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Parcells takes another step away from the Dolphins

Bill Parcells' slow but steady departure from the Dolphins continued over the weekend when he cleared out of his office and decided his work with Miami would take on a different, more detached style than it was even recently in his role as consultant.

A club source just confirmed an ESPN report that Parcells is no longer taking part in day-to-day operations of the team. Starting Monday, Parcells was no longer intent on being at his post every day as he had been through even last week.

"Bill is still performing his duties to the Dolphins," the club source said. "But he's choosing to do it in a different fashion."

That new fashion is from afar. Parcells will rarely be at the team's training facility from now on and may not attend any home games, either. He never attended road games, even when he served as executive vice president for football operations.

Parcells yielded that title and job the first week of the regular season. It was the first step in what is certain to be a total disconnect from the Dolphins after the 2010 season ends. Monday's step was the second such step.

Parcells will continue to do the things he enjoys as he collects the remainder of his 2010 salary: He actually likes to grind hour after hour, studying tape of college players. He typically does that work starting in November so that likely will still happen, according to a source.

But unlike past years when Parcells studied players, then set the agenda for drafting them, he will have little if any say in the April 2011 draft, according to a second club source.

Parcells also will no longer be involved in helping the current players on the roster with tips or motivational tweaks. He will no longer be "down the hall," as coach Tony Sparano liked to say, for the moments the coach asked Parcells for his opinion.

And he will not be watching practices first-hand and suggesting to GM Jeff Ireland ways to address weaknesses on the roster.

So ultimately what does this mean for the Dolphins?

First, it is not a distraction. Coach Tony Sparano will answer a few questions about it Wednesday. Players might get a couple also. That's it. The truth is Parcells has purposefully had little affect on the locker room this year so the team will not suffer a great degree of distraction as it prepares for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But there is fallout. No doubt about that.

The safety net for Ireland and Sparano is pretty much gone. Parcells had removed it from Sparano a while back, refusing to correct what he saw as mistakes by the head coach or his assistants for fear of overshadowing their authority.

But he had no such fear of keeping Ireland from stepping in obvious muck. He correct possible missteps and went another direction, if necessary. Now Ireland is wholly and solely responsible for Miami's personnel decisions and Parcells is even more removed from the process than he was even last week.

And that, by the way, was quite removed. For example: Remember the first week of the season when the Dolphins set their initial 53 man roster? Jake Grove was on that roster with Parcells in charge. A few days later when Parcells stepped back and Ireland took over, the GM waived Grove.

Ireland didn't ask for permission. He told Parcells he was making the move and then did it.

Now Parcells will get this information via a phone call rather than perhaps a personal chat with Ireland in his office. No, that's not a big difference. But there is a subtle change.

The biggest change, the long-term effect is in that Miami instantly loses the credibility of having Bill Parcells at the helm. He had a track record. He won Super Bowls. He was proven. And so if he said Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano were good, they were good.

Now, neither Ireland nor Sparano have anyone vouching for them. They must sink or swim based on two things: Wins and losses.

They win, we're good, they're good, ownership is good, everyone's good.

They lose, as they did last year at 7-9, and suddenly there will be much questioning, second-guessing, wondering, wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth. I exaggerate, but you get the drift.

One man's word will no longer be enough to say, "All is well, we're on course."

Because that man is all but gone from Miami.



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odin/mark. a low scoring game favors carpenter at the end. no shoot out.

Thank You Mr. Bill "COACH" PARCELLS for fixing this 1 - 15 shipwreck.


Defense has to man up, no doubt - not winning a shoot out.

Fins' fan,

I agree with you. I doubt an intra-division trade like that would happen.

Still, I've always thought Lee Evans is/would/will be a beast in the right offensive system.

Can he still stretch the field? What is his forty time?

Lets see, Marshall, Evans and Bess? Yeah, I like it. I like the sound of that more than any of the other WR's that people have mentioned bringing to Miami!

Lets just trade them Pennigton straight up, or Thigpen and a 6th or 7th!

FYI, lee evans holds the Bills record for most receiving yards in a qtr - 205 yds!!!

He's only 29. Thigpen and a low draft pick would do it for me.

why is everyone down on harline? he's young and a lot of upside. He had some clutch passes last game. I say trade thigpen for a draft pick only. We need draft picks not a passed his prime wide receive in evans

Combine time was 4.42s according to Wikipedia. Even if he's at 4.4s now, that is plenty fast.

Home, I hope you die. No, seriously. We all despise you.

Posted by: Odinseye | October 19, 2010 at 02:47 PM



I hope you know this is not the real me.



Get this guys drivers liscense, registration and IP address!

Where the hell is a blog cop when you need one. Cuban Menace, HELP!!!!

PS: Homes, I still feel the same way about you as I did the day we first met over at Alt.Conspiracy.com/FriendFinders.DoubleCom

wake is 29 actually. BTW BP thank you for everything you did for our beloved dolphins. I hope you come back and do one more draft with us. Appreciate all the help

gold is down 40 dollars.

Boulder, Wkae will turn 29 on Jan 30 - as he gets ready to play in the SUPER BOWL!!!

Bill helped set the foundation for a team that will be playoff contending for the next decade. We were very fortunate to have him.



205 yards in a quarter of play? Get out of here!

Do you have any idea which QB was throwing him the ball at that time?

PS: Not to many people have weighed in on thinking we have a chance against Pittsville????

It was JP Los(er)man oddly enough against the Texans.

It doesn't matter if other people will stand, we stand. We will win! You have to believe!!

You Parcells bashers are crazy. Need I remind you of the Wanny and Speilman days. Or the Mueller and Cam Camoron days. I'll take Bill in a heartbeat over those shmucks! We are young and talented just not experienced enough yet. That will come in time. Remember the Jets are old. Lets see what kind of shape there in come January .The young Dolphins will be peaking in December. The future looks very good.

I'm not complaining about what Parcells did for the Dolphins. I myself wish he would've stayed on for 5 more years.

My problem is with how he left the team and the timing of it.

If he's such a proffessional Vice Presidential type then he could've orchestrated his departure in a manner more conducive to positive football operations.

I mean come on, one of the soundbites we were all hearing was a "Change in Culture". Teaching our young team how to be winners.

Well in my book quitters NEVER win!

The manner in which he chose to leave was and could have been alot more detrimental to the team.

Thanks for everything Bill and now I hope you fail at everything non-Dolphins that you do.

the 1-15 team lost 6 games by 3 points or less. they could have been 7-9. at least thats what the talent level was.they weren't that bad. meaning. the 1-15 debacle that slim took over.

ODIN, tuna loves to work alone without disturbance .when mike dee came to join the team that was the signal that the business as usual is over .he was pushed aside .

2 watt, yes that 2007 team was amazing.

2watt starting to talk like depleted battery .

aloco.united we stand divided we fall

Since DC isn't here today, here's some Dolphins' history. Mark Dixon, Ricky Williams, and Cam Wake are not the only links between my country and the Miami Dolphins ...

"In 1974, shortly after the Dolphins' won Super Bowl VIII, Paul Warfield and teammates Larry Csonka and Jim Kiick made what were then surprising decisions. They left the Dolphins at the conclusion of the season for what appeared to be more lucrative pastures with the Toronto Northmen of World Football League. (The Northmen moved to Memphis without playing a game in Toronto)."

ronnie brown is 100 percent gone. bring ricky back for great backup. lets get some speed for once at rb. find a stud te also

robbie wouldn't pay them.

Big Ben thought his notieriety and fame entitled him too "take" any p_ssy he wanted.

When that didn't work out too well, he thought maybe a young, naive drunk co-ed would make an easier victim.

Now that Goodell has "punished" him, I'm sure Big Ben has learned a lesson.

Rothleisberger: "Hey, anybody know where I can get some of those ruppies"?

I hope Wake "trucks" him up under his face mask!!!!

People grossly misunderstand the mechanics of Parcells arrival here. Wayne Huizenga's picker was obviously broken.

Huizenga chose Jimmy Johnson who flat out quit on us then chose Dave Wandstadt to succeed him. Who was then fired. Then again Huizenga chose Nick Saban who flat out quit on us.

Then Huizenga chose Cam Cameron and Mueller who proceeded to drive us off of the proverbial nfl cliff which the 1-15 record concurs. Hmmm....sounds like Huizenga's picker was broken to me.

Then in a last ditch effort, after finally realizing how seriously broken his picker really is Huizenga got on hands and knees and begged like a hopeless hapless dog to bring Parcells into our fold.

Numerous times Parcells refused until Huizenga made the offer so lopsided that if Parcells again refused his sanity w2hould have been tested for the entire nation to see.

People Parcell was not brought in to build a championship or perrenial playoff team. He only agreed to be the winch tat pull us from that 1-15 ditch and get us to a garage where he believed our mangled bodies could be restored(Ireland, Sparano).

By all accounts what Parcells and Huizenga agreed to has been consumated. The roster(mangled body) is about 95% turned over. We have some shiny new high performance pieces and have thorughly passed the new recrank test.

Folks Bill Parcells' job is done here. Its only left to the auto body and repair shop(Ireland and Sparano) to add the 2-3 finishing pieces.

Folks thanks to Parcells completing totally what he agred to do. We are only 2-3 dominant players away from being perrenial SB contenders or winners. Remember, Parcells did not come here to be a coach or GM. What he did come here to do is finished.

Posted by: DyingBreed | October 19, 2010 at 11:50 AM

Posted for the Parcells haters.


Are ytou a mechanic?

Your analogies are AWESOME!!!!

I wish Parcell's would have coached. I wish he would have stayed on indefinitely.

The point is, now that he bailed, I could care less what he does. If he does anything in the NFL it won't be as a Miami Dolphin, so I hope he fails miserably.

PS: Anybody know how good Pittsperv is against the run?

The pass?

DyingBreed, this is the wrong blog to use sane rationale thoughts or logic and expect anyone to understand or agree. You are 100% correct and hopefully I am not the only one who realizes it.

Thank you Mr. Parcells for stearing this team in the right direction and bringing on board many good crew members. Please don't join the Bills as your next reconstruction project.

Crowder has been back for one game and he's already making me eat my words. I got to give credit where credit is due. His play in Green Bay was inspiring.

I can't wait until we have a few games under our belts with Starks on the Nose and Dansby and Crowder patrolling the middle.

I've watched Mendenhall since he started for Illinois. Even at this point of his career I still think he's underated. Still I think Dansby and Crowder can handle him.

If Pittspervs is going to have a chance it will have to be through the air.

Kill the Perv's!!!!

Our special teams just got a lot stronger with Deon Anderson being signed. The guy is a strong blocker and known for his special teams play as well as being a starting FB. He will replace Carpenters spot on special teams and finally we will see someone block the rushers.

if pitts gonna have a chance?? come on man pitt is even favored in our house. we are the team that has to play the perfect game here

Bill was the perfect tonic for what ailed the Fins after our 1-15 season...I mean PERFECT!
without his leadership at the helm, we would still be in the NFL ditch.
PS - I don't believe he has the energy to take on anymore turn-around projects and will ride off into the sunset to bet on the ponies and play a few rounds of golf....farewell and following seas my friend!


Are you saying that I'm irrational or insane?

I'm nuttier than a F_CKING fruit cake sweet cheeks, but it still don't change the facts.

What should we have a nice big emotion fest of a going away party?

Thanks Bill, don't break the door with that fat a s s on the way out!!!!

Parcell's ain't a Dolphin anymore, so he now OFFICIALLY SUCKS A S S!!!!

Back off odinseye...Bill is a jersey guy just like tony and just might break-a-u-face

parcells failed big time in dallas and now here

Dude...put down the pipe.
We went from 1-15 to the playoffs in ONE SEASON...tell me how that is a failure?

My two cents on winning the game:
1. O Line: they will have to hold against an onslaught of blitzes and create openings for R&R.
2. Henne: He's going to have to stay composed and release quickly under an onslaught of blitzes. He'll also need to study Pittsburgh's secondary (i.e. Head & Shoulders' Polamalu) really well.
3. Our secondary: Ward and Randel El are clutch playmakers. When Pittsburgh is behind, these guys step up. Dolphins' secondary has to molest them all day to limit them.

To ALL OF YOU PARCELL HATERS....just ask yourself this simple question.

are the Dolphins better now than when he took over ?... yes or no

to me , is very simple, the Dolphins are way better. case closed

I agree with most points... the wildcard is can Henne feel the coming blitz and hit Marshall in a one-on-one mismatch down the sideline.
Marshall can out jump anyone in the league and Henne is slowly seeing that his abilities are off the charts.
Hit Marshall on the blitz packages and we'll win the game.

fzb there was nowhere to go but up. u could of took them over and improved them just by cutting the entire roster

I see Charles Grant got chopped today by the
Bears. It's obvious they saw what we saw in him.....just a guy who can't get it done any more. So all those guys who've been harping to bring this guy in and 'why did we ever cut him'......he's just not that good any more.

Also, wasn't that Renaldo Hill, ex-safety for the Dolphins, who gave up that STUPID facemask penalty right at the end of the Jets/Broncos game on Sunday and cost his team the game? Bonehead move!! Another guy we don't miss.

fins dont need to worry about old guys ward and randel el at all. its wallace they better watch

Odinseye I wasn't referring to you. Usually your posts are very rationale and sane. I say usually because that sweet cheeks post was leaning a little toward the crazy side of the fence. I'm sure you were joking.

And no we shouldn't have a going away party for Parcells. Just as we shouldn't crucify him as if he did nothing for this team. In the past two seasons the Dolphins have played with the best of them and been in almost every game they've lost until the end. They are beating or almost beating the best teams in the league three short years after being completely rebuilt. Lets try to be realistic about what it is.

Well whats going to happen is Mr Ross is going to hire is long time friend Mr Peterson And then he is going to sign Bill COwer and Mr Sprano will be our new off cord.. Tell your friends you heard it here frist..

A DE for pittsperv ruled out for sunday Brett Keisel! Thats a step in the right direction already!

I'm hoping Nolan has some amazing blitz packages he's kept under wraps just for this game.

NHFINSFAN your theory doesn't hold water. So when Cameron took a mediocre team and turned them into a laughing stock did you say there was no place to go but down? Shouldn't he have made the team better. Anything could've happened if they hired a Chan Gailey or Wade Phillips as in maybe the next season they would've gone 0-16. Would we have went 11-5 the following season and made the playoffs had they hired someone other than Parcells? Who knows because it's all just a guess. As much as you don't want to hear people say Parcells made the team better you must realize that you are shooting yourself in the foot. By that rationale you can't say he didn't make the team better or someone else could have done just as good of a job unless you are somehow able to magically see things that never happened.

Deon Anderson. That's the move! WTF. You guys all know that I'm a Montana homer. But if I'm Lex Hilliard I'm going nuts. Lex was the Fb in the overtime period and did a fine job. Everytime they let this kid play he produces. Why doesn't the FO trade him for something, or let him contribute? Hang in there Lex, your time will come!

letter to BP.


Dying Breed
Darryl dunphy

letter to bp

we love you BILL

Graig M




I got cha.

I was joking, just trying to SOUND a little crazy.

How'd I do? LOL!





I have to agree with you. Parcell's did a h e l l of a job and I personally wished he would've stayed longer.

Did he miss on some moves? Sure, everybody does, but he hit on a lot of them too.

Would somebody have done it better or faster, MAYBE, but that's a hypothetical and ultimately moot point.

Parcell laid down such a solid foundation here, we're almost to the point where we can focus on adding pure bonafide play making superstars. You gotta love it. If you don't, somethings wrong with you.

The only real problem I had with any of it was the TIMMING of his departure.


Man, my Dolphins win guarantee didn't show up.

I'm an optimst but it doesn't even matter. I'm guaranteeing a Dolphin win over pittsville. Write it down, believe you me, bank on it, take it to the bank, any cliche you want to use, Miami beats pittsville this Sunday, PERIOD!

I'm just as sure of this as I am the Chargers will down the patriots right afterwards!


i dont agree that losing parcell is such a bad thing. sparano and ireland shouldnt get any more benefit of the doubt, and who did we draft that ended up so spectacular under their reign, besides long, andnits hard to screw up the first pick. did they turn it around? yes, but our schedule was largely to thank. so lets recap: the draft picks were disappointing, all but one year (including this one so far) has been disappointing, what was it
that he did again?

Whatever about Parcells, who really cares. I think us picking cowboy player after cowboy player up is ridiculous, I mean really is there no other team to pick up players from? If they are not making the 1-4 cowboys team should we even consider them for ours? C'MON MAN!!! Every week I see the long ball on every team and have the dolphins completed 1 long ball for a touchdown all season? I've seen them beat on the long ball but have we completed 1? Whoever is calling plays for the Fins(Henning?)please stop dirupting our momentum every week with the reverse call, we pound and pound and are driving down the field chipping away yardage and you ruin it every week with a reverse or wildcat or trick play, STOP!!! The Dolphins are the most frustrating team to watch, just squeaking by when they do win, and you can tell when we get to the 30-35 yard line that they just shut down hoping to get a field goal. Take a chance for goodness sake,you may actually get a td, Henne stop watching your intended reciever right from the snap buddy.

Dave , did you coach before ?

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