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Parcells takes another step away from the Dolphins

Bill Parcells' slow but steady departure from the Dolphins continued over the weekend when he cleared out of his office and decided his work with Miami would take on a different, more detached style than it was even recently in his role as consultant.

A club source just confirmed an ESPN report that Parcells is no longer taking part in day-to-day operations of the team. Starting Monday, Parcells was no longer intent on being at his post every day as he had been through even last week.

"Bill is still performing his duties to the Dolphins," the club source said. "But he's choosing to do it in a different fashion."

That new fashion is from afar. Parcells will rarely be at the team's training facility from now on and may not attend any home games, either. He never attended road games, even when he served as executive vice president for football operations.

Parcells yielded that title and job the first week of the regular season. It was the first step in what is certain to be a total disconnect from the Dolphins after the 2010 season ends. Monday's step was the second such step.

Parcells will continue to do the things he enjoys as he collects the remainder of his 2010 salary: He actually likes to grind hour after hour, studying tape of college players. He typically does that work starting in November so that likely will still happen, according to a source.

But unlike past years when Parcells studied players, then set the agenda for drafting them, he will have little if any say in the April 2011 draft, according to a second club source.

Parcells also will no longer be involved in helping the current players on the roster with tips or motivational tweaks. He will no longer be "down the hall," as coach Tony Sparano liked to say, for the moments the coach asked Parcells for his opinion.

And he will not be watching practices first-hand and suggesting to GM Jeff Ireland ways to address weaknesses on the roster.

So ultimately what does this mean for the Dolphins?

First, it is not a distraction. Coach Tony Sparano will answer a few questions about it Wednesday. Players might get a couple also. That's it. The truth is Parcells has purposefully had little affect on the locker room this year so the team will not suffer a great degree of distraction as it prepares for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But there is fallout. No doubt about that.

The safety net for Ireland and Sparano is pretty much gone. Parcells had removed it from Sparano a while back, refusing to correct what he saw as mistakes by the head coach or his assistants for fear of overshadowing their authority.

But he had no such fear of keeping Ireland from stepping in obvious muck. He correct possible missteps and went another direction, if necessary. Now Ireland is wholly and solely responsible for Miami's personnel decisions and Parcells is even more removed from the process than he was even last week.

And that, by the way, was quite removed. For example: Remember the first week of the season when the Dolphins set their initial 53 man roster? Jake Grove was on that roster with Parcells in charge. A few days later when Parcells stepped back and Ireland took over, the GM waived Grove.

Ireland didn't ask for permission. He told Parcells he was making the move and then did it.

Now Parcells will get this information via a phone call rather than perhaps a personal chat with Ireland in his office. No, that's not a big difference. But there is a subtle change.

The biggest change, the long-term effect is in that Miami instantly loses the credibility of having Bill Parcells at the helm. He had a track record. He won Super Bowls. He was proven. And so if he said Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano were good, they were good.

Now, neither Ireland nor Sparano have anyone vouching for them. They must sink or swim based on two things: Wins and losses.

They win, we're good, they're good, ownership is good, everyone's good.

They lose, as they did last year at 7-9, and suddenly there will be much questioning, second-guessing, wondering, wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth. I exaggerate, but you get the drift.

One man's word will no longer be enough to say, "All is well, we're on course."

Because that man is all but gone from Miami.



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How many of the Henne hater know that he's now tied with Matt Ryan in the nfl qb rankings and ranked higher than Joe Flacco? All 3 were slected in the same qb class only Henne was selected in the 2nd rd while the other 2 were selected in the 1st rd with Ryan chosen 2nd overall.

dyingBreed...........and HENNE MAKES ...600,000 , 1/5 OF BESS FUTURE SALARY

greg z.....

i was with you till you brought up roth and jt. thats some nice writing....how did you manage to work those 2 malcontents into your post....of course roth shines on clevland...somebody has to.

as for jt....what highlights have u seen him on....1sack against us....he was all hopped up on candy and mountain dew......

Those scrubs do not deserve to be PHINS....Good riddence. i suppose if carpenter gets picked up and makes a tackle we will all call that another BP blunder.....

Is players having ones 'back' a measure of proficiency? I am sure you and I could recite the littany of "players coaches" who went down the toilet along with their record.

Take Steve Spurrier — Washington Redskins: The Ol' Ball Coach was more like the Clueless Ball Coach when he left the cozy confines of his Florida offensive attack and golf courses for the big leagues. He was a total flop and eventually quit after realizing the NFL was a little bit too much for him to handle. Not only did he prove to be a poor evaluator of personnel, his offensive genius label went by the wayside when he surrendered the offense to assistant Hue Jackson. Players said he ran meetings and the team schedule as loose as a Club Med getaway in Cancun. He brought in a bunch of ex Gators and they of course loved him. That had nothing to do with success.

Cam Cameron — Miami Dolphins: It was all about the love. He lost all but one game and that was after he decided not to be the head coach for Miami in the team's final preseason game. Remember that beauty, saying he wanted to evaluate his other coaches? His troubles have been widely reported here so there's no reason to dig it up again. But let's just say he and the players in his locker room won't be having any koombaya moments again soon.

Dallas players definitely have Wade Phillips back. Look, they get to excessivly celebrate and drwa the same penalties every week. I have never been a Cowboys fan but I am sincerely a Wade Phillips fan. I think he is a great defensive coordinator. But that is where he’s best. He has been promoted to his highest level of incompetence. You know every single time Dallas has a big game that he is the wrong guy to coach it. He instills no confidence in the fans and I can’t believe he instill any in the players.

I will give Wade Phillips props for the best “look” in football. He always has a look on his like he is amazed that he is actually the coach of the Dallas Cowboys. I feel like every press conference he does he just wants to say “Can you guys believe this? Little ole’ me? Coach of the Dallas Cowboys? Amazing.”

I saved the best for last. Lovie is a good man and I’m sure the players all like him but he’s a poor head coach. His inability to abandon his beloved cover 2 scheme as well as his poor decision to move Devin Hester to wide receiver shows that as a head coach he is a damn fine defensive coordinator. Just like the rest of the list, it’s time for the team to make a change. Winning is not imminent with these coaches at the helm.

Henne is fine already and will only get better.

Roth is an ungrateful sob. His career as a DE was definitely headed for the scrap bin before the new regime trained him at olb. He rewards them with Rothgate the following season.

Guys anytime you want to make something finally go away send it to Oakland or Cleveland. Roth maybe currently playing well but its all for naught in Cleveland.

So who really gets the last laugh. Im sure as a team we will consistently fare better than those Brown turds. Rothgate your genius has only outsmarted yourself.

greg, have to concur with Kris on JT/Roth. ROth quit on the team - it wasn't a mgmt decision based on talent. No room for quitters here.

JT only wanted to play WOLB - I'd rather have Wake. JT, thanks for your service but if you don't want to be a team guy, have fun facing perennial disappointment in NY.


I agree with you about JT. JT only marks the end of a great old era. Wake represents the beginning of a great new era. Advantage Dolphins.

Misi has been steady if not overly impressive. I would take him over loud mouth locker room splitting Joey Porter any day. Again advantage Dolphins.

that guy....

i would futher explain myself but you have shown yourself to be little more than an immature brat on a man's football blog. its a shame too because you attempted to back up your post with what you believed were solid opinions....to bad you had to get so disrespectful wirh the signing.....

when you grow up in a few years we can try to have a disscussion....your not 2 (i don't think) this isn't your sandbox....and get this......ITS OK TO DISAGREE

DB, for sure the change at OLB has gone well. I am still not convinced about Misi but his career is still very young and he's not exactly out of his element out there right now.

Bye Bye Tuna...RIP

Bye Bye Sparano and Ireland after the season ends...farewell

Hello J-Lo as the new Tight End

Just found out there's a town in Pennsylvania named Bryn Mawr. Not to be disrespectful to anyone in the great football cradle in Penn, but what happened to the vowels and how exactly do you pronounce this?

josh mccown was pegged the starter in 2008 w/ j beck backing him up. do you think the phins would have won 11 with that pyle.?. they would have finished 2-14.. it was favre who made the phins 11-5. otherwise penni would have been in puke green that season. mccown bp's 1st choice.

I mean really..she is fine. 10 minutes with her and I would forget it.

2 watt, however, it was BP's connection to Chad that got him here instantly (when he had other options) and still has him here.

Tell the whole story, no revisionist history please.


I just remind myself the kid Misi in his first year learning a new position. He clearly gets an A in effort.

Once he cleans up his edge setting technique which game by game he is better. Then learns a few other pass rush moves to go with his stallwark bullrush move. This kid could be a future beast in the making.

He does have 2-3 sacks in 5 games played which isnt awful at all.


Thanks for the laugh.

It takes me all day just trying to think of something as stupidly funny as your last post.

You Sir got talent, Duh!

odin, i know u luv me, u'r welcome.lol


Just checked nfl.com. Misi currently has 3 sacks in 5 games. Should he continue at this pace he will finish the season with at least 9-10 sacks.

This clearly surpasses Matt Rothgate's first season sack total at solb of 5 sacks. So Rothgate whiners put a sock in it!

misi has looked solid at times and totally lost alot of other times. but hes a rookie, wait on judgement. would like jt to still be here though, camarillo also

Certainly, if you have the track record of Bill Parcells then you can do whatever the hell you want.

sick of seeing jt celebrating every week after another jets win

gold is down 33 dollars .

James Harrison is a heck of a football player. That doesn't outweigh the fact that he's a low life cheapshot artist.

I've watched a lot of tape on the guy and it's easy to see. He puts just as much effort into making a play as he does exploiting a cheap shot opportunity.

I'm hoping Jake Long accidentally breaks both of Harrison's knees and stomps his head in the F-cking Turf!

Bill Connors,

True at times Misi may seem a little loss but the good of it is that its never for a lack of hussle. This kid will figure it all out. When he does the Wake/Misi tandem will be near top of the nfl beast heap.

how old is wake anyways?

14 years old .

DB, Bill, I agree, Misi is holding his own, he will be fine. He apparently has an all-world motor and work ethic so that counts for a lot right now.

Odin, you had to laugh at what Harrison said when he laid out Cribbs though ...

"So what were you thinking when you saw Cribbs lying there?"

"I guess that's the end of the Wildcat"

hahaha, he's a bad mutha (shut your mouth)

Wake is 27 I think

harrison is awesome, we need to find a guy like him. put fear in opponents



has about 4 top seasons in him.

28! damnit, yeah start going downhill in 2 years

mark. do you remember Uwe Detlef Walter von Schamann,?. every time he went to kick a fg or ex/p. you closed your eyes.. the same with henne every time he sets up to paxx. you don't know what is going to happen. in bp's own words about romo,don't crown him just yet..lol

Bill Connors,

Wake sat out his 1st season after being cut from nfl which would have been his rookie season. The next season he would head for the cfl where he played for 2 seasons. He is in his 2nd season with us.

1+2+2 = 5th pro football season. Average player leaves college at 22yrs old. 22 + 5 = 27yrs old. Wake is 27years old, 28yrs old max.

28 mark said, older than i hoped

Wake was born in jan 1982.

2 watt, i think you get that feeling everytime any young qb goes back to throw. I'm a fan of Henne - I think he will be excellent and is pretty good already.

How can people in Atlanta be crowning Matt Ryan as the next Tom Brady playing in the weak NFC and Chad Henne is a bum according to many in Miami playing in the ultra competitive AFC, but yet have identical #s???

Barring serious injury Wake has at least 5 highly productive seasons left in him. At 35, JT's still productive. We still have lots of time left before even considering bridging over from the Wake era. Fret not guys!

i love henne, finally found a qb we can play for 5 or more years


That's my point, he's a low life and it's NOT funny:

"So what were you thinking when you saw Cribbs lying there?"

"I guess that's the end of the Wildcat"

No class and it IS NOT funny. OK, well maybe a little............................

Alright, so it was Hilarious, but It was NOT funny!


My first thought when I saw that hit was: We need guys that hit like that.

Still, you can be a great player without having too take every single possible cheap shot that come your way. No class.

Again, I hope Long stomps him into a bloody, curled up concussion!

gold is down 35 .

The male doesn't reach his physical peak until at least age 32. Barring injury, he will have 4 top years left then might drop off.

Jason Taylor was 32 when he won the defensive player of the year, no? Strahan was in his 30s when he broke the sack record. Wake will be here for years and rack up 3,4,5 pro bowls in that time if healthy.

How good are pittsburgs Offensive tackles?

Max Starks 6-8 345.

35 year old Flozzell Adams 6-7 338.

Will Wake and Misi be able to get any pressure on the Big Perv?

Look at it on the bright side all you Tuna bashers; Now if they do not keep Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams; it was NOT the Big tuna calling the shots!

wake will be 2bled. so it's up to dansby and starks to kick his axx.

It could be the side effects from the chemtrails, but I just had a vision!

Next Sunday, 4;00pm on CBS the patriots lose on the road to the Chargers.

2 Watt,

Wake will be what?


Doubled, Duh!

And I was questioning your intelligence earlier-LOL!

Odin, think he was trying to write a short form for "doubled".

As far as the Pitt OT's - this is not Pitt's strength.

Max Starks is a serviceable player at 28 but has never made a pro bowl. Probably comparable to Vernon Carey.

Flozell Adams WAS a great tackle and a 5 time pro bowl selection. But he's 35 and was released by the Cowboys for a reason and lost his job to Doug Free. He also has a problem with false start penalties let's make some noise, people!!!

Alot of Miami Dolphin fans were coming out of the pre season looking past Buffalo and thinking Minnesota on the road would be a sure loss.

Now, considering our home record(and everything else), does anyone really think we have a chance against pittsburg at HOME?

pittsville has been playing some good ball with or without the Big Perv. Weigh in people????

I was sitting in Lambeau 2nd row goal line between the visiting bench and the dressing rooms, and Polite walked back to the dressing room late in the 4th qtr with the help of a trainer. He was sort of hobbling – looked like something with his right leg - since the trainer was on his right side and being used to take weight off of his step.

Has anyone heard if he's injured and if so, what it is?

Could this be why Lex got put in @ FB and maybe why the Fins just picked up Anderson? (depth at FB and help on ST)?

Odin, I have to believe the Dolphins can win. This a good team but not the Steel Curtain. If Colt McCoy can pass for 280 yds at the Big Ketchup Bottle, there has to be some way to score enough points. Someone wake Mr. Nice Call up.


You never know how things will play out. I'm hoping Pittsville thinks their two massive tackles can handle Wake and leave him one on one.

Back in the day Adams could handle just about any type of pass rusher thrown at him. Not so much anymore/lately.

Starks is solid, but the one weakness I've seen has been against pass rushers like Wake, ie: Smallish speed Demon with a non-stop motor.

Kind of similar to how Long had trouble with John Abraham(?) last year.

Truth be told, the sack numbers are great. Still I just want to see Wake getting after the Big Perv, like the Perv gets after drunk co-eds.

Sad to see the elephant leaving the big top in Miami. I wonder what clown they will invite to the circus next. And yes, Cam Wake would demolish either of the Pitt tackles. However, Pitt will not make the same mistake other teams have been making - you can count on Wake seeing double teams all day.

Big Ben doesn't think most pass rushers can take him down one on one. HE WILL HOLD THE BALL. It's up to our pass rusherERS to get there. i.e. Misi, Starks, Langford(?), Odrick, Dansby .... I'm looking at you.

“Bill is a football guy,” a source said. “When it gets into the hands of the lawyers and the owners, it’s not football. And that bothers him. Right now, he wants nothing to do with that.”
Obviously, it was Stephen Ross that pushed him out. Ross in the Jeremiah Wright of the NFL. I can't imagine anyone in the NFL wanted to work for that evil moron.

If I spent a billion dollars on a team - i would want a say on EVERYTHING including player personnel matters.

We all knew Parcell would be leaving sooner or later, so a suprise? NOPE!

Still I have my own personal opinions on guys that bail just before the real battle(s)begin.
It's a straight up wussy move. Pure and simple.

You don't help me case the bank, snag the guns and time the assault if you're not going in with me.

Other than health reasons, I say Parcell's has no excuse! He pulled the NFL's wussbag of the year move. If you couldn't stick it out for the entire season Bill, you should have stepped down at the end of last season. I know alot of people have said that he doesn't do much during the season, but I don't care. There are a lot of variables like confidence, psychologies and over all team chemistry. You're either part of this team or you're not, period. Bailing the week of our season opener was/is inexcusable.

Having said all that, I still think his sooner than later departure had something to do with that curious churnning of the roster immediately following the 53 man cut down!

Whatever, see ya Bill, hope you fail miserably in all of your future endeavors!

PS: Kill the Pittsville Perv!!!!

Off topic, but as I was reading rumors out there, I couldn't help but stop on Lee Evans on the trade block. I know it probably won't happen even though judging from the WR market he'd only command probably a 4th round pick (give or take a round), but, assuming the Bills would trade in division, wouldn't it be nice to have Marshall on one side, Lee Evans as a deep threat on the other, and Bess in the slot? If that's not the best trio of receivers in the league, I'd like to see a better one.

Home, I hope you die. No, seriously. We all despise you.

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