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Randy Moss trade has ripple effects on Miami

Here in the NFL hinterland -- where ESPN thinks nothing is going on even though a special teams coordinator got fired four games into the season after an epic meltdown of his units and Bill Parcells is forever on everyone's lips because he's leaving one minute and running things to the point he's dissing Chad Henne the next -- we watch with interest today's Randy Moss trade.

Us boring folk down here on the porch fanning ourselves and drinking lemonade have two ways of looking at the trade that just happened in the media sophisticated Northeast because its ripple effects can be felt here:

We can be freaked at the fact the Patriots, a division rival, are about to get much stronger. The Patriots are obviously in rebuild mode despite their 3-1 record and we know that because one does not jettison an elite deep threat receiver no matter his contract status, unless one has a panoramic view of what's happening. Simply, one does not trade an elite player if you think you can win a championship this year. Trading away elite players, you see, diminish your chances.

So, the Patriots are reloading and that reported third-round pick they got for Moss is troublesome because it gets added to the Fort Knox of picks the team is storing for 2011. Next April, the Patriots have a full complement of picks plus Oakland's first round pick, Carolina's second-round pick, Minnesota's third-round pick and Denver's fourth-round pick.

To put it midly, the Patriots have an opportunity to clean up at the next draft.

And that's bad news for the Dolphins.

But there is the other side of the proverbial coin to consider. That side is about today and right now.

The short view of this trade is that the Patriots are looking off into the future and missing that which is right in front of their collective noses. Note to Bill Belichick: The 2010 season still has 12 games remaining. Your team is 3-1 and virtually tied for the AFC East lead. Tom Brady isn't getting any younger. Wes Welker is a nice receiver but he isn't a deep threat and Brandon Tate is uproven. So you just got weaker today, hoodieman.

The timing of this trade is such that Moss will play against New England's chief divisional rival -- the New York Jets -- this coming Monday night. But guess what? The timing of this trade also puts Moss on the Vikings on Oct. 31 when they travel to Foxboro, Mass. So the Patriots just helped get an upcoming opponent that much stronger even as they diminished their ability to attack secondaries in the short-term.

One can understand if the Patriots were forced to make this trade because Moss was being a pain in the posterior and turning into more of a locker room liability than dividend. But I am close to one of the parties involved in this trade and this NFL source tells me Moss was not in any way a problem in the Pats locker room or meeting rooms. Moss and Belichick never had words with one another, either, I'm told.

A couple of weeks ago, Belichick explained to Moss he didn't want him complaining about not having a contract after the season-opening win and Moss basically answered, "Yes sir. Understood."

This Tuesday there were reports Moss had a confrontation of some sort with Belichick. I'm told by my source Moss didn't even speak to Belichick after failing to catch a pass against the Dolphins -- and not because he was mad at the coach, but simply because he didn't have need or desire to say anything by way of complaint.

So it's not like New England rid itself of a cancer. It did rid itself of an enigmatic but also elite player.

So over here in the hinterland, we wonder if that's good for us? Or bad for us?

[Practice update: Jake Long was not at practice today. Not working was John Jerry, Lionel Dotson and Jared Odrick. Channing Crowder was working during the period open to the media, to what extent -- full or limited -- I cannot say with certainty.]

[Update: Patriots coach Bill Belichick released a statement about the Moss trade through the team:

"Over the course of the past several months, I have spoken with Randy and his representative about Randy’s place on our team and his future in football. Consistent with my dealings with Randy from the day we acquired him through our conversation this morning it has been honest, thoughtful and with great mutual respect.

"While I will keep private the details of internal conversations with players and staff suffice it to say that many things were taken into consideration before making the trade. In this business, there are complex and often difficult decisions but it is my responsibility to make them based on what I feel is best for our football team in both the short term and long term.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to have coached Randy Moss and aside from facing him as an opponent. I wish him the very best for the remainder of his Hall of Fame career.”]


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I'm drinking Ripple now with Pat Turner, his beard and Pat White! C'mone lets party! Here comes Ted Ginn Jr. and his family hide the Ripple!

Go Phins!

Look for Vincent Jackson in New England real soon!!

During his senior year in 2007, Henne completed 162 of 278 passes for 1,938 yards, 17 touchdowns, and 9 interceptions. He suffered a knee injury in the first half of the second game of the season against Oregon, and sat out the second half, as well as subsequent games against Notre Dame and Penn State, before returning to the starting lineup against Northwestern. Henne played his final college game against Florida in the 2008 Capital One Bowl. Henne was named the MVP of the game after he led his team to a 41–35 victory over the Gators and reigning Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow.

For his career, Henne completed 828 of 1,387 passes for 9,715 yards, 87 touchdowns, and 37 interceptions. All five marks are school records. Henne's passing touchdown total is second in Big Ten Conference history.

This qualifies as a joke of a career at Michigan. Some people jsut don't have a friggin clue.

i'm really worried about the head coach;he's in way over his head! he is a position coach who seems lost on the sidelines. he must be keeping track of play-counts or whatever. i'm also worried about our "franchise QB". henne admits to liking the wildcat so he can get off the field to talk about the next play. this is ridiculous. after watching him for 2 years in camp and games i feel he could end up being another john beck. he telegraphs every throw,doesn't slide in the pocket and cant improvise! sure hope i'm wrong. oh, he cant run.

finfan4 ever, i remember very well .i was wrong and you were right .

Thanks,I just had a feeling things were getting worse behind the scenes.
Keep posting,I enjoy reading your opinions....
And thanks Mark in Toronto,I posted his stats from Michigan and you are right....Some people don't have a clue!

welker hasnt gotten a super bowl ring wih new england either you idiots.

Henne has shown steady, albeit, sometimes slow, improvement across the board. Like Chucky said, he just keeps getting better.

More importantly he wins games. He's 2-0 on the road this year and if not for historical ST blunders he would be 4-0.

I can't believe anyone wants to point fingers at Henne when our play calling and ST's have been abysmal for 3 seasons.

PS: Steve Young? Get the F_ck out of here with that steve young bullsheet. The guy is dummer in a sack of rocks and has one of the biggest anti-Miami biases among the talking heads. The guy has NEVER said a positive thing about Miami or any of it's players EVER!

Yuck! This Moss move is doubly bad for Miami. 1st off Moss was exactly what the Dolphins offense needs opposite BM to open up and score some points. A 3rd round pick? Why not us?
2nd in the panoramic view this is bad for us with Belicheat and all his picks. For all the cheating and lack of personality the guy seemingly out schemes and out coaches his opponent week in and week out.
Bad for Miami to the point of terminal for some coaches. I like Nolan and hope he sticks. I like Sparano despite all the clock management issues and fist pumping FG’s. But this team needs to get more dynamic and talented in a hurry.

Unlike some teams,we are NOT a "Randy Moss" away from being a serious contender. It doesn't make sense to bring in a 32 y.o. guy to a team thats quite a few players(not to mention coaches)away from being a threat to make the playoffs.

Kind of hard not to draft good players when you have at least 2 picks for the first 4 rounds.

Who we kidding, i only wish our management stock piled picks like were playing Madden like the Pats did for 2011.

Moss has 3yrs left and is a premier talent. The Dolphins need more talent on the outside opposite BM. Moss is worth a 3rd round pick to become a dynamic offense over the next several years. The defense is not bad. Without more talent on the outside combined with a more aggressive approach on offense the Dolphins will continue to fall short against the better teams in the league.

He's such a talent that the Pats got rid of him? If he has three years left,why didn't they resign him?

Brandon Tate unproven? What more do you need to see of him after that 103 yrd TD return. The guy is faster and doesn't seem to have a Ted Ginn complex

The trade sounds wonderful, BUT we still must win our games and not give them away.

why does new england have caroilna's 2nd round pick?

Moss to Minnesota and reamis's hammy is already starting to hurt again.

I think it's an excellent move for Minny

An old Farve with an old Moss making one last run. Big O-line, Peterson, Camirillo, Shaincoe. Solid defense.

I hope it works out good enough for them to beat wets and pats.

You don’t think Moss would help this team while I do. Agree to disagree. The Pats dealt him because that’s what Belicheat does. Belicheat is in a premier position on top of the division and stocking up on talent. As much as I hate the Pats, the Dolphins could use some Belicheat.

What the heck is going on with Channing Crowder? Ever since he signed that huge contract last year he's maybe played in two games. I am beginning to lose faith in our upper management and scouting dept. We have thrown away draft picks on players that didnt make the team or could help in any capacity. Man I am completely frustrated with this team and its inability to function in the higher echelon of the NFL.

Fins just need to focus on getting better each week and developing these young players like Henne, Wake, Misi who will play at a high level by the end of this year or sooner, Wake sooner than later. There is no direction but up and better for the ST to go and during offseason they have to find a guy who has speed of a Ginn who can run kicks back against division rivals and a couple Izzos so they can do the Punishing like last yr instead of being the Victim! I hope Minn smacks NE good and Moss scores 2 tds! Go Dolphins! Go Canes, beat the Noles!

Myopic view from you mando...I'm a long time fin fan but this is a brilliant move for NE. Currently, this teams secondary is nearly all rookies who are aquitting themselves pretty well. They have up and coming recievers who play in the NE system. Why do they have rookies in these positions one may ask. Because NE hoards draft picks and uses these picks to bring in new young talent every year. Where are they getting the picks? Executing trades for great value for players like Moss, Seymour, Vrabel, Bruski and others who are on the downside of their careers. It's smart, it allows them to get "system players" who then proceed to "kick" miami's butt all over the field like we saw on monday night. I hate the patriots like no other but have to admire the intelligence that they have in player management!

another great move by pats, thats why they keep winning. unreal draft next year for them. 8 picks in first 4 rounds. damnit we will never get over the hump


it doesn't even matter that moss was traded. how does that help the dolphins? they are still going to get pounded by the packers, steelers, ravens, bengals. so i don't see how that helps them any.

what the hell is sparano talking about? special teams are already better on monday. yeah, they are not playing a real game and they are practicing against their own sorry ass team

why cant the Fins go after Vincent Jackson?

The Pats have 8 Picks in the first 4 rounds next year...
The Dolphin`s Fan sell their tix after 1st loss at home...and have a Hollywood Treatment for the Rich & Famous going into a game????

You guys do realize that the Pats haven't won crap since they got caught cheating,right?
So how does this make Belicheat a genius?

what the hell is sparano talking about? special teams are already better on monday. yeah, they are not playing a real game and they are practicing against their own sorry ass team

Posted by: dolphin77 | October 06, 2010 at 06:48 PM

dolphin77, he meant in the Monday night game, they played better than they did against the Jets, outside of those 3 horrible horrible breakdowns that cost us dearly.

this team is so bad, what a joke of a season

Put Chad P.in, IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, SO DO IT NOW AND GET IT OVER WITH. You guys are as bad as us.

U.of New Haven has been given permission to speak with Tony S.about the head coaching job thay is open!

Get Penny in their now, it is the only way to save your season! Forget the long ball as you don't have a deep threat any way. Penny will be over 70% passing with your short game. Wake up Fagami!

Fagami talking to Herman Edwards about H.C.job. hahahahaha

NEWS FLASH, Herman Edwards open to head coaching job in Miami! Carl Peterson's butt boy will be your coach next year! Can't wait to see him tap dancing on the side lines.

Monday will tell the tail with the Jets. We beat Minny and felt good. That plus the Bills game caused us to dream of winning the division or getting into the playoffs. Minny has now added Moss so they are stronger then they were when we beat them. The Jets and the Pats beat us, dream delayed. But the Pats are weaker without Moss and when we play, we can hope once again, in the last game of the season. But if the Jets beat Minny and taken that they beat us, we will have to admit they are better then us, and it is not likely we will beat them at their home. It is likely they will win the eastern division.

I think it does hurt the pats in the short term but I think belcheat knows what he is doing he is a great coach no doubt, time will tell if all those draft picks pan out but I do agree that belicheck is a smart guy, and as far as Moss not catching a pass Monday he didn't have to we kept throWing ints and get our ass kicked on ST, it is very disapointing to see the fins at this state by now they should be better and better coached for sure, I guess Tony thinks the fins fans we are not very bright when he says the ST play got BETTER MONDAY, AND I GUESS IF YOU THROW OUT HENNE,S 3 INT,S HE LOOKED GREAT, I DON,T CARE WHAT YOU SAY JUST GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT NO BS TONY, ANYWAYS I DO NOT THINK WE ARE AS BAD AS WE LOOKED MONDAY NIGHT, MAYBE BILL SHOULD TALK WITH TONY ABOUT HOW TO MANAGE A GAME AND GET HIS TEAM READY TO PLAY BECAUSE THEY DID NOT LOOK READY, HAVING SAID THAT WE DO NEED MORE TALENT ON THE D SIDE GO FINS

childress cannot and will not handle moss. He must be thinking,(oh god, first favre and now moss, why me)

You arent going to replace what Moss does for New England with a third round pick from MN. They would have gotten a 5th even if he left the team via free agency. This move will knock NE out of the playoffs. Maybe Bellicheat got caught up in the final score Monday and thought they didnt need Randy. The Pats havent stopped any offense all year and they will need all the offensive weapons they can find. The Pats have stocked up on draft picks the last several years and it hasnt done them much good. Unless they find the next Brady with their stockpile of picks, the Pats will gradually get worse and it will be over once Brady is done.

"Wes Welker is a nice receiver..."

Armando, in three full seasons at New England he's averaged 115 catches a year and the best he can get from you is that he's "nice?" Hell, I'm still wondering if there's a statute of limitations on Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller's heads.

i look at the Pats franchise and become jealous of a regime that can reload on the fly. they recognize when a player has outlived his use and ship him out immediately. They did it with Seymour and Cassel and now Moss. All this while their team is 3-1 and fighting for a division title each year.

Lets take the dolphins for example. With Ricky and Ronnie on the roster and each nearing the end of their days with the fins, why not move them for picks as well. Each has to be worth atleast a third as both are productive and still bring threats to an offensive backfield. You cant tell me Green bay wouldnt want to add a guy of their calibre while in a run for a title. Miami is clearly not a championship calibre team yet and can use all the picks they can get their hands on.

Cmon Ireland. Know your team for what it is. "An up and coming young hungry ball club that has the wide reciever and QB in place

This move signals the end of the Patriots run as a Superbowl contending team. They've officially waved the white flag. By building through the draft, they simply won't get it together quickly enough to be a contender while Brady is still playing at a high level. You could make the argument that the Bills are in better future shape than the Patriots. The Dolphins certainly are. All of this nonsense about the Patriots being a forward thinking organization is just that, nonsense. They're simply doing what must be done. If they were really smart they'd consider trading Tom Brady for picks and start from the ground up the way the Phins did 3 years ago. As Parcells said in his one and only press conference during his time with the Dolphins. You build a team that grows and matures together. Who's going to be the quarterback of the Patriots when all of these picks they'll be bringing in finally develop into players (that is if they develop) ? Tom Brady at 36-37 years old lol. The Dolphins should have traded Marino after the 96 season. Holding on too long leads to mediocrity. That's where the Patriots are and that's where they're headed. If the Phins stay the course they'll move well past the Patriots.


V Steelers-L
@ Bengals-W
@ Ravens-L
V Titans-W
V Bears- W
@ Raiders-W
V Browns-W
@ Jets-L NO REVENGE Factor
V Bills-W
V Lions-W
@ Patriots-W REVENGE Factor



Looks like Mando learned a new word - 'hinterland'.

Now we have to suffer through his use of it all f'n year. Get over it Mando - you will never work for ESPN or any other major news outlet because you offer no insight and your writing is like a 10th grader reporting on the High School swim meet. You are horrible, find another job - I cant believe they actually pay you for this sh@t.

ARPA$$12345, i think i agree with you for the 1sr time! except i'd change rex for don shula and as you said, marino and the current team. we'd definitely win out the rest of our games. other than that, jets will always suk!

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