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Referee from Pittsburgh explains fumble ruling

Referee Gene Steratore spoke to the pool reporter about today's controversial call that was the difference in score between the Dolphins and Pittsburgh. The Steelers won, 23-22 on a field goal made possible when they kept the football following what looked like a fumble in the end zone that was recovered by Miami's Ikaika Alama-Francis.

The refs initially called the play a TD. Then they overturned the TD and said it was a fumble. But they didn't complete the job by giving the ball to Miami.

"Naturally, the ruling on the field was a touchdown by Pittsburgh," Steratore said. "After review it was confirmed in replay the ball did come loose and it was a fumble prior to the ball breaking the goal line. That's where we go into the second aspect of that. In order to overturn this and give another team the football, I have to have clear video evidence of that team recovering the fumble. So when a little short segment of what I said out there. That is what I explained. We did have a fumble, but we did not have video evidence and a confirmation on who recovered the football so we changed an aspect of the play by not awarding Pittsburgh the touchdown. Miami is not charged a time out because we changed an aspect of that play, but we could not award the defense in this situation the football because we don't have video evidence of the defense recovering the ball."

Steratore said officials could not determine who recovered the ball because, "it is a pile of bodies in there and you don't have a clear recovery."

Asked again by he could not determine who recovered the ball, he said, "We confirmed that there was a fumble and we not able to confirm a clear recovery by the defense."

Steratore, by the way, was born in Washington, PA., which is 30 miles outside of Pittsburgh. He still lives and has a business in the region.


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Madphin - The Dolphins have to play the Jets and Pats because they are in the same division, just like they have to twice every year. The Vikings and Pack are their NFC crossover division this year. Everyone in their division plays them. It's the same reason they get to play the Lions. They play the Steelers because the Steelers were 8-8 and missed the playoffs last year.

Henne 's contract is not up and carpenter and fields signed new deals during the summer. fasano , brown and williams are free agents.

Yeah, I'd like to know where Jesus was this game. He isn't the teammate I would've expected...Maybe he keeps turning the Gatorade into wine (Would explain a lot)

The numb nut posters that are crapping on the team should just get their own blog. The team played a great game today. The d was awesome.

Now to the ref from pittsburgh. You blind dumb prick. You are either stupid or think we are stupid and you are a crook. One way or another the whistle around you neck should be shoved so far up your butt that every time you fart you tweet for the rest of your crappy life.

Now I feel better

I second someone else's sentiment

Letting Ben throw for 300 Yards and 2 TD's isn't exactly a lights out performance by the D...Just sayin'

KIndry...well written post .


what kind of business this guy has in pitt ? a shoe repair shop ?

That is a bald faced lie........Video evidence of a recovery? first time i heard of that one kind of like the tuck rule that jobbed oakland. How about your lazy ass team confirming the recoverey on the ground then paired with the video evidence its a one two punch. Idiots.

kindry great post. maybe a ref from pitt with a business in pitt should not be allowed to ref a pitt game. just a though.

Look guys, Big Ben claims he had the ball under the pile.

Since he's a man of such upstanding character, who are we to question him!?

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's E-Mail
Flood his e-mail and let him know how you feel about a corrupt NFL Official, born and bred in Pittsburg and who still has a business there making the most horrendous, biased call that cost us a game. Let him know how u feel as a fan to be cheated by a guy who should never have been an official in this game, much less the LEAD Official!!!

Is anyone ever going to challenge Sparano on the incompetant play calling of Dan Henning? Five times we had 3rd and 2 or less either in or next to the red zone and Henning's stubbornness and arrogance led to this loss because he went to the same ineffective "big set" to try and get two yards and he failed every time. If Henning coached the special teams unit this poorly he woul dhave been fired weeks ago.

Please, please Armando--can someone man-up and challenge Henning and his inability to give us a chance to get in the endzone!

i was there. we recovered

Big Ben the Rapist who should be in jail states he had the ball? What a fukin joke. The only place his balls are is in girls who say NO. RAPIST and a CORRUPT Referee, good combination to steal a game



Jesus was inactive for the game with an undisclosed illness

Ref's gave the Super Bowel win to the Steelers over the Seattle Seahawks, and the Ref's gave the Steelers the Super Bowel win over the St Louis Cardinals. Anyone see a pattern here ? Why do the Steelers always get the calls? The Rooney family, thats why.

dumb call

Its not cheap to bring up the refs are from pit. They are talking about it on ESPN. Both refs who called the touchdown are from PIT. Im not one to argue that the refs cost us the game but this time they did. terrible call we had the ball should of got the W. played our hearts out and deserve that win. upsetting

henning should be fired. playing for field goals will not win.

Unpile the mothers and determine possession, but we all know who recovered it. Also the pitt holding penalties not called were a joke. Just ask cam wake.

That said. I am proud of henne, ashamed of ronnie, tony and henning.

Transformers sparano has bad eyes.......Transformers........ wanny in disguise.

all referees from pitt are gambling and bribe seekers .

Forget players we need to draft referees!!

Transformers.... sparano has bad eyes.......Transformers........ wanny in disguise.

I just took a look at the video at NFL.com

The Dolphins got hosed on this one. When Big Ben coughed up the ball there were two white shirts pouncing on it. I didn't notice the ball rolling around anywhere.

LOl @ rockmaister- Hilarious!

what a day,a rapist QB and referee bribe m@f..ks

i wrote him already, let him know about his corrupt, cheating born and bred official. ESPN knows it was wrong, put the pressure on!!

we can draft referee for pitt w/hookers .

Of course Buffalo PhinFan, total screwin. Professional Wrestling would be proud by this coreographed 3 count. This official shouldnt referee another NFL game EVER!!

They're booing Favre in GB

If it barks like a dog and smells like a dog chances are it is a dog. If two dolphins jump on the fumble and one dolphin comes out of the pile with the football chances are the dolphins recovered the fumble. That call ranks up there with some of the worst calls in nfl history.


Motherfracker is lucky he doesnt live near FL!!!

WE HAVE a good team and for a f..kg referee from pitt we have to suffer all night while he's counting his money .

For all the posts saying the refs were trying to throw the game the line was Pitt -3, meaning Miami still covered even with the one point loss. The game against Cincy is now a must win to stay alive for a wild card. Problem is we keep losing to all these teams we're competing with for that 5th or 6th slot. It's looking like ten or eleven wins is what it's going to take to get into the playoffs this year. The league is very top heavy.

The NFL's position on the refs is that their integrity is beyond reproach. It doesn't matter where they are from they will call a fair game. I happen to disagree and today is proof of that. Why would the guy say "Naturally" in reference to that TD? I think if that is Henne fumbling that ball the Steelers get the recovery. Also, Henning needs to retire. He has no balls or situational awareness. Sparano wants to win every game 3 to nothing. This organization has NO vision. They talk about the players they want to fit a certain physical profile. Never mind how good a FOOTBALL player they are. I don't want to do another house cleaning, but I am not optimistic this coaching staff has the answers.

Play-Offs????????? ROTFLMAO...

- F Grade this game was tanked by Ref call at goal line if one call the most important you tanked then the rest of the Game Calling go's to Sh*t!!!

- B Grade henne did a fine job today as well as the
- B whole Defense
- B Garde O-line pass Block good mist of the Game but
- D Grade on Run Block was not up to par

Referee Gene Steratore
Google him. Read about the other game deciding calls he has been a part of.
Ravens-Bengals and Lions-Bears just from a few minutes of research. So he lets himself be the determining factor in about 1/2 the games he is a part of rather than the players of the game. Sounds like he has a mental disorder and needs evaluated before he referees any more at this level.

this team is not good. stop being homers people.

the coaching (head coach/offense cord/special teams) are just dreadful

people on the boards are saying this team can still go 10-6



ARMANDO IS THE only guy who points out that the referee from pitt.good job armando .it's a big deal if he's from pitt .

from 55 referees in the league we have to have this crock today .

There referees integrity is beyond reproach? Just like their twice accused rapist QB whose suspension was cut short. Beyond reproach my ASS. Corrupt no good basturd decided the game before the kickoff!!!

I have been a Dolphin fan for 40 years. I have been teased and crushed for an eternity. My frustration with this organization is beyond describing. BP is a douche bag. Ireland only seems to pick up Dallas rejects to churn the bottom of the roster. Sparano thinks it's 1990. This team has talented,EXPENSIVE, players. Why don't they utilize them to their maximum potential? Why do we have an OC that doesn't seem to be on the same page as anybody? Why does his sphincter tighten up like a snare drum every time in the red zone? I am so F-ing tired of this team not being relevant. Oh well, there's always next year. Maybe if we're lucky the new regime will know what year it is.


I didn't think it was possible but you have just replaced Bill Connors as the most negative guy on this blog. Guys, we played perhaps the best team in the NFL to a single point loss today and were duped of a victory by a brutal call by the official. Our guys really laid it on the line today and all you guy want to do is complain about Sparano, Henning, Henne, our S/T our secondary....who am I missing? This team is competitive every game (and I include the Pats game in there when we self-destructed in the second half). That's fine, you guys jut keep jumping off the bandwagon while the rest of us enjoy our team.

I'll go ahead and say it, In the words of George W. Bush "I think it's time for a regime change".... Someone call Gruden or Cowher please..

bobbyd12 did you read my entire comment?

Marc is just a dumb az z .

Or Maybe Tony Dungee, Sure he looks like the uncle that you wont let your kids stay over night at, but he's one Hell of a coach...

To Cuban Menace: Tell me you are kidding about Gruden. He is not a good head coach. He is a poor evaluator of talent. He might be a good coordinator for Cowher though. I like Jim Harbaugh. He wins with that brainy Stanford outfit. I think he would be a great choice. Plus, he knows what year it is.

Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it ever was Same as it.......

Somebody reach over and wake henning

LOL at Rob, yeah, anything might be a upgrade, Maybe Wayne Fontes is available....LOL

Yeah Cuban, I think Dungy would be a good fit too. I agree with you there. Sparano is in over his head. He didn't have the stones to fire his buddy Bonemego when he should have 2 years ago. His dream season is to go 19-0 winning every game 3-0. The Dolphins would set scoring records for least points scored and least points surrendered.

BTW Rob, The man won 2 super bowls with two different teams......

Yes Robert, i read ur comment and disagree with you on every point. No sense in responding to you because you feel the way u do, i obviously wont change ur mind. My only concern today is how we got hosed by a corrupt Pittsburg Official. We win this game we woulda been 4-2 and one game back. Instead we are 3-3 because of a guy who was giving his hometown team a win before the kick-off

Jesus built my hotrod, but he certainly didn't help this team


LOSS, 3-3, 1-3 in the AFC, 0-3 at HOME

No matter how you slice it, this season is all but a failure

Game Over

There's always next year


You're right!!....if we had D'Angelo Hall we would be a playoff team right now and not a 3-3 team.....are you FRIGGIN' kidding me!! This is a guy who already been dumped by two or three organizations and you wanted us to go out and get him and give him big bucks? How about Pacman Jones while you're at it? Come on man....give your head a shake! This guy has one good game and all of a sudden he's the missing piece? Davis is doing a nice job on one side. Now we have to get Allen playing better or Smith or we have to look at a replacement in the off-season. D'Angelo Hall is not the answer. I'm disappointed in you Marc. Your letting your emotions take over. I always thought you were one of the guys on here who made some sense but I think you're losing it, man!

Graig, didn't i tell you Marc is a dumb az z.

That's a good one Rob.....Your right, the guy sets back NFL scoring back 50 years, He calls it "Playing not to lose", I call it "Playing not to win".....

Yes, bobbyd12 I agree with you don't you see that? I said the NFL's position is that the refs are above reproach. I think this particular referees integrity is at least questionable at most non-existent. So in closing, yes I agree with you.

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