had Been Hitting sean smith so hard since training camp 2009 when the whole football world thought he was going to be something special

Home stood alone with his own scouting report and posted seansmithsucks.com & tradeseansmith.com
Home called sean smith, POSER BOY CB & CB FRAUD

said Vontae Davis is clearly the Better CB & would soon be voted to go to the Pro Bowl

Now after 15 months
The whole football world now knows and once again regretfully acknowledges Home was right on sean smith

Have been trying to pull for POSER BOY sean hoping he would get his 1st NFL INT or game changing play but
sean once again proves Home right and whiffs, dropping another INT that hits him in both hands and fumbles to the ground

and Jason Allen picks up his 3rd INT of the season

Thanks for helping rebuild our team,Bill but it would have been better if you had fired yourself back in January.Then your collossal ego wouldnt have gotten in the way of the best interests of the team and Jason Taylor would be here where he belongs and not in a stinking slime green Jets jersey sacking Henne and killing a promising drive.

thanks B parcells, But can u leave already!!!
stop dragging ur Exit. POOF, Be Gone!

This is no loss. The guy hasn't led an organization to a championship in 2 decades and has competed in just on SB in that span. He never stays long-term and doesn't have a stellar record on draft day. Additionally, his free agent signings have been nothing to write home about. He never stays long-term, either, so he builds teams for the here and now, which isn't good either.

In short, take away his tenure as the Giants Head Coach (where he wimply ran the teams built by GM George Young), and he is an extraordinarily ordinary football guy.

Parcells is a like a seagull at the beach: He flies in, causes a stir, gets everyone's attention, then craps on your head and flies away leaving a mess.

money well spent...


Parcells might not have it out of the park due to some of his deaft picks but he certainly did much better than previous people in the organization. For all you haters out there that wants to kick Parcells, you should keep in mind that Bill has forgotten more about football than all the readers of this blog put together will ever know.

Armando you suck,

"The truth is Parcells has purposefully had little affect on the locker room this year so the team will not suffer a great degree of distraction as it prepares for the Pittsburgh Steelers."

Effect (n) not affect (v).

Learn elementary grammar or at least get someone to read your posts for you before you post.

I'm happy with what parcells has done for this team. However I think that Ireland and Sparano have also had a significant influence. I also have faith in thier ability to lead the team to the promise land. We have had decent drafts in the last three years by this tandum. I know they have also had some busts but not every draft pick works out thats just reality. This year is wide open for almost every division. Fans have faith in our team we are only a few pieces away. By the way cutting Grove was a good idea. It seems that Ireland is getting rid of expensive injury prone players which im good with. Next year we will be even younger. I have a good feeling you can say goodbye to Ronnie Brown and Fasano but I could be wrong. Defense has been pretty good all year thanks Nolan

Holy crap. Armando you **Really** suck at what you do, don't you?

A couple more paragraphs in and already it is like I am reading the gibberish of a 3 year old or someone who just fell out of the cargo hold from a flight from the 3rd world. Come on man, you are a so-called professional.

"He correct possible missteps and went another direction, if necessary."


LMAO @ Parcells and the seagull.Good one Joe.

Thank you BP. now lets go beat the steelers please. We need to get a home win and beating the steelers will be great.

TO THE DONKEYS.....bess recieved 3 years contract worth.....

9 million

Unlike a lot of you I view Parcells work as positive. I remember what 1-15 felt like. He came in, and rebuilt a team that was in shambles. Where it goes now is on Ireland and Sparano. If Parcells thinks they can handle the responsibility, who am I to say they can't. Give it time and we'll know for sure.

3 million a year ........VERY GOOD .WE ARE NOT SELLING EGGS HERE .

parcells sucked

so many free agent busts

the game has passed him by

morono/ireland are gone soon anyway


Well home, I am the one that predicted last year tthat he would pick up and run in the middle of this season. I wish I could look back and get those, because I am not often right... LOL. I do not think you can praise anything Parcells did here. He took us from 1-15, with the most draft picks we had in a while, with a team that played close in many of the 1-15 games. We had the easiest schedule I had ever seen the next year where we got to the playoffs and the Ravens owned us. My ppoint is, I think there are many GM's that could have done that. And there are many GM's that show improved progress every year. This has not happened to us.

Now he is quitting, not a shock. He jumped ship on the PATS, JETS and COWBOYS when he say they were not going to get better than where he got them. He did some good things, but not more good things than 50% of the other GM's. which in my book makes him average at best. I personally agree with about a "C". Now lets bring "C"ower in and "C" if he can right the ship. ;p

wow bess got 9 million for 3 years


no wonder this franchise is going down the gutters

Test, what is your issue dude? Follow a different team already. Bess for 3 mill a year is a bargain! You have got to have some of the dumbest posts here sometimes... Really man...

test should kill his mom

Looking over the remainig schedule, not too many "easy" games there. Uff..

So Carpenter is replaced by another former Cowboy. Carpenter, McQuistan ... Deon Anderson (FB)??

I hope he's more like Polite and less like the 2 stiffs they plucked from the Cowboy discard pile this year.

Somehow, they have to find a way to avoid major injuries until the really important division games at the end of the season.

now that the over rated waaaaaaaay out dated parcells is gone!. the phins will go on 1 h3ck of a winning streak.watch.

The Dallas-Miami connection, hmm..

I tell you Oscar - they shop exclusively at the Dallas Cowboy's outlet mall. last year's players at deep discounts. Once in a while you get a find I guess, but most of the time - rubbish.


what happened to HOME for Gruden 2011?

its amazing what a win can do....

WHY NOT US!!!!!!!

The Tuna gets too much credict sometimes, this is not the 80's




SOME of the dolphin fans should be short like oil .

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