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Ronnie Brown: Two1K still the goal

Before the regular season began, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams openly discussed the idea of gaining 1,000 yards.


Now, five games into the season, Brown has gained 299 yards on 67 carries. Williams has 240 carries on 56 carries. Brown is on pace for 956 yards. Williams is on pace for 768 yards.

And Brown says the goal is still for both to gain 1,000 yards.

"I mean, why not keep the same goal?" he told me today. "We're five games in. We've got 11 games left. If I told you you want to get 20 interviews by the end of the month and you're at two interviews, you may give up. But for us, last week was a growth and we had a better chance to make some plays and we both got the opportunity to get the football a litle more.

"There's going to be a game we're going to have a breakout game as far as rushing. At the same time, we have a lot of guys on the offensive side of the ball that are capable of making plays. I don't think you adjust individually. You still maintain the same type of goals and you have to shoot for them, but at the same time, you have to have the opportunties and there have to be a lot of things in your favor as well."

Brown pointed out that gaining 1,000 yards each was not a prediction he or Williams made. "That was our goal," he said. "It wasn't saying this was going to happen.

The duo will have to do some serious work to get back on track for 1,000-yard seasons if this is the week they're going to do it. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday's opponent at Sun Life Stadium, boasts the No. 1 run defense in the NFL.

"What's that saying?" Brown asked.

I messed with Brown a little and suggested the Steelers were simply imprenetrable (they are not) to see how one of Miami's most competitive players would react. Well, he reacted like a true competitor.

"You probably thought we couldn't beat Green Bay in Green Bay last week, either," he said. "Anybody outside of our locker room probably didn't think that. Our goal is to win the football game. No matter what it takes. And as long as each guy realizes that, no matter what it takes, and as long as everyone gives everything he has, I like our chances."


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Its always proper ettiquette to never laugh at a guy to his face. But nowhere does it written you cant make him laugh even harder at himself.

nfl never breaks any story .i saw it here around 8;40 .nfl reported the story at 9;00 .



you saw it here marc? there's nothing on the herald about it...still.

Sure its bad our #1 pick out for season. Isnt he like the 4th or 5th 2010 #1 pick to suffer the same fate.

The flip side of it all is:

1. We didnt have a critical need at the position he was drafted. We were moving a pro bowler to let him play the position.

2. Marshall

3. Dansby

The Marshall and Dansby deals far outshine his arrival anyways. Though I would still love to have him I dont see where his presence legitimately makes or breaks this defense anyway. Though the possibility exists he may have enhanced it.

Therefore the Odrick news is extremely short of earth shattering. Daansby and Marshall are the true jewels of the offseason.

the crowder story is a bigger one .


just in per David Neal tweet:


Odrick 1 gm 1 tkl 1 TFL. Last #Dolphins 1st rd. rook w/such limited contribution: yep, 1997 Yatil Green, season-ending injury before season. 29 minutes ago reply

Now about 30 minutes ago on the time stamp.

Without the Marshall and Dansby offseason acquisitions this would be insurmountably devasting news. Right now its kind of just baw humbug. Maybe next year right?

But I know my fellow fin fans. If we dont have a successful season this will morph into a hot poker aimed straight for Ireland and Sparano's hearts. LOL!

whats the crowder story? sorry i missed it, i was at kobe eating dinner...anything big about chowder man?

Is it true we lost Odrick for the year??


go to pambeachpost.com. Its only his thoughts about nfl new guidelines about vicious hits.

All i know is come sunday..our O will thrive and score some points while Cam EarthWake is gonna pound rapistberger for another few sacks!

Fred Dabus,

read my post 3 spots ahead of your. Its a statement by David J Neal regarding Odrick.

Odrick---yet another Tuna Legacy..did no one chcck med records? kick the tires before buying??

Tuna's been a debacle here

Dying..ok cool, thank you...just watcjed the video.
And for the other guys question...yes odrick is gone indefinely as far as the three stories i read about the injury. Also it did not say if it was the same leg with the hairline fracture or if it was his good leg.

One story was from espn, one was yahoo sports, and the last was nfl news...so it appears to be true...again no other info was posted about the details..


WTH are you talking about? Take a thorough look at our roster. We are only 2-3 impact players away from being a team challenging for multiple championships.

Very unlike the Johnson, Wanny, Saban, and most disastrous of all Cam-Mueller era. What are some of our fans that come here, talking minor birds of extremely limited mimicking vocabulary?

LeGrand..my giess would be they asked but odrick either lied or his agent fudged some paperwork in a way that it would male odrick look fine if the news broke that he had a previous injury...should have been disclosed if you ask me...if it was hidden, well then someone needs to pay for that...compensatory pick possibly for next year? who knows, prolly the cold shoulder and a "sorry too bad" ya get what ya get..

Hey Dying..I would say you are right on about that..2-3 players would do it. I really think that we need more draft picks next year..NE has a crap-load of picks..it sickens me to see their 2 first rounders (one from Oak), and 2 second rounders, some thirds, ect...scary if you ask me.
Im typing this on my iPhone and since the new app came out all of the spelling, caps, and contractions have to be manually entered...takes longer

Guys sometimes these freak injuries fall into the category of s....happens. Ronnie Brown's last to injuries fell into the same category.

Wasnt because he's specifically physically injury prone. Sometimes in this game your body is just in a very odd position at the perfectly placed time for injuries to occur.

Its happened in the past, still happens now, and will continue to happen in the future as football itself is a very physically tasking game.

A true injury prone player is a guy whose body can not hold up to the physical demands of the sport no matter how good or bad his body is congruent to taking a hit.

With Odrick if its continuance of the same exact injury it maybe something that doesnt allow him to address the physical rigors of the game completely. Its very difficult to indentify this if it only happened once in the guy's college career.

Even that time it was fracture. Its very difficult to label a guy injury prone based on only one fracture. Especially when it wasnt a very critical area or bone.

'Dricks agent is RosenFraud, so who knows what evil lurks.....

another high pick that can't help us

was't everyome around here clamoring for an NT or a FS???????? so why defendant Tuna now?

Odrick will never play another down of pro ball---mark it down.


I differ in opinion on more draft picks simply because:

1. The foundation's laid. We need proven impact players. The 2-3 I mentioned.

2. Our main nucleus is very young even Dansby and Marshall. Wake has another upper echalon 5 seasons left too.

3. Dealing draft picks is the quickest and surest way to assemble the 2-3 proven impact players we now need.

4. The draft is still a bigger crapshoot to try and do it.

5. It will be at least another 2 seasons with the nucleus we now have in house before draft picks again become a premium.

I hate to say it but now is the time to breakout the Rex Ryan NY Jets handbook of building and instant winner.

Just dont mortgage to far into the future with our future draft picks and stay very creative with the contract structures.

fwiw & btw;

This ain't a freak injury item; this is a chronic, degenerative pre-exisiting condition that our Senior Bowl geniuses shoulda learned of


As I said, If we dont have a successful season it will be hot poker daggers to Ireland and Sparano's hearts. If we do have a very successful season the Odrick incident becomes water swept underneath a towering bridge.

For now enuff said. We are all awares.


Again, the injury is only chronic now only because it happened again. The scouting report would only show it as a first time occurence while in college.

It would be very nice if our scouting department were headed up by Nostradamus INC. But it's not and your argument has no true bearance. Its all after fact observation. Any mama's fool can do this and it doesnt make them special.

As a Dolphin fan I know there will be minor mimicking attacks on any and all regimes that ever come to Miami. Guess what? No matter who we'll ever have running the show here they will never be perfect nor perfect enough.

I have been a Dolphin fan close to 40yrs nowl. Even the great Shula was villified and run out of town. In the end not even perfection escapes our fans eventual wrath. Ask coach Shula.

The greater the name of the regime we bring in, the greater the scrutiny will be. Hopefully we never bring in a total no name to run things here.

The poor sap wouldnt last a full season before the tar and feathering and dumping at the city limits.


Isnt NJ's hangout over at the Sentinel slum?
I already called him out over there for being Torturedolphin the jet poser here. Then he whinned to dumass Chris the monitor there and had me banned.

But I didnt care because they are all just lukewarm water in an icy cold douchebag over there.


I still cant figure out how the slum sentinel justifies giving shotout pimp dog Omar Kelly a paycheck. Even Armando is the Walter Kronkite of journalism compared to that wannabe hoodrat pimp poser.


What serious journalist even consider dressing as a pimp then use it as his avatar when discussing subjects with his audience. That's idiotic not even to mention very unprofessional. But he's dumb enough to think its cute. LOL!


I dont care for Omars journalism myself but does he bother you that much... ?


The Trifecta drafted LEADERS. Remember? LEADERS.

I just hope the new LEADERS can watch for a snap on a 4th & Goal with the game on the line?

I hate to make a "SNAP" Judgment...

Hopefully he "CRACKS" the lineup next year...

Hopefully this won't "FRACTURE" his relationship with the team...

Maybe he can go back to making vacuums while away on his "BREAK"...oh my mistake, that's Orick!

Go Phins!

Did anyone notice the picture of Bess on NFL Replay? The one in the box they kept showing?

He looked like Shanene on Martin?

Oh doh oh dof you dinet! UhKay! Uhuh!

1/11th! C. Crowder

Go Phins!

Odrick needs to take a salt water bath with Ricky to clean his energy and Chackras. It promotes faster healing...

1/11th! C. Crowder

Go Phins!

I gotta go guys!

My wife wants to know why I use the term "Fist Pump" on a predominately all male blog? She says I sit around late at night and blog with a bunch of strangers about the "Fist Pump". I gotta admit, when she put it that way it made me kinda queezy. I gotta re-think things?

1/11th! C. Crowder

Go Phins!

***********FIST PUMP*************

Quien es mas Macho?

El Toneh Sparrrano o' El Kurt Geebson?

Ah Si! Es Toneh Sparrrano!

AH HA HA HA! Muy Bien!

1/11th C. Crowder

Go Phins!

WAIT!!!! WTF???? NFL Network is reporting Odrick is out for the year? WHO THE HELL SCOUTED HIM!

hes done

another great pock!!

If im not mistaken, Odrick has had problems like this before. How the hell do you trade down, pass on a half dozen guys that can help you and then draft this guy? If healthy, it wasnt a great pick. Then they pick the other invisible man, Misi. This FO is a failure.

invisible? misi has 3 sacks in 5 games

Two years ago it was Donald Thomas. Rookie played great in camp to earn a starting position. Got hurt first game of the season, out for year. Came back last year and wasn't too impressive, which led to him losing his starting spot on the o-line.

I hope the same doesn't happen to Odrick. He'll now be a rookie in his 2nd year, need THAT year to develop, and will be one year behind. If we have a lockout next year, he'll be 2 years behind. Why don't we have luck with 1st-round picks (besides Long and Davis)?

Wondering if they'll resign Charles Grant, or anyone

Armando, Is Odrick really done for the season??? What the hell??

The one thing I noticed about Ronnie last game, which made me think he might break out... He finally had that run where he plowed right through a corner or safty and put them on their butt. that was great! It has been to long for that not to have happened yet. Now I want to see it A LOT more!

Odrick injury sucks the big one. Let's hope he comes back strong. This wasn't a bad pick - but it was bad luck for sure.

mark, he had 5 pins in his leg from a previous injury. ireland f'd ^ another one.

Love the R&R express but they're not going to light up the stat sheet against Pittsburgh's D. If we're going to win our D will have to show up big time, especially against the run. Hope they're up to the challenge!

OUR D has looked like Swiss cheese, Especially over the middle. I am not loving our odds of the D winning a game for us at this point. I hope they can prove me wrong...

I don't think that has been said enough. JETS SUCK. I feel better.

2 watt, he also said he came back from the previous injury in 2 weeks and never had another problem with it. This regime is known to do their diligence on injury history. I can see both sides of the story here. Fact remains, if we didn't take him, NE and NYJ were sure ready to take him right behind us. So if we were wrong in not doing due diligence, they were just as wrong for sure.

Is it the same leg though, same break? That's unclear.

Poizen, our defense has not exactly been swiss cheese. if you look at team defense rankings, we rank about 14th in pass and rush defense. Not stellar but better than most.

if theres a bright side its that he hasn't played enough to make us feel like he is needed....the flip sife of that is that our "D" seemed to be more aggressive (coaching) then see has been gone. don't know if it wad because he was in, or we knew Starks had the middle sewn up.

in either case i haven't heard much out of Starks after he moved back to his old position...we need to hear his name on the PA system!

starks has struggled lately. watch the second half of green bay game. gets killed

It's simple! The team that makes the least mistakes will win the game! When we play mistake-free, we're as unbeatable as anyone. They've run the computer simulations already which verify this. If the Steelers make errors, we win. If we screw up, they win. Dead even, they win 53 percent of the time. That's like flipping a coin! Yes, we've lost to the 2nd and 3rd best teams in the NFL (according to this weeks ESPN Power Rankings), and now We've go the Steelers at home (the #1 ranked team) and our odds are about 50-50? C'mon man! We CAN win this thing! Go Fins!

crowder is a one of a kind ,no one came to james harrison defense but him and mean while he got himself in trouble comparing the nfl to feminine sport and making fun of cancer pink month ;

we have to play a perfect game to win

I'm with you Tracy, rally the troops!!!

ALoco, I read the article on Crowder this morning on ESPN. He did come to Harrison's defense but didn't say anything that I saw about the pink ribbon campaign. It's been a while since I've read anything negative about Crowder. I guess people have realized that he is a Pepper Johnson type of linebacker. WOn't give you anything in the pass game but in the run - he's your daddy.

same leg from what i gather... phins 15 pit 13. 5 fg's by carp.

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