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Running game isn't even average on per carry rate

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning admits the Dolphins rushing attack does not exactly resemble the barbarian hordes running roughshod through the defenses of the Roman Empire back in ancient times. (The Romans, you see, had injuries to their linebacker corps and didn't protect the bridges or northern frontier very well.)

"We're not happy with the way the running game is going right now," Henning said today during his 10-minute weekly window for speaking with the media. 

That is actually more of an admission than coach Tony Sparano was willing to offer Wednesday. The Dolphins are averaging only 3.8 yards per carry this year and Sparano was asked if that is efficient or good enough.

“It’s not satisfactory but an efficient play, okay in this league is what?" Sparano said, uncharacteristically challenging the reporter (not me). "You tell me; give me the number. You guys make them up.”


Actually, the media doesn't make up that number. The league average gain per rushing play is 4.2 yards per carry. So the reporter told coach Sparano a good rushing play, an efficient play gains 4.6 yards.

“No, that’s not an efficient play, 4.6," Sparano insisted. "That was our average, 4.6. That’s not an efficient play. You tell me."

The reporter lowered the bar and said 4.0 yards per carry, even though average -- just average -- is 4.2 yards per carry leaguewide. 

“Four yards, we’re at 3.8," Sparano said with a shrug that seemed meant to bridge the gap between 4.0 and 3.8.

Neither one is good enough. Neither one is even good enough to be average.


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Come on Sparano really. Wildcat 1.8 YPA, Rush 3.8. Efficient?? He blames the media of blowing smoke up everyone's caboose, but this is really the spin. Not good enough obviously.

First! Yeah, for something that's supposed to be our strength, we're really bad...

The O-line needs to block better in the running game.

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Ronnie Brown needs to stop with the two-step crap!

All this o-line churning for 3 str8 years and we are a worse rush offense than last year. I wish we'd focus as much attn given to the o-line to LB'ers, TE & safety.

as long as we run on 1st

And that's about as close as you'll get to Sparano saying his running game stinks.

The problem is we stop running it when we seem to start gaining the edge. Case in point: the Jets loss. We have two strong backs. I say run them till they throw up.

Who is a better coach?

Coach A: Acknowledges what that world can clearly see: Special Teams Suck, Playcalling in shambles and crappy running game


Coach B: Speaks gibberish at the podium but doesn't bash players or coordinators in public?
This coach throws in the occasional fist pump to celebrate a thunderous 70 yd drive that culminates on Carpenter's foot....


Sometimes it feels like Wannsted is running Miami's offense. We play scare. We play not to loose, not to win. Two consecutives possesions inside the red zone and coming up with 6 points. We should have at least come up 10-0. This type of offense Miami is running will not get us into the playoffs no matter what kind of talent we have.

You run effectively when you have a defense off balance. Henning is a streaky play caller, but he is not a consistently effective play caller. This team does not put together a game of 80 yard drives - evidenced by the fact that they havent blown anybody out in forever, even a team like Oakland will stumble onto that once in a while.

As stated on this blog, the team inexplicably doesn't throw deep. Defenses play on a short field. You need every advantage in this league to win consistently, and this organizations game day tactics make the leadership ( I know -what leadership?)look like the three stooges tring to get out of their own way. As far as the longer term offensive strategy week to week and any identity - forget it - there apparently is none. Time to man up and let Ireland pick a leader (yes a coach) who sets the tone, scares players & scares opponents even more. Christ... Belichik can probably sleep late on game days when he plays these guys. The coach is becoming the joke of the league.

Bad football is bad football and this team plays bad offensive football - no doubt. If its Henning and for some reason, Sparano wont make a change and assert leadership, then Sparano needs to go at seasons end. If Ireland wont let Sparano dictate to Henning because of Hennings ties to Parcells then this team is organizationally screwed - period.

I would absolutely hate to think that Parcells brought in some good players got the team out of 1-15 but installed and left in place a disfunctional leadership structure that will doom the team for the next decade.

Something besides this fish wrap stinks in Miami.

"We're 3-3 and we've lost to three teams that's 5-1. They are very good football teams, and we were in 2 of those games," Henning said.

Someone tell this guy, his former Boss coined the phrase

"You are what your record shows".

Which to date is mediocre.

Tony has one foot out the door.

Part of the problem is the team tips its hand of when it is going to run and when it is going to pass. not real hard to defend that.

I would like to know what the AVG pre rush is when in spread. They get nice chunks on runs then.

When is Ronnie Brown going to get benched so we can see if Lex Hillard is the future or we have to blow another 1st Rd on an RB?

The Pats have a million picks in the first 3 rds and we got squat.

we clearly have Mensa candidates at the helm of this ship.

Please see this clip. Pittsburg Coach Admits without Admitted called was rigged......

We got so jobbed. I hope Ross likes to get jobbed.


Can someone ask Tony Sparano, where are the chunk Yardage and YAC plays he has been looking for in the last 3 years?

Yes we Can? Next Year?

The NFL Network says Henne should have a big game against Cinci. Matt Ryan lit them up for three TD's and the secondary is suspect at best.

Shortly after that report aired, Dan Henning tweeted: That's EXACTLY what everyone EXPECTS us to do-EUREKA!

Sean Smith is not starting over Allen. Read between the lines a little.

Armando wrote: "I THINK the time is near" and "the coaching staff has suggested".

As BobbyD pointed out, Nolan tweeted: "They will all play" just like they've been doing all year.

Smith unseats Allen because he's playing well in practice?

Sorry, ain't buying it. Allen has had his ups and downs this season, but he also has 3 or 4 int's and he's clearly still outplaying Smith.


I think Lex will spell Ricky next year and we'll get our "feature" back to replace Ronnie in the draft.

I was hoping for more and I hate to say it, but Ronnie has had all the chances in the world to show what he can do. It just hasn't been quite enough.

He's aging quick and has proven to be injury prone, time to move on.

The Grove-Thomas combo were better in the run although Donald Thomas was a horrible 2nd level blocker.

Berger-McQuistan by far the superior pass protectors but only average run blockers.

Ronnie Brown excellent rb if you give him an initial hole, if not he becomes very hesitant.

If given a choice it might be better to have average run blocking and superior pass protect over great run blocking and average to mediocre pass protect.

The present offensive personel setup kind of reminds me of the Marino era minus Marino and Duper. Marshall is more like a bigger physical ever so slight version of Mark Clayton.

fist pump

Problem I have with this team is the coaching, not the talent. Talentwise, I think we are not great but good enough to be a headache come playoff time - sort of like Jacksonville a few years back when they beat Pitt in the playoffs. We are not playing up to our talent.

Can anyone chime in on Benny Sapp and his performance?

Also, I thought Coco Misi was a bust according to some preseason garbage spewed on this blog. He has several sacks, recovered fumble for TD. Where are the haters?

Go Coco!!

That was all because of pimp daddy on the SS. He feuled that garbage.

Trouble with the Offensive Line?

I can't imagine why. We were mix and matching for 5 months and churning the shyt out of the roster.

Heck, we even played our NEWEST starters right up until our Pro Bowl left tackle was injured in the FOURTH PRE SEASON game.

Add in some steroid withdrawals, oops, I mean mystery illnesses and it all gets very confusing.

Part of the run problem can also be attributed to not being able to score tds. With leads of 10pts or more the offense is more able to dictate the action to the defense keeping them more off balance.

Tony Sparano basically admitted in his press conference they will not try to go to Marshall deep when defenses are playing 2 deep coverage. He said thats why they didnt go deep to Marshall in the Steeler game.

If this is the case, we know for sure they cant go deep with Bess. Hartline extremely rarely gains enough separation due to his lack of speed to be a viable deep target either.

So, basically all the defense has to do is play a safety overtop of Marshall with the corner underneath and Marshall's a non factor deep because we are not even going to attempt it. That still leaves 7 or 8(defense's descretion) to put in the box to defend the run.

We dont have enough firepower to losen defenses up as much as we need to.

Where is Kooky and Co, with the Pontification of Sean Softie Smith and the Hatin on our Stud Coco?


Lol @ odinseye.......I'm already scouting 2011 wr's...... Except unlike our current administration I believe the great speed + size is a good thing..... Not just size...... So me wanting DeAndre Brown or Jonathan Baldwin is just going to be viewed as Joe Ragadubbyatee'ef stupidity..... Let's put mcquistan at TE and soliai at RB..... Yeah....yeah.... Then we can draft 5 lbs and sum special teams contributors..... Wow I'm still in a bad mood...... I hope we win


We were crying on this blog to stick with a group to gel the Ol. Ireland dumped Grove, Smiley and Thomas deep in TC.

Shortly after Parcells parked his Golf cart and headed north.

Team Needs in order of priority

1) Cleat Guy
2) Offensive Coordinator
3) Speed WR
4) TE (non blocker,non scruby)
5) CB
6) RB
7) Center
8) Fist Pump muzzle
9) SS
10) ILB

They are going to have to sign a lot of FA.

fist pump

i tink that pimp daddy on the ss has the hotz for sean..lol

Back when Henning was fighting the Romans, though, draw plays on 3 and 9 were considered brilliant. Henning's old boss got mad reviews for going over a mountain on elephants. So don't going telling him about stragery, you whippersnappers with your Tom Brady this, and Drew Brees that. . . .


That is actually more of an admission than coach Tony Sparano was willing to offer Wednesday. The Dolphins are averaging only 3.8 yards per carry this year and Sparano was asked if that is efficient or good enough.

“It’s not satisfactory but an efficient play, okay in this league is what?" Sparano said, uncharacteristically challenging the reporter (not me).

Salguero, why did you feel the need to point out the fact that it wasn't you asking the tough questions? It should have been you!

Somebody needs to be in this Bubba Gumps face week in and week out.

He ain't the Queen of Sheba Armando, get in his face and ask him the REAL questions.

Just remember Armando, you're our guy and we got your back.

If this 3.8 yards a carry question pissed him off, I can't wait till you ask him when he's going to fire Henning?

Go Get Him ARMANDO!!!!

HHJ, Baldwin is an excellent WR prospect but if you're looking for speed, look elsewhere.

Jerrell Jernigan of Troy is as fast as the wind but do we dare bring in another 5'9 185 lbs WR?

fist pump

fist pump

Torrey Smith of Maryland has blazing speed and is on a bigger frame at 6 ft, 200lbs. Returns kicks.

Who would be a good OC to replace Henning? Lord knows not the Boy Wonder from Dallas.

Jason Garrett has Dallas ranked 4th in pass offense in the NFL. 30th in rush offense though. They do have a crap OL and mediocre running backs though. Barber is finished, Felix Jones has no power, and Choice is a scrub. Outside of Columbo, I don't think they have any linemen of note.

Solia? At Fullback?


Refrigerator Perry my A S S, Mike Ditka ain't got nothing on ME you wanna be whipper snappers!!!!

my boyfriend "fist pumps" me every night

Technically this is still year 2 of rebuilding. A year short of 1-15 we had absolutely no business at all drafting 25th in 2009.

From the 2009 draft we have only one true starter, Vontae Davis. Sean Smith and Brian Hartline are questionable starters. Almost a season and half later Smith's still searching for his first nfl regular season pick, had a horrible preason, lost his starting job and now there's still talking about giving it back to him even though J Allen already has 3 picks on the young season.

Hartline just doesnt have the speed we need at his position to get what we need from him. Pat White and Pat Turner were busts.

So guys this why a team 1 short season shy of 1-15 has no business whatsoever drafting 25th. We get only one player out of that entire draft who seems to be a for certain sure thing. Vontae Davis.

That's why "TECHNICALLY" this is still only year 2 of rebuilding although officially its not.

Like to agree that we get Lex Hilliard in there. We are not going to resign Ronnie so I wouldnt be suprised if we pull the trigger and trade him in the near future.

fist pump

Heard a lot of hype about the Garrett being in line for a HC job. I think his stock is dropping this year. But assuming Henning is gone after this season, and I think he is, with whom do you replace him. Martz, Turner???? lol. Somebody out of college maybe?

we really need to grow a set of balls on offense. its not about "mistakes";its about scoring td's in the nfl. do you think peyton,brady,brees or farve worry about an occasional int? they come at you hard and fast the whole game getting multiple td's. you cant play football afraid to make mistakes. the more we preach it, the worse it gets. we've turned our qb into a robot.

How important is it to have an elite pass offense?

Let's look at the leaders in avg yards per game in pass offense right now:

1. San Diego
2. Indianapolis
3. Denver
4. Dallas
5. New Orleans

Of the top 5 - only NO is in a playoff position (as a wildcard and tied with several other teams)

No point here, just found it interesting with all the talk recently on how we must stretch the field consistently.

Have to agree with Dying that going 11-5 after 1-15 may not have been the best thing for this team. It put the idea into our coaching staff that we can win with dinking and dunking philosophy. That maybe the worst thing that happened.

martz??? No friggin way. The bears are 30th in offense. Pass game genius? Uhm, bears rank 19th - worse than Miami.

We need Jerry Jones to clean house with Chuky or Chowher. Then we grab Garett for OC.

What about other non-filled positions???

1) Cleat Guy
2) Garett
3) Torrey Smith - Draft Pick
4) TE (non blocker,non scruby)
5) CB
6) RB
7) Center
8) Fist Pump muzzle
9) SS
10) ILB

Fist Pump and 2watt typed together on the same post reminds me of this website I used to "accidentally" frequent.


Mark in Toronto, i dont think we need to be an elite passing team to win. But we gotta somehow loosen up that defensive box, if we dont go longer on occasion we will continue to get stuffed on the run and have tight coverage underneath. Loosen it up a little.

if we decide to continue with the dink and dunk,never throwing the ball more than 15yds.then penne is probably the guy. he is a natural leader and can run that goofy offense.

mark,those 5 don't have rb's.

I dont see anyone cleaning house. Jerry Jones said in the Dallas news he is sticking with Wade Phillips. With the looming possibility of a Lockout I dont think too many teams are going to be hiring, firing coaching staff and giving them contracts and paying them when there is a good chance they wont be working next year

I fist pump my boyfriend till he shoots his load on me

The Dolphins can beat any of the elite passing teams with our current roster. It would be a lot easier with the occasional big play. Kidding about Martz and Turner--geezers once referred to as geniuses like Henning. We need a new OC, and maybe a truly fast WR.

2 watt, that's bad news for Denver, Dallas, New Orleans and Indianapolis because they've spent high pick(s) to fill that need.

Dallas has spent a lot of money there too.

San Diego never should have let Turner go - mistake!

Oh well, sucks to be them.

I like that Peterson guy from LSU. He is a lock down corner and he is a beast at returning punts & kicks. He may be availible with the Fins first pick next year.

Ace, I don't really think so. I was hoping too but every mock draft I've seen has him as a top 5 pick. He is special though. Miami boy who spurned the U for LSU.

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