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Parcells takes another step away from the Dolphins

Bill Parcells' slow but steady departure from the Dolphins continued over the weekend when he cleared out of his office and decided his work with Miami would take on a different, more detached style than it was even recently in his role as consultant.

A club source just confirmed an ESPN report that Parcells is no longer taking part in day-to-day operations of the team. Starting Monday, Parcells was no longer intent on being at his post every day as he had been through even last week.

"Bill is still performing his duties to the Dolphins," the club source said. "But he's choosing to do it in a different fashion."

That new fashion is from afar. Parcells will rarely be at the team's training facility from now on and may not attend any home games, either. He never attended road games, even when he served as executive vice president for football operations.

Parcells yielded that title and job the first week of the regular season. It was the first step in what is certain to be a total disconnect from the Dolphins after the 2010 season ends. Monday's step was the second such step.

Parcells will continue to do the things he enjoys as he collects the remainder of his 2010 salary: He actually likes to grind hour after hour, studying tape of college players. He typically does that work starting in November so that likely will still happen, according to a source.

But unlike past years when Parcells studied players, then set the agenda for drafting them, he will have little if any say in the April 2011 draft, according to a second club source.

Parcells also will no longer be involved in helping the current players on the roster with tips or motivational tweaks. He will no longer be "down the hall," as coach Tony Sparano liked to say, for the moments the coach asked Parcells for his opinion.

And he will not be watching practices first-hand and suggesting to GM Jeff Ireland ways to address weaknesses on the roster.

So ultimately what does this mean for the Dolphins?

First, it is not a distraction. Coach Tony Sparano will answer a few questions about it Wednesday. Players might get a couple also. That's it. The truth is Parcells has purposefully had little affect on the locker room this year so the team will not suffer a great degree of distraction as it prepares for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But there is fallout. No doubt about that.

The safety net for Ireland and Sparano is pretty much gone. Parcells had removed it from Sparano a while back, refusing to correct what he saw as mistakes by the head coach or his assistants for fear of overshadowing their authority.

But he had no such fear of keeping Ireland from stepping in obvious muck. He correct possible missteps and went another direction, if necessary. Now Ireland is wholly and solely responsible for Miami's personnel decisions and Parcells is even more removed from the process than he was even last week.

And that, by the way, was quite removed. For example: Remember the first week of the season when the Dolphins set their initial 53 man roster? Jake Grove was on that roster with Parcells in charge. A few days later when Parcells stepped back and Ireland took over, the GM waived Grove.

Ireland didn't ask for permission. He told Parcells he was making the move and then did it.

Now Parcells will get this information via a phone call rather than perhaps a personal chat with Ireland in his office. No, that's not a big difference. But there is a subtle change.

The biggest change, the long-term effect is in that Miami instantly loses the credibility of having Bill Parcells at the helm. He had a track record. He won Super Bowls. He was proven. And so if he said Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano were good, they were good.

Now, neither Ireland nor Sparano have anyone vouching for them. They must sink or swim based on two things: Wins and losses.

They win, we're good, they're good, ownership is good, everyone's good.

They lose, as they did last year at 7-9, and suddenly there will be much questioning, second-guessing, wondering, wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth. I exaggerate, but you get the drift.

One man's word will no longer be enough to say, "All is well, we're on course."

Because that man is all but gone from Miami.



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I like sparano and think he's a good coach who will get better as time goes on (and has a new OC this time next year). Ireland to me is the big question mark because no one knows what exactly he has done, what free agents and draft choices have been his call. I like the fact he cut Grove, especially after Parcells wanted him to stay. This offseason will be a huge test for this guy

hey - to the morons who think the 07 team was 'close' and BP contibutes little to that turnaround - Give me a break! that roster was turned over as much as humanly possible. Along with a completely different attitude for the franchise. zero chance CC goes 11-5 in 08. how quickly people forget how much changed a few years ago.

aloco. his dallas.s foundation is 1-4. let him be off to the f'n golf course already.let the dink with glasses who asks stupid questions at nfl draft day do the job. new fresh ideas.the game has changed alot since the 80's aloco.

the Tuna os among the all-time great football coaches in NFL history. It can even be said he is one of the great football minds.....up there with Lombardi, Walsch and well Parcells. you can't get into a serious discussion about football coaches wirh out mentioning Parcells.

Now weather or not he is a good vice president of football operation/czar....whatever that means remains to be seen....only history can judge in about 2 years.

ALoco, I love the selling in oil and gold - I hope it continues for a week or 2. It will create a nice buying opportunity.

Personally though, I am upset with Parcells. I know he doesn't see things through to the end but, he stayed with the Jets long enough to bring them to the AFC title game, Pats to the Super Bowl, Dallas to being a perrenial playoff team and a stacked roster that Jones has been unable to keep adding to. Us, not so much.

MARK, you forget the business aspect of tuna on the teams he goes to .over night the value of the team increase by 25 percent at least.he jets on top and jets went back to cellar for 8 years.dalls is back renting our prevoius basement .

tuna lives .

he left the jets

DC Dolfan must have the day off of work....he usually has 15-20 post up by now...each about 4 paragraphs.

just messing with you DC. :-)

Seriously tho...did you get fired for being on this site to much?

Hahha, nice ALoco!!!

Personally, I like the Tuna's eye for talent - I'm just upset he didn't see it through.

And I'm upset another person thinks he's too big for the job here with the Dolphins.

JJ, Saban, Tuna ... is there anybody who's credible that wants this job?

Aloco, Tuna is 80????? Wow, You know that Dan Henning was 85 when he passed away in 1964????

like i said in august. parcells quit. does samething everywhere he goes. if we had a stud team he would of stayed longer to reap the awards

Kinda Shocked that the Wisconsin law enforcement didn't arrest dan Henning on Saturday, You know they have a law that doesn't let the dead coach/make a living, in there state... Just look at what happened to Duane jones went through in 1968....

lets hope this means henning and company will be shown the door at end of year. daddy cant protect them anymore

mark, tuna will not be replaced.you have 2 people at the top

1- Mike dee the v.p from boston( the money man ) .
2- Ireland has been giving a new contract until 2011

ireland is garbage. we could have a shot at cowher, but will wait one more year while dallas hires him after the season

Look at LIL Aloco, You go boy..........

cuban, i am going ....i am out ,later

Interesting Bill, I think the Cowboys will hire Cowher in a few weeks, Talk about a team underachieving......

They can have Cowher and his barely break even winning percentage. he is nothing special

morning Cuban

Don't care one bit. Carpenter was obviously held on to because Parcells was still around. Ireland pulled the trigger thankfully. Goodbye to both of them.

Bobby, The man did win 2 super bowls.....

look,cowher will not move his troubled familia~ to so be. uh uh. at no price. it will be some red neck town like charlotte or even dallas.s . imo

cowher nothing special. hilarious. 149-90 barely breaking even. come on dude. guy is a great hard nose coach.

Now I think The Herald sports writers need to sorta coordinate their stories better. According to The Hearld article this morning it reads a lot different then Armandos view. Article states Parcells has taken a leave of absence with sources saying he plans on returning to the Dolphins. So total opposites by 2 sports writers, same paper????

and he didnt win 2 super bowls. he won 1, lost another. tomlin got one with cowhers team though. to say cowher isnt a good coach shows complete stupidity

Re: Cowher, just because a guy is an excellent coach, doesn't mean he's a great talent evaluator. For example, Wannstedt was a pretty good coach but once he was responsible for drafting - insert fart sound here.

62% winning percentage, had players in place to win his 1 Superbowl. Dont see teams beating down his door to come back. Tony Dungy was a coach, Cowher was a placemat, always wil be

wanny, awful coach too mark.

hilarious comment on cowher though. great coach

By the way, the complete stupidity is changing regimes AGAIN after only 3 years. Thats all we have done and its gottin us NOWHERE. Maybe ypu have heard of a guy named Bellicheck and the Patriots?? Irelamd and Sprano need to be given extentions, not be replaced.

Errr Wrong, nice try , but think.

Cowher is definitely not Jerry's guy.
Cowher will only work if he has complete control and can bring in his mgt team and you should know Jerry runs the show in big D.

No it will probably be either Payton or Fisher, who are both Jerry guys and each have a year on their contracts.

In any event they won't fire Wade in mid season unless they go 1-7 & not when the NFC is that weak and the boys are hosting the SB.
You know Jerry had a hard on at the prospect of hosting it in his palace with the 'boys. Irony is great.

guess your right bobby, sparano and ireland are beelicheat and pioli right? great gamble, for every bellicheat theres a 100 failures. and oh yeah bellicheat failed big time at first stop. then won sb in 2nd season with pats.

bill, Wanny won 11 games with the team JJ drafted for him. Not a bad coach, but an awful talent evaluator. Things fell apart for him here when JJ's guys got long in the tooth. Somehow, he's done a pretty good job at Pitt though.

Can we wait until the end of the season to evaluate the administration, please? This team has a good chance of winning 10 games this year. WOuld you clean house after this regime wins 28 (maybe) games in 3 years after winning 1 the year before??? Sounds kind of stupid.

not this year mark, they are awful. but yes ill give u that, he has done decent in the big least

100 percent agree with u mark on waiting till end of year. if they get to 10 wins that still wont make playoffs but a solid season it would be. im guessing they fall apart, but hope im wrong. 11 wins will be needed to make playoffs for this team. huge ass game sunday for us. lets get some big afc wins

Bill, unlike YOU I own season tickets and have been to every game for 15 years. You on the other hand spend a couple hundred on DirecTV and think its cool to switch and fire regimes every couple years. I talk to the fans who actually go to the games and invest their hard earned dollars in it. These fans are not interested in a quick fix or another coach. So Bill, sit back and watch TV on Sunday instead of voicing dumass statements here daily. Your not a real fan anyway

an 11-5 team might not make the play offs this season.

great argument bobby, lets get personal just cause u disagree with me. and yes i live in kc so i wish like crazy i could have season tickets u lucky fool. i actually went to the jets game this year and will be back for the bears game also. so i do my best to throw money their way also. and if they had a chance to get cowher your right id jump at it. call me more names if that makes u feel better. ill keep on respecting the stuff u write on here that pertains to our team even if i disagree

Every game is a must win......Though I believe the jets will reform back to the way they are(Akin to the Mets) and melt after 3/4 of the season, though the Pats concern me...,they just reload, year in and year out, there's no rebuilding going on up there in New England....

and no Mark, im not disparging out of state "fans" Bill is a wagonjumper who changes with the wind. Majority of people in these stands are not interested in ANOTHER change after only 3 years

sgree cuban. this year will be tough to get in with 2 better teams ahead of us in our own div. pats are getting older, but not slipping much. bad teams just keep giving jets wins. we need to take 2 of next 3 to stand a chance. lets do it!

8-3 has to be the goal if we want playoffs.

Cuban, the Steelers and the Pats build teams the right way, IMO. They never completely tear it down. They never mortgage the future in terms of dealing away draft picks excessively. INstead, they just keep selecting the best players available, keep building assets, and keep turning their surplus resources for more draft picks down the road. Those teams ARE the blue prints in terms of building a team.

Very different teams in terms of style of play but very similar in terms of results and the method in achieving those goals.

No Bill, go back a couple posts where u called me stupid for not thinking Cowher is a good coach and i dont want him. Changing people every couple years DONT work. hasnt worked simce Shula. Calling for change AGAIN is totally ASSININE

yup mark, steelers hit u in the mouth week after week. pats scheme u to death

People grossly misunderstand the mechanics of Parcells arrival here. Wayne Huizenga's picker was obviously broken.

Huizenga chose Jimmy Johnson who flat out quit on us then chose Dave Wandstadt to succeed him. Who was then fired. Then again Huizenga chose Nick Saban who flat out quit on us.

Then Huizenga chose Cam Cameron and Mueller who proceeded to drive us off of the proverbial nfl cliff which the 1-15 record concurs. Hmmm....sounds like Huizenga's picker was broken to me.

Then in a last ditch effort, after finally realizing how seriously broken his picker really is Huizenga got on hands and knees and begged like a hopeless hapless dog to bring Parcells into our fold.

Numerous times Parcells refused until Huizenga made the offer so lopsided that if Parcells again refused his sanity w2hould have been tested for the entire nation to see.

People Parcell was not brought in to build a championship or perrenial playoff team. He only agreed to be the winch tat pull us from that 1-15 ditch and get us to a garage where he believed our mangled bodies could be restored(Ireland, Sparano).

By all accounts what Parcells and Huizenga agreed to has been consumated. The roster(mangled body) is about 95% turned over. We have some shiny new high performance pieces and have thorughly passed the new recrank test.

Folks Bill Parcells' job is done here. Its only left to the auto body and repair shop(Ireland and Sparano) to add the 2-3 finishing pieces.

Folks thanks to Parcells completing totally what he agred to do. We are only 2-3 dominant players away from being perrenial SB contenders or winners. Remember, Parcells did not come here to be a coach or GM. What he did come here to do is finished.

And Bobby, I am not a typical out of state fan, I have been a season ticket holder and had to give them up because of family/work demands. I will be a season ticket holder again though, jsut counting down the days.

never called u stupid unless u said u dont think cowher is a good coach. i said its complete stupidity to think he isnt. i never said change every few years, i said if we have a shot at cowher id take it.

I can't believe the number of idiots who believe TUNA was a failure.

He was exactly what this franchise needed. They were terrible prior to his arrival. We were laughed at by most AFC teams. Now we are legitimately in the running and clearly viewed as a team on the come.

Successes under TUNA: Long, Henne, Marshall, Dansby, Wake, Bess, Rehab of Ricky, Davis, Starks, & Langford. Others who show real promise: Odrick, Misi, Jerry, Incognito, Smith, etc.

Come on the team got younger, stronger and produced better results under TUNA. He deserved all he got. He put the Miami Dolphins back into contention!!

Parcells is the reason we went from 1-15 to 11-5, idots ! Have you forgotton we had NO players on this team, and we were the laughing stock of the NFL. That said, his building job will not last, Ross will tear it down. Parcells coaches will be gone. I think Ross is more of a Jerry Jones type of owner.

Personally, I don't think missing the playoffs is the end of the world. if we go from being a 7 win team to a 10 win team, that is a 30% improvement - very credible and shows that our talent pool is getting deeper and we are on our way. Next year (if there is a next year) is when we can start swimming with the big fish. Just a dang shame that previous regimes put us in such a deep hole and left us in a position for no margin for error in draft picks and free agency that it's taken 3 years to see the light at the end of the tunnel - perhaps.

It's too early to call his time here a success or a failure. Time will tell. Success is winning a SB and that has not happened. There are a lot of good players he brought in but there are also a lot of FA and rookie busts.

Bill Parcells and his crony Ireland both need to go. For all you morons who think otherwise, please wake up and take a look at reality. This team is far from being a real threat. I don’t give a rat’s butt about “how he turned a 1-15 around” For those who can look back without being blinded by your own stupidity, that team was more mismanaged than having poor talent. The facts are the Dolphins are no closer today than they were before BP & JI. Yes they have added some nice pieces to the team, but we’re still 1-2 in our own division. Our special teams are a disaster, and for every V. Davis, J. Long ,C. Dansby and B. Marshall, there have been the Justin Smiley, Jake Grove, Donald Thomas, Ernest Wilford, Gibril Wilson, Patrick Turner, Pat White, David Martin, Charlie Anderson, Will Allen, and on and on! BP is out of the building, THANK GOD!!!

Say what you will but players fear Cowher and they play for him- he grabs 'em by the face mask and goes toe to toe. None of this ass patting rah rah crap Sparano is doing.

I want someone players dread seeing on the sideline. If Cowher still has that edge after a cushy CBS job, I want him on our sideline. Shula was like that - he said "I don't get ulcers - I give them."

I want someone coaching that gives players a bad case of diareah just by looking at them.

That Guy and all others.....

These players have Sporano's back. thats the measure of a coach and organization...do the players have your back....in the case of Sporano the answer is yes!!!

Cowher maybe the most over rated coch if all time. i guess when you retire right after a SV win thats all people rember...they forget the 10 years it took for cowher to make it there.

why does cowher get 10 years and Sporano only gets 3?

The Parcells enshrined regime has had thier misses as we all obviously know. But here are the successes to date:

1. Jake Long no brainer.

2. Chad Henne promising 2nd rd qb that is currently tied with with 1st overall selection Matt Ryan in nfl qb ratings. Also ranked higher than 1st rd pick Joe Flacco. All 3 were selected from same qb class.

3. Marshall/ Dansby. No articulation neccessary.

4. Vontae "the vulture" Davis

5. Davone "simply the best" Bess. Undrafted free agent.

6. Dan "pro bowl" Carpenter

7. Randy "acorn" Starks

8. Cameron "acorn" Wake. No wake call neccessary.

9. The entire offensive line. Solid as a rock.

10. Danby and Crowder. We may now possess best ilb tandem in the entire league.

Guys just go to to miamidolphins.com and check up and down the roster for yourselves. We are only 2-3 impact players away from hoisting the Lombardi. Parcells job is indeed done here.

Just thought I'd pop in and see how the fan base is doing. Bill and Bobby thats quite an argument between you two. Reminds me of how an old player of mine, Bill Stanfil used to get after Billy Kilmer but thats a story for another day. I urge you to keep it clean though, we are all on the same team.

On a professional level - I have to say that what Bill has done here the past few years is commendable and has certainly laid the groundwork for success in the coming years. As with any team that is growing and striving for success, you have to continually reshape
and add character and most of all good players.

Well thats about it. Cheers and best of luck on Sunday.

parcells did turn around the team and the culture and selected ireland and sparano to help him. question now is; did parcells leave us with good people? with all the secrecy its hard to assess the situation because no one knows who did what. who made the free agent mistakes and who wasted the draft picks etc etc etc. fans and media are left wondering and speculating. alot of questions with no answers. jury still out on ireland and sparano as talent evaluators; tannenbaum of jets hasnt missed too often. we got nothing for JT or matt roth who are playing well in positions of need.

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