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Ronnie Brown: Two1K still the goal

Before the regular season began, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams openly discussed the idea of gaining 1,000 yards.


Now, five games into the season, Brown has gained 299 yards on 67 carries. Williams has 240 carries on 56 carries. Brown is on pace for 956 yards. Williams is on pace for 768 yards.

And Brown says the goal is still for both to gain 1,000 yards.

"I mean, why not keep the same goal?" he told me today. "We're five games in. We've got 11 games left. If I told you you want to get 20 interviews by the end of the month and you're at two interviews, you may give up. But for us, last week was a growth and we had a better chance to make some plays and we both got the opportunity to get the football a litle more.

"There's going to be a game we're going to have a breakout game as far as rushing. At the same time, we have a lot of guys on the offensive side of the ball that are capable of making plays. I don't think you adjust individually. You still maintain the same type of goals and you have to shoot for them, but at the same time, you have to have the opportunties and there have to be a lot of things in your favor as well."

Brown pointed out that gaining 1,000 yards each was not a prediction he or Williams made. "That was our goal," he said. "It wasn't saying this was going to happen.

The duo will have to do some serious work to get back on track for 1,000-yard seasons if this is the week they're going to do it. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday's opponent at Sun Life Stadium, boasts the No. 1 run defense in the NFL.

"What's that saying?" Brown asked.

I messed with Brown a little and suggested the Steelers were simply imprenetrable (they are not) to see how one of Miami's most competitive players would react. Well, he reacted like a true competitor.

"You probably thought we couldn't beat Green Bay in Green Bay last week, either," he said. "Anybody outside of our locker room probably didn't think that. Our goal is to win the football game. No matter what it takes. And as long as each guy realizes that, no matter what it takes, and as long as everyone gives everything he has, I like our chances."


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It can still happen. Miami's 2nd half schedule is pretty soft.

in think ricky will end up with more yards...looks like he starting to warm up.

I dont care what the steelers d is ranked against the run, it doesnt change what our fins need to do... POUND THE ROCK! GO DOLPHINS!!!!!

I dont see it happening this season because lack of killer instinct in the offense. For this to happen we need to consistently play with 10pts or better leads which allows us to relentlessly pound the rock.

Without measurable leads we will have to pass more, especially if we are not ahead. With a proven legit homerun I believe its fairly reasonable to believe Ronnie and Ricky can both run for 1k.

Until this happens I say those chances decrease to under 10%. Nice pipe dream for them both though.

Ricky is running as good as ever and Ronnie looks like he might be putting his juking/hesitating behind him.
I agree, we win when we pound the football!
EFF the steelers D!
GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It would be awesome to have Ronnie and Ricky both gain 1000 yards. The best team the Dolphins ever had was the year that Larry Csonka and Mercury Morris gained 1000 yds. each. (17-0)

Dolphins accomplished the feat with Czonk and Morris because they consistently had leads of at least10 pts or more. Allowing them to pound the opponent into utter submission with one of the best olines to play the game.

They also had one of the best homerun hitters in they game at wr(Paul Warfield) and Morris himself was one of the best homerun hitters at the rb spot.

I remember several occassions of Morris taking it to the house from 50yds are more out. Even remeber a game he had like a 77yd td run from scrimmage.

The 72 Dolphin offense definitely was thunder and lightning unlike this current offense. We have lots of thunder but very little lightning.

The Marino-led offenses had lots of lightning but very little thunder.

There is a big differnce right now between Green Bay and Pittsburgh No way they have a good day running or passing on Pitt. I cant see us beating Pitt no matter how hard I look

James Harrison contemplates retirement!! Wow, that definitely gives R&R a chance to at least run for 100 combined this week.

Anything is possible as long as we do not put the ball on the ground.

If we can get the consistent lightning added to our offense we can consistently avg at least 36 rushes per game @ 4.5yd = 162yds x 11 games = 1782yd.

This absolutely has to happen for that possibilty to arise. We currently avg 14.6yds per game. We need to avg at least 162yds rushing per game over the next 11 games to realistically approach that happenning.

My goal is to make 1000 posts in Armando's blog by February 16, 2012.

Is it likely...no

But a boy has got to have a dream...

After 2,5 seasons under Sparano, I'm still wondering if we are an offensive or a defensive team.
We are 3-2 and it is very nice, but I think we lack an clear identity as a team.
Some week the defense shows up, the next week it's the offense. You never know with the Dolphins.
When we have an identity we'll be ready to go to the next level and really compete for the SB. But I don't think it's Sparano that will lead us there...
Meanwhile, I hope we can have a decent season, and perhaps even sneak into the playoffs.

DC fan
Harrison is the defenition of a cry baby pig! But no way does he not play this weekend. With that being said I pray we win and R

5 & 1....5 & 1....the dolphins are not 5 & 1....

Its been so busy with all the W's in Jetland I havent had time for you ladies

Another thing, and I was late on this, but have reached my boiling point, WHY, OH WHY, do we sign so many ex-Cowboys? And to say it's just because that's where Ireland and Sparano came from is pure bull. The track record has been mixed. Lately, it's been awful. Bobby Carpenter was a joke. Akin Ayodele was a joke. Fasano's been ok, far from exceptional. Jason Ferguson was great for couple of seasons he played, but who else? Maybe we need to take some trash from other teams besides a team that's currently 1-4 in one of the weakest divisions in football this year.

Right now we also only avg 29.6 rushing attempts per game. The larger the early leads we can have the more we can pound the ball. In today's nfl to accomplish this you do have to have some very effective lightning to go with your potent very thunder.

We just dont have that kind of lightning on offense to consistently have large enough leads to pound teams into the turf.

The only ex cowboy was Ferguson and its because he was a Jet.....you guys are blind to the truth

Brown must have forgotten that he has the bone density of a Butterfinger bar......

I just hope he's still active by week eleven.

I truly believe this team is only 2-3 players max from being a multiple championship team.

We only need a high voltage(electric)player on offense, preferably at wr. On defense another dynamic pass rusher.

Also on defense either a dynamic playmaking free safety(Clemons steady not dynamic), also the same story with Bell(Steady not dynamic.

A dynamic playmaking ss or fs would put the defense over the top with an addition of another dynamic pass rusher. Still think Misi needs at least another season to truly hone his craft.

DC, Lou Polite turned out well for us too.

Jets suck

Bill "steroids abuser" Romananskiwhatever said there no chance the Dolphins beat the Steelers. Hope this light a fire under the Dolphins!!

nobody is picking the dolphins to win this game. I hope they prove everyone wrong. Steelers are beatable.

If its Brown flush it down!

Beat the Steelers BAHAHAHAHA

everyones beatable. but it will take a perfect game. no turnovers, no blocked kicks allowed, no sacks, no settling for fgs over tds

Run the wildcat some more....oh wait I mean the effective version....the Seminole.....watch some Jets games nuccka

DR Bombay.

Only used the analogy that we have no lightning. I saw the early 70's teams. Czonk was the thunder then Morris might light you up for a 70yd run. Morris was of the 3-5 fastest guys in the leasgue period.

He offered lightning from the rb position while Warfield contribute lightning from the wr position. Ricky is OCASSIONAL lightning. Ronnie is faster less powerful streamlined version of Czonka. Brown also offers very little quickness.

Yes we were a run first offense but did indeed have the constant quick strike ability in Morris then blow your doors off ability in Warfield.

No we didnt pass often but one season Warfield avg 25yds per catch. With that kind of lightning you dont need to pass often. Especially when backed up by a bend but dont break defense.

its 2010, u have to pass to win now, and alot.

After 2,5 seasons under Sparano, I'm still wondering if we are an offensive or a defensive team.

Posted by: Yan | October 20, 2010 at 04:50 PM


I think we are a defensive team, but sometimes we come across as very offensive.

Just a joke guys.

Harrison just doesnt want to play Miami

Does anyone know the status of Cameron Wake's contract? Does it expire at the end of this year and if so, why haven't we signed him long-term yet?


Dying, you're exactly right. 'Pounding the rock' is a good strategy when you're ahead, preferable way ahead and you want to run out the clock.

Not good when you're behind and especially not good when that's your OC is an idiot.

COOajoe, you and DyingBreed can coach . no joke , you guys know way more than of us .

armando, why can't you get a fin player every week on you show ? offer them the buffet .

Aloco, it's not all that hard to understand how the game works in the 21st century. The rules are geared for the offense to score. 3 yards and a cloud of dust was over a long time ago.

I will say this though, no matter how much he denies it, Henning is aware of his failings and what people are saying. So maybe, just maybe, he'll not be so stubborn. We can only hope.

In my humble opinion, you can still stick to the pound the ball philosophy when trailing.

It obviously depends on how much time remains and how many points you trail by. If the running game just isn't producing at that point, it's time to hit Hennings corpse with the paddles(once again)and tell him it is 2010...

Ronnie is a good player. He is not great nor special. He is what he is and that is good. He will never live up to his draft status and how could he. He is at the ahe where he should be in his prime and he has just 1 season of 1000 yards. That is not what you expect out of a #2 overall draft pick.

I think Miami should let Ronnie go after the season. He is a free agent and hasn't proven to be durable and is already closing in on that only old in football and for running backs, magical number of 30. A long term deal wouldn't be wise and he isn't worthy of a franchise tag.

cocojoe, i am sure henning is aware and that's why he told the media ( i could care less what the fans say ). old people are very stubborn . notice no wildcrap last week .

R.BROWN contract is in the work .

The references to the 70s team are interesting but aspirational. Remember they were making 1000 yards when there were 12 games in the season - a tad more difficult accomplishment than now. That said, I think that analogies can be made but to the 1970s team not the 72 team. At that point we has a new-ish owner who brought in celebrity co-owners, who brought in an absolutely ruthless perfectionistic coach/leader with a high tolerance for other people's pain (Shula/Parcells), who built a team with big tough players, a pair of RB who were great friends (Csonka-Kiick/R&R), a totally run oriented attack (much more so than the current Dolphins), a great WR (Warfield/Marshall), a young QB who had many detractors (Griese/Henne) and functioned best in a passing-off with occasional throws system and a defense built around a great center player (Buoniconti/Dansby), a swift hard hitting young secondary, and a big gang tackling complex defense coached by defensive innovators (Arnsbarger/Nolan). Team got no respect. That year they went 10-1 and got to the playoffs. The next year they got to the SB but lost to Dallas (I still hate Dallas for that) and got no respect. The following year they went undefeated but were still disrespected and were underdogs until they won the SB and finally got respect. The next year they were an even better team although they lost two games. It took the World Football League stealing Csonka, Kiick, and Warfield to allow other teams to have a shot at the SB. Anyway, we have similarities to the 1970 team and possibilities to become great but we have a lot to prove before we can be compared to the 72 and 73 teams.

and, you r a very shroud business man .

csonka's football card sell for 2 dollars 1776

R.brown football card sell for .80 cents .

Andy NJ,

I still see great value in Ronnie Brown. It all depends upon your offensive makeup. As great as Zonk was in what he provided for us in the early 70's. He would not have been a starter on many teams. Our offensive makeup allowed him to flourish.

The same pretty much applies to Ronnie Brown. He can be much more effective if we consistently play with 7pts or more leads.

Plus with leads you force the opposition to pass more meaning less time of possession for them and more time of possession for you. Your pass rush becomes much more effective when taking away the opposition's running game.

So by adding more lightning to our attack the following instantly happens:

1. We consistently play with 7pts or better leads.

2. Can pound the ball more and more effectively. Meaning we win time of possession by good margin at least 90% of the time.

3. Other team forced to pass more. If this happens I see no reason Wake couldnt put up the same sack numbers he put in the nfl.

4. The defense spends a third of the time or less on the football field.

Ok here is my weekly plea to get Lex Hilliard some playing time. This will get old, but untill Lex gets some more P.T. this will continue. I've stated the case that I think we need to put the ball into Hennes hands to win this game. One formation that Pitt may not be prepared for would be a 4 reciever set. Spread the field on them and use short to medium range passes to counter their blitz package. Where Lex comes into play would be as the single back. This brings draw into the eqaution, as well as getting our best pass blocking running back into the game as a personal protector. This would be a different wrinkle into the offense. Anything to confuse them until they can make adjustments will give us an edge.

DyingBreed, what are your thoughts on darryl's plan ?

no contract in the works for brown. not many teams will want the guy either. slow injury prone back. hopefully next year we can find a game breaker


ronnie brown dances and sucks now

have fun getting no big contract in the offseason

only dolphin homers think ronnie brown is good

brown is going to have 1000 yards season and then every one will come knocking on his door ..............

r.brown contract is in the works ..you need veterans on this young team .

test should kill his mom .

just win baby

1000 yard season?? he better hope, almost every back gets that. will be only a couple teams looking to sign a slow aging back aloco, sorry man. we will be much better with a different back.

I think they both could do it but it will be tough against the steelers and ravens over the next 3 weeks or so, also they have to get the attempts, the dolphins throw the the ball more now because they finally have a no 1 receiver, but they are both very good backs ,I am all for pounding the ball which is what they could do most of the time, when they do that they eat the clock and keep the shaky D off the feild. I hate to break on the D because at times they have played well but there is still not enough players on that side of the ball I think!

i agree bill,i was trying to make a case for ronnie but failed ,
trade the old man and kepp ricky for 500 dollars a game .

Not sure why people are scared. Other then buffalo all our games have faced at least an elite offense or defense, or both.

We have the tools and our team runs hot this time of year.We should have beat the jets and were driving in the pats game. Our team is much better then anyone ever gives us credit for. Every win we have had has been written off one way or another and does anyone even remember we lost to the slef crowned 2011 superbowl winners by just 8 points.

It's pretty sad that with all the talent on the offensive side of the ball, the Dolphins still aren't scoring many points.

Guys iv'e heard rumors around ESPN that Odrick's injury might have been season ending and that he could be placed in the IR. Do any of you have the real scoop on this?

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