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Running game isn't even average on per carry rate

Dolphins offensive coordinator Dan Henning admits the Dolphins rushing attack does not exactly resemble the barbarian hordes running roughshod through the defenses of the Roman Empire back in ancient times. (The Romans, you see, had injuries to their linebacker corps and didn't protect the bridges or northern frontier very well.)

"We're not happy with the way the running game is going right now," Henning said today during his 10-minute weekly window for speaking with the media. 

That is actually more of an admission than coach Tony Sparano was willing to offer Wednesday. The Dolphins are averaging only 3.8 yards per carry this year and Sparano was asked if that is efficient or good enough.

“It’s not satisfactory but an efficient play, okay in this league is what?" Sparano said, uncharacteristically challenging the reporter (not me). "You tell me; give me the number. You guys make them up.”


Actually, the media doesn't make up that number. The league average gain per rushing play is 4.2 yards per carry. So the reporter told coach Sparano a good rushing play, an efficient play gains 4.6 yards.

“No, that’s not an efficient play, 4.6," Sparano insisted. "That was our average, 4.6. That’s not an efficient play. You tell me."

The reporter lowered the bar and said 4.0 yards per carry, even though average -- just average -- is 4.2 yards per carry leaguewide. 

“Four yards, we’re at 3.8," Sparano said with a shrug that seemed meant to bridge the gap between 4.0 and 3.8.

Neither one is good enough. Neither one is even good enough to be average.


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erocku, thanks for responding. I know I'm not alone in this thinking and more and more people are jumping on board. We have to call these people out publicly. They need to do a story on nfl live or something because the only way people are going to change is if they're aware that the rest of the sporting world is watching and laughing at them. It's a disgrace.

i've never seen god throw a block or return a kick. if our bigs beat their bigs and our play makers actually make plays we'll win some games. god doesn't enter into it! now please excuse me... i'm off to church to got to a weeding.


Your church has weed? Kool!

I thought only us Apache used the Sweet Leaf for spiritual purposes.

NY, FANS from Dade county steal the ticket money from their moms while they r a sleep .

Oh, thats why odinseye goes to church, his man is there with the weed, meting place, Brilliant!!! Lot of people would go for a weeding i bet

google HIRED real goats to mow their lawns . then after a year they eat them .true story .

odin/bobbyd12.......did you ever thought about moving to CAL ?


oscar, read the top of the dam blog, "No Subject Taboo, no Space Crunch, No Deadlines" This blog is a free for all, no guidelines, no rules. ENJOY!!


Weddings at churches.

Naw, I'm not into it, I'd definitely rather have WEED at the Church.

Amen Sweet Jesus!

ALoco, ur the one who typed "weeding" not me or odin. Dont start and blame us.

NYScott- Yes. YOU try to convince the other 90%.

Jeeze, remember the old joke, denial isn't just a river in Egypt?

Sparano is finished and doesn't even know it yet.

after i read all day long mark in toronto and co i get a big pain in my head for reading all that football stuff .

wedding not weeding .

Talk about "weeding" and look who pops up, cocoajpe

the best thing about weddings ,you see all these single girls in their best dresses look nice .it make you forget about your smelly sofa .

Maybe ALoco, but the 90% of Dolfans that remain here watch the game at the Ritz-Carlton Sports Bar. Yes?

Trade Brown soon? It's passed the trade deadline, and he's a UFA next year...Yeah, good one...

WITH THAT SAID. I STILL love Brown. I got his back. Maybe the O-line should do their job. Maybe the offensive coordinator should give him 20+ carries a game. MAYBE they should have offered him an extension!

Brown throughout his career has ALWAYS had a smile on his face. He could get drilled by a LB and get up smiling. This year...He's not smiling. Could he sense his impending doom? Could it subconscienclesly be affecting his performance?

No way to know, but, we all should KNOW that he's better than what we've seen.

Get him involved. Passes out of the backfield. Short hitches. Save Ricky for 3rd downs.

That's all...


"No Subject Taboo, no Space Crunch, No Deadlines" This blog is a free for all, no guidelines, no rules. ENJOY!!

Posted by: bobbyd12 | October 28, 2010 at 06:31 PM

Well said BobbyD, well said!

It's a Free for all

And I heard it said you can bet your life

Stakes are high and so am I

It's in the air tonight, It's a free for all!



ALoco, always a pile of sh-- will do it's work, over 100 years.

yes odin, uncle teddy said it best

ALoco mad they didnt hire donkeys


Simple the coaches, coach not to make errors therefore no chances are taken and no deep passes. You can see it in the hesitation that Henne has on passing plays, he is playing scared.

Armando, you just erased one of my commentaries. Publish your guidelines o vamos a tener problemas.

Sorry, people, but I believe this is important.

A Brother that knows about Uncle Ted!


The more I read, the more I like.

You awright in my book BobbyD12!!!!

FINS EXAMPLE: In those first 6 offensive plays against the Steelers after turnovers, there were 4 blatant missed blocks. Put that together with who we were playing and the outcome isn't so hard to believe. So do you blame the player(s) for missing the blocks?... or the coach, who, despite his best efforts, came up short in the "results" department?

Posted by: canadianfinsfan | October 28, 2010 at 06:04 PM


Who is the OL genius who put these guys in place?

Who decided this was best combination of O-linemen to get the job done?

Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?

How about we get an offensive coordinator with balls???


I Will Say it Again Our Running Backs Are Garbage , They Won't Start On half Of NFL Teams

Ricky is getting old, and ronnie is a dancer in the backfield. We need a dynamic type RB that can break the long one . Ricky and ronnie are just average backs at this stage.

od coursw odin, uncle teddy is a legend with his music

Dear Mr. Salguero

"Dan Henning admits the Dolphins rushing attack does not exactly resemble the barbarian hordes running roughshod through the defenses of the Roman Empire back in ancient times."

Please tell Dan Henning to watch the movie "Centurian" it shows exactly how Ricky and Ronnie should attack the Romans.

Soiled :)

Tony S may not be the guy to lead us to the promised land. He be full of crapola recently. I can see the run the minute they line up at the line of scrimmage. And since I am definitely Joe whatchamacallit, then the worst player in NFL history could spot the run too.

are you talking teddy who sang blues ?

Here's how to solve the Phins Problems:

Trade Ronnie Brown, Brian Hartline, and Anthony Fasano for CHRIS JOHNSON, DeSEAN JACKSON, and DALLAS CLARK

trade , brown,ricky,hartline,fasano,henne ,chad.p,carpenter,marshall,smith ,davis for romo,peterson,

I hear you all asking for "DYNAMIC" players all the time...

Just a poll here. How many of you even understand what that means?

LOL..regurgitated crap from the masses.




Marc, did you go to community collage ?

Dynamic means.....average better than 3.8 yards per carry....LOL

Marc, people say "dynamic" to mean someone with great talent and versatile skills. I prefer a "dynomite" player - someone with explosive capabilities (figuratively, not literally). Ex: That Cameron Wake, he's DY-NO-MITE!

Marc is trying to show off he's better than us.let's kick his a s s s.lol

Guys "WEEDING" is still against the law, And Aloco, "Inhalants" Too also are against the law, Lay down the Elmer's glue and get help..., Look what glue did to Home.......

Marc/Marcia knows all about regurgitation... Just saying..

Marc loves to be kicked in the a s s

Jhon, That's not all he enjoys in the a s s...

though I cant confirm this, Word on the street is Marc/Marcia likes to dress up in Dresses and Lovvvve's 3 inch stilettos, Marc/Marcia is this true or not??????

cuban m
you are acting like a bully just like nj.
remember him and his games.
dont be the new new jersey,

is the cuban menace is the new nj phin ?

be nice cuban to marc .he's a fair guy .

Sparano is simple a doche

Well, when it comes to the running game... I'm not blaming Sparano for nothing. Sparano does not draw up Offensive plays, he does not CALL the Offensive plays... He does not BLOCK for the Offense on Running play's.... and He damn sure does not RUN THE BALL on rushing plays.
Now not taking a shot a converting a 4th down inside the 20, settling for field goals when you KNOW they will NEVER beat Pittsburgh? That is different... That lands right on Tony S's noggin.

I have reached this determination... until Miami has played together long enough to be come proficient, and has the pieces (At least the majority of them) in place to overwhelm another team with talent... I would rather see Miami Lose by Missing 4th and 2 conversions... and seeing Henne passes fall uncaught 55 yards down the field because the receiver dropped it... at LEAST doing that we have a shot at an Interference call... But if I must watch Miami lose games because the coaching staff is afraid to let them loose to win... I would rather just listen to ESPN talking heads talk about Favre, Vick or Manning and the other 5 teams and 6 players they are talking about every time I turn my channel to 33 or 34. At least I can be bored and sick of what I see without being personally invested.

henning is a dead man walking, he knows hes gone no matter what after the season. i think miami wins sunday, will be very close. owens will torch us but we should be able to score.

No disrespect ALoco but I'm not interested in the opinion of an unemployed glue sniffer who makes up names on a blog all day.
Marc/ia heels or flats?

lol @ cuban

This running game has been pretty bad, granted. But it seems like there hasn't been much commitment to it on a game-to-game basis either. I think Henne's got a great future and I love what I've seen from the Marshell-Bess combo, but we've got some real weapons in the running game that have gone underutilized. Let's see if we can make some headway against an average Bengals run D on Sunday. Go Dolphins!

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Whoops, I forgot the full link in my last post. http://www.chatdolphins.com! Check it out!

CM, you got to learn to be more gentle with people .this way when you die you go to heaven .

Here goes my weekly plug to get Lex Hilliard some more playing time. Put him in so at least we can see what we have already. We made this mistake at the end of last season, lets not make it again. If you don't think Lex can come in and bang it for more then 4yds pc. Then trade him to a team that is interested(Philly, Green Bay. Rumors in Montana that I cannot confirm)

It was a rhetorical question...

People who use these NFL buzz words can barely form a proper sentence.

They join a football blog and all the sudden start using words like "dynamic" and "multi-faceted"

It just makes me laugh is all...

P.S. Aloco HAS to be putting on a show. None could possibly be retarded enough to ask if someone went to "collage" and not college when implying what he was...

Good one Aloco

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