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Randy Moss trade has ripple effects on Miami

Here in the NFL hinterland -- where ESPN thinks nothing is going on even though a special teams coordinator got fired four games into the season after an epic meltdown of his units and Bill Parcells is forever on everyone's lips because he's leaving one minute and running things to the point he's dissing Chad Henne the next -- we watch with interest today's Randy Moss trade.

Us boring folk down here on the porch fanning ourselves and drinking lemonade have two ways of looking at the trade that just happened in the media sophisticated Northeast because its ripple effects can be felt here:

We can be freaked at the fact the Patriots, a division rival, are about to get much stronger. The Patriots are obviously in rebuild mode despite their 3-1 record and we know that because one does not jettison an elite deep threat receiver no matter his contract status, unless one has a panoramic view of what's happening. Simply, one does not trade an elite player if you think you can win a championship this year. Trading away elite players, you see, diminish your chances.

So, the Patriots are reloading and that reported third-round pick they got for Moss is troublesome because it gets added to the Fort Knox of picks the team is storing for 2011. Next April, the Patriots have a full complement of picks plus Oakland's first round pick, Carolina's second-round pick, Minnesota's third-round pick and Denver's fourth-round pick.

To put it midly, the Patriots have an opportunity to clean up at the next draft.

And that's bad news for the Dolphins.

But there is the other side of the proverbial coin to consider. That side is about today and right now.

The short view of this trade is that the Patriots are looking off into the future and missing that which is right in front of their collective noses. Note to Bill Belichick: The 2010 season still has 12 games remaining. Your team is 3-1 and virtually tied for the AFC East lead. Tom Brady isn't getting any younger. Wes Welker is a nice receiver but he isn't a deep threat and Brandon Tate is uproven. So you just got weaker today, hoodieman.

The timing of this trade is such that Moss will play against New England's chief divisional rival -- the New York Jets -- this coming Monday night. But guess what? The timing of this trade also puts Moss on the Vikings on Oct. 31 when they travel to Foxboro, Mass. So the Patriots just helped get an upcoming opponent that much stronger even as they diminished their ability to attack secondaries in the short-term.

One can understand if the Patriots were forced to make this trade because Moss was being a pain in the posterior and turning into more of a locker room liability than dividend. But I am close to one of the parties involved in this trade and this NFL source tells me Moss was not in any way a problem in the Pats locker room or meeting rooms. Moss and Belichick never had words with one another, either, I'm told.

A couple of weeks ago, Belichick explained to Moss he didn't want him complaining about not having a contract after the season-opening win and Moss basically answered, "Yes sir. Understood."

This Tuesday there were reports Moss had a confrontation of some sort with Belichick. I'm told by my source Moss didn't even speak to Belichick after failing to catch a pass against the Dolphins -- and not because he was mad at the coach, but simply because he didn't have need or desire to say anything by way of complaint.

So it's not like New England rid itself of a cancer. It did rid itself of an enigmatic but also elite player.

So over here in the hinterland, we wonder if that's good for us? Or bad for us?

[Practice update: Jake Long was not at practice today. Not working was John Jerry, Lionel Dotson and Jared Odrick. Channing Crowder was working during the period open to the media, to what extent -- full or limited -- I cannot say with certainty.]

[Update: Patriots coach Bill Belichick released a statement about the Moss trade through the team:

"Over the course of the past several months, I have spoken with Randy and his representative about Randy’s place on our team and his future in football. Consistent with my dealings with Randy from the day we acquired him through our conversation this morning it has been honest, thoughtful and with great mutual respect.

"While I will keep private the details of internal conversations with players and staff suffice it to say that many things were taken into consideration before making the trade. In this business, there are complex and often difficult decisions but it is my responsibility to make them based on what I feel is best for our football team in both the short term and long term.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to have coached Randy Moss and aside from facing him as an opponent. I wish him the very best for the remainder of his Hall of Fame career.”]


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mando, the moss out burst came at halftime on monday night in the locker room??

the phins would be 4-0 if pennington was the starter. just another entry to their long,long list of flubs by this fo.

armando, can u find Dan Hennings IP address and bann him from calling any more wildplaykillers, for that matter , more plays period???!!!

Home, hahahahahha!!!

the phins would be 4-0 if pennington was the starter. just another entry to their long,long list of flubs by this fo.

Posted by: 2 watt | October 06, 2010 at 01:29 PM

REALLY???Does penny play on special teams??? if he does then sign me up!!!

This is a make or break season.

The Fins Brass is in shambles trying to fend off the Ross overhaul if they dont make the playoffs.

Henne's career will be canned when Sunglass Man and Dectective Hooker are gone.

An we repeat the Cycle once again like with the Saban, Cam Cam. Looking for a QB in the draft and "Rebuilding"

The pats are loaded with future picks and cash under the cap to be. They have an elite QB locked in for another 5 years.

The Jets we need to hope the go done in Flames against the Ravens, Indy or Pitt when it counts.

We need to make the playoffs this year or bust

If Sunglass Man strings another 4 losses in a line look for Nolan to take over.


Superphin, Moss may not have caught a pass but he was a factor. He was double teamed all game. Now, we can focus on defending everyone else better. Moss ALWAYS dictates coverage. It'll free up a player to roam elsewhere.

As general point, Brady won super bowls with David Givens & Wes Welker. Yes, Moss's absence will make it harder to score points but we're talking about Tom Brady. They have been phasing Moss out this year. They are back to running that early 2000's spread it out offense that won them Championships.

His production was not going to be the difference between winning & losing this year. So, with an expiring contract, why not deal him? We'll see how important he was to the other guys on that offense. How easy they get open going forward. But they will be still a team to beat.

Bellicheck is doing the right thing. They need picks to rebuild. Their defense was old & with the picks they've been stock piling, they're young again. They need young Olineman and pass rushers. Only way to get younger is through the draft. They now have 8 of the top 128 picks next year. Genius move, based on their needs, if you think about it.

I meant David Givens & Troy Brown.

Well obviously, it doesnt matter, NE beat us with freaking DANNY WOODHEAD not Moss

Nah, if irelands in charge, miami would have to completely tank the rest of the season for any changes from the HC position to take effect, and even that would be a strecth considering we'll see a lockout next year most likely but it is possible and likely pluasible that henning could be gone if miami loses 4 in a row after the bye!!!

Uh...Mando, I thought Home was on vacation for 3 weeks (that's what he said yesterday on here). The poster here is probably the fake poser Home that we all ignore because he's really a Jet fan, kinda like that "2 Watt" fellow that posts dumb stuff just to annoy people.

superPHIN, answer to your question-- It doesn't help us in the slightest.

I don't care if the Jets/Pats had high-school kids or the AFC Pro-Bowl line-up, unless and until we get our act together, we're going nowhere fast.

People on this blog should be concerned with:

- Who exactly are our "core" ST players (Jason Allen? Patrick Cobbs? Lex Hilliard?

- When will Dan Henning realize (or be FORCED to realize) that his offense is hurting his starting QB, and he needs to change what they're doing to a more QB-friendly offense (instead of a RB-friendly offense). And Davone Bess is great, but, you're star SHOULD be Brandon Marshall. If Davone Bess is a star on this team, that's a telling sign that they are NOT using Marshall effectively.

- Maybe a good ST move would be to fire your kicker (or hire a kickoff specialist). While I love Carpenter on FG's, he's HORRIBLE at kickoffs (never gets touchbacks). Then again, if I was an opposing team, I'd tell my returner to bring it out of the endzone even if it's way back near the out-of-bounds the way our ST plays). We need a kicker that can kick the ball out of the endzone (that's the only way our ST won't hurt us for the rest of the season).

- What does the defense need to do to get back to the way they played weeks 1-2? Is it Crowder? Odrick? Or are there bigger problems the season is exposing (no other pressure threat than Wake, nickel/dime DB's STILL not getting it done, etc.)?

- What can the coaches do to adjust the game plans to AGGRESSIVELY try to win, instead of try not to lose? Is the current strategy too dry and conventional for this team, this division, this league at this time? Is Sparano now the 3rd or 4th best coach in his division (when he used to be at least 2nd)?

- Does Parcells really think Henne sucks? That would be a slap in HIS face since he's the one that was high on him in the draft. But if now he thinks he made a mistake, maybe we need to stop the bleeding before we get too far with this guy. (By the way, I'm not there yet, saying we should bench or cut ties with Henne. I think he gets at least another season to prove himself, provided he plays better, that he can be the Franchise QB of this team).

- This is a copycat league. There are plenty of teams that can be mimic'd for their offense or defense. Why aren't the coaches taking the good things from other teams (with similar personnel) and implementing them on this team (see Kansas City, Atlanta)?

This is what I care to think about during the bye week. I really hope the Dolphins coaching staff are paying attention to these issues!

Hmmm, turn out the lights, the blogging's over, its now war of the socialites!!!!!

WE got to give sparano,henne all the support they need .we are at 2-2 .as we won 2 on the road we can win more on the road and that start in MIN .



sph. the phins wouldn't be in the position to kick 80 yard fg's and punt all of the time thus not needing st's with penni in there unlike when henne is the qb. why doesn't the fo see this?

SuperPHIN, bang on on Penne. he scored a grand total of 19 TDs against that weak schedule in 2008. How would he score enough to make up for 3 special teams TD.

These people clamouring for Penne remind me of Home pouting because he got lectured by Mando on proper blog behaviour.

Ditto DC, and yes i absolutely agree with that observation 100%, the ? would be do these players and coaching staff really take notice of the issues and stop covertly underplaying the problems for this team to be successful.


The fins are not playing MIN again in 2 weeks...

Your smoking la marigua otra vez

Give Henne a chance!

Part of his problem is that he is poor coaching and playcalling.

Parcells teams loathe anything but a game manager "no mistake" QB.

They take him out for the "Wildcat", micro-manage every throw. QB is a rhythm position as is the running back and blocking. These coaches find something that works then try to get to cute.

As far as Pennington...Don't you remember the Raven's playoff game? How many pics?

He can't throw a 15 yard out and every Defensive coordinator knows it. Penn won because of the weak schedule, "surprise Wildcat" and a rediculos plus margin turnover ratio. So quit that crap.

This coaching staff has gotten into this guys head about "not" making mistakes as opposed to making plays. He gets this season at least with the gloves off If I'm coaching. Yes he looks robotic and stares down receivers but let the guy get a feel for the game, coverages, pocket.

Marino would have sucked under these guys. Just like when Jimmy Johnson put the cuffs on him.

Go Phins!

Can Captain Henne wear a Visor like L.T to prevent Linebackers from seeing his telegraph eye contact?

Hey Hey Good Bye


2watt, u cant be serious, penny was Captian checkdown himself, if henne turns out to be the NON answer to our qb situation then reverting back to penny would take this organization back to where conservative offenses were just good enough to win against average teams, not playoff teams.Im sorry, but Penny is NOT the answer to saving this season.

stats are for losers.. like henne.. wins are what it's about. this aint college ball. ryan leaf will tell you that.

Sparano hired Bonamego, 47, on the recommendation of New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin, for whom Bonamego had worked as assistant special teams coach (1999-2001) and special teams coordinator (2002) in Jacksonville.

Rizzi, 40, got his first coaching job as a member of Sparano's staff at the University of New Haven from 1994-97, coaching special teams and linebackers and serving as defensive coordinator in 1997. After a year at Northeastern, where he coached special teams and linebackers, Rizzi returned to New Haven as head coach, where he remained until 2001.

Rizzi spent 2002-07 on the staff of former University of Miami assistant Greg Schiano at Rutgers, rising from special teams and running backs coach, to assistant coach, and finally associate head coach in 2007.

A native of Hillsdale, N.J., and a graduate of prep power Bergen Catholic, Rizzi starred as a tight end at Rhode Island after arriving as a walk-on in 1988. He was signed as a free agent by Philadelphia after earning All-America honors at URI but never played in the NFL.

Bonamego had an impressive resume before coming to Miami. After working under renowned special teams coaches Frank Ganz and Larry Pasquale in Jacksonville, he became special teams coordinator at Green Bay from 2003-05 and New Orleans from 2006-07.


I Think our Defense will excel against GB.

I like the strategy to rush a few guys and have 5-6 in coverage.

Green bay will try to pass for 400 yds, but if Jason Allen can find a way not to fall down we should be ok.

The return of Mcdaniels and Odrick would be huge for the running game. Solai and Starks could rotate and be fresh and stop the run.

Fins 20
Green Bay 17

11 OCT........MIN AT JETS
17 OCT.........JETS AT DENVER...........2 LOSSES WOULD BE NICE .

here's a stat for ya. 4 int's in his last 72 minutes of regulation and 2 losses. how 'bout that huh? more to come.

Wow lebron headband, thats a pretty bold prediction after watching that special team meltdown monday night. I cant even fathom what rodgers and green bay will do if that turns into a repeat performance. It could be real UGLY!!

11 OCT........MIN AT JETS
17 OCT.........JETS AT DENVER...........2 LOSSES WOULD BE NICE .

Posted by: ALoco | October 06, 2010 at 02:02 PM

Well, neither of them are buffalo, thats a step up at least!!!

all going for it on 4th downs and onside kicks and safeties while punting near the ez from now on.

DC, Yup Yup!

Go Phins!

armando, can u find Dan Hennings IP address and bann him from calling any more wildplaykillers, for that matter , more plays period???!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | October 06, 2010 at 01:30 PM

Post of the YEAR!!!!

The Cheatriots have been throwing up a lot of draft pick airballs recently. Chad Jackson, Lawrence Maroney, etc.....all gone. There's only 53 roster spots. Their draft picks don't corcern me.

Jake Long's injury is acceptable because he got it in the 4th pre-season game. The most important thing is trying to win the 4th pre-season game even if it means risking injuries to key players. I'd hate to think what this season would be if the Dolphins had simply rested their starters in the 4th pre-season game like every other team in the NFL. Jake's injury was bad, but having the starters in pre-season really gave the Dolphins an edge in the regular season. Pre-season games are really important and worth risking injury.

Randy Moss is drinking Ripple in Miami with some guy named Armando? Randy does look like a Wino.

Looky Looky heya... gi me back ma Ripple Mando... Dats ma Ripple...put it back in ma paypa bag and gi mey back ma Ripple...Foow!

Go Phins!

I just watched the highlights again.

WHAT IS BARBIE CARPENTER still doing on this team.
Terrible angles on Special Teams, whiffing on tackles.. Ex Cowboy blunder # 3

Why did we trade for Benny Sapp. The game was 20-14 with 9 mins in the 3rd to go. On 3 and long at the Pats 30. Brady connects with Welker and Ol Benny is 5 yds behind. Some thing happens again to setup the touchdown.

Benny Sapp- 80% completion rating on him in the slot. This one is on Ireland. And Will Allen is ready to play and is on IR?

Carpenter- Garbage Kickoffs all the time. Can you look at your counterpart in NE, he is a touchback machine. Carpenter doesnt fall down on the ball after the block. He and Fields try to tip the ball to themselves.

On the kickoff return, I always see kickers saving touchdowns. But no, Carpenter is looking like a deer in headlights when Tate blows past him.

Either Onside Kick, Kick it out of bounds ... doesnt matter, same field position but no risk of 100 yd touchdown.

On the punts, put 2 guys in front of Fields like in college coverage or have Fields Kick from 15 yds back so he can have enough time to get it off before the other team stunts its way to the block.

Easy fixes for the Gree

Vontae Davis needs more press. It's been Favre, Sanchez, and now Tom Brady that have refused to throw on him this season.

Best young corner.

But Henne has to go. Marshall would have 10+ catches a game with Pennington. Then draft a QB early.

Steve Young's comments are dead on about Henne. Called him Robo-QB.

He's not a playmaker and he makes too many dumb throws to be a game-manager type QB. Time for us fans to realize he will never be anything more than an average QB at best.

Sparano saying Henne will bounce back strong against GE.

LOL at db21

yep he sure would've had 10 catches all right, for about 35 yrds, and penny doesnt like recievers he likes tight ends to throw to,*no pun* should we start the call for pat white again ppl, seriously did noone watch penny in the playoff game against baltimore and the beggining of last year before he was injured at ALL???!!!

Well, Moss leaving the PATS is a good thing in the short term, but only good for teams who can win a fricken home game! Henne deserves the bashing from fans for those 2 drive destroying int's. However, to say "bench him" or he sucks is honestly just as stupid as not being able to stop a blocked punt or field goal in the same game. If we get another couple games from him like this then I can see the anger I guess. My issue is more with the fact that THIS team can never get MOST of the things right in a game. If we don't have terrible O then we have terrible D. When the D is playing good the O is going 3 and out. If the D is solid, and the O is solid special teams are like special Ed. How the hell can it be this way every frggin year???? This is NUTS!

Oh, and BTW, not to live in the past, but that Bennie Sapp is god awful! that trade with Cam was disgusting. I would rather of traded Cam for a box of football tees and a dozen footballs. At least we would have gotten GOOD use out of them.

Hey ALcoa,remember our conversation about Moss when he was complaining about a contract a few weeks back? I think I told you then that he was gone. I think you said not a chance,Brady got his,and Moss was next? Wanna change your mind yet??? LOL........Just F'ing with ya buddy:)

LOL @ superPHIN and anyone else that thinks Henne will ever be anything better than average. That's hilarious. He was a joke during his 4 years at Michigan and struggles to be average here despite two top backs, top 2 WR, and more money spent on the O-line than any team we've ever had.

Mathers, I'm still supportive of Henne, but I agree with what you (and Young) said. This guy telegraphs his throws A LOT! Look at some of those passes, he never looked off his primary receiver. The DBs in this league are too good at reading eyes for you not to look away coverages (hell, even the LBs are too good). And he's stiff. AND he's slow (couldn't get away from Mt. Cody). Marino wasn't Vick, but at least he could slide away from coverage. All good QBs who aren't mobile can do that, but Henne's footwork is so bad that when he tries escaping, he falls..EVERY TIME! There were a few pressures there (and I think in the Minn. game), where he could have run for a first down (or positive yardage) and simply tripped over himself or someone else. The guy just isn't as athletic as I think he needs to be. Now, if you have an amazing line that can block for you (and our o-line has done a pretty good job so far) then that's not a problem. But it's not good, and can be detrimental in close games and important possessions.

Meatball me and call me fried sub he still there and nothing happen yet so we will see

by thge way, what type of flower do you like finsfan4ever?

After careful thought, losing to the Jets still hurts worse than the Monday Night Meltdown.

Well....No,he's not still there,he's on his way to Minnesota. Flower? Not a big flower kinda guy. Why? You want to send me flowers for being wrong?

October 6, 2010 at 2:23 pm
HELP!!! HELP!!! Chris T. HELP!!!!My boyfriend Tim/Knight just gave me a golden shower. HELP!!

So what now mathers, are you one of those penny supporters or doomed type of season. I said before henne didnt play well monday night but if you think that's the only reason why we have been struggling lately, you havent got a clue my friend!!! Henne may be an average QB, but we have a below average Special teams and a Unheard running game yet to do a damn thing this year. Henne is not a guy that can carry an offense by himself, and there are few who can so please luagh all you want at me but what u should be doing is become frustrated with the way we manage games.

Wow, this trade is a huge benefit for the Pats. Their "full complement of picks" now means they have leverage. Lots of it. They can draft the top choices - or they can use some of those picks to trade for an elite player. My paranoid mind plays out a scenario in which Marshall gets fed up with this team and wants out. He gives the team, coach and front office so much grief that they will trade him to the Pats for a 2nd/3rd round pick. If I was any elite WR, I'd want to play with Brady. If I was Belichick, I would consider a Moss replacement. And if I was Ireland, I would want another 2nd/3rd pick (especially if the team decide it's a run-first team). Please pardon my paranoia.

the pats made a bad move for some picks..they better protect brady......and by the way, how are OUR special teams players doing???

i expect a win and nothing else vs the packers after a bye week.....no excuses....we are better than what we showed monday night

Dan Marino would fail under Parcells philosophy!

Someone please tell Ronnie this isn't "Dancing with the Stars"! He's back to doing the Cha Cha while Henne is doing the "Robot"

Moss draanks' Ripple wit Armando in Miami!

Go Phins!

2004 240 399 2743 60.2 6.88 69 25 12 29 132.56
2005 223 382 2551 58.4 6.68 58 23 8 21 130.15
2006 203 328 2508 61.9 7.65 69 22 8 24 143.37
2007 162 278 1938 58.3 6.97 65 17 9 16 130.54
Thes are Hennes stats at Michigan Mathers.
What exactly about them make him a "joke"?

Mando, I know I'm sounding like a broken record. And you writers do a good job trying to pin down Henning (he's a slippery one, that guy). But, he was fired from his last gig by being too conservative. He's historically known to be a defensive coordinator's best friend (since he doesn't put the defense in trouble too much). But his only SuperBowl (WINS) were in DC, in the Gibbs era. And I remember the long bombs to Art Monk, Charlie Brown, etc. back then. They were a run-first team too, but Theismann did air it out, and it gave them a very balanced offense.

So, I'd just like to know if Henning sees a need for any course-correction in his playcalling? I'd especially love to know if Sparano feels a need for changes on offense? I know Sparano won't criticize Henning to you guys, but is there any way to get around the standard line with those guys to the real meat-and-potatoes of the matter? Not that they'd tell you, and not that you'd tell us if all you could get was strictly off-the-record, but it'd be nice to get some insight into the coaches thinking now that I'm sure they've heard all the criticism directed at them.

You bring us that story, and I'm recommending that you get a Pulitzer.

Hey Guys!

Better to be us than a Vikings fan...

They are hanging their hopes on 2 old guys who I'm sure can still put together a good game now and again.

They are going to freak after shooting their wad and mortgaging their future and coming up empty.

Go Phins!


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