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Randy Moss trade has ripple effects on Miami

Here in the NFL hinterland -- where ESPN thinks nothing is going on even though a special teams coordinator got fired four games into the season after an epic meltdown of his units and Bill Parcells is forever on everyone's lips because he's leaving one minute and running things to the point he's dissing Chad Henne the next -- we watch with interest today's Randy Moss trade.

Us boring folk down here on the porch fanning ourselves and drinking lemonade have two ways of looking at the trade that just happened in the media sophisticated Northeast because its ripple effects can be felt here:

We can be freaked at the fact the Patriots, a division rival, are about to get much stronger. The Patriots are obviously in rebuild mode despite their 3-1 record and we know that because one does not jettison an elite deep threat receiver no matter his contract status, unless one has a panoramic view of what's happening. Simply, one does not trade an elite player if you think you can win a championship this year. Trading away elite players, you see, diminish your chances.

So, the Patriots are reloading and that reported third-round pick they got for Moss is troublesome because it gets added to the Fort Knox of picks the team is storing for 2011. Next April, the Patriots have a full complement of picks plus Oakland's first round pick, Carolina's second-round pick, Minnesota's third-round pick and Denver's fourth-round pick.

To put it midly, the Patriots have an opportunity to clean up at the next draft.

And that's bad news for the Dolphins.

But there is the other side of the proverbial coin to consider. That side is about today and right now.

The short view of this trade is that the Patriots are looking off into the future and missing that which is right in front of their collective noses. Note to Bill Belichick: The 2010 season still has 12 games remaining. Your team is 3-1 and virtually tied for the AFC East lead. Tom Brady isn't getting any younger. Wes Welker is a nice receiver but he isn't a deep threat and Brandon Tate is uproven. So you just got weaker today, hoodieman.

The timing of this trade is such that Moss will play against New England's chief divisional rival -- the New York Jets -- this coming Monday night. But guess what? The timing of this trade also puts Moss on the Vikings on Oct. 31 when they travel to Foxboro, Mass. So the Patriots just helped get an upcoming opponent that much stronger even as they diminished their ability to attack secondaries in the short-term.

One can understand if the Patriots were forced to make this trade because Moss was being a pain in the posterior and turning into more of a locker room liability than dividend. But I am close to one of the parties involved in this trade and this NFL source tells me Moss was not in any way a problem in the Pats locker room or meeting rooms. Moss and Belichick never had words with one another, either, I'm told.

A couple of weeks ago, Belichick explained to Moss he didn't want him complaining about not having a contract after the season-opening win and Moss basically answered, "Yes sir. Understood."

This Tuesday there were reports Moss had a confrontation of some sort with Belichick. I'm told by my source Moss didn't even speak to Belichick after failing to catch a pass against the Dolphins -- and not because he was mad at the coach, but simply because he didn't have need or desire to say anything by way of complaint.

So it's not like New England rid itself of a cancer. It did rid itself of an enigmatic but also elite player.

So over here in the hinterland, we wonder if that's good for us? Or bad for us?

[Practice update: Jake Long was not at practice today. Not working was John Jerry, Lionel Dotson and Jared Odrick. Channing Crowder was working during the period open to the media, to what extent -- full or limited -- I cannot say with certainty.]

[Update: Patriots coach Bill Belichick released a statement about the Moss trade through the team:

"Over the course of the past several months, I have spoken with Randy and his representative about Randy’s place on our team and his future in football. Consistent with my dealings with Randy from the day we acquired him through our conversation this morning it has been honest, thoughtful and with great mutual respect.

"While I will keep private the details of internal conversations with players and staff suffice it to say that many things were taken into consideration before making the trade. In this business, there are complex and often difficult decisions but it is my responsibility to make them based on what I feel is best for our football team in both the short term and long term.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to have coached Randy Moss and aside from facing him as an opponent. I wish him the very best for the remainder of his Hall of Fame career.”]


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In my opionion Moss was declining. Just makes the Patsies secondary receivers get more hungry to prove all wrong. Nobody can ever cover Welker anyway, even if he is double teamed, Miami proved that point. Plus, they have a good Special Teams unit, another point Miami proved. I do think the Jests are a decent team, but there is a way to go. If we can beat the Jets in New York and handle the Patsies at home the last game of the year, we still have a chance. Somehow we need to get some help from Buffalo.

ARMANDO, the conforntion story is true and the F word was exchanged .
moss also cleared his locker on monday .

Maybe, just maybe, they're going to make a run at Vincent Jackson before too long. They certainly have enough draft picks to trade to get him. Just a thought.

I think it's great news for the Dolphins. Sure,the Patriots have alot of draft picks for next April but that does'nt guarantee they'll pick elite players.

That Patriots offense wont frighten anyone for the next 12 games atleast...


The Jets are a DECENT team? The PATSIES? The Jets beat Miami without Revis, Holmes, and Pace. Barring a rash of injuries they are a virtual shoe in to win the division and Miami doesn't have a prayer up in New York in December. As for beating "The Patsies at home", unfortunately Miami doesn't get to play them at home twice.

I would not second guess Bill Belichick.
He is a proven winner.
I see a youth movement going on in N.E. as well.
Fort Knox Patriots? - nice analogy Armando.
I don't see a drop off with the Patriots with this move.
To answer your question Armando - in the Panoramic view - it's bad for us.

Rumor has it King Carl was speaking to a Real Estate broker in South Florida. My biggest fear is Carl & Herm in 2011.

it's not like they are lacking at WR without him. they have those 2 TE's they have edleman and tate. it was a good deal for NE they get a 3rd for someone they would have gotten nothing for at the end of the season. 2 picks in each of the 1st 4 rounds!! i'm sure some will be packaged to move up to get a star RB. this is why the pats are the class of the afc east. they rebuild while stile winning the division. if you have tom brady you can do these types of things. henne needs to up that learning curve. he will never be a brady but he can be a top 10 QB IF he learns a few tricks. looking off DBs and LBs and how about a pump fake??

BTW, I'm Ken from CT, not the "other" Ken

Keith, interesting point on Vincent Jackson. Wow, I hope not though. Getting a 25 year old receiver to replace Moss and still have multiple picks in the 1st four rounds would be very shrewd.

The way Randy Moss raped D. Revis in the last meeting though, I would have a tough time trading him if I was New England. he's still elite.

This trade could end up helping us big time. Everyone always talks about division games being worth so much and I agree, but I think it is really the 2nd game against a diviosanl foe that means the most. If we can beat the Jets and Pats in the 2nd meetings (that is a big IF) then it erases the first game against each of them, so in a way division losses in your 1st matchup are not the end of the world (which is why I can't stand people deeming this season over already).

If Minnesota is now strong enough to beat both the Jets and Pats, then we will have made up some ground not only on the overall standings, but also in the sense that we have a better record against common opponents.

The way we played on Monday night it wouldn't matter if they had Moss or not - We're doomed if we don't correct our own problems!

A few things. I think Belichik has taken a good look at his team this year and realizes that it's not a Championship team. The defence is too young and there is no running game. He's relaoding again and there is also a good chance there will be no football next year at some point. Moss was going to walk for nothing after this season. He trades him to a team desperate for a WR. The man is smart. Question him and criticize him if you want (hoodie man???) but he gets results and wins games he has no business winning (see Monday night). Moss was and will continue to be a distraction...make no mistake about that. So, he gets Moss of to a team who likely over paid for him to play a heated division rival. The Pats aren't going to win it all this season, so why not get something decent for Moss. Very astute move if you ask me and maybe now a guy like Brandon Tate moves into the WR role that Moss occupied. Next year, with all their picks, they can improve their pass rush, running game and WR. Pretty good position to be in.

I f we have any chance at all. Our special teams must get above high school level. We have to shut down the oponent in that area. If we dont we might not win another game.

We need to correct our own problems, of course.

The Patriots offense is gonna have some serious set backs though. The lack of a deep threat will close things down in the middle for Welker. Unless Tate becomes a superstar overnight, they are gonna have a set back.

Doesn't the NE WR core now remind you alot of the Dolphins core last year? Possession WRs mostly with a guy who has a lot of speed, but is more of a ST threat.


you can expect the Patriots to trade for Vincent Jackson now.

The Jets are a DECENT team? The PATSIES? The Jets beat Miami without Revis, Holmes, and Pace. Barring a rash of injuries they are a virtual shoe in to win the division and Miami doesn't have a prayer up in New York in December. As for beating "The Patsies at home", unfortunately Miami doesn't get to play them at home twice
Keep telling yourself that. TYpical Jet fan. "We are the best". Til you annually find out that you're not.


What makes you think we're going to go into New York and Foxborough and beat these teams in their own back yard? We couldn't get it done in our own backyard when we had them both on the ropes. Secondly, what makes you think Minnesota is going to beat them both also, because they got Randy Moss? I don't see it happening, man. He's just one guy.

The reality is this trade has no affect on us and we need to stop talking this way. We need to start focussing on what we're doing and start taking care of our own business. I'm tired of all this other talk. You don't hear the Jets or Patriots talk this way. We have a SOFT team both mentally and psychically and we need to get a lot better in these areas if we're ever going to get to that next level. We need to take the next week off and really figure out if we're part of this or if we're just a big fraud!!

Caleb the Phins played without Crowder, Jerry, or Odrick. So we're even



I hope you're not using that as an excuse. Our ST were completely unacceptable and we have no one else to blame but ourselves. We're weak and we're disorganized. It needs to change or the coacking staff needs to change at the end of the year. Period....end of story.

Wish we could have gotten a Third Rounder for Camarillo.

For All you Henne Haters out there. I am tired of reading all the Henne Bashing. He is young, talented and smart. He has a very bright future in Miami. He will be the face of this Franchise in the coming years. To compare him to Brady, Brees or Manning is expecting way too much from a young QB. But, ok, then lets do that with facts to compare. Brady year 1, 15 games. 18TD/12INT with some really bad games and some good ones. Year 2 16 Games. 28TD/14 Int's with 9 INT's in the first 6 weeks. I know Brady won a SB, but that was more Team than Brady. Brady grew into the role on a very talented, well coached team, with maybe a little video help. Brady had a 4 pick and 3 pick game also in these growing years. Now Brees, year 1 17 TD/ 16 INT. Year 2 11TD/15INT and really just came into his own over the last few years, and won a SB in 2009. Peyton Manning 26/28 and 26/15 TD/INT. Henne, 12/14 and 5/4 granted all 4 INT’s in last 2 games being, My point is that it takes time for a young QB to develop, we fix our special teams and get our D Healthy, and let Henne grow as the year progresses and we are going to compete for the division. Better to grow now, than have these setbacks in Dec. The Jets and Pat's have very similar schedules to us with the NFC and AFC North. This beat down may have been just the medicine we needed to feed the wolf and not drink the KoooooooolAide. Show some patience with our team, we are young. Look at what the Media did to the Patriots, they were left for dead in the media all week, and what did they do? Grew up fast. We played the Pats very well on D and minus 2 of the picks from Henne, would have been a very different game. He is young, and growing. The coaches need to give him confidence, and I am glad Penny is also helping him.

there was thing in the afc east that use to scare me the most, and that was Brady to Moss. thank god that experiment is over!


Ted even Bill Parcells himself thinks Henne sucks.

Home, stop internet stalking me. You want to talk fishing holes? I live in a city of 4,000,000 people. One of the biggest and truly metropolitan cities in North America. there isn't a place to park your trailer here buddy!

Eric, when Bill Parcells comes out and says it, I will believe that he thinks it. I think the media has made that a story.

look at how much better our d was with odrick in and then out the d has been horrible cant wait for odrick and chrowder to come back

I noted it is a big IF, but just to address your questions. What makes me think the Dolphins can beat the Jets and Pats in New England... the fact they have done so in the past 2 years. They beat the Jets 2 times in NY in the 2nd half of the season and they split the past 2 meetings in Foxboro. We generally split with the Pats in the past few years on the season.


I know it's a bit early to be looking ahead at next year's draft but you opened that can of discussion with NE's draft picks in the first four rounds. Can you tell us what ours will look like despite having to trade away picks to Denver for Marshall and to Arizona for Dansby? What did we get for Carmillio from MN?

I would like the Dolphins to continue reloading because we are far from being a championship team and as much as I hate to admit, I like NE's rebuilding strategy. They are patience but surely.

I think their chances of making the playoffs are better than ours, unless we win our next four games plus the division games away.

Your thoughts? Anyone care to comment?

home, like i said and agreed with you yesterday, that flag pick up was in my mind was the turning point. instead of it being
3rd-16 it stayed 3-6 and the next play was the td pass to woodhead! big mojo change!
i think we all know that the ST was garbage on monday night, but things were hard enough to not have that call and a hopefull stop on 3rd and long. even the monday night crew was like, wtf you threw the flag, why even bother if your gonna pick it up! i wil say it again, its not the reason we lost, but the series of events that happen there was the shift in mojo the pats needed to take the lead, and never look back.

"And so heads must roll this coming bye week".

Bonamego's will not. Sparano was asked if the failure of the special teams was because of poor play or poor coaching and he wouldn't even entertain the choice". Armando Salguero

Do you ever get tired of being wrong?
Better yet do you ever get tired of stating your barely educated opinions as if they are fact? Examples;
1."We can be freaked at the fact the Patriots, a division rival, are about to get much stronger".
2."To put it midly, the Patriots have an opportunity to clean up at the next draft.
And that's bad news for the Dolphins".

Can I borrow your crystal ball so I too can
see how the Patriots picks are all going to be great players?

3."But I am close to one of the parties involved in this trade and this NFL source tells me Moss was not in any way a problem in the Pats locker room or meeting rooms".

Really? Is that source his agent perhaps? I can't imagine why he would say that.

4."I'm told by my source Moss didn't even speak to Belichick after failing to catch a pass against the Dolphins -- and not because he was mad at the coach, but simply because he didn't have need or desire to say anything by way of complaint".

First off for this to be a fact your source would have had to been with Moss 24/7 to know this. Is your source his girlfriend? And the #1 wr had no need to talk to the head coach after a game simply because he didn't have the "desire" to complain. Nope, doesn't sound like a cancer at all, or a good teammate for that matter.

5. "So it's not like New England rid itself of a cancer".

And once again this is your opinion based on what an unnamed "source" supposedly told you. It is not a matter of fact even though it is stated as one.

Mark you last post brings a south park episode in mind. Canada apreciation day " your not my Buddy , pal"
"ur not my pal, fellow"

marino loved to hang with Bernie Kosar in the mid 80's. good times for those 2 in S. Florida back then, they were gods!


Pats have 2 picks in each of the first 4 four rounds and the 1st from Oakland is almost a lock for a top 10. The Pats are playing chess and the rest of the league is playing checkers.

"The Jets are a DECENT team? The PATSIES? The Jets beat Miami without Revis, Holmes, and Pace. Barring a rash of injuries they are a virtual shoe in to win the division and Miami doesn't have a prayer up in New York in December. As for beating "The Patsies at home", unfortunately Miami doesn't get to play them at home twice".

Hey caleb/dummy, the Dolphins are missing their starting veteran CB Will Allen for the season. They are also missing Crowder (starting middle LB in a 3-4), Odrick (starting DE and best run stuffer) and Jerry (starting RG and best pulling offensive linemen on the team) so we are not even as another poster stated. Not to mention with all of the injuries the Dolphins still almost tied the game in the closing minute.

So please stop acting as if the Jets are that much better than the phins head to head. The phins won in NY last year they can certainly do it again this year if they get the special teams fixed. That unit single handedly cost them the Jets and Patriots game.

I don't think we need to win our next 4 games and the away games against the Jets and Pats to have a chance at the playoffs. Under that thinking we would be 8-2 not including games against the Titans, Bears, Raiders, Browns, Bills, and Lions.

If we are sitting at 5-3 heading into the 2nd half of the season I believe we will be fine. That is very doable in my opinion.

Everyone talks about the Packers and Bengals like they are world beaters, but I see serious issues with both of them.

Trailer? So what. I'd rather live in a trailer on a beautiful Canadian lake than a Miami. You should know - Home is wherever you hang your hat. Here's my hat boy.

By the way the trailer park boys rule - best show ever but if you don't get it, you dont get it.

Ted, great post. I couldn't agree more. We are such an instant gratification society now that anything but immediate success is deemed failure by most.

Henne has started 17 games. 17!! There are very few QB's who were stars immediately. Dan the Man really spoiled this fan base with his unbelievable and immediate greatness (that never won a SB).

Home, you are pathetic and weak. Do not address me any longer. I'm not here to talk to you. You are obviously a loser and lack any sense whatsoever.

Aren't you the same loser that got kicked off the SS blog for similar childish and assinine behaviour?

You have nothing better to do than attack other Dolphins' fans? Really???? You don't see anyone else doing the same thing.

You continually search me out. Why? You want to be friends?? You have a crush???? I'm not interested in either thank you. So stop with the harrassment.

HOME, TELL ME ABOUT GOLD .short or not to short

My only hope was Brady getting old and Henne becoming a star.

I hear Parcells does not leave a team until it is ready for bear, I guess he will be here well into his 90’s

"Rumor has it King Carl was speaking to a Real Estate broker in South Florida. My biggest fear is Carl & Herm in 2011."

Carl Peterson would be bad enought. But Herm Edwards? I would retire from being a fan. I couldnt take that.

toronto city population ranks 5th in N. America.
ranks 9th in urban area.


Doesn't sound like moss was quite the good soldier after all, Mando.

That might have been teh last straw.

mark, what good soldier ,he got a ring .

standley23, don't bother with that fool. he talks out of his azzz. No point explaining things to him. He's as ignorant as they come.

who cares what the pats did. We need to fix our issues and not worry about anything else.

I only want farve -> moss to beat J E T S suck suck suck on monday night

Where did he get his ring, ALoco? AFC championship ring maybe.

he won a ring w/brady.

btw/ we have good group of soliders in the special team .real dumb below average at best .

Home, this is how it is going to play out:

You have alienated more than one reader/poster on here and I have been patient. But you have posted your last ridiculous comment about gold or chemtrails or any other moronic material that has no place on a football blog. I have fowarded your IP address to our IT Dept. If you post even one more of these dumb comments, you are banned.

As it is, they are all being deleted now. Meanwhile, if you wish to post FOOTBALL, that is fine.

That's the first and final notice. Have a nice day.

it's over

How does this help us exactly????
Moss wasnt even a factor in mondays embarrassing loss. Is this the bright side of an otherwise extremely poor effort from miami special teams. Patriots practically needed no offense to beat the fish, in a way thats kind of ironic, this reminds me of the way we beat the wets in new york last year, ST's and defense. Dose of our medicine i guess, but that performane pales way in comparison to this sad excuse for for a performance by a miami special teams standpoint as far as i can ever remmember watching this team.

crack that wip mando!

sorry guys about the ring thing ,i was thinking of WELKER .

may be b/c you r more at ease now .

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