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Ross: Birdman not bird of a feather

Why do people lie?

I mean, don't they understand eventually the truth comes out, especially if the lie is national news?

In the previous post I shared with you that rapper and music executive Bryan Williams, who goes by the handle Birdman, said on a national radio show that he was awaiting NFL approval to become a minority owner of the Miami Dolphins.

Not to take Birdman's word, with all due respect, I called the NFL to ask what is the deal with Birdman. A spokesman told me the league has no knowledge of any approval process for Birdman.

And there's a good reason for that. Birdman apparently isn't at all involved in the approval process he said he was, according to Dolphins owner Stephen Ross.

"I have NEVER spoken to him or any representative," Ross said in a statement released by the team. "Not considering or looking for any celebrity limited partners."

That is interesting on multiple levels. First, it shoots Birdman out of the sky.

Secondly, it means Ross is taking a break from the search for more celebs to fill his suites and walk the orange carpet at Sun Life Stadium.

Finally, a note to Birdman: Thanks for the wild goose chase.


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F*ck the Jets.

Oh yeah, Go FSU!

Armando, we want a winner on the field.
Guano-man can go to hell.
Respectfully yours sir.

Patriots re-acquire Deion Branch.


Looks like Rodgers will miss the game against us. Don't think its gonna matter.

disagree FB. This team's handicapps are correctable. Talent wise, they're outstanding, just need to fix a couple things

Looks like Birdman got a twofer.

He took a dump and it landed on his own head.

Gona drive around the sport bars, and punch any wets fans in the face.

Any one watchin the game tonight?

Mark Sanchez is dead on.


Thanks Mando. I was worried about the Birdman. Jake Long has been out of practice. We are terrible on special teams. There is looming QB controversy coming. The Tuna is leaving soon.

However, we now know the Birdman is not in the Fins' plans.

I'll start a collection for Birdman to replace Ross as the majority owner.


ever hearf of FACT CHECKING before you press the send button....not after.


Looks like Birdman is nuttin but a chickenhead.


I am currently in talks with the NFL about a minority stake in the miami dolphins

you believe me right?

blog it!!!!

Wonder if we will see Tavaris Jackson.
Favre just ain't gettin' it done.

Hey zoggerd!! Come by and pick me up on your way!!


zoggerd - great post

The Vikings are very bad, until further notice

Hyde at the SS (yeah, I know...I was slumming) put it on Parcells. That's got to shake up those bloggers over there. Most of them think the so-called trifecta can do no wrong. What a bunch of kool aid drinkers.

Evidentally, there's something behind Parcells being dissappointed in Henne.

I'm impressed with their O-line, but thats it. I wish we had a guy like Mangold anchoring our line.

Hey Kris, i was just trying to hault Mike W from gping on and on bro.
So truth or not...
Farve's dad passed and he had one of his best career games.....Then tonight...Farve allegedly tries to pork a former playboy model and two massage hoochy's...he's having one of his worst games...It appears to me the alegations are true...busted!

Wow, branch is back in NE for a 4th rpund pick

We havent seen enough of Henne to feel like he should be benched. We've seen him progress into a guy who can make every throw and pile up the yardage, every bit as a guy who makes too quick reads. Patience guys ... I'm more concerned with the embarrasing playcalling and piss poor strong safety play


We really need to get some picks for next years draft...with no second as of now we will have to pass on a ton of talent that we really desperately need folks!

Dish...good observations, i agree. Henne would be better (right now) during his crucial devoping if he wasnt forced to throw all the time because we are down two or three scores! Man are we the only ones that see this??

Mando, any reports on these "super" practices we had where magically ST's got better??

Hey Mario...they are in Farve's trunk, go let them out man, you might get lucky bro


See if you get Guano-man the poser on your show.
Blow his sorry ass outta the water.

Cow, sometimes I wonder why us fans are the only one acknowledging these things, Mando doesnt even point it out. The good thing is that the issue of missing assignments on special teams protection units is correctable

DISPHAN, armando just light the match and the rest is yours .

did any one said hookers ? w/favre ? i heared favre just send his photos and the hookers do the rest .

Brett Favre is done.
There will be NO next year for him.
Bring in Tavaris Jackson!
See ya grandpa.


its good. your are a good contributor to this blog. were good,

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

ohhhh....Cow....i got to agree, favre is playing like a CAUGHT man. there is lityle doubt about that

Somebody stick a fork in Brett Favre.
He's done.

you forgot( why not us )in your last post .

Brett Farve and Birdman = BUSTED!

Has Minnesota forgotten that they have Camarillo?

i forgot....

WHY NOT US!!!!!!

You people here at the Herald are a bunch of negative mongers. You cant hang at the Sentinel with us real thinkers. Stay here and play with cuban menace and be one of his minions, you pathetic losers. Stop ragging on the Sentinel, you low lifes...

Boy this sounds alot like someone we know?
NJ PHIN Fan please stay out of here. You are a sad person.

170972, this is no other than the plumber from the tri state area. You have to pardon him, he is on steroids and cannot help himself. NJ you are better than this sir....

the SS people they love to kiss mike the baseball guy's as s .

Dear Mr. Salguero

"First, it shoots Birdman out of the sky." (rimshot)

"a note to Birdman: Thanks for the wild goose chase." (rimshot)

Soiled :)

Dear Mr. Salguero


"First, it shoots Birdman out of the sky." (rimshot)

"a note to Birdman: Thanks for the wild goose chase." (rimshot)


Is this thing on

Soiled :)

stinkin jets!


jets win

Great game, greater Quarterback.

It's all Guano-man's fault.

jets! = I'd rather be lucky than good! still bad for us.

I Haate the WETS! The only reason they won is because of Farve's 3 turnovers....

wow, cuban menace has taken over this blog! but the jets win..,,Hot Ashley, I am better than CM....Period!

after 2 consecutive LOSSES, i would have the whole DOLPHINS Team Running Extra Conditioning Drills. at the end of practice everyone should have to CRAB 100 yards and then SPRINT 100 yards the other direction to the opposite end zone. THEN THE WHOLE TEAM SHOULD HAVE TO DANCE 100 YARDS and then RUN THE PERIMITER OF THE FOOTBALL FIELD WHILE HOLDING HANDS. DO THIS AFTER EVERY PRACTICE AND I GUARANTEE THE TEAM WOULD BE A LEAN, MEAN, FIGHTING MACHINE!

C'mon Mando! Two posts about this stupid grade B rapper who wants his name in the news and you fell for it cause you forgot to check with the NFL to begin with? I know it's a Bye Week, but nothing about the guys returning from injury (Crowder, Odrick, etc.) or about Jake Long resting his knee, or anything else actually related to the team?
I'm beginning to think this radio gig has ruined you. Please say it ain't so!!!

Exactly Kris, thats what i meant, farve is playing horrible because he cant get that out of his mind...i dont think anyone could bro..well too bad minn couldnt muster a win for us. farve said in his post interview that he thinks the jets are the best team in the afc...I say F Farve, go retire and play with your women..oh yeah i forgot the jenn girl was grossed out by his geriactric advances lol. And yes Kris we good bro

Tracy, I tried to ask Mando to report on our somehow miracle two practice and we are all good thing...I got nothing from him. We want to know this stuff Mando! What we all said in this blog..ST, practices, Injury Report, ect, ect, ect...No more birdman please, he already flew rhe coup

l8tr people, im gping to loose my mind in some medal of honor for a while...its good to cope during a bye week

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