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Ronnie Brown: Two1K still the goal

Before the regular season began, Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams openly discussed the idea of gaining 1,000 yards.


Now, five games into the season, Brown has gained 299 yards on 67 carries. Williams has 240 carries on 56 carries. Brown is on pace for 956 yards. Williams is on pace for 768 yards.

And Brown says the goal is still for both to gain 1,000 yards.

"I mean, why not keep the same goal?" he told me today. "We're five games in. We've got 11 games left. If I told you you want to get 20 interviews by the end of the month and you're at two interviews, you may give up. But for us, last week was a growth and we had a better chance to make some plays and we both got the opportunity to get the football a litle more.

"There's going to be a game we're going to have a breakout game as far as rushing. At the same time, we have a lot of guys on the offensive side of the ball that are capable of making plays. I don't think you adjust individually. You still maintain the same type of goals and you have to shoot for them, but at the same time, you have to have the opportunties and there have to be a lot of things in your favor as well."

Brown pointed out that gaining 1,000 yards each was not a prediction he or Williams made. "That was our goal," he said. "It wasn't saying this was going to happen.

The duo will have to do some serious work to get back on track for 1,000-yard seasons if this is the week they're going to do it. The Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday's opponent at Sun Life Stadium, boasts the No. 1 run defense in the NFL.

"What's that saying?" Brown asked.

I messed with Brown a little and suggested the Steelers were simply imprenetrable (they are not) to see how one of Miami's most competitive players would react. Well, he reacted like a true competitor.

"You probably thought we couldn't beat Green Bay in Green Bay last week, either," he said. "Anybody outside of our locker room probably didn't think that. Our goal is to win the football game. No matter what it takes. And as long as each guy realizes that, no matter what it takes, and as long as everyone gives everything he has, I like our chances."


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All negative Dolfans....stop the pessimism or just dont speak at all. We have a solid team that is starting to get it together. If our special teams didn't eff up against the Jets(block punt led to FG) and against the Pats(need I say more) We could be 4-1 or 5-0! Most teams dont play all players during the pre-season like years ago, so it takes several weeks to gel. Are we title contenders, we all wont know that until at least week 12, when most teams are on a streak or start one. If we can come out the first 8 with a 5-3 record, we are in very good shape. We can beat Pittsburgh, which we will...20-17. Also on the Topc of FAs, this year we went further west, and got KDansby, TDobbins(trade), and BeastMarshall(trade)! I think we are on our way!


i just got Ronnie Brown as a free agent in my fantasy team. so lets start playing teams that cant stop the run!! we still have cleveland, oakland, detroit, buffalo all coming. were good!!!

You guys are talking like this Odrick thing is a big mystery.

It's one of two things, plain and simple. Neither one bodes well for the Tri-less Fecta.

Odrick has a degenerative bone condition.

Or and more likely,

The coaches and team doctors let him come back too soon, thus being a re-injury.

The Tri-less Fecta either bombed on 1st rd draft pick or they were severely derelict of duty and responsibility by letting him return too soon.

Either way it amounts to: Doh!!!!

oh an for the phins. they are finding ways to win!! whats Pitt bad at?? covering deep! bet Marshall and Hartline go over 100 yards this week!!!!!

Odin, I hope these are different doctors than the ones Saban blamed for picking Culpepper over Brees


ill bet my boat, house, everything i own hartline doesnt come close to going over 100 yards

WHAT kind of a boat do you have bill ?


I read that and laughed big time.

Then I thought: HEY! Wait a minute...........................

I'm not going to personally attack anyone on this blog(unless they are jet scum). But all this talk of getting rid of Sparano is shortsighted, and just jibber jabber. Who's out there could come here and do a better job?
Would the fanbase be satisfied with a new regime coming in and having to rebuild to the new coaches specs? The 2008 season was the perfect storm for the Phins. As difficult as this years schedule is, that year the schedule was a joke. I said it yesterday. This years team is better then the 2008 version. Since this regime has taken control, our roster has gotten younger, more athletic, competitive, and better at almost every position. Could the play calling get better? Sure. Could the special teams play better? They did last week. for all the negativity, there are too many positives about this squad to justify firing the head coach.

Please do not start betting with your "tug" boat. ;p

MARK always funny after 2;00 pm

TrueDolfan72...WELCOME! To Fantasy Island...

darrly cowher is out there and could do much better job. but im guessing we keep sprano unless the wheels fall all the way off.

tug boat, hilarious. who is this poizen guy, lets keep him.

denny...You and Odrick, WELCOME! To Fantasy Island...


Don't worry about Dan Henning. Last week was the first time in years that we haven't used the wildcat in a game.

Henning was just reminiscing with a wino when he said that.

The wino helped him find his way back to the office and everything's fine!

ALoco, co-incidentally that is close to the time that I hit the wall every day and just become disinterested with work and the market and all.

From about 3 pm - to 9 pm, I completely shut down. Can't explain why, but I do.

I love my Dolphins but I can't see us winning this game. Last week Henne threw TOO many passes into double coverage. Against Polamalu, I can see passes getting picked off. Henne is not good at getting the ball out fast enough which is why he takes too many sacks. Almost every pass to Marshall and Bess last week, they were 2x covered. he was lucky to come out of that game with only 1 int. If he is gonna wait til they come open this week, he is going to get creamed & prolly have a multi turnover game.

On D, they will pound us with the run as that's our weakness.I don't fear Ward or Wallace but that run game will set up play action & create big plays. We have to go 3-1 in the next 4 to have a real shot @ a wildcard. We can't afford to lose another in conference game. If they lose this one, they have to sweep the next 3.

Darryl, Attacking other fans is kind of stupid, so I am happy you chose the high road. However, You really can not get on the fans that are negative. It has been a long time since there has been true success the the phins. I was born in 1974, and a fan since I could understand football. I did not see a SB victory as of yet. And living here in MA and NY we get beaten up pretty bad, especially if your a die hard fan. If you look at it in that perspective you can see how a fan can get negative. they are no less of a fan they just do not deal with the frustration of failure very good. In the end if we beat Pitt, and actually win 3-4 in a row the attitude will change. But the team needs to win to earn that from everyone. 2 embarrasing losses at home to hated rivals does not add up to Rainbows, Unicorns and a Happy Place... Unless you have acid to fall back on...

Bash Odrick and the 2010 draft class all you want. But for me Marshall and Dansby alone represent the prized catch in muddy waters.

Even if we had zero 2010 draft picks and stll landed Dansby/Marshall the entire 2010 offseason's still a smashing success. Some of you are so focused on the background that you cant enjoy the prize.

Bill, I enjoy the company, here it is good that I might be accepted. :)

bill_we talked about Cowher yesterday. People want to get rid of Sparano because of what reason I'm not sure. But it is ridiculous to think that anyone could come here and turn this franchise into a Super Bowl team over night. Look at the mess this regime inherited. Go back to Cowher in Pitt. He followed Chuck Knoll. The steelers didn't change a thing, and they haven't changed with Tomlin. There is an identity there. So we are trying to figure out what ours is. Changing the coach every three years makes it tough to accomplish that. We are no better then Buffalo, or Oakland, or Cleveland as franchises if we keep using the head coach as the scapegoat because of a bad season. We are 3-2 with 3 road wins, and a few bad playcalls from perhaps taking the jets into OT, after spotting them 14. I think we are fine.


I'm having trouble here.

You say you're a consultant and you buy and sell stocks yourself.

In the next breath you say I never gamble on sporting events.

Excuse the confused look on my face, I'm just not getting it????

Darryl Dunphy,

I for one am reserving final verdict on the Ireland/Sparano outsting until I see the moves made during this offseason or the team breakdown into total disarray.

If Ireland does not reconize we are 2-3 players away to playing for multiple championships and does not reconize the areas to be addressed to achieve this. Then I will say he hasnt a clue as to how to frost the cake. The cake is baked and out of the oven, there's only frosting left to be done.

No one (oe me, at least) is saying Odrick is a bust becuase he has no talent. Like another poster said above, I AM saying it was a pizz-poor pick based on poor scouting & med. eval. But by definition, the fact that we got one game out of a no.1 pick expected to cntribute heavily in 1st season = bust.

Also agree on the Jake Grove thing---all I did when we passed on Jason Brown & spent $$$ on Grove was a brief Google to Bay Area newspapers, etc., and it was readily apparent that Grove was injury prone.

There's more to handling a draft than remembering which guys you liked at the Senior Bowl.

Poizen- Your right. LSD can change the reality of what is acceptable, and what is garbage. I guess that answers the question of why I followed Phish for a year when I could have kept following the Dead!

darrly pitt won on playoff game in nolls last 7 season there

and im not a big fan of sparano and his pump fist every 2 yard gain. doesnt mean im not a fan, just dont think hes the right guy. we shall see darryl

Odin, are you implying that trading stock is gambling? Personally I don't see it that way, my trades are built on statistical probability. Sure I don't win on every trade but I win a lot more than I lose.

And my consulting gig has nothing to do with my stock trading. As I've mentioned here before, I'm a CA (Canadian equivalent of a CPA in the USA). i specialize in financial reporting. Not the most exciting stuff in the world but it pays the bills.

As for not betting on sports - it's just way to unpredictable and there is a small part of me that makes me think a lot of events are fixed to a certain degree.

What some fans fail to realize is that even an injury proned Smiley and Grove were eons better than what we had at the time.

Jason Brown's asking price was far higher than Grove's. Grove was a good talent so was Smiley. So if we had rolled the dice and these two miraculously overcome the penchant for injuries then we look like geniouses.

Even with the injury riddled histories talentwise both these guys were well worth the gamble. Plus thier contracts were structured in such a way as to finacially insulate our franchise should they not be able to overcome the injury riddled histories.

Did someone say that "negative fans shouldn't say anything"?

Wow, first, negativaty is SUBJECTIVE you dolt.

Second, what are you a COMMUNIST?

I refer you to Amendment #2 Jack@$s...

Bill Connors,

You say youre not a fan of Sparano's fistpump right? Would you rather he dig his nose or scratch his butt cheeks instead?

Pardon, Amendment ONE, two's pretty cool as well, though

Mark, are you implying that my Black Jack Formula is gambling? Personally I don't see it that way, my Black Jack Formula is built on statistical probability. Sure I don't win on every Face Card but I win a lot more than I lose.

Other than "friendly" wagers(drinks) I don't gamble on sporting events either. Just messing with you-LOL!


What amendment gives you the right to advocate juicing up junior high schoolers on steroids?

You got no right to open your mouth unless you're on your knees you dress wearing FLOOZY!!!!

I think Miami Offence has the potential to run over the rest of the league but it's not going to happen without lineman like Grove and Smiley as a few of you have pointed out.

This is a shame.

I know many will disagree with me but if there's a guard and center worthy of being drafted in the first two rounds next April, I think management should go for it.

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