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Parcells takes another step away from the Dolphins

Bill Parcells' slow but steady departure from the Dolphins continued over the weekend when he cleared out of his office and decided his work with Miami would take on a different, more detached style than it was even recently in his role as consultant.

A club source just confirmed an ESPN report that Parcells is no longer taking part in day-to-day operations of the team. Starting Monday, Parcells was no longer intent on being at his post every day as he had been through even last week.

"Bill is still performing his duties to the Dolphins," the club source said. "But he's choosing to do it in a different fashion."

That new fashion is from afar. Parcells will rarely be at the team's training facility from now on and may not attend any home games, either. He never attended road games, even when he served as executive vice president for football operations.

Parcells yielded that title and job the first week of the regular season. It was the first step in what is certain to be a total disconnect from the Dolphins after the 2010 season ends. Monday's step was the second such step.

Parcells will continue to do the things he enjoys as he collects the remainder of his 2010 salary: He actually likes to grind hour after hour, studying tape of college players. He typically does that work starting in November so that likely will still happen, according to a source.

But unlike past years when Parcells studied players, then set the agenda for drafting them, he will have little if any say in the April 2011 draft, according to a second club source.

Parcells also will no longer be involved in helping the current players on the roster with tips or motivational tweaks. He will no longer be "down the hall," as coach Tony Sparano liked to say, for the moments the coach asked Parcells for his opinion.

And he will not be watching practices first-hand and suggesting to GM Jeff Ireland ways to address weaknesses on the roster.

So ultimately what does this mean for the Dolphins?

First, it is not a distraction. Coach Tony Sparano will answer a few questions about it Wednesday. Players might get a couple also. That's it. The truth is Parcells has purposefully had little affect on the locker room this year so the team will not suffer a great degree of distraction as it prepares for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But there is fallout. No doubt about that.

The safety net for Ireland and Sparano is pretty much gone. Parcells had removed it from Sparano a while back, refusing to correct what he saw as mistakes by the head coach or his assistants for fear of overshadowing their authority.

But he had no such fear of keeping Ireland from stepping in obvious muck. He correct possible missteps and went another direction, if necessary. Now Ireland is wholly and solely responsible for Miami's personnel decisions and Parcells is even more removed from the process than he was even last week.

And that, by the way, was quite removed. For example: Remember the first week of the season when the Dolphins set their initial 53 man roster? Jake Grove was on that roster with Parcells in charge. A few days later when Parcells stepped back and Ireland took over, the GM waived Grove.

Ireland didn't ask for permission. He told Parcells he was making the move and then did it.

Now Parcells will get this information via a phone call rather than perhaps a personal chat with Ireland in his office. No, that's not a big difference. But there is a subtle change.

The biggest change, the long-term effect is in that Miami instantly loses the credibility of having Bill Parcells at the helm. He had a track record. He won Super Bowls. He was proven. And so if he said Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano were good, they were good.

Now, neither Ireland nor Sparano have anyone vouching for them. They must sink or swim based on two things: Wins and losses.

They win, we're good, they're good, ownership is good, everyone's good.

They lose, as they did last year at 7-9, and suddenly there will be much questioning, second-guessing, wondering, wringing of hands, gnashing of teeth. I exaggerate, but you get the drift.

One man's word will no longer be enough to say, "All is well, we're on course."

Because that man is all but gone from Miami.



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For he's a jolly good fellow

For he's a jolly good.....what's that? He's already gone?


it's easy for people to come and voice disapproval after the fact .we were getting rotten in the cellar FOR 12 years and no one said a damn thing .


3 and 2 is not too shabby, its one game difference from 4 and 1. A lot of games to go. Everyone talks about the Packers being injured....nobody mentioned we were without Jerry and Odrick not to mention Edds done before he started. We still have a chance to split with NE and NJ and gain the upper edge. I know some of you won't be happy until we are 9 games ahead in the division, but that will never happen so you will never be happy. 3 and 2 is not so sad.

He brought the AFC East Championship back home for the first time in two decades.

He drafted THE BEST shutdown corner in the NFL.

He plucked a Bonefide sack specialist out of the CFL.

He FOUND the best slot/3rd down reciever in the NFL as an undrafted rookie free agent.

He drafted a QB that has done nothing but win games, Improve weekly, and puts up numbers comprable to Ryan and Flaccos.

Oh, I almost forgot, he brought the best ILB in the NFL and the best WR as well.

I myself consider Lousaka Polite a helluva find also.

I don't follow other teams as close as I follow the Dolphins, but believe me there are a lot of other guys out there doing a lot worse job.

...and don't forget a pro bowl franchise left tackle. People whine about the bad picks or fa's. Nobody scores with every pick. If you are right 40% of the time you are ahead of most teams.

I'm not crazy, but I think the way we go about attacking the steelers is through the air. Yes they bring exotic blitzes, and yes Polumalu is someone that must be accounted for. But this is their weekness, and it has to be exploited. I know that we have talked about having a balanced run pass ratio. But nobody has figured out a way to run it on these guys, so why waste our time. Lets go back to the Super Bowl 2 years ago. The Cardinals tried to stay with the run, because thats what the book says. Once they burned the book and started chuckin' it, Bam back in the game. Last year, look at how many teams passed for over 300 yard against the steelers. I know Polumalu was gone, but they got shredded in the air. Forward to this year. Atlanta kept it on the ground and got FG's out of the deal, Tennesee, another run first team 1 td. Baltimore won the game through the air. And last week Colt McCoy a rookie, lit them up for almost 300 yards. It was 14-3 going into the 4th quarter, and turnovers on long drives killed the browns.

Darryl, I say we run it and prove we are a top power running team, use the clock and keep it away from big benwad.


Agreed Steelers are 23rd in the league in Passing Defense so we need to probably go a little more towards the passing plays then running.

However, my concern is that Henne (who I like) is not a compact motion thrower and thus needs a little more time to set up for passes. So, maybe some screens to Ricky and Bess to slow down Pitts blitzes.

I think we will win but it's going to be the usual nail-biter...I should go get the Tums and Jack now so I can get numb before the game.

For he's a jolly good fellow

For he's a jolly good.....what's that? He's already gone?


Posted by: cocoajoe | October 19, 2010 at 06:43 PM

LOL! So much for our emotion fest huh?

Drigo. We aren't a top power running team this year. I think that we go against conventional thinking, and use the pass as a way to keep them off the field. If we try to prove a point by forcing the run, there will be a lot of 3 and outs.

Steelas gonna crack yo arses big time. You aint got no team and no prayer. Ben vs Henny? You guys are dreamin, better get to that jack early, gonna need it.

Darryl, I think we haven't been as good as we expected on the ground, but I think you are giving up too early. The new interior line needs to gel, need Jerry back, the whole focus of this staff was a power run game and we used that to wear down GB last week. I just think its too early to throw in the towel and say we can't run any better than Tenn or Atl.


You said it.

I agree with Darryl to certain extent, but we have to nuetralize pittsvilles pass rush, blitzes or otherwise.

Dan Henning will have to be spot on calling plays this week.

You facing a defense that's aggressive, blitzes like crazy and overpersues? Who you gonna call?

Oh God.....................Dan Henning????

Drigo, It's just my opinion as to how we should attack them. I'm forced to watch way to many steeler games, because their fans are spread out like herpes on a hookers genetalia. Too many times teams want to run it because thats what they are supposed to do. The teams that have had sucsess have not been afraid to chuck it a little. Normaly, I would be with you. But trust me it's a trap!Jedi style

I hear you DD, just that its a double edge sword. I have more confidence in our running game than I do in Henne handling the Pittsburgh pressure at this point. I think we need to shorten the game and keep it away from Ben as much as possible. That being said, I'm not as down on Henning as most of you, if anyone knows how to attack their D its him. I think he will call it just right. We'll see what he does.

great article Armando. i have always had grave reservations about Sparano as a coach. with Parcells gone, im hoping people, including the media, will take a more "prove your good" attitude to what i think is a coaching staff that is ordinary at best

Drigo. It will bethe battle of old coordinators. Henning v. LeBeau. You make good points about Henne handling the pressure. At some point if Henne is going to take that next step in his development, and ability to lead this team. He will have to prove that he can handle a top tier defense. Maybe this is the game where he takes that next step.

I'm no expert on draft picks but it seems to me that Misi is very active, N. Carroll has excellent speed. Odrick and Jerry did not start because they were the only ones, right? I see potential there. Major weakness, their depth.

My Parcells take.

Agree that he turned the team around and we have a solid core of young players and as long as we have the right coaches we should be competitive for quite some time.

Lets recap the drafts and you'll see that he made some decent picks.

2008 (still on team)

Long (starter)
Merling (IR)
Henne (starter)

2009 (still on team)

Davis (starter)
Smith (nickel)
Hartline (starter)
Clemons (starter)

2010 (still on team)

Odrick (starter)
Misi (starter)
Jerry (starter when healthy)
Edds (IR)
Carroll (Kick returner)

So unless I am mistaken Parcell's draft has produced 9 starters of pretty decent quality (though Rookies are yet to be determined as far as long-term viability).

Also take into account that Smith has regressed though he could still come back around next year and this staff has made a pretty decent player in Jason Allen (at least serviceable).

And lest we forget the acquisitions of Wake, Bess, Polite, Dansby, Marshall, DC$ and DC Mike Nolan.

I feel we are an OC, and a couple more key players away from yearly contention.

So I think Bill did a decent job (B Grade). I am still a bit skeptical about Ireland as GM but I'll hold judgment until next offseason draft.

They overpursue?, well, go around them. Please!

Buckeye FinFan got it right. Everyone talks about the busts but Parcels put together a young base of players that will be here a long long time.

DRINGO ....POST OF THE BLOG @ 6:51.... We are in it as much as any other team in the AFC.....We will not be a team that wins every game and the AFC EAST is still within our grasp....just like it was last year with 3 games left.....

November and December ladies and gents...

Not September/October

WHY NOT US!!!!!!!!

Love me Some Crowder!


Go Phins!


Carpenter sucked....he stunk up ST and I am glad this STAFF keeps players on their toes....


One Eleventh!


Go Phins!

Feed the Wolf!
Why not us!
Like I said!
Fist Pump!
...and now 1/11th!

Its only October!

Go Phins!

Just get a win vs the steelers sunday..a convincing win to send the rest of the teams a message...nuff said, put big ben back on the bench with an injury!

DD, we are pretty much in sync. I agree with your point on Henne needing to take the next step. I think he'll get a chance to show that even if we run more than pass. Personally I think it would make a more intimidating statement to see R&R pound through their defense behind Long and Incognito. Henne will get there, what he has done in one full season of starts is enough to convince me that in a year or two he can be a top tier QB. Looking off the receivers takes a little time, I'd just like to see him improve moving around on his feet. Thats the only thing Sanchez does better than him at this point.

Home, nobody cares about your predictions. They mean nothing. Nobody believes you have a crystal ball or metaphysical inside information. Your nonsense only pollutes the blog. Tooting your own horn endlessly like a child is not a worthwhile contribution to the blog. If you need so much 'I was right attention', try the playground at McDonalds.

I also predict I won't get laid, by a woman, in 2010

100% LOCK


I think we all could have predicted that.

home, what do you like in a woman ?


please rephrase - Home what do you like in yourself.

ALoco, what do I like in a woman?

2 balls and at least 8 inches


fake home for sure


Now that Mama Maria has the "Glow" going, is the soon to be Daddy cooking for her?

odin, i cleaned the house today ,i cooked lamb stew w/rice for us and she's playing the guitar w/garage Band on the laptop ( slow blues ).

BuckeyeFinFan (@ 7:39 PM)

You said it best. (...Its the UNDENIABLE TRUTH)

The amount of GOOD FOOTBALL PLAYERS on the current roster speaks for itself.

Parcells has TRANSFORMED a DECADE OF CRAP into a
Pretty Good Team. As a life long Dolphin Fan...I THANK HIM.

...and to the FREAKS who blogged all that
negativity during the game on Sunday...
H a v e
S o m e
F a i t h!

(You can't argue with reality.)
They have the potential FIREPOWER to WIN EACH WEEK.


...and whether you want to admit it or not


Linebacker Bobby Carpenter, who was released Monday: ``You need a thick skin to play here. A lot of guys are shocked when they come to the Dolphins. They are brutally honest; sometimes it hurts.'' It's much different than in Dallas -- ``a lot more yelling here; Wade Phillips was more of a player's coach.''

IM so glad we got rid of this soft muthafu@ker!! no wonder he has that rep in the leadue as being called BARBIE!!

Way every time i look up we are picking up another cowboy player? they are garbage!! all of them!!

Can we please play the practice squad players first!!!!!!!!!!!

WE LOVE BILL ....RIGHT ON Yazzi,he transformed a team of trash to a team of stars .

the only thing bill did by leaving was give ROSS the option to get rid of the rest if they fail fast forward!! ireland and sporano are on the hot seat to perform without bill around!!


It's a beautiful thing.

Sounds like a Norman Rockwell painting at your house tonight.

You have truly been blessed!!!!


finish this for me please....the most over rated team in 2006 is the .......

any likes football cards .ronnie's card sell for 2.50

larry csonke's card sell for 4 dollars

Hmm..."Tuna-free Dolphins." Weird, ain't it. Now, can we become something different instead of "Dallas East?"



Go Phins!

Steelers #1 against the run. If we can rush for 120yds, pass for 250yds or more with 2 or less sacks on Henne I love our chances of winning this game.

Pitt #1 against the run but we must run for right around 120yds or Henne will see the dirt plenty on gameday.

It's pro football, aka "a business first." Parcells was brought in to add some credibility so Huizenga could sell the team easier at the best price. Huizenga has always been a topnotch businessman. The extra 3 yrs in the contract are added assurance, like a home warranty on a new purchase and also serves as a sweentening of the pot for potential buyers.

Thanks HOME always read your posts,agree or not you are always insightful, did you post a prediction for the blitzburg game?If ya did sorry,just did not catch it.Mine?We shall pray....Henne finds the bess 2 to 4 times for first downs,R&R find seems to get 4 to 6yrds at a carry,B.M shifts coverage away from the bess and hartline, and fasano comes up big when it counts.Defense need to stop the run first and make big ben throw ,BUT ,throw under pressure and maybe vonte and poser can make him pay.Hope it's on T.V in the P.a NE

sorry SE P.a

See yaaaa Tuna and take White, Turner, Carpenter, and Walden with you into football retirement!!!! Nice try, sort of.

This is why we deserve more 1-15 seasons, we don't appreciate anything.

This is a horrible sports town. This is the same thing that ran Shula out of town, and its the same thing that's going to make it impossible for the Canes to rebuild.

What kid is going to want to come to a place to play if you don't win a national Championship you are an utter failure.

Parcells did what he said he would do.

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