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Ronnie Brown: Two1K still the goal

Before the regular season began, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams openly discussed the idea of gaining 1,000 yards.


Now, five games into the season, Brown has gained 299 yards on 67 carries. Williams has 240 carries on 56 carries. Brown is on pace for 956 yards. Williams is on pace for 768 yards.

And Brown says the goal is still for both to gain 1,000 yards.

"I mean, why not keep the same goal?" he told me today. "We're five games in. We've got 11 games left. If I told you you want to get 20 interviews by the end of the month and you're at two interviews, you may give up. But for us, last week was a growth and we had a better chance to make some plays and we both got the opportunity to get the football a litle more.

"There's going to be a game we're going to have a breakout game as far as rushing. At the same time, we have a lot of guys on the offensive side of the ball that are capable of making plays. I don't think you adjust individually. You still maintain the same type of goals and you have to shoot for them, but at the same time, you have to have the opportunties and there have to be a lot of things in your favor as well."

Brown pointed out that gaining 1,000 yards each was not a prediction he or Williams made. "That was our goal," he said. "It wasn't saying this was going to happen.

The duo will have to do some serious work to get back on track for 1,000-yard seasons if this is the week they're going to do it. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday's opponent at Sun Life Stadium, boasts the No. 1 run defense in the NFL.

"What's that saying?" Brown asked.

I messed with Brown a little and suggested the Steelers were simply imprenetrable (they are not) to see how one of Miami's most competitive players would react. Well, he reacted like a true competitor.

"You probably thought we couldn't beat Green Bay in Green Bay last week, either," he said. "Anybody outside of our locker room probably didn't think that. Our goal is to win the football game. No matter what it takes. And as long as each guy realizes that, no matter what it takes, and as long as everyone gives everything he has, I like our chances."


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2 watt, i'd take it.

this odrick situation is a bummer no matter how you slice it. i hope he can come back and is not lumped with yatil green.

odrick was a bad pick, again. he had problems in college


I agree that Starks has dissapeared....Thats why I am calling on him....Maybe he is thinking to much. I'd like to see him go back to NT...He was blowing it up there...his mind and body was prepared for it. I was even foolosh enough to doubt he could succeed there. I was wrong and I think his quickness off the snap makes our "D" better up the middle...running backs can't get momentum when your first step is lateral.

Now...I ask you again...Explain your definition of the perfect game? You write the statement enough....please elaborate on what YOU feel the perfect game is....This isn't baseball. So there is no standard definition...I'd like tohear your take/

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

no better time for crowder" which we all bashed at 1 time" lol.. to be 100%.

ALoco, Crowder's remarks were unfortunate, but I understand what he and Harrison are saying. The defenders are getting put further and further into a box. Can't hit high, can't go low OR high on the QB, can't hit a defenseless receiver, damn, what are they supposed to do? You see Mike Wallace, coming across the middle, ball in the air, Bell can't get to the ball, so at least he can hit Wallace in the process of catching it to hopefully knock it away from him. He's not trying to hurt the guy, he doesn't want him to catch the ball. Or how about when a smallish receiver catches the ball over the middle, right in front of an oncoming big LB, so he crouches down to brace for the impact, and the LB goes for the hit/tackle where his numbers used to be, but after the crouch now it's his head. Is that intentional? Should the LB be disciplined for that hit? It's murky territory. The Pats kid got fined $50K, and only makes $550,000. Mark from Toronto, what is that, like 10% of the kid's salary, for a hit? Now, it could have been dirty, did he get flagged for it (I didn't see that one)? What I'm saying is the Wall St. crowd RUINED the financial stability WORLDWIDE, and they get bailed out and crazy perks and outsized bonuses. But these guys are getting fined 10% of their salaries for a subjective "intentional" hit. Who's really out to kill or maim anyone in the league? Was Ronnie Lott?

I agree, the concussions are getting serious, the effects after retirement are devastating for many players, things need to be done to change the culture. But there are off-field things you can do:

1 - STOP putting those hits on SportsCenter
2 - Continue improving the helmet for safety
3 - Fine the coaches, they're the ones teaching this stuff. This doesn't happen too much in Pop Warner, high school or college ball. It's obviously something these Pro coaches are teaching the players (hit high, go for impact, don't wrap around, don't go for the legs).

But, in the end, don't get it twisted, it's NOT a game. For many if not most of these players, it's a life they'd NEVER lead otherwise. All the money, glory, women, etc. It's a dream job! And for a kid from the 'hood who never had a dollar to his name, it's a way to go to college and beyond. They know the downside. They know the possible implications of their actions (like drug dealers or gangbangers). It's not for everyone. It's for gladiators. That's why we love it so much. That's why we pay astronomical sums of money to go to games, get the satellite package, buy the jerseys, waste time on this blog everyday. We love football. And if you're as old as me (not that old, but I like saying that), you remember when it was even more brutal than it is now.

I don't mind them trying to limit head injuries, I'm all for it. But they're even talking about taking away the 3-point stance. How will ANYONE get a sack if they do that (Wake surely won't). That will dramatically alter the way the game is played. And to me, that would be a tragedy, 'cause I love the way the game is played today. I'm not gonna put the pads on, but I respect and will cheer those that do. It's a slippery slope to flag football people, and sometimes you change something without understanding the full implications (see boxing and how MMA has totally taken it over).

mark , crowder said ...( the nfl trying to make us a feminine sport ,we may wear pink like girls and not only when it's cancer pink month )).

the article you read is not complete .

Thunder and lightning? You guys really are retards...

So is ANYONE that wants Brown to go...


Bill, he came back from that "problem" in 2 weeks. I know it's fashionable to act like you know more than the guys in charge but come on.

DC, THE new rules are good for the players ,we enjoyed football for year without this dirty hits .it's not a pleasnt thing to see players in every game carried out on a stretcher .

p.s....for crowder to speak against the new rule that protect him and his life hood is amazing ,just dumb .

ALoco, some of these penalty calls are just taking it too far though. Like that Bell hit earlier this year. That's just a guy playing football trying to knock the ball loose. he wasn't trying to hurt anyone - don't even think the hit was to the head.


1- the new england player who got 50,000 dollars fine for helmet to helmet just came out and said he's very sorry and it won't happen again,that the wright thing to say to protect another human being ,it' a sport not tough men fighting.

2- harrison threatean to retire from the game ,who's the f....k care if he retire .he's back w/steelers .

3- we know no one trying to hurt until it happens and the sport becomes a boxing ring .

Aloco/Cuban/Home, whatever your name is proves YET AGAIN how stupid they are

"we enjoyed football for year without this dirty hits"

Back in the day you could horsecollar, lead with helmet, face mask, etc, etc, etc....Watch some highlight reels from back in the day

Crowder makes a fine point. They know what the risks are...If they don't wanna get hit, don't play football...

Marc, i am not home ,i am not cuban. go take your steroids .

back on the old days DUMB AS S we didn't have 340 ib men you brown donkey .

p.s...you rather have these young players to have injured in the head and neck area just for you to feel a man watching from you sofa .donkeys are hard to come buy ..

ALoco, I respect your humanitarianism. You deserve the Nobel Prize! As for the rest of us, we're just joe shmo grunts that like seeing sick sh*t. People, don't listen to me, I'm the guy that slows down at a crash site to see what I can see. I'm the guy in high school that ran to the fight in the cafeteria to see who would bloody who. I'm the guy that went online to watch the beheading of Nicholas Berg and Daniel Pearl. I'm a bad, bad man. ALoco should be the one you listen to. I'm serious here.

I defer to ALoco on all matters of this kind. My heart is just too dark.

Someone obviously hit you in the head, as you can't even form a proper sentence.

Hopefully one day they'll finish the job you waste of space


1-go back to you old days and google how many CONCUSSION Happened in those day .


They weren't diagnosed properly RETARD!

Who gives a flying F(IK!

Just like fighters nobody forced these guys to play football. They are WELL AWARE of the risks...It's the chance they take to make millions of dollars...

Personally I'd like to see EVERYONE on the opposing team concussed at the end of the game...Or maimed




Whoa, I've never seen ALoco this worked up. Sunday must be just around the corner!

to be or not to be .
thank god i did short hrb,

Nice call. My only short right now is believe it or not ... in oil.


Donkey of a stock. A real underperformer. The Canadian answer to XOM. It just broke below the 50 day MA. I don't recommend this trade to anyone however as I don't recommend any of my trades. I'm crazy and that's why I trade.

ALoco, I think the Dow will hit 11,500 before we see a correction. Any thoughts?

Demarco Murray in NFL draft 2011!

Roger Goddell is a punk and so are you...

All he care's about it $$$, not the players...Not one bit

Aloco...don't you have something nice ro say....we should have peace on this blog.

Ha ha.....I sound like you.

See how frustaing it is sometimes....


Kris.........MARC is a unique case .

SO are quite a few others Aloco...So are quite a few others.

At least it was semi-entertaining....but most importantly....IT WASN'T ME :-)


Ss still hasnt reported the odrick situation. weird

ALoco, I feel you brother. I was serious when I said someone other than me should make these decisions. Like I said, I like to see sick stuff. So I'm not the one who should be making the rules. And neither are the players for that matter (they don't know what's good for them). If the league changes the rules (like they have already), I'll still watch the game. I hope it doesn't change the way football is played, but who knows, might be for the best in the end.

But I get your point, and frankly, agree that your position is probably the correct one for all involved.

ALoco, i dont think concussions were reported because there were less of them 20 years ago, i think they were not reported because they were considered a minor injury. Im sure there were a high amount of concussions, especially with the helmets being worn.

at least we have both merling and odrick. so hopefully one of the will pan out. We need to keep langford

All I can say about the DE situation is at least Tony McDaniel has continued to improve. He was really missed when he was out.

Hopefully the young DE's can bounce back from their injuries next year. More hands on deck, the better.

October 21, 2010 at 12:24 pm
So now odrick is a huge bust ? Gigi , i want to thank you for being a constant reminder for the reason why i don’t get married !

They Call Me... Tim says:
October 21, 2010 at 12:27 pm
NJ. That's not the reason my boyfriend.It's because we are flamers that we don't get married silly.hee hee.

October 21, 2010 at 12:24 pm
.I know Tim/Knight. I was just teasing gigi.. hurry home Tim. ok?. wink.wink.


I dont care for Omars journalism myself but does he bother you that much... ?

Posted by: kingsmith | October 21, 2010 at 02:29 AM

Dying breed used to love omar and the SS for it's football insight and used to bash armando and the herald bloggers over there until he got his butt banned from there. Now he's crying sour grapes over here because he can't get on the SS anymore and this is all he has left . Typical crybaby BS !

Odrick = Tuna's Last Laugh at our expense. They trade down to get him, and even thereafter passed on safeties & nts, and forced the starks conversion to nt based on Jared & his Senor Bowl Leadership.

What a friggin' joke--we've got PWhite gone; SeanSmith Twittering instead of developing, & now Odrick, who'll never play again.

And Tuna leaves us in the lurch, uncriticized by ESPN or NFLnet or anyone in media.

Aaron Rodgers wishes Starks would have disappeared. He broke two of Rodgers teeth when he "trucked" his a s s early on.

Breaking two of the opposing QB's teeth has to be the statistical equivilant to at leasy 3 tackles and a sack.

Rodgers looked like he was going to start crying when he finally stopped wincing around on the ground and stood up.

PS: DC, you may not be as sick as you think. I watched it over and over again. I liked it more each time!

Can we at least wait 2 or 3 years to determine if a guys is a bust or not?

Man, everyone wants results yesterday. If it were only that easy. The path to success is not a straight line - it takes time and you suffer setbacks.

Haha, Odin. Rodgers is the Brady of the NFC. He kept asking for a flag. FOr what, getting hit in the chest when you're throwing the ball???

California boys, man they breed them soft out there.


understood, but alas the Road to Success requires two working legs, and it is becoming apparent that Odric has a chronic, degenerative condition that will not allow him to play football in future, which, apologies to the fact that he did not do anything to deserve this label other than be damaged goods, means Odrick == Bust.

Seer, he broke the leg in his sophomore year. he came back to play 2 years injury free at Penn State. He suffered a mild break in week 1 this year. Maybe he just came back to early from that injury and got reinjured. Hopefully that's the case rather than having a degenerative condition. Too early to tell. i hope the big guy comes back.

me too, but knowing the facts (and that the time frame compresses as condition progresses), would you bet money on it?? I wouldn't.

It's a bummer all around.

I don't bet money on anything sports related. Too early to know for sure - that's for sure. All we have now is hope.

That's a bumper sticker Mark:


You could make millions dude! That's real wisdom.

It's so funny that I've been watching football for 32 years and every single one of those years I hear idiots claiming a draft pick sucks after only watching him play in a few games. Only to have that same "sucky player" turn out to be an all pro. When are you dummies going to figure out that you really know nothing about talent? Any day now please.

**Henne Watch**

Road trip, hostile environment. Sudden Death overtime, game on the line.

2nd and 8 on the 50 yard line. Marshall wide left, Bess left slot.

Did I say the game is on the line?

Henne drops back. Marshall clears out with a go. Bess curls underneath.

But wait, there's problems. Marshall is doubled with a safety over the top and Woodson is on Bess like stank on sheet!

Did I say crunch time or game on the line?

Henne drops back looking left, see's the coverage and looks over the middle, just enough to Draw Woodson a step and a half in. Bam, that's all it took. Henne completes it to Bess for a first down at the Green Bay 39.

It wasn't the best "look off" I've seen, but it was enough to juke out Heisman trophy winning, pro bowler Charles Woodson.

Like it or not people Henne just keeps on improving!

Get the printing started, we will parlay the proceeds into minority ownership in the Dolphins so we can grind J-Lo's caboose at LIV on Sundays

Everyone saying Odrick is a bust please come back in here in 3 years and give us a report on how that's working out for you. He will be 26 years old at the time and ready to enter his prime years. Can't wait to hear from you all in 3 years! Look forward to it.

Just Like Grove, Smiley & now Odrick, BAD scouting. Grove was always injured and they were sure he'd be fine. Smiley had missed games the year before they signed him & knew he had a bad shoulder & still signed him. Odrick broke his leg in College, and now 2 breaks in 6 weeks? BAD draft pick from a bad scouting dept and medical staff.

Your #1's need to play. Whether he rebounds or not, they drafted a risk and this is the reward. There is a reason this team is still mediocre 3 years into rebuilding because of picks like this, Merling, Turner & P. White. We should be farther ahead of where we are. The sooner Ireland & Sporano go, the better. And don't forget to take Dan Henning with you.

Miami MAY have some young talented players. But their game philosophy & approach will never let let them show it. Their conservative approach & vanilla game plans are a hinderence, ESPECIALLY on offense.

can someone please shut this idiot crowder up

Hell, Forget running out of the tunnel, maybe they can run out of J-Lo's caboose to start the game. If there is trouble, she surly could fart them out. Now that's an entrance...

where IS our dear leadr ARMANDO ?

Poizen, your post reminds me of the stripper scene in Van Wilder. Funny stuff.

thats actually funny poizen

Every once in a while... :) Yes I agree, Please someone break Crowders jaw. Now that Billy boy is gone he feels the reigns are off. UGH

I agree with Denny!

You guys get off of Odrick. My Grand Momma has osteoporosis too and she's a fine Grand Momma!

I think we should do something to show our support, you know, like those pretty pink ribbons.

Hey, maybe a Chantilly laced button down flannel jersey????



I know what you're thinking...................

funny odin ,poizn.bill..

I think before Ronnie sets his goals for 1,000
yards and Ricky too, one thing needs to be done.
The o Line needs to set a goal for opining holes for them.

holes are there pete, ricky hits them like a freight train, ronnie hits them like thomas the train

dan henning latest statement ....(( i don't thing the teams have caught with the wildcat and i think they well )) then he ended this way ..(( the wildcat is the best way to score ))...now ODINESYE YOU GO .

Draft Started A Little Earlier For Us Than Most Teams:

RD1 Karlos Dansby

RD2 Brandon Marshall

RD3 Jared Odrick

RD4 Koa Misi

RD5 John Jerry

RD6 AJ Edds

RD7 Nolan Carroll, Reshad Jones,........

You get the picture. Odrick was 1st selected in the college draft. But the 2010 draft officially started with the acquisition of Dansby then Marshall for us.

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